Speedster In The Apocalypse

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Speedster In The Apocalypse

By: Izzywriyes Updated just nowSci-Fi

Language: English

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Phillip Drew Is a man who’s life has been filled with nothing but misfortunes ever since he became an adult. His mundane life continued until the introduction of the G-Virus, a virus that turned people into monsters. After getting Infected with the G-Virus, rather than becoming a grotesque monster Phillip gains gains the power of superhuman speed. With the help of his Allies Dina and Andrew, can Phillip save the human race while combating those who want to use their powers for evil?

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82 chapters
Chapter one : Infected
The rain fell heavily, battering everything it came into contact with. Even those with an umbrella were still getting wet at the intensity.Phillip however was bearing the full wrath of nature. He has stopped at a small bakery in order to get a cake for his girlfriend, Valerie as a birthday present. It was also their anniversary so he had saved up all his earnings for the past few months and bought her a designer bag. He rushed over to her apartment on foot as he didn’t have any money to board a taxi, hence his journey under the heavy rain. After what felt like hours, he eventually got to Valerie’s apartment building. He hung his drenched coat on the rack and tried to arrange his hair as best as he could before going up.As he climbed the stairs, he couldn’t help but smile when thinking about how happy she would be when she saw the presents he had gotten her.He was soon standing in front of her door, about to knock when he heard something strange. It sounded like a male voice and
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Chapter 2 : Acceptance
Philip took a deep breath to calm himself. Right now, panicking wouldn't solve anything."I wake up and my house is dirty, the water is dirty, and my appearance has changed. The first two suggest that a large amount of time has passed, and my appearance changed after I passed out." Philip touched his chin. But why?His mind spun as he went through all sorts of scenarios. Time passing like this suggested he didn't just lose consciousness and actually fell into a coma when he passed out. His appearance also changed during the period.Thinking of this, the only plausible explanation he could think of was that he..."... Was infected. But why?" It clicked a moment later."The damn cat!" He ground his teeth. Who would have thought that this act of kindness was liable to get him infected? However, he frowned."If I am infected, am I not supposed to turn into a monster? Why did only my hair and eyes change? And why did I retain my rationality?" Once again the more he thought about it, the mo
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Chapter 3 :Encounter
"Come on, we're almost there," Andrew told his sister as they ran through the streets. However, the much less athletic girl wheezed as she struggled to run. They'd been running for more than ten minutes now.Andrew looked back and cursed. The monster that had been chasing them hadn't relented at all. It looked like a person, well, its upper body did. Its lower body looked like that of a spider and it would give Andrew nightmares for the rest of his life.He looked at the shotgun in his hands and hesitated. He didn't want to use the weapon both for fear of attracting more monsters and for fear of wasting what little ammunition he had left.He glanced back again, the creature was just ten steps behind and gaining quickly. He gritted his teeth and made a decision.He looks around and sees a grocery store with the front door open. Perfect."Dina over there!" He yells and points at the grocery store.The two make a break for it and Andrew lets his sister get in first before moving in hims
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Chapter 4 : Allies
"... Who are you?" Andrew warily asked the mysterious white-haired person who appeared to have saved them from the infected creature.He had fired his shotgun the moment he appeared with his arms raised. He refused to believe someone killing an infected with a single hit, and with their bodies no less, was a normal human. He was even more convinced of this theory when he appeared completely fine and snatches his shotgun before he could react."My name is Philip, and don't worry, I don't intend to hurt you." The person, Philip said with a reassuring smile, though Andrew didn't buy it for a second. He was already reaching for the combat knife strapped on his waist."I can fully understand your apprehension. After all, what I did should be impossible. I still have trouble believing it myself." Philip said and muttered the last part to himself."So why did you save us?" Andrew asked carefully. He doubted his combat knife would be any good considering Philip had ignored a shotgun blast to
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Chapter 5 : Setting out
Philip analyzed the information and couldn't help but feel both a sense of luck and also incredibly lucky.He'd been unconscious for a whole month due to whatever the infection did to him. On one hand, he felt that he'd lost some good time to do something useful. But on the other hand, there was no guarantee that he'd have been able to survive the virus outbreak in the city.He sighed inwardly. No use thinking about it now.He glanced at his two new, albeit distrustful companions walking by his side.From what they told him, Andrew was a former soldier which was why he had a shotgun, and his sister Dina was a substitute teacher. An interesting pair.Anyway, due to his quick thinking, Andrew was able to survive with him and his sister when the outbreak happened, and according to them, they were heading towards a camp filled with survivors.When Philip asked how they knew it was there, Andrew told him that the leader had sent out a broadcast when the outbreak happened.Philip was a lit
