Shawn Hubert : The God Level Selection System

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Shawn Hubert : The God Level Selection System

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Shawn's life seemed like a joke. He wasn't living well and was always suffering. Until a woman appeared in front of him, and said they should get married. That triggered something Shawn could never have imagined. The man received a notification. The God level selection system... what will happen next?

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64 chapters
Chapter 1
"How did this happen?"Shawn continued to play with his fingers. Occasionally, he tapped them on the table in front of him. Waiting made Shawn feel uncomfortable, even to the point of creeping into his chest.Today, Shawn really didn't want to be in this place. Starbucks was too crowded for him. What's more, since earlier many people came and went from this place. Even having a little coffee in front of him didn't make Shawn feel any better. However, the phone call he received last night was so disturbing to his mind that he couldn't help but sit here now.Shawn looked down, contemplating with his mind spinning. "My brain feels frozen. How am I supposed to think clearly about this? Damn it! What the hell is going on?"Shawn's feet went up and down, unsettled by the situation. Now and then, he glanced over to see who was coming. "If it's an imposter, I'm going to hit him right away. It doesn't matter who he is."How could Shawn not be uneasy? Last night she suddenly got a call from a w
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Chapter 2
Shawn squinted slightly when he saw the blue holographic window before his eyes. This window in front of him gave a message that was very accurate to his current situation.Shawn thought, "Is this a hallucination?"He had to pinch his thigh to feel his senses. It hurt, but it still existed in the real world. If you look closely, this window is just like the one in the game. If this was indeed the same thing as that, then it was a perfect coincidence.The large blue window was the size of a magazine book, which was very distracting to Shawn's vision. It was luminous and also slightly transparent.Shawn felt his heart beating more relaxed than before. His instincts told him that this weirdness would be good for him.Shawn said in his mind, "This kind of thing is what I've been waiting for. Whether it's real or not, it's coming to me."Shawn was just an ordinary person who didn't stand out. He only worked odd jobs to make ends meet. It was a godsend that a miracle like the system chose h
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Chapter 3
"This steak is amazing!"Shawn sliced the premium beef steak and ate it with gusto. A smile appeared as he chewed and tasted the rich man's dish. The meat melted in his mouth and was juicy. Every chew made Shawn feel happy. "No wonder the rich love to eat at expensive restaurants like this. This food is delicious!"His face beamed. All this time, Shawn could only eat the cheap food he bought from the convenience store. He even got used to eating those non-nutritious foods.He did that to save money and send it to his family in the village. There wasn't much he could eat. Fortunately, today, he could buy it with the money in the Black Card. It was a stroke of luck for Shawn to take the contract from Rachel. Shawn found it incredibly easy to use the Black Card. All he had to do was swipe the card, and he could get what he wanted.As Shawn stood up, a slight vibration in his pocket stopped him. Shawn picked up his cell phone and looked to see who was calling him. Shawn sighed lazily when
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Chapter 4
"Did you hear what that stupid kid said? He dared to go against us and left the family to enter into a marriage. What an ungrateful child! Even though I've raised him hard!"Lisa continued to grumble. Even her tears began to flow because she was hurt by what Shawn had said on the phone. John got a tissue for Lisa and tried to calm her down. He invited her to sit down. "Already, children who are about to grow up are like that. Insolent."Lisa wiped her tears. She didn't expect Shawn's rejection to make her feel this cut. "Tell me, John. Can asking for 400 dollars make a child hostile to his parents? He even insulted Ryan, his brother. Doesn't he realize we're the only family he has?"John furrowed his brow, holding back the annoyance that didn't subside. Seeing his wife cry like this made him understand that Shawn must have reached a breaking point in the resentment he had been harboring for a long time.Lisa turned to John. The look in his eyes was very sharp. "John, let's go to him a
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Chapter 5
"I'm reborn?" Shawn did feel his body become fresher and lighter. Was this what was called being born again?Before, his body often felt stiff from being tired from work, but now he felt he could do anything.Instantly, he wondered if he could try something he had never done before. Shawn took a step, and then he jumped into a backflip. It turns out that he succeeded in one try.Shawn immediately smiled, and his eyes opened wide, "Awesome!"Then Shawn also did some moves that he saw in MMA matches, such as punching and kicking, and it turned out that he could do it easily using this body.As Shawn was engrossed in his body, he suddenly felt weak. He also realised that his stomach felt very empty and kept making noises.Shawn held his stomach, "Is it the effect of the rebirth potion? It's only natural for me to be so hungry. Drastic body changes like this must waste a lot of energy."Shawn took his jacket and went outside. His destination was Mrs. Smith's barbeque stall. Shawn would o
