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Society hates Lucian Morningstar due to the poverty that tinted his life after his inheritance was taken away from him. Even death rejected him but gave him a system that provided him wealth and power to send his wrath and revenge on those who humiliated and stained the Legacy of the Morningstar Continental.

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15 chapters
1. Lucian
Lucian Morningstar's melodious voice hummed through the streets of Greenvixe City. It was 8 pm, and the breeze that gazed through his tan skin was refreshing. The smile on his face was new, along with the black suit he wore. The only odd thing was the old bicycle, which made a crackling metallic sound as he returned to campus."Good evening, Mr," Lucian waved at the old man beside a counter store. The old man, who immediately recognized Lucain as the only person to tip him a few dollars, smiled at his presence. The pedestrian who walks past the counter store would cover their nose and spit at the old man with irritation. The man was disabled and looked wretched as a result of the harshness of poverty. Some people had even called the cops on him, but the police who discovered the old man was just a homeless man would do nothing.Unlike the others who avoided him, Lucian didn't. He always passed that same route just to tip the old man a few dollars, even when there was a shorter path t
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2. Humiliated
When Lucian couldn't take his gaze off Veronica, Billy moved closer to her with a smirk playing on his lips. "Why are you standing there like a frozen fool?!" Billy voices ridicule while placing his hand across Veronica's shoulder. Lucian felt his throat tighten with no response. "Do you think someone as pathetic as you deserve someone like Veronica Montez? It is funny how you think she was dating you when she was mine all along," Billy chuckled proudly."W…what are you talking about?" Lucian's voice was small. He couldn't believe what Billy said; he knew how corny and deceiving he was. "That's a lie. You're forcing Veronica to say those words!"Billy laughed, and Veronica rolled her eyes, irritated at Lucian's behavior of not accepting the truth to end his humiliation."Nobody is forcing anyone here, Lucian. It is you who is forcing yourself not to accept the reality that you're a failure," The crowd rumbled with laughter—making Lucian's body crawl with a shiver, electrifying the ha
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3. A system
The splashing of water soaked Lucian's clothes. He was dragged into consciousness by the cold and pain aching through his entire body. Lucian could tell it was raining but dared not open his swollen eyes. He felt like he had been run over by a truck, and all he wanted to do was stay there until the suffering passed. "Lucian Morningstar," A warm, feminine voice called through the rattling sound of the rain. Lucian didn't know who it was but didn't bother to think due to the stings from his head, and he remained still, waiting for whoever it was to go away. "Lucian Morningstar," the female voice sounded closed, and Lucian grunted when he tried to open his eyes. His vision was heavy and blurry, taking seconds to adapt to the night.He struggled to his feet, but his legs felt jelly, and he crashed back to the ground, coughing out blood. It took Lucian a few minutes to regain his strength, and finally, he staggered to his feet. Lucian turned to the direction of the voice but didn't see
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4. First Misson
Lucian glanced through the system, and his mouth watered at different abilities he didn't know were possible on Earth. He was excited to test all of them but discovered he needed more points, and his current balance was 10000 SP with a 10 SP spending limit."How do I gain System Points and increase my spending limit?" Lucian asked, noticing that the mind-reading ability cost 10,000 points, which he considered above his spending limit."You can gain more system points by completing tasks provided by the system. Difficult tasks would require using unique abilities available at the system store. Successful tasks would lead to an increase in system points; One complete task equals 10000 system points. Your spending limit would also be increased depending on the difficulties of the task. One failed task would decrease 10000 system points, and If you don't have any system points during a failed task, it would result in physical punishment." Viri explained, and Lucian nodded his head in unde
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5. Countdown
The countdown stops, and Lycian looks at the sales girl who runs out of the interior room, waving a receipt at Lucian. "It works!" She said, beaming with joy. She was happier than Lucian, who seemed relieved by the news. A smirk appeared on his face. "That was close," Lucian muttered to himself. He shifted his gaze to the sales girls, who were shocked with a pale face staring at the receipt in Anna's hand. "That's impossible!" the sales girl who accused Lucian of not owning a dollar muttered under her breath. The rest of the sales girls found their surprise clogging their throats. "That bitch why must it be her to earn that commission? It should have been me!""Can I use your restrooms?" Lucian asked, and Anna happily directed him.Inside the restroom. Lucian heaves another sigh, then remembers he has not heard Vir's voice since the countdown stop. "Vir?" Lycian called, looking at his reflection in the mirror."Congratulations, Master, you have completed your first tasks! You have
