Subject 0025

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Subject 0025

By: Aurielle Lin OngoingSci-Fi

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Twenty-five was a 14-year-old boy born in AD 3012. He had no name, and that was how they call him: twenty-five, a lab rat. A thousand years from now, the power grip over the countries had exponentially stronger, everything had changed. He was not a hero as he had always cowered before his tormenters, and nobody had expected him to be one. Everyone had believed he would die, soon. Then one day, his heart stopped beating as expected…


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  • D. Hampton


    can't wait to see what might come next. I have really enjoyed watching the main character come into his own. I live this story. More Please!

    2023-09-17 04:24:09
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The Mark
“You are so young. How come do you have those eyes?” once she asked me. I was not sure what she was referring to. Later, I found out, and I had been using them as my weapons. I scared them: that was good. Scare or be scared.I remember my first murder. Vividly. How could I ever forget? I killed him. Again. Again. Again. Again. And again. I finally lost my c
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Chapter 1: Twenty-five
(( Playlist: Burn it Down by Linkin Park))Have you ever seen betta fish tanks? The smallest ones in the market? They are the size of water bottles, with each containing a single fish. Despite being tiny itself, the fish could not swim around in such a tank. Sometimes, a large tank is divided into multiple compartments of that size.Now Imagine rows and rows of those rectangular glass compartments, increase the scale of the size and replace each betta with a human, more accurately, a small human, and there you have it home sweet home for nameless children.The entire floor comprised a hundred of those transparent coffin rooms. It was bedtime, and the light was dim. They were all supposed to be sleeping on their narrow beds in their rooms. Unlike betta fishes, they were not expected to bump into the wall or go into a fight with another male. They were as obedient as a human could be.The walls were not ordinary
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Chapter 2: No Longer Human
((Playlist: My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark by Fall Out Boy)) They were at the end of the endlessly long corridor before the row of elevators. The man and the boy: the former in flawless skin, perfectly proportionate body, and gray scrubs and pants, and in sneakers, while the latter was sickly, lanky, and in white pajamas and barefoot. The younger one was hesitating to take one more step. Something flashed past in the man’s eyes: visible alertness. He went unnaturally stiff before uttering, “Get in, son. We don’t have all day.” His chilling tone filled the silence, but the boy did not seem to have heard. Always this one in the middle, twenty-five thought. There were other six elevators but always this one. Like other things that had always been the same. Like his behavior. Once or twice a year, he would hear that creepy gentle voice since he had arrived on this floor. Every time, he would be frightened. Non
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Chapter 3: A Rare Commodity
(( Playlist: The Arena by Lindsey Stirling))Typically, the metropolitan area was a riddle of establishments, multiple layers of roads, and flying vehicles and devices. Buildings rose miles above clouds, tall, thin, round, twisty, flat; they were in various shapes and forms. Different types of flying vehicles: cars, buses, trucks, or ambulances, some running at almost lighting speed and some lazing around in their respective air lanes. Smells of smoke, oil, dishes, and indistinguishable stuff filled the air. Sirens blared in the distance.A voluptuous hovercar, looking a lot like an upside-down bowl, was heading in the opposite direction of civilization. All the paint works had peeled off, covered in dents and scratches, it was one ugly machine. It exited the city of light and sky behind and was on the way to another city that was everything the first one was not.As it had gained around a hundred kilometers, the lan
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Chapter 4: Example
((Playlist: Psycho by Muse))Two voices. One voice was deep. Another was slightly high-pitched, like younger. At first, those were muffled indistinguishable noises with silent intervals. Maybe it was hours later or another day when twenty-five could make out the words. They were talking about someone. Something phenomenon, they said. 
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Chapter 5: An Unexpected Visitor
((Playlist: Radioactive by Imagine Dragons))“Please give us another chance, sir.” Dr. Gable Raciti, Clinical Research Scientist,—as his virtual name card read—broke the silence. “I have a plan in my mind. I am certain it will produce a result. If it doesn’t, I will take full responsibility for that.”The rest of the group that comprised mostly scientists and a few surgeons, glanced at one another. “Go on,” commanded the director.The other man stood up from his seat before giving a bow to the smaller man.“Subject 0025 is over the age limit and he is showing no result,” he paused and then open slideshows in the place where Dr. Lance had stood. The series of pictures that depict a variety of animals such as monkeys, guinea pigs, and cows and brief notes caused a few people to raise their eyebrows. “It would be a waste if we let him die
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Chapter 6: The Birthday Gift
((Playlist: Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana)) When he left, twenty-five repeated the word ‘gift’ silently. It was an unfamiliar word. Strange. The gift stung his skin. He might have found his palm bleeding if he looked at his palm. He did not open his palm until lunch, just as the doctor had instructed.

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Chapter 7: Complete Garbage
((Burn It by Fever 333)) At exactly 13:56:03 hour on November 30th 3026, an impatient voice echoed within a small office in Paradox District City. “Mr. Kasowski! Mr. Kasowski!” it said. It was one of the countless news agencies that had been popping up on a daily basis within the federal district of CNA. The owner of the voice was a mature-looking man in his second millennium. He was the editor-in-chief of the agency. At his voice, the translucent torso in front of his desk startled and looked up at the man. It was the form of a nerdy-looking man in his early twenties. “Sorry, sir. The cat is asking for food. I fed her two hours ago. I can’t believe she is hungry again,” said the form, aka, Mr. Kasowski. “Right. So kind of you,” remarked the editor sarcastically. “You can’t report this kind of stuff as according to an anonymous source. They will go after the agency like sharks that smell blood. Who is your source?” On the desk, pages of a newspaper dated December 1st, 3026, fill
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Chapter 8: Blood-stained Furniture
((Monsters by Shinedown)) What he felt was pure hatred. At that second while he was looking at him, he could not believe how much he loathed that face. Look how that man was looking at him. Like he did not exist. He did not register as a human in his eyes. Twenty-five gritted his teeth. Despite his uncertainties and confusion, burning hate took over him to do that again. That was when he realized that to end somebody’s life, you must want to do it. Dr. Raciti opened his mouth to say something, but he was the one who had the first word. “Dr. Lance sent his regards to you.” It was a roar. Ugly raw emotions shaped his voice, making it rough as if it was someone else’s voice—that of a grown-up man. He did not know why he said it. The blade sank into the meaty body, causing the red drops to splatter his bony face, his loathsome white pajamas, and the annoying plain white floor. The shock and pain distorted the doctor’s face. He tried to say something again. Unlike the last time, no wo
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Chapter 9: In Plain Sight
((The Beginning by One OK Rock))At first, fear overtook him. This time, it was not about pain. Or even death. It was the fear of losing hope. Being trapped here forever after killing someone. After facing his own death. There they were; he saw them. It was impossible to escape the narrow path blocked in every direction. Even with his ability, what was he going to do? He would only be back in his tiny glass room. Along with other boys and girls. The ones behind these black walls. Only pain and horrifying death awaited them. Then there was this strange thought he had never had before. That none of them should be locked up in here. Not just him. They all should be free.As they were closing the distance, he stood there holding hostage to one of the people who had been responsible for his and other children&rsquo
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