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Chapter 6
Shawn returned Viona's cell phone. The girl smiled sweetly with her eyes looking down, and her cheeks flushed red.Viona was shy. "Thank you, Mr. Shawn."The girl turned around and went back to work, while Shawn went back to his seat to enjoy the barbeque he hadn't finished eating because of the drunks.The golden brown meat was so tempting, the aroma was so distinctive, and the honey glaze on top was so delicious. However, when Shawn was about to devour it, he felt a subtle vibration in his pants pocket. He put off biting into the meat and grabbed his cell phone from his pants pocket.It was a call from Andre, his office mate. Shawn immediately took the call casually. "Hello? What's up, Andre?"Andre replied in a panicked voice, "Hey, what are you doing? Why are you skipping work when we have a deadline like this? The Division Head is furious with your absence."Andre's shrill voice sounded very annoying. Andre was his senior in the office, and he often used his senior status to tell
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Chapter 7
The two big men held both of Shawn's arms. Shawn tried to dodge, but the two guards were skillful and could hold Shawn down.Roy glared as he approached Shawn. He scolded. "What a loser. Who do you think you are, huh? Scum like you have the nerve to hit me. I'll put a criminal like you in jail. You'll rot in that cold place!"Roy slapped Shawn twice across the face. It wasn't a hard slap, but it made Shawn's face turn red.Roy winced when he saw Shawn's upset face. He patted Shawn on the cheek. "Why, huh? Do you feel helpless? No matter how hard you push yourself and hit me, I still have the power in this room. You poor, stupid thing is still too naive to do such a thing. You should be grateful. I would have let you off quietly if you had just kissed my shoe and apologized."Shawn was silent as he stared at the stupid face before him. The bald man with the mustache was like this, using his position to oppress. Making Shawn work overtime and also giving him a small wage. As a leader, h
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Chapter 8
Roy's eyes trembled at the words that came out of Gary's mouth. "What are you saying, Mr. Gary? Why do I have to pack my things?"Roy tried to smile hesitantly. He tried to reject the words that just came out of his boss. He had been working at this place for more than 10 years. There was no way Roy would be fired that easily, right?Shawn also felt that the company leader's words were very bold. He didn't know what Mr Gary was thinking at the moment, but this situation was very favourable for Shawn. Without realising it, Shawn grinned slightly, sensing that something good was about to happen.Mr. Gary himself lifted his chin slightly and looked down on Roy. With an expensive suit and hairstyle like that, Mr Gary's aura of power felt very strong all over the man's body.He repeated his words, "Mr. Roy, you lack competence and do things that are inappropriate in the workplace. I am firing you. I want your face off, Gold K for good!"Roy could not blink. His eyes widened, and his breath
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Chapter 9
"Don't be late!" said Rachel as she hung up the phone without any goodbyes. Rachel's nonsense attitude took Shawn somewhat by surprise.Shawn shook his head while looking at the phone screen. "Women. Impatience is one of her traits. Just like foster mom."Rachel's nature was a bit similar to the foster mother, who often called him to ask for money. It was a good thing that Shawn had cut off contact with his mother, so for a moment, he could relax and not hear the shrill voice of the woman who liked to spend money.Not long after, a text message arrived on Shawn's cell phone. In the text message, Shawn got Rachel's family address. It was an address in Bravery Hill, a complex containing the homes of the elite. Of course, Shawn had never seen it in person, let alone stepped foot in it.The thought of living there with the Rose family, who were Rachel's extended family, would be very hard if Shawn didn't make a good impression on the family. Moreover, Shawn came from a family in the vill
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Chapter 10
"You can trust me, Mrs. Madison."Shawn opened the glass bottle. Not much was left of the magic potion except for a few drops.Winry furrowed her brow. Suspicious thoughts raged inside her head, "What is this stuff? Ointment? Why isn't there a brand label on that thing? Anyway, it's all gone."When Shawn was about to hold Madison's hand, the woman suddenly pulled it away as if she didn't want to be touched by Shawn.Madison squealed, "Don't you break my skin again! What's that in your hand? Do you think you can fool me with such an unknown item?"Shawn swallowed. This woman was too stubborn. "No, ma'am. I have no ill intentions whatsoever. That skin of yours will heal with this."Madison glanced at Cecil and pointed at him. "You must know this woman, right? You're in cahoots! There's no way that rotten liquid can solve all of this. It's all the same, you rotten woman and you jerk of a man!"The curses from Madison's mouth didn't feel like insults to Shawn. What Madison said was based o
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