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6. The Ex-girlfriend
Lucian frowns. "What are you doing here? How did you get in?" his voice was cold as he walked past her. The familiar smell of her perfume lingered around his nose, making his heart sting. It took all his strength to appear emotionless. It seemed facing her was harder than he had thought. "It wasn't locked," Veronica replied, while her eyes examined the room before they landed on Lucain's face. She didn't see any hint of pain in his eyes, so Veronica heaved a sigh and dropped the box she held. "I can return the things you gave. They are cheap, and I don't need them."Lucian clenched his fist and let out a scoff. "Why didn't you just burn them instead of bringing them here," Lucain's voice was so icy that it caught Veronica off guard. She shivered, making Lucian notice she was wearing a handless crop top. The thought of her catching a cold crossed his mind, but he struggled and shook the thought from his mind. She was no longer his business; he didn't need to care for her."I thought y
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7. New Apartment
The Lamborghini entered the south of Greenxive, occupied by various elegant skyscrapers lined through the topography and towered above their car. The busy streets were occupied by various activities, dragging Lucian Lucian's gaze outside the windshield. Lician hasn't been to the south side of Greenxive, making it a nice experience. Navigating the City, they finally arrived at the private district containing the condo Lucina randomly bought. The security buzzed the system, which allowed the car into the premises.Lucian scanned the environment, and he could tell his new neighborhood was filled with elegant and well-connected rich people."Wow!" Lucian muttered the moment they entered the condo. The entrance was delicately designed and furnished into the transparent private hallway, allowing natural light to pour through the 18-foot-floor ceiling wrapped around the transparent windows. The living room expresses the luxurious lifestyle one could dream of. The transparent walls of the liv
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8. Name A Price
"I want to buy the mall," Lucian's voice filled the room while his figure relaxed into his chair. Through Mrs. Davis's transparent glasses, Lucian could see the Lady trying to get over her shock. Mrs.Davisthought Lucian might have an issue that requires the manager's attention, considering his intense conversation with Henry. Mrs.Davis shot him a skeptical look." Excuse me?" Her tone was sharp, indicating her business character.Lucian let out a long sigh and repeated. "I want to buy the Universal Mall," he replied, placing his hand underneath his jaw. The Lady scanned his face for any hint of jok but saw that Lucian was serious. Though Lucian was confident and wore a subtle intimidating aura, his current sense of fashion didn't fit into the business world, which made Mrs.Davis doubt he might be a scammer.Lucian noticed that Mrs.Davis was suspicious of him, but she didn't say anything, which meant she was a businesswoman trying to play safe."I never took an interest in the mall b
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9. The Restroom
Mrs.Davis and Sally eagerly watch Lucian typing on his phone. When he noticed his account balance was just a hundred million dollars. He raised his gaze to the ladies staring at him curiously. “Excuse me, where is the restroom?” Lucian asked, shifting his eyes from Mrs.Davis to Sally.“What?” Sally quickly cut in staring at Lucian like he was about to run away. “But you haven't made the payment,” she reminded, staring back at her laptop for any sign of payment notification.A frown crawled onto Lucian's face. “I know that, I just want to use the restroom,” he replied, holding his patience.“How do we know you are not going to run away,” Sally frowned.Lucian was about to yell at her, then remembered if he was in her shoes he would also be suspicious.“Sally, why don't you show our guest the restroom,” Mrs.Davis said, nodding at her employee. With a sigh, Sally stood up and led the way to the private staff restroom. When Lucian exited the office he was stunned to see the number of the
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10. Mr CEO
Lucian strode out of the elevator, going to the VIP sections where he intended to shop. The smile that danced on his lips was evident. He is now the proud owner of a seven-million-dollar condo, a three-million-dollar car, and a twenty-billion-dollar Mall. The thought made Lucian want to scream, but he kept cool as this was just the beginning of his life. He was now rich, and nobody will ever look down on him again. For those who humiliated and looked down on him in the past, he will make them pay individually."Good day to you, sir," Henry, who focused on his phone, greeted Lucian without glancing at him. "Welcome to the universal-" His words seized the moment his eyes left the phone screen and lingered on Lucian. Henry's face wrinkles into a frown, not hiding his distaste. "What are you doing here? I thought you were arrested already," Henry growled.Lucian glances at Henry and shakes his head. The joy in his heart makes him dismiss the thought of firing the rude employee, so he deci
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