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Chapter 6 : Battle
Philip lightly slapped his cheeks.‘I can do this. I can do this’ Even though the logical part of his brain was screaming at him he couldn't do this, he pushed the doubt in his mind.‘Worst case scenario, I'll just run away. That thing is big and I don't want to get hit by it, but it probably swings like a crane’ He let his analytical part take over and his fear began to subside.Thankfully, another thing his ability let him do was think incredibly fast as well, so he could think of a plan without worrying about wasting time.‘The biggest problem is that I don't have a weapon. Most likely, I'll have to gather up a bunch of speed and run into it. But, can my body handle that’ The thought worried him, but he shook his head.‘We'll cross that bridge when we get there. Alright, no more sitting around.’ He let out a breath, steeled himself, and walked into the open.The moment he walked out, the giant infected looked at him with its big angry eyes, and for a moment, Philip felt like a smal
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Chapter 7 : Supply Run
The rest of the night went by without incident, so the group set out early in the morning."We'll forget about heading to the base today, we need to spend the day finding food." Andrew suddenly said."Why?" Dina asked and Andrew pointed at Philip."His speed is our biggest advantage right now, and we need him to be at peak strength if we want to maintain that advantage. To do that, we need to get him food." Philip's eyes widened when he heard this."You're holding yourself aren't you? You probably expended a lot of energy fighting the infected from last night, and I doubt those canned meals were enough to sate you. Am I wrong?" Andrew said and Philip pursed his lips.Andrew was spot on. Right now, he was actually super hungry and the canned food he'd eaten the night before was barely enough to keep him on his feet."Yeah, you're right." Philip conceded and Andrew nodded.He gestured them over to a car and dug out a mp from his backpack before laying it out."The closest mall is about
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Chapter 8 : Situation
The food court was very much scattered. Chairs were broken, tables overturned, and an unsettling amount of dried blood.The group quickly went over and got to the counter.Andrew told Philip and Dina to stay before jumping over the counter and moving out of sight into the kitchen, towards the Fridge Philip assumed.He and Dina ducked and waited. It was at this time Philip finally got a good look at the mostly silent girl.She was very good looking. She had a slight tan, constantly running from monsters in the sun did that to you. She had large green eyes and long blonde hair, like her brother, though his was obviously short.Her body was also proportioned very nicely. Philip judged that if she was a teacher as she said then she was probably very popular among the male students.It was then that she turned to look at him and they both stared at each other. Philip caught the same look of wariness which Andrew usually looked at him with.He smiled at her and she looked away. Philip shook
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Chapter 9 : Fortune
“BELOW YOU!” Were the last words Andrew heard Phillip scream before he got stabbed through his chest.His eyes widened in shock as he saw the blood drip through Phillips's shirt. Quickly he retreated and continued to avoid their attacks but he knew Phillip was spent.*SHRIEK* Quickly, he was brought back to his senses by the scream of the spider-like infected that Phillip had tried to warn them about.He quickly reached for the machete that he had carried earlier and swung it into the neck of the grotesque-looking monster. The sound of metal hitting bone cut through the commotion that was going on all around them. Disgusting blood and liquids splashed all over him.But still, it wasn’t enough damage as the monster was still squirming and flailing its numerous hands everywhere. “Dina, stab it!” Andrew yelled.Dina hesitated for a moment but soon enough she brought out her dagger and with anxiety, stabbed the creature under its head, right through the jugular.More blood poured out an
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Chapter: 10
Andrew and Dina carefully moved Phillip to a bench that was still intact in the hall of the mall. Dina went and came back with some water in a bowl from a nearby fountain and tore a piece of her flannel shirt to use as a rag.She carefully wiped the blood and fluids that he had racked up on his body after his bout with the infected. And for a split second, she caught herself looking closer at the features of Phillips's face.His facial structure was well-defined, his silver hair made him seem like a character out of a fantasy novel. Well, he had randomly appeared and saved her and her brother when they were in danger, sort of like a prince.Those feelings, however, were unwarranted considering the current situation. The world was falling apart, and they didn’t even know if they would survive till next week. This infatuation with Phillip had to be limited, for everybody’s good.When she had cleaned him up to a decent extent she tilted his head up and gave him some water before gently p
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