The Super Doctor Calvin Hudson

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The Super Doctor Calvin Hudson

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In the aftermath of the war, Calvin Hudson, a scion of Bacca's elite, faces a stark reality: his sister's life hangs in the balance. With their family torn apart, Calvin's desperate bid for her survival leads him into an unexpected alliance—with a marriage contract as the price. But when his contract wife betrays him, Calvin discovers a hidden power within his family heirloom, giving him a system to be a super doctor. Calvin must unlock the secrets of the amulet to save his sister and forge his own destiny as a super doctor. In his journey to be the greatest doctor the world has ever seen, Calvin will make everyone who looks down on him get what they deserve.

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    same update probleme as the last Time :///// and the chapter from last Time isn't yet changes :/ (sorry for my poor english if there IS some mistake, It's not my native langage )

    2024-05-18 02:00:54
  • Moo Kaa


    last uptade IS not on the right Book ....

    2024-05-12 21:09:08
  • Cindy Chen


    Hi all! welcome to my third book on Meganovel ... Hope you enjoy it ...

    2024-03-28 21:02:00
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87 chapters
Fifty Thousand Dollars
"Don't worry, Lizzie. I'll get the money for your surgery," Calvin said as he sat beside the hospital bed where his younger sister lay weakly. The sunset cast warm hues through the window, creating an emotionally charged atmosphere in the room."You've already sacrificed too much for me, Calvin," Lizzie replied weakly, her eyes looking tired yet filled with appreciation."Don't say that, Liz—""Fifty thousand dollars, Cal! Where are we going to get that much money? You already married that dreadful woman to get three hundred thousand dollars. She's not going to give us fifty thousand dollars more, Cal. I don't want you to be humiliated again just because of me!" Lizzie exclaimed, interrupting her brother's words with clear disapproval evident on her face.Calvin, with a tense expression, sighed deeply.He knew Lizzie's words held truth.A year and a half ago, Calvin was forced to marry Alana Perry, the daughter of the Perry family, one of the wealthiest families in Ellstown, even coun
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A Contract Husband with No Hope
Calvin took a long breath, trying to contain his emotions. Alana was indeed very beautiful and attractive, but she was very harsh towards him, probably because he was only her contract husband.Calvin looked around, the sterile and cold hospital corridor did not convey the warmth he needed right now.He felt alone, estranged from his previous life in his homeland of Barrion.Since the war broke out between Barrion and its neighboring country, Han Xin, Calvin, and his sister fled to Hudden for a new life.Calvin's family background and past glory were now nothing but ruins almost without a trace. Therefore, according to Calvin, whoever he and his family used to be, all of that was no longer important.He reached into his jacket and retrieved a golden amulet.It was his family heirloom, the most precious possession he owned.Before his mother passed away, she entrusted the heirloom to Calvin with a solemn request to keep it safe.Calvin stared at the golden amulet, taking a deep breath,
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I Think She is Better Dead
"Lizzie, I will talk to Dr. Kevin Lang," Calvin said with a voice full of conviction, although he was slightly trembling due to the worries haunting his mind. "Maybe he can provide some relief or a payment postponement. Your surgery needs to be done urgently, and we can't wait any longer."Lizzie's face looked full of concern as she listened to Calvin's words. Her gaze reflected disbelief and fear of the possibility of Calvin's efforts failing."But, Calvin, Dr. Lang is a jerk. He won't help us. It's clear he loves Alana and resents her marrying you. That man will surely make things difficult. Did you see what the nurses just did? They didn't want to help me, even though I was in pain. Whose orders do you think that was?" Lizzie gasped for breath as she still struggled to hold back her pain. The pain reliever she just took only had a slight effect.Calvin took a deep breath, trying to calm himself before answering. "I have to try, Lizzie. We don't have any other choice. I can't let yo
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Calvin's heart pounded as he tried to swallow his anger and pride so many times in the last five minutes. He pleaded with Dr. Lang, desperation lacing every word that escaped his lips. "Dr. Lang, I beg of you, please help us. Lizzie's life hangs in the balance, and I'll do anything, anything at all, to save her. Please, find it in your heart to help."Kevin's response was nothing short of disdainful amusement. He chuckled condescendingly, his eyes alight with a cruel gleam. "Oh, Calvin, you're always the one in distress, aren't you? But perhaps there's a glimmer of hope for your dear sister."A flicker of optimism ignited in Calvin's eyes at the mere suggestion of a possibility. "Is there? Tell me, Doctor, what must I do?"Leaning back in his chair, Kevin's smirk widened, his demeanor oozing with self-assured superiority. "Well, well, well, it seems there's a chance to save Lizzie's life after all. But, Calvin, it comes at a price."Calvin's brows furrowed in confusion, his mind stru
