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" Lisa, I... I didn-" " Stop it." Lisa declared, her voice trembling with emotion. "I won't tolerate any more of your lies, you overstepped your boundaries this time, Mello, and I won't forgive you for it." she said, gasping. She stopped for a moment, staring directly into his eyes. Mello could have sworn he saw guilt and pain in those blue eyes. He hated that he was the reason she was that way. He attempted to speak but words failed him. " I think this is it," Lisa said, letting her tears fall as she made a painful decision " I can't do this anymore. Let's end this marriage." Mello Buster, once content with his modest life despite its challenges, found himself broken by Lisa's declaration. He left in despair, feeling depressed and defeated. To his surprise, fate had a surprising twist in store. A shocking revelation suddenly led him to become an heir to a vast fortune worth trillions. Armed with newfound wealth and influence, the once worthless son-in-law returned on a mission to reclaim his dignity and prove his worth to those who had belittled him.

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Chapter One - Ma Clarissa
" you stupid fool!"" Good-for-nothing!"" Worthless thing! Do you hate me that much to think you can kill me by serving me this rubbish! Gosh! Unbelievable!"Those were the words Ma Clarissa and her daughter Michelle hurled at Mello who just stood in shock while trying to comprehend the whole situation.He couldn't comprehend why his in-laws accused him of plotting against them but chose to keep his thoughts to himself." You are so worthless and poverty-stricken that it affected your sense of reasoning, huh?" " We feed you, clothe you and yet you want to repay us by bringing us this bland dish! Ridiculous!" Ma Clarissa's voice echoed through the room as she banged on the table.Mello lowered his head and his gaze fell upon the lavish spread laid out dishes before them—a futile attempt to please his unappeasable in-laws. The aroma of the carefully prepared dishes mingled with the dominating tension, creating an atmosphere thick with anticipation and failed expectations.This wasn't
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Chapter Two - A day to remember
" Is he going to be fine? " Lisa said as she walked out with her mom.She thought she was going to feel better but instead, she was worried about him.It was probably because she had never seen him this angry.Ma Clarissa noticed and smiled." Stop thinking about him, he doesn't deserve to have you, Andrew is there to help you through, Okay?" she said and Lisa nodded, forcing a smile.**Mello sat on the bed, memories of Lisa flooding his mind. He remembered how she laughs to his bad jokes, her little smiles whenever she eats his food, how she loved to be pampered by him whenever she finished long photo sessions and wondered where it all went wrong.He got up and went out of the room, his guilt trailing after him.The house was all quiet now so he figured, Lisa's mother and her daughter must have left.He walked out and stared at the mess over the dining table and sighed before starting to clean up the mess.By the time he was done,he was exhausted and decided to wait for Lisa on the
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Chapter Three - The Revelation
Mello scoffed, thinking it was all some bad joke orchestrated by Lisa." Stop it. I don't know what Lisa put you guys up to, but it's enough, please. Just stop before it drives me insane, " he said, stretching his palm to Ana who stood smiling." And where am I? " He asked, his eyes still savoring the beauty around him." Your new home, your father wanted you to have it, " she answered coldly.Mello's body shivered from the shock with his heart racing rapidly.He could tell from her face that she was serious.His father?He had been an orphan all this life, how come he suddenly have a Father?His grandma never told him anything about his father, so he assumed he never had one and yet, it seemed like he was from a rich family.Ana walked closer and smiled, handing him his phone." President Buster would like you to have this token till he returns to speak with you. He is currently in a meeting in Africa and would join you soon. " she said as Mello collected the phone.Mello saw a notif
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Chapter Four- The stranger
Mello got to his mansion and helped the girl into his room.He noticed the absence of the maids as they ascended up the spiral stairs.Once in his bedroom, he gently laid her down on the bed, her delicate hands clinging to him, unwilling to let go." Please stay" she whispered, with eyes half closed after he managed to remove her hands.Mello smiled and took his time to examine her face.She was clearly beautiful with a curvy body too hard for any man to resist.Her skin was clear with no sign of blemish.Her neck and wrist were adorned with diamond necklace and bangles.Mello wondered who she was.Anna walked in after. She wanted to ask who the lady was but thought it would be wise not to say a word." Help me take care of her, please." Mello said, turning to Anna." Ok ... but you have blood on your shirt. Are you hurt in any way? Should I arrange guards for you? Is anyone trying to harm you? Your father clearly emphasized that your safety should be top priority." Ana's concern wa
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Chapter Five - Sir Ren
