Revengeful son-in-law

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Revengeful son-in-law

By: Rachy2good OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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John Smith was very poor and depended on Olivia Wilde and her family for survival. Olivia and her family made his life a living hell. Olivia did not only treat John badly, she also cheated on him and divorced him the same day he caught her cheating with Uncle Sam. However, immediately after John stepped out of Wilde's villa, he received a message from his phone. Eight hundred billion dollars was transferred into his account and the amulet which he had worn since he was a child was activated. Turns out that he was the lost son of Thomas Anderson the most powerful and wealthiest man in Arora. The amulet was the only identity of the true Anderson's and it had a mysterious power once activated. John couldn't believe his luck, a once rejected and despised man was now the son of the most powerful man in the City! Instantly an intense fire burned in his heart, the fire of revenge on those who had hurt him and made his life miserable find out how John melted out his revenge on his enemies, especially the Wilde family, and on Olivia the woman he had sacrificed so much for.

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Chapter 1
John Smith walked into the living room after dropping the groceries he brought into the kitchen. Olivia lifted her almond-shaped eyes to take a glimpse of the chunky man standing before her. Without paying much attention to him, her eyes drifted back to her nails which she was busy painting with red nail polish. She brewed the nails and gave out instructions to John without sparing another glance at him. "Drop my balance on the table and hurry up to the kitchen, it will soon be dinner time" "I am sorry, Olivia, I didn't bring home any balance," John Smith replied. His responses made Olivia finally look up and face him. "And why was that? You are supposed to bring home 50 dollars as my balance. What happened to the money?" Olivia enquired. John's gloomy face turned pale, and instantly a cloud of sadness blurred his countenance. He slowly stuck his thick finger into his nose. "What happened to my money, John?" Olivia screamed as irritation filled her up. She hated seeing John s
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Chapter 2
"Really? Would you support me if I divorced John? She asked."Of course, I will support you, haven't I told you several times to leave this fool and marry someone else but you refused," Albert added regretfully.Olivia looked at John who now wished for one thing more than anything in his life, to have a quick money that would make the Wilde's family worship him throughout their entire life. However, that would only happen in his dreams not in reality. His family is one of the poorest families in the whole of Arora, not to mention Sunview where they live. Olivia smiled and moved closer to her father."That reminds me, I ran into Demi Moore today and you know what? He is now a very wealthy man. He is the director of Weam Bank and he asked me about you" Jeanette told her daughter."He did?" Olivia asked, her eyes glinting with enthusiasm. "Yes Olivia, he even asked me for your numbers and I gave him," Jeanette said and glared at John. John was so annoyed by his despicable in-laws. How
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Chapter 3
Five days later, at the hospital, a doctor walked into John’s room and saw him sitting on the bed.“Mr Smith, have you contacted your family yet?” The doctor asked.“No doctor, but I am sure they will come for me soon,” John answered. “Try and get in touch with them fast because if by tomorrow you do not pay your bills, you will not leave this hospital.” the doctor said.“Don’t worry doctor, I'm sure they will come over tonight”The doctor nodded and left the room.John was saddened. It’s been five days since Andrew floundered him up and injured him with chicken puree, yet no member of Wilde’s family had come to visit him, not even Olivia his wife. He was not surprised that none of Wilde’s family members came for him, but he had hoped that at least Olivia would have shown little mercy and show up for him, but she did notHe would have been glad if the hospital had retained him with food, he wouldn’t mind sleeping anywhere, but staying without food even for a moment would be a seriou
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Chapter 4
If only Oliva, his wife, had come to the hospital and helped him pay his hospital bills, his friends wouldn’t have insulted him like this.John knew that the reason Olivia couldn’t stand him now was because he had gained so much weight. She now desires a more sexy-looking guy than himself. After he lost his job as a bank manager at Weam Bank, he spent more time at home watching television and running errands in the house, which made him add some weight. His condition became worse when Olivia was promoted to the director of Wilde’s group of companies. Because of this, Olivia stays out often. John has no option but to take over the kitchen. He started doing all the cooking and groceries. Being in control of the kitchen, he indulged in his food weakness and ate without limits.He prepared the food that he loved when no one was around and finished it in no time before anyone could catch him. While Olivia put herself on a strict diet, John was busy enjoying his greasy food. That was the
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Chapter 5
