The Illicitor's Code #1

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The Illicitor's Code #1

By: Narceesa Veelachou Updated just nowFantasy

Language: English

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"Dim-Dim lost his mother when a monster attacked their house in the night he gained a superpower that allows him to transform into animals. A day later, he chooses to work with Venators, or monster hunters, as an 'Illicitor.' But one day, he has to break the Illicitor's Code #1: Do not lure monsters into a city full of humans."

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  • Narceesa Veelachou


    Hi, please subscribe, comment, and share, thank you! ^-^

    2024-04-15 06:10:01
  • Ciara Moire Lorna


    It surprised me. The world-building is incredibly detailed and feels so real. I could feel the terrifying presence of those monsters; it's truly epic! And the emotional rollercoaster in this novel is so intense and affecting. I almost cried at the beginning of the story because of Dim-Dim's fate ....

    2024-03-20 17:02:30
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105 chapters
001: The Beginning of Everything
In The Hague, February 15th, 2100.The flashes of camera lights from dozens of journalists crowding the street towards the entrance of the international court building almost blinded him, but the old man ignores them. With quick and confident steps, he ensured that his old legs could walk step by step."Doctor ZA, as someone who created monsters that almost destroyed the human population, did you ever regret?" asked a journalist, along with others that also intercepting the old man with ridiculous questions."Can you tell us what motivated your decision to create monsters that only prey on humans, Doctor ZA?"The old man snorted. For a moment, he let the police who escorting him clear the journalists from his path—until a captivating question caught his ear."Doctor ZA, Can you tell us the story behind—""Story? Oh, I love telling a story," the old man laughed, raising one arm to silence the journalists as he spoke. "It's a story about—what's it called?—ah, a world heading towards the
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002: The Presages
On the next morning, dawn came earlier than usual. Dim-Dim—who has felt something strange with his body since yesterday—sat up from his bed and touched his forehead; his temperature was normal.Hm. Weird.His hand moved down to touch his neck, and then he felt his skin tingling beneath his touch. As if there was a subtle movement there; moving up, up, up slowly, towards his face.Panicked, he threw off the blanket and leaped to the mirror attached to the wardrobe, then stared carefully at his neck and face. The lantern light give a pale reflection to his face and turn it gray—grayish like bird feathers with its patterns as well. He blinked in surprise, touched his face, and suddenly his face color returned to normal. But he was sure he had glimpsed his eyes turning red.Could he be turning into a bird? A hawk, maybe?"Well, that's just crazy!" he said to his reflection in the mirror while laughing. But he tilted his head for a moment, gazing at his reflection for a few more seconds, a
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003: Monsters in Toronto
As dawn broke, sharp, piercing, ear-splitting roars suddenly echoed from a distance, startling Dim-Dim out of his pleasant dream of rowing a boat and causing him to wake up, jerking in shock and tumbling off his bed.While rubbing his head with a confused look, Dim-Dim heard the sound of the danger alarm echoing throughout the city. A warning that there are monsters in the city.But—isn't that impossible?No, only monsters can cause a venator appear in the city. This was a reason why Ms. Clark appeared in Toronto.Panicked, Dim-Dim rushed to Damian's room across his and pushed the door open. "Ms. Cl—" he began, but the Venator was nowhere to be found.Hurrying to the living room, Dim-Dim found his mother asleep on the sofa, wearing headphones. "There are monsters, Mama," he said after removing her headset. "Mama! Wake up!"Outside the house, the sound of fleeing residents' footsteps could be heard, and Dim-Dim shook his mother's body even harder. "MAMA!"When his mother finally woke u
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004: The Safe City
As the van finally departed, Dim-Dim lay on the mattress, observing the only member of his brother's team whose name he didn't know. The man was slim, not too tall but not short either, and he was lazily lounging beside Dim-Dim on the mattress while texting on his cell phone with someone—looking bored. When Dim-Dim tried to find a weapon on the man's body, he glanced at Dim-Dim with his narrow eyes and said, "Say what you want, Kid.""Nothing," Dim-Dim replied spontaneously.The man scanned his face for a moment, and after that turned his head to Dim-Dim's older brother who was fast asleep on the mattress beside him. Then he looked at Dim-Dim again."You ain't look like your brother. Not even a little bit. You're also not as strong as him, even in bear form," he whispered. "Your superpowers are pretty useless, huh?"Dim-Dim's cheeks flushed. But before he could think of something to reply, he heard his brother's hoarse voice."Leave my brother alone, Parenzee."The man beside Dim-Dim
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005: The Super Power Verification Test