" Mr Buster, Mr Buster "Ana called, gently tapping him and he opened his eyes." We are here " she said and walked out of the car.Mello rubbed his eyes and got down.He must have slept off in the car.About 50 guards instantly gathered around him.He looked at the exquisite building standing in front of him and must admit he was overwhelmed for a minute.Daily X was boldly stamped in front of the huge building.The surrounding was large and there was few exotic cars parked but none spoke of dignity such as his.Few people stopped to look at him as they were surprised to see the fleet of cars that just drove in.There were some reporters around but they didn't bother rushing over as they were wondering who he was and it made him smile." What's wrong?" Anna asked." Nothing, let's go, " He said and they both walked into the building and the guards stood behind.About 20 men sat around the conference table all talking at the same time when Mello walked in with hands in his pockets, exa
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Chapter Six - The Chase
Mello got outside to get the shock of his life.There was so much crowd that it looked like the whole city decided to reside at one location.There was camera flashes and shouts everywhere.People were trying to get close to him but the military held them back, keeping his face well hidden.They made way for him till he got to his car which swiftly drove out.As soon as the car got out of the building, Mello heaved a sigh.The thought of the dangerous man at the Conference still bothered him and he decided to ask Ana."The huge man at the meeting, who was he?" He asked, facing her direction."It will be fine if you don't know, Mello. I'll have it settled," Ana answered and continued working on her tablet."Oh ok," Mello said and tried peering through the tinted window but his view was obscured.He decided to rest his head back, letting time pass.After driving for minutes, soon they came to a stop and securities approached them.They instantly bowed on seeing her.She showed them a bl
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Chapter seven- Mr Barnes
Mr Barnes sat in his mansion thinking about what happened at the meeting.It was already dark but the lights in the room provided shelter for his thoughts.He may have acquired it all.Wealth, Status, power, influence, name it all.But one thing he had not been in control of was his feud with Sir Ren.Sir Ren was a dangerous man and so was he.He still recalled how it all started.Some years back, when he managed to lay claim on some properties that Sir Ren was also vying for.Although sir Ren warned him to back down but he resisted.He didn't relent not even when sir Ren once massacred his entire security at one of his hotels at one point as a warning.He knew how tough Sir Ren was which made him spend extra bucks on making his security more grand.He had tried multiple times to pull out dirt on him and despite doing it numerous times with no fruitful results, it dawned on him that Sir Ren happened to be above the law.Everyone knew Sir Ren was never scared of war and was shocked for
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Chapter Eight - Ana
Lisa walked into the car garage and got into her lexus vehicle, resting her head on the steering wheel.Her heart was engulfed in pain and everything around her seem suffocating.Her mom has done enough damage already and she won't accept it anymore.She recalled she had a shoot that morning at Relax H cosmetics for a new product launch and dried her tears.She turned the car keys, igniting the car and the car came into life then drove off in a hurry.Soon she arrived at Relax H and walked in to see her Manager,Ben waiting with her agencyAlthough she tried to put up a bright face, her manager still saw through her." You are 30 minutes late, What took you so long, did something happen? He asked, with concern in his big blue eyes.Lisa shook her head and smiled." I'm fine..." She answered and proceeded to the shoot gallery to do her makeup.After long hours of the make-up artists dusting powders and all kinds of paints on her face, she was done and wandered into the studio to start t
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Chapter Nine - The Rescue
Some minutes earlier*Ana sat down in at Mom's Foodies restaurant trying to have a rest alone with her private bodyguard Reece seated few tables away from her.The food in front of her was untouched and she appears to be brooding.It was almost evening and She had not been been to see Mello and was surprised to see he hadn't call her.Ding! Ding! Her phone rang.She quickly picked it at the thought of Mello calling but It was a private line and she instantly knew who it was." President, " she answered as she picked." My girl, how is everything going over there.."Mr Buster said over the phone." Everyone is all good sir, and should I add your absence is also putting everyone over the edge as well." She said and the old man laughed." I see... " The voice came again.Ana smiled." How about your health president, and please don't tell me you missed on your medications. You know how important they are. " she asked and the man chuckled." Well how is Mello adjusting.." the man asked, ev
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Chapter Ten - A day before the storm
As Reece manuerevered the car along the bustling streets, his gaze shifted intermittently towards Ana, unable to shake the sense of unease that gnawed at himHe had never seen her act that way to a total stranger and knew something was wrong.He hated to see her bothering."If there is something on your mind, Reece, spit it out instead of staring holes into me" Anna's voice pierced the tense silence, her gaze meeting his in the rear mirror.Reece quickly looked away, biting his lips.A nervous smile tugging his face as he attempted to answer her." Nothing, " he replied, masking his unease with a feigned grin." If you say so, " Lisa chimed in, her attention returning to back to the tablet in her hands, the glow of the screen illuminating her delicate features.Her focus remained fixed on the live security footage from Mello's mansion, where he slept peacefully on the couch when there were comfortable bed in the rooms for him to sleep— a faint reminder of his discomfort with his newfo
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