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With a tempest of emotions raging within him, Calvin stormed back to Lizzie's hospital room, his heart pounding with anxiety and anger.His mind is full with how to find a good doctor who will treat his sister. He was half regret his decision of not signing the divorce paper for his sister’s sake.However, just as he burst into the room, his eyes widened in disbelief at the sight of another patient occupying the space where his sister should have been.The shock sent a wave of panic coursing through him, and he frantically scanned the room, searching for any trace of Lizzie.Where was his sister?!Spotting a nurse hurrying past in the corridor, Calvin lunged forward, desperation evident in his voice as he called out to her."Wait! What happened to my sister? Where is she?" he demanded, his tone a mix of fear and frustration.The nurse, preoccupied with her duties, turned to face Calvin with a look of mild irritation. "Mr. Hudson, I am sure you know what happened. . Your sister's room
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Throw Them Out
“Poor girl, why is she alone?”“Where are her parents? How can they be so irresponsible?”Bystanders gossiped and finger-pointed.Some of them turned their heads as if avoiding a horrific scene.As Calvin drew nearer, his heart raced like a wild stallion within his chest, each beat echoing the tumult of his emotions.Through the haze of panic and despair, he began to discern the outline of a figure sprawled on the unforgiving pavement, the stark contrast of blood against the pale surface sending a jolt of terror coursing through his veins.There, on the floor, laid his sister, broken and fragile.With a voice choked with dread and desperation, he called out his sister's name, the syllables hanging heavy in the air amidst the chaos of the crowd.Anxious faces turned towards him, eyes wide with fear and uncertainty, parting like a hesitant tide to make way for Calvin's frenzied approach.With every step, his lungs burned with the effort of drawing in air, his mind consumed by a singular
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The Family Heirloom
As the guards closed in on him, their hands outstretched to pull him away, Calvin's grip on his sister tightened with desperate determination.His eyes, blurred with tears of anguish, caught sight of a blood-stained piece of paper clutched in Lizzie's lifeless hand. With trembling hands, he reached out, his fingers quivering as he carefully unfolded the crumpled note.Each word on the paper felt like a dagger in Calvin's heart as he read Lizzie's final message. Her handwriting, smudged with blood and tears, conveyed a profound sense of sorrow and resignation.Tears flowed freely down Calvin's cheeks as he absorbed the weight of her farewell and apology."I'm so sorry, Calvin," the letter began, the ink blotched and smudged. "I can't bear to burden you any longer. Knowing I can't be saved, I've chosen to release you from the weight of my struggles. Please forgive me and remember that I love you always."Calvin's hands trembled as he clutched the letter to his chest, the weight of Lizzi
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Treating Lizzie
Upon arriving at the rundown apartment he shared with Lizzie before he married Alana, Calvin immediately put his newfound abilities to use. He starts preparing to operate on Lizzie with whatever makeshift tools he could gather. The dimly lit room became his makeshift operating theater, the urgency of the situation lending him an almost frenetic energy. "Stay with me, Lizzie," Calvin murmured, his voice a mix of determination and desperation, as he carefully positioned himself beside his sister's unconscious form on the makeshift operating table. With trembling hands but a steely resolve, Calvin began the intricate procedure, every movement precise yet fueled by an urgency born of love and necessity. The sound of his rapid breaths filled the small space as he navigated the delicate task before him, guided by instincts honed by the system within the golden amulet. As he worked, Calvin discovered an innate ability to channel his energy into Lizzie's body, a lifeforce transfusion of so
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The Rat is Still Alive
Kevin, seated across from Calvin, gave a subtle nod to Lucy, who wasted no time in carrying out her brother's silent command. With a forceful motion, she thrust the large brown envelope onto the rickety table before Calvin, the action underscored by her haughty demeanor."Sign it," Lucy demanded, her voice laced with contempt as she stared down at Calvin.Calvin's stomach churned with dread as he watched the envelope land with a heavy thud. He knew all too well what it contained—a legal decree signaling the end of his marriage to Alana. Despite the weight of the situation, he refused to yield, his resolve firm and unyielding."I've already told you, I won't sign it," Calvin retorted, his voice steady but tinged with defiance.Kevin's lips twisted into a scornful sneer, his eyes narrowing in disdain at Calvin's refusal. "Stubborn as ever," he muttered derisively, his tone dripping with disdain.As the tension in the room escalated, Kevin's gaze shifted to the nearby bed where Lizzie la
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Lucy's voice sliced through the tense atmosphere, each word dripping with contempt. "You're just a foolish, stubborn man," she declared, her tone laced with venom. "Your stubbornness will be the death of your own sister." Her eyes bore into Calvin, accusing him of a grave sin without remorse. "Why Mrs. Perry chose you as her husband, even if it was just a contract, is beyond comprehension."Calvin's fists clenched at his sides, his jaw tight with pent-up frustration. "That's enough, Lucy!" he bellowed, his voice echoing off the dingy walls of the apartment. His anger surged, a tempest raging within him as he struggled to contain his fury.In a swift and determined stride, Calvin approached the door, his movements fueled by righteous indignation. With a forceful push, he swung it open, his gaze burning with defiance as he prepared to expel Lucy and Kevin from his sanctuary.But as the door swung wide, a chilling presence halted Calvin in his tracks. Alana stood there, her posture regal
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