Sparks Of Hatred

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Sparks Of Hatred

By: TomTommiy Updated just nowMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Hilda died horribly in a room at Starlight High School during a very lively party. No one knew who had murdered the poor girl. Did one of Hilda's friends hold a grudge and kill her? Or was this an abstract murder committed by a heartless and empathetic human being? But one thing is for sure: before Hilda died, she had a big and very dangerous secret. She took that secret with her to her death, and no one knows what it is, at least for now, until a detective investigates the unfortunate incident and discovers something that no one expected and never thought possible.

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1. A Crazed Grudge
The only thing Alice wants right now is to kill Hilda.Yeah, kill. You heard right.Just imagine how you feel when you're framed and humiliated by your friends in public? It's a sickening feeling that makes you feel like taking revenge on them.Yeah, that's exactly how Alice feels right now. Hilda and Zana had set her up. They put Hilda's cell phone in Alice's bag. And after that, Alice was scorned and ridiculed by people because she was accused of stealing.Now, all Alice could think of was revenge against them, especially Hilda. Hilda was the mastermind behind the plan. Hilda hates Alice.Alice knew that she had made some unforgivable mistakes toward Hilda, such as lying about things and stealing expensive lipsticks from her, but Hilda and Zana's bad deeds that had humiliated Alice made her immediately spew anger so strong that it surfaced.The resentment Alice felt was only getting bigger. Remembering how she was humiliated, she felt unable to forgive Hilda's actions.""I'm going t
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2. Life Threatened
What Hilda had just said made Zana reflexively round her eyes wide. She grabbed both of Hilda's shoulders, squeezing them slightly. "You can't say that, take it back.""I don't know.""Hey, I don't like what you said earlier, do you understand?" Zana glared at Hilda. "You're not going anywhere, you'll stay here, you'll be fine.""I'm not, I'm trying to be okay, but it's not working. I'm a mess." Hilda replied softly. She even kept her head down, not glancing at Zana at all.For a second, Zana did not respond at all. She was silent for a moment, thinking about what had really happened to her friend. She looked at Hilda more deeply and seriously. Zana remembered a few minutes ago when Hilda asked if she looked okay. And yeah, now Zana knew the reason behind Hilda's question.Zana took a deep breath, then put her arms around Hilda and whispered something in her friend's ear. "Come on, we better get out of here, we need a quiet place. There are more and more people here, don't let anyone
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3. Former Friend
Yeah, it must be so annoying to see someone you love walking with someone you hate. That's exactly how Alice was feeling right now. She gripped the glass tightly as her eyes saw Thomas, her ex-boyfriend, laughing with Angie, her enemy.What Alice saw was something that she had never thought about, it never even crossed her mind, but this was what was happening right now. Very real. Thomas is close to Angie, Alice doesn't know how the two of them became close, even though they previously seemed to have a fairly heavy conflict."I hope they don't have feelings for each other, they shouldn't fall in love with each other." Alice muttered softly, which was only heard by herself. Her gaze wouldn't move from them, especially Thomas.Damn it, Alice still loved him so much.Although Thomas had considered his relationship with Alice over, but not for her, she could not let go of Thomas yet. He was irreplaceable by anyone. Thomas is still in her heart.Roughly and hurriedly, Alice gulped down th
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4. Creepy Scene
Hilda was wide-eyed with surprise, her breath instantly stopped. She hadn't expected Alice to be carrying a weapon at this time. Hilda was rooted to the spot, she could not move, as if her body were nailed to the spot. Hilda was very shocked."Alice, you can't be serious!" Hilda shook her head in disbelief."Yeah, that's what you think." Alice quickly rushed forward. She lunged at Hilda. Hilda's screams sounded so loud.After that, red-colored, fresh, and thick blood splattered on the floor as Alice's knife successfully sliced through Hilda's neck.After a while of doing something she had always wanted to do, Alice smiled with satisfaction as she walked away quickly. She left the dying Hilda with blood pooling on the floor.Alice walked quickly but carefully because the place she was currently in was quite dark. Her current goal was to go to the bathroom to clean herself up. She did not feel guilty, nor was she afraid of what she had done. All she felt was a sense of relief mixed with
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5. Everyone Should Know
Alice walked into the party, which was getting more and more lively. She didn't know what to do here. She just needed a distraction to keep her brain from thinking about Hilda, whose fate was currently unknown. Alice didn't want to know. She didn't care. In fact, if Hilda were now dead, Alice would be happy because it meant that her plan had gone smoothly and successfully.Alice's gaze glowed until she finally looked back at Thomas and Angie. Her blood in her body always boiled if she saw the two of them. Alice felt jealous. She didn't like seeing them together. Especially if they were getting closer. Really, it was very annoying to see that scene.Then, Alice's back straightened as she saw Thomas and Angie's heads getting closer. They were going to kiss at the party. Oh shit, Alice was not willing to let Angie kiss Thomas. Thomas only belonged to her.Alice's hands were immediately clenched tightly. She moved with quick and wide steps. Her jaw hardened. And then, when she finally arr
