Screams from the Abyss

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Screams from the Abyss

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In the world of Thalassia, where some are born with extraordinary abilities, Jack Craig was an elite operative tasked with bringing down a nefarious group sowing unrest. On a solo mission against these elusive forces, he encountered something far beyond imagination - an event that cost him his life. Now, Jack's son Jayden, a 16-year-old who has yet to awaken any powers, is thrust into a realm of despair. The truth behind his father's mysterious death lies shrouded in a world of incredible dangers that Jayden seems ill-equipped to face. As an ordinary teen without abilities, how can he hope to find the secrets that led to his father's demise? Driven by a burning need for answers, Jayden must embark on a treacherous journey that will push him to his limits. In a reality where the extraordinary is the norm, he must find strength within himself to confront forces that defy comprehension. With every step, he risks uncovering truths that could shatter his understanding of the world he knows. Jayden's quest is not just a search for justice but a fight for survival in a world where the line between the possible and the impossible has been erased. Can an awakening unlike any other be sparked within him, or will the truth about his father's fate forever remain out of reach?

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Humans have been able to tap into the full potential of Nature's Energy thereby giving them the ability to perform superhuman feats.Aura Users: These are humans who didn't awaken with an affinity for an element, but instead awakened the energy within their core, using it to temper their bodies and boost themselves beyond normal human limits.Elemental Users: These are humans who awaken with an affinity for an element and are able to channel Nature's Energy through their core to manipulate an element.Military Ranking.� Recruit� Private� Corporal� Sergeant� Lieutenant� Captain� Major� General� Commander-in-Chief� Supreme CommanderNote: While the military ranking system is similar to that of the real world, these are just titles given to military personnels who have gained merits or accomplishments for their country.Human Ranking.� Initiate� Apprentice� Acolyte� Neophyte� Journeyman� Vanguard� Champion� Master� Grandmaster� Ascendant� TranscendentNote: There are
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Party Invitation Declined
As the bell rang, its shrill sound echoing through the corridors of the school, students began to flood into their classrooms, eager to start the day. Among them was Jaden Craig, a boy with a wiry frame, dark skin tone, smoky gray eyes and thick, black, coiled dreads that cascaded down his back like a waterfall of ebony. Dressed in a simple white t-shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers, he carried a backpack slung over one shoulder as he made his way to his seat next to his friend, Alex Smith.Alex, with his short brown hair and a smattering of freckles across his nose, greeted Jaden with a fist bump and a grin. But as he settled into his chair, he noticed something was off about his friend. Jaden's eyes were closed, and he let out a deep sigh that spoke of exhaustion."Are you okay?" Alex asked, concern etched on his face.Jaden didn't respond right away, but after a moment, he opened his eyes and gave his friend a tired smile. "Yeah, just had a short night. I'm feeling pretty beat."
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Jaden walked into the house, letting out a sigh of relief as he closed the door behind him. The silence was palpable, broken only by the soft hum of the TV on the wall in the living room. He made his way to the living room, there was the familiar arrangement of the room.His eyes darted to the corner of the room, where a wooden cupboard stood with a flower vase atop it. Above the cupboard, hung a picture of a bald man with a dark skin tone in military attire. The resemblance between Jaden and this man was quite obvious.Jaden stared at the picture for a few moments, his expression sad, before he dropped his backpack on the sofa and headed to the kitchen.The sweet aroma of his mother's cooking wafted towards him as he approached the kitchen. Jaden's mother stood at the sink, her back to him, her long brown hair cascading down her back. She had a slightly pointed nose, fair skin, and beautiful lips that always curved into a smile when she saw him. She turned slightly, acknowledging his
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The Bracelet
Jaden's mum stepped out of her car, closing the door behind her with a satisfying thunk. She pressed the lock button on the car key in her hand, and the car beeped twice, followed by the sound of the locks clicking shut. She walked away from the car, her heels clicking against the pavement with every step. She wore a suit with a white collared shirt inside, and her hair was pulled back into a sleek ponytail.As she approached the entrance of the skyscraper, the transparent door slid open automatically, sensing her presence. She stepped into the bustling lobby filled with people moving about and admiring the various artifacts and exhibits on display. Some were ancient weaponry, paintings, and equipment with strange carvings on them. People stood around, either talking to each other about the exhibitions or taking pictures of them.Jaden's mum walked to the far end of the building and stopped in front of an elevator. She clicked the button, and the elevator opened almost immediately, re
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Awakening Ceremony