“Ha, John, are you here to run errands for Olivia? Poor you, why would Olivia be so wicked as to send you here from the sunview? This is not right.” Edina said and sauntered towards him. She kept her hands on his shoulder. At first glance, it seems like they have a good relationship from afar.“Is it because you lost your job and you are now poor that made Olivia treat you like a slave?” Edina screamed the last sentence so that others could hear and they heard and looked in their direction.John, being familiar with Edina, knew that she had malicious intentions and would pretend to care, but her true intention was to upset him. John swallowed the lump in his throat and removed Edina’s hand from his shoulder. He knew she was out to mock and disgrace him. So he replied.“No aunts, I came here on my own. I just want to get a plate of food for myself. You know how spicy and delicious the food here is and I like spicy food”Edina was angry, how smart of John, to answer her snappily like t
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Chapter 6
Before he could recover from the slap, another one landed on the other side of his cheeks.John held his burning cheeks as another set of tears trickled down from his eyes. Just then, the manager of the restaurant came out. Judging from his decent dressing, John thought that the man would be more understanding. He tried to crawl toward him, but his butt was smacked back on the floor by the guard.However, when he beheld the familiar face, John’s countenance changed.The man turned out to be Desmond, John’s former classmate, when he was still in high school. Desmond and his friends were one reason John dropped out of school before Olivia’s grandfather picked up and put him in a new school. Seeing Desmond now, John felt ashamed and more miserable. And wished that the ground would be opened and swallow him up.Desmond never stopped bullying him back then in school. They bullied him until he became traumatized when he was a kid, just because he was poor. And now, in his cranky condition,
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Chapter 7
John was still knocking at the door when the rain started pouring down. The sound of the downpour was so loud that it consumed the noise his weak hand produced at the door. After a while, he stopped knocking. He went to the corner of the house and sat down on the cold marble floor, waiting for Olivia to open the door for him. However, despite the heavy storm, Olivia refused to open the door, and John was left to sleep outside in the rain.Three days later, John opened his eyes and saw Edward, one of his friends. John became hostile. Edward was among those who came with Murphy the last time he was admitted to the hospital.“What are you doing here? Have you come again to mock me?” John sneered.“You know I will never mock you, John. You are a good man and I admire you,” Edward replied.“Lair, you and your friends came to mock me and now you come again. Where are your friends? I hope you are not here with them?”“How are you feeling now? I can see you are getting better,” Edward said, i
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Chapter 8
The taxi stopped at the penthouse, John came down and suddenly became uneasy. It was a gigantic building with an intimidating decor. Wilde’s Villa was great, but Sam’s penthouse was the greatest, according to John. The hotel was one of the top-ranking in Sunview. John looked at his rumpled, grungy clothes and felt nervous. He didn’t know when he stuck his dirty finger in his nose.“You can’t do that in front of Uncle Sam, you know” Edward had chastened him, so he quickly removed his finger and went to the elevator.Once the elevator stopped, John found himself at the front door of the penthouse. He sauntered the remaining distance to the door and pressed the bell. Within a few seconds, the door opened, and a young woman stood before him. John’s heart stopped working for a moment. Standing at the door was Olivia, his wife. Wearing nothing except the towel that she wrapped around her body. Just when he opened his mouth to ask her a few questions, Sam came to the door and encircled his
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Chapter 9
“You are not paying for anything. We must make you look presentable before our boss.” One girl said.“You don’t have to worry about anything. We will take good care of you,” another girl said.“Feel relaxed Mr, and allow us to give you a wonderful treat,” the third girl added.John was now relaxed, as if this was a dream. Let him enjoy it while it lasted, so he entered the bathtub, and the ladies started bathing him.A few minutes later, John was brought to Grado. He lowered his head. He truly enjoyed the bath. The girls were experts in taking care of men. He forgot where he was until he heard Grado’s voice. “Follow me,” Grado said and moved out of the hallway. John did as was instructed. Grado stopped at the second floor, opened a door, and entered.“The boss will see you in a few minutes,” Grado said and pushed John inside before he slammed the door. Having been left alone, John looked around his surroundings. It was a study; it was almost the same thing as the Albert Study, whic
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Chapter 10
“Yes, John. You can do anything you want with this amulet on your neck”“How do we activate the amulet?”John can’t wait to get the amulet activated so that he will punish all his enemies. He thought of those who have offended him in the past and his heart boiled down to revenge. So many people treated him like less than a human and called him worthless. But among all these people that filled his mind, it was Olivia he wanted to deal with the most. He couldn’t wait to deal with his cheating wife, Olivia.“I will only activate this amulet when I am sure you are my biological son. First, we need to see the woman who saved your life. Your grandmother. Didn’t you say that she was seriously sick? ““Yes, she is”“You will take me there. I need to see her”That was how John took Thomas to Anita’s house. He took Anita to the hospital to receive proper treatment. At the same hospital, a DNA test was carried out, and in less than two weeks, the result will be out. Thomas gave him a huge amount
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