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6. Blood Gets Things Done
All the lights in each building were immediately turned on. Now, Starlight High School was filled with bright light. Everyone flocked to follow Zana's steps.Even though she didn't want to cry, Zana still felt her tears falling. She hurriedly wiped them away. She was not ready to see Hilda again, who had died a horrible death. Something as horrible as this had never occurred to Zana before. In fact, she saw with her own eyes, right before her eyes, that someone had died. And what worried her even more was that the person was her close friend. It was so tragic.And so they arrived at their destination. Now everyone believed Zana's words. The place became very noisy. Everyone crowded around to see if it was true that Hilda had died by hanging. Everyone who saw the incident was horrified.It was a chaotic place. Conversations soared into the air."Everyone back to the hall! Right now!" Mr. Abi ordered all the students of Starlight High School in a loud and firm tone of voice.No one dare
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7. After Her Death
Because of Hilda's death, Starlight High School was canceled for the next week, in order to quell the uproar. Of course, the news had already spread widely, and had even become the talk of the town.Everyone was horrified and scared, especially with the fact that the girl's death was gruesome—the neck was slit by a knife before her body was hanged. Blood was, of course, everywhere. It pooled thickly on the floor, which was already something that gave the students who attended the school goosebumps.Angie, who was currently watching television accompanied by potato chips, listened to the news on the television. She stared, listened, and paid attention with focus."Some people call Starlight High School a cursed school."The words of the female presenter with a blonde bob haircut who was on television made Angie's hair stand up. She rubbed her arm, but that didn't stop her from continuing to listen to the news that was currently airing on the television channel.It was not without reaso
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8. She Deserves To Die
Alice was sitting by the river alone. Her mind was immersed in the events that happened last night at Starlight High School. It was not a fancy party that she was thinking about, but an event that involved her, namely about Hilda's death.Alice currently has two conflicting feelings. First, she felt sorry for Hilda, who was now dead, after all, they had been friends before a conflict attacked them, a conflict that made Alice finally hate Hilda.Alice's overt hatred for Hilda is, of course, because Hilda ruined her good name by accusing her of stealing her cell phone, which was a lie that made Alice hated by everyone. Alice knew that Hilda didn't do that for no apparent reason, but because she started it first. She told a lot of lies, especially since she had stolen Hilda's expensive lipstick. That's where their animosity started. But still, according to Alice, it was not appropriate for Hilda to humiliate her in front of everyone. So she received scorn, ridicule, and hatred for being
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9. Something She Saw
For Zana, Hilda is a friend who is always there for her. After her friendship with Alice broke up, she was alone with Hilda. According to her, Hilda is much better than Alice. From her point of view, Alice is not a true friend, just because she has covered up a lot of lies. Plus, she is a thief whose presence is very dangerous.Zana realized that her and Hilda's actions towards Alice about the plan to trap Alice with the cellphone theft were indeed wrong and unjustified at all, but they did it just to prove and corner Alice. The truth is that Alice is a good liar and has long arms, aka shoplifting. But look at Alice now, she doesn't accept what Hilda and Zana did to her.And now, Zana feels alone because there is no more Hilda. Her friend is completely gone, and she can't see her anymore. Hilda has joined the stars in outer space.What makes Zana angry is that Hilda died because she was killed. She didn't accept her best friend being treated like this. But she was confused about who t
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10. Something Is Wrong
Angie was confused and wondered to herself about the silhouettes of two people dancing together. One man and one woman. They were dancing, occasionally kissing, hugging, and seemed to be happy.Wait, happy?"They're dancing, Angie.""Yeah, I know they're dancing. I'm not blind. My point is, why are they doing that? What was the reason?" Angie peppered Thomas with questions. But Thomas didn't answer, his gaze was still directed upwards, prompting her to speak again. "I'm sure they were Hilda's parents, but what made them dance like that?"What Angie and Thomas were staring at was actually just a window covered by a thin curtain, but the light behind it created an image of two people dancing together. Faintly, there was even music playing.It was cloudy, and it was even dark outside. It was no wonder that Angie's parents were inside the house, turning on the lights to brighten up the dark room. Plus, it was late afternoon anyway, nothing strange about that. The only thing that was stran
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