The highly anticipated Awakening Ceremony had finally arrived, captivating the attention of the entire Thalassian population. In the past, the ceremony took place at a single location, but with the country's growing population, it had to be divided into sections across every city.In the heart of Varia City stood an imposing Victorian-style building, occupying a vast area to accommodate the influx of people. Despite yearly renovations, the architectural style remained intact, carrying the legacy of the ceremony since ancient times.Jaden and his mother found themselves amidst the bustling crowd, making their way towards the entrance of the grand building. As they reached the entrance, Jaden received a bracelet that would display numerals when his awakening occurred during the ceremony, which left him feeling nervous.Walking alongside his mother, they entered the building, a colossal space comparable to three stadiums combined. Adorned with statues and paintings, the walls showcased h
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Jaden and his mum drove home, the atmosphere heavy with tension. Jaden sat with his face resting on his fist, his expression stoic as he stared blankly out of the car window. His mind was racing with a thousand thoughts, but he couldn't find the words to express them.Lilian stole occasional glances at her son, her heartbreaking at the sight of him so distant and forlorn. She longed to comfort him, to make everything right again, but she didn't know how. Her mind was consumed with worry, and she felt helpless.As they pulled up to their house, Jaden's shoulders slumped. He would rather not face his mother after what had happened. He headed straight for his room, hoping to shut out the world.But before he could make it, he heard his mother's voice calling out to him. He stopped in his tracks, unsure of what to do. He didn't want to talk about it, but he also didn't want to hurt his mother's feelings.Lilian approached him slowly, tentatively wrapping her arms around him from behind. S
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Who are these guys?
Jaden was roused from his sleep by a familiar voice. "Hey Jaden, Jaden!" the voice whispered urgently in the darkness.He groggily reached for his bedside lamp, fumbling with the switch until the room was illuminated. He blinked, trying to clear the sleep from his eyes, and then saw his father standing in the doorway."Come on, dad, it's midnight," Jaden muttered, rubbing his eyes."I know, now get your ass out of bed and come with me," Jack said, already turning to walk out of the room.Jaden followed, still feeling drowsy, as his father led him through the woods. The sound of nocturnal animals filled the air, and Jaden's imagination ran wild as he peered into the darkness."Why are we here, Dad?" he asked, feeling a little creeped out.Jack didn't answer at first, continuing to lead his son towards the river that glistened in the moonlight. They finally reached their destination, and Jack stood silently, staring at the water."Join me, son," he said, finally turning to face Jaden.J
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Jaden's eyes flickered open to the sound of his mother's voice."Hey honey," Lilian greeted him with a smile as she entered his room.Jaden blinked a few times, trying to shake off his drowsiness. He had fallen asleep at his desk."Good morning, Mom," Jaden replied, stretching his arms.Lilian's eyes wandered around the cluttered room. "Looks like you've been busy."Jaden gave a noncommittal shrug as he reached for his towel."I've got good news," Lilian announced, her eyes sparkling with excitement.Jaden paused, intrigued. "What is it?""I've made an appointment with the lab to help you awaken," Lilian said, beaming.Jaden's eyes widened in shock. "How? That procedure is expensive.""Don't worry about it, Jaden. I was able to pull some strings," Lilian replied, trying to reassure him.Jaden hesitated, unsure. "I appreciate the offer, Mom, but I don't want you to go through all that trouble. I'll be fine."Lilian frowned, her face etched with concern. "Jaden, I know how much this mea
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Failed Procedure
Jaden tossed and turned in his bed, his face contorting with each movement. The room was dimly lit, but the bracelet on his wrist glowed with an ethereal light that pulsed like a heartbeat, growing brighter with each passing moment. He was sweating profusely, his brow furrowing in pain and discomfort.As he drifted into a dark space void of light, Jaden felt himself floating aimlessly, desperately searching for any sign of life. But there was nothing there, and the emptiness was starting to get to him. Fear crept into his heart, and he wondered if he would ever find his way out.Suddenly, Jaden was yanked from the void into a different place altogether. What he saw made his stomach churn with terror. In front of him, a horde of beasts or what looked like demons raged, each one standing nearly nine feet tall. They had muscular bodies, long tongues that extended down their chests, and dark, eerie fog emanated from them.The beasts rampaged through the land, slaughtering and devouring an
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Different buses were properly packed in front of the school, their red exteriors decorated with white stripes. Students from different classes were lined up in front of the vehicles, chattering excitedly as they awaited departure. Each class had been designated to a specific bus, with their respective teachers supervising the boarding process.Miss Thompson stood before her class, dishing out instructions to her students before they made their way onto the bus. Scanning through the entire population of her class, she noticed someone was missing.'Where's he?'Miss Thompson thought with a stern expression. She had already warned her students not to be late, and she would not tolerate any delays.Meanwhile, Alex was growing increasingly anxious. He stood at the front of the line, eagerly anticipating Jaden's arrival. The two had planned to sit together for the trip to Africa, and Alex was starting to worry that Jaden had changed his mind. As the minutes ticked by, Alex's concern turned t
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