"Your name is Dim-Dim Damisch, the second son of Justin and Karina Damisch, and the younger brother of Damian Damisch. Right?" the question was asked by an old man with graying hair, and Dim-Dim nodded quickly. "Please answer with yes or no," the old man added again, his voice slightly shaking because he was too old."Yes, sir," Dim-Dim replied."Since your father died when you were a toddler, you live alone with your mother in Toronto, Ontario Province, Canada. According to Mr. Damisch's report, you were found in a state of—ah, being metamorphosed into an eagle when monsters were attacking your city. Right?"Dim-Dim looked up at his brother on the balcony, then looked at the man again. "Actually, I transformed into a hawk, Sir. A Copper's Hawk.""Show me," said the old man, and Dim-Dim immediately transformed into the hawk with gray feathers and red eyes.The old man looked at Dim-Dim for a few seconds, then looked back down at his notes. "About ten minutes after that, a monster arri
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006: The Illicitor
"Wait, Mr. Damisch!" said Jin Miller quickly. The man now stood up from his chair and looked at them seriously. "May I speak to your brother for a moment?" The man looked so pitiable and desperate now, that Dim-Dim took pity on him.Damian looked clearly ready to refuse, but Dim-Dim nodded beside him. "I will listen to you, Sir."Jin Miller immediately looked relieved. The man rummaged his drawer for a moment, and then showed Dim-Dim a very complicated, colorful paper full of diagram that he couldn't understand. "Do you see the picture on it?" he asked, pointing to a circular diagram at the top right corner of the paper that was divided into three sections. "Black means mission failure, gray means mission success with casualties, while white means success without casualties."Hearing that, Dim-Dim now looked at the diagram more seriously."Now, can you tell me which part of this circle is the biggest?" Jin Miller asked Dim-Dim-Dim."The gray one, sir," Dim-Dim replied. "That means the
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007: Monsters in New Hampshire
"What I really hate about teamwork is—yeah, you know—the other team," said a man in Clarinassa's team, whom Dim-Dim knew as Icaros Alexandrovich. The Class A Venator had a large and sturdy body, though not as big as Damian's, and his bald head was covered by a black beanie. As he strapped a belt of bullets around his large, muscular arm, he looked at Dim-Dim and smiled. "Didn't mean to offend you, Kid.""No, I'm not offended," Dim-Dim replied. He did not feel offended, but somehow it feels like there was an unfriendly meaning in Icaros's sentence.All the Venators around him put on their camouflage-patterned faded blue uniforms and loaded their fire weapons.The thing is, Dim-Dim did not have a uniform. He wanted to ask Damian what he should do if he didn't have one. But as he watched his brother slip various sharp knives, daggers, and a revolver into his belt holster without looking at Dim-Dim, he realized his older brother was ignoring him. "Here, I'll lend you my old uniform," Cla
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008: To Save the Little Girl
The voice of the child in the forest shocked all the Venators. Both Damian and Oriyan reflexively looked up at the almost dark sky and cursed as only a few minutes were left until the sun completely disappeared from the sky. Furthermore, when night falls, the monsters will become active, emerging from their hiding places and reacting to the presence of the kid in the forest, disrupting the Venators' plan."Watch your language, please," Clarinassa said, sounding anxious. "There's an 11-year-old boy here, remember?"Damian cursed again. "What's that little kid doing in the forest!?" he asked, ignoring Clarinassa.Clarinassa sighed in exasperation, and Oriyan laughed."How could anyone know?" Oriyan said, while observing the smartwatch embedded on his right wrist. His eyes watched the red dots on the screen enlarge and shrink. "Mathers, Alexandrovich, the sound is coming from around you.""We know," Xavera said calmly, while Icaros cursed in the background. "But we aren't sure where the k
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009: Lure The Monsters Into the Trap
"Aaargh! Parenzee, the monster I'm chasing is heading in your direction!" Damian suddenly yelled, startling Dim-Dim. Dim-Dim immediately flew towards Oriyan and saw a monster running incredibly fast, darting from one tree trunk to another like a spider, and he couldn't help but shiver at the thought of what was going to happen."I'm closer, I'm closer! I'll go after that one!" said Clarinassa. Then she started running towards the monster Damian was chasing. Dim-Dim could see the two Venators meeting at a point."That's not what we agreed on earlier, Clark!" Oriyan shouted into the communication device. "Can you handle your own monster—aargh, what is that bird doing here?""Huh?" Damian turned around, looking up at the sky, and his eyes immediately found Dim-Dim."You should run!" Clarinassa yelled."Yeah!" said Jay Oliver. "Run to the trap. I'll be done by the time you get here."No! Dim-Dim couldn't let Oriyan and the little girl with him be eaten by the monster!But just as he flew
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010: Back to School with Normies
The next day, they returned to Safe City New Jersey and were greeted by a crowd of reporters clamoring at the gate.At first, Dim-Dim thought his emergence into the Venators team would be widely welcomed by the reporters, but it turned out that his presence was vehemently opposed. All the disapproval was directed at Jin Miller."The Society of Venatores is facing criticism after a little girl, rescued in the New Hampshire forest, claimed that a young boy was working with the Venators the previous night. This case certainly raises questions about the humanity of the Society.""Has this practice been approved by the President or by the country's leaders? Or is it an inhumane and illegal act approved by the Society of Venatores?"The onslaught of reporters' attacks made everyone break out in a cold sweat, but when the van managed to enter Safe City, the Venators and their allies breathed a sigh of relief."This is not good," Damian said."Not good for Miller," Oriyan added, chuckled.When
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