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Whether it is a fairy tale or truth, no one has ever captured one or come close to having physical contact with one. Some say it is just a myth of tired Good Knights meant to uplift their team’s spirit, so they do not worry too much. It was primarily meant to lifts the spirits of single males in hopes that they would find these beautiful women. Others say it is the work of magicians working for the Evil Knights trying to trick the Good Knights, to lead them away from their team, and kill them. The truth is, no one truly knows.

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    wow, I really love this book, great work!

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46 chapters
Chapter 1
He jumps from tree to tree with extreme caution but precision and balance.While performing acrobatic moves like jumping off tree branches and sliding down sections of logs, he does not fall or slip.The boy soon lands on a thick branch-covered area, and something catches his attention.He sees a pretty young girl as he kneels down to get a closer look.The girl is being targeted by a group of four boys who appear to be older.The boy watches what's going on while hiding behind the leaves that provide cover.The kids are concentrating on the girl without realizing they are being observed.The boy weaves his way through the leaves.He hears mostly insults directed at the girl in their conversations.She punches one of the boys in the face out of frustration and boredom.His nose starts to bleed.She is shoved by another boy in retaliation.The girl tumbles to the ground.She is kicked back down as she tries to get up.The girl is ready to weep.She clenches her fists, ready to defend herself, and he
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Chapter 2
She needs to work out because her legs appear to be strong but not bulky.Therefore, she does exercise to keep her body the way it is.According to what Master Morgan has told Wesley and the stories that are told throughout Orallion Village, Amazon women possess beauty that is greater than that of normal women.They work out, train hard, and are stronger and healthier than the majority of men and women.In terms of body statistics, some people can shame others.They are strong, independent women who lack the manliness of men.Each treats members of their tribe with the utmost respect because they live as a whole community rather than in groups like Orallion Village.Wesley wonders if Jesse will eventually have a similar appearance to her.She says, bowing to him, "My name is Catherine, Wesley."I was also happy to meet you. You are very pretty, Lady Catherine.With the utmost respect, I mean this.He adds, "Jesse is very pretty too."“I'm grateful, Wesley.I'm glad you agree.I don't recall the
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Chapter 3
"Did she tell you the name of your mother?""Yes, Cherry is her name, just like the delicious fruit."“CHERRY!Cherry was the Amazons' Queen, Wesley!My mother worked under her and is extremely knowledgeable about her!"We are descendants of those Amazon women!" she exclaims.Wow, I had no idea it was that way.You are correct now that you have mentioned it.That is awesome!I want to be as beautiful and strong as my mother when I grow up.She is amazing, and she enjoys taking care of me.Jesse says it with a smile.I hope to discover the truth about my parents one day.Master Morgan also claims that he has knowledge of both my parents' lives up to a certain point.He responds, " said something... well, I don't remember right now, but I'm sure it will come back later."He had no idea what he wanted to inquire about Master Morgan.“Jesse, let's go!We must carry on."She is assisted in getting up from her seat by Wesley, who extends his hand.They finally made it to the top much later.T
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Chapter 4
He hits them hard for a boy his age because of his training.He is faster and has the advantage because he is smaller.Soon after, the group has been defeated by Jesse and Wesley.After striking the girl in the stomach with a roundhouse kick, Jesse strikes her in the face with a powerful blow.Celesta starts to cry as she falls to the ground."How could this be?Celesta cries, "I should be stronger than you because I am older than you."Jesse responds, "Because you never trained in fighting like I have with Wesley."Celesta is in tears and says, "Damn you girl."The boys are also hurt and holding their stomachs and faces in agony.They are defeated and no longer want to fight them."Don't dare play games with us again."Celesta is being grabbed by the hair by Jesse.Celesta sobs in agony.You have no idea how humiliated I was by the actions of those boys.As a woman, I am entitled to self-defense at any time.I will go looking for you and your group if you and your group ever mess with me aga
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Chapter 5
Jesse comprehends and decides to follow through.If there's one thing the master despises, it's seeing a woman who can fight but can still defend herself.They are engaged in combat by Master Morgan near the waterfall at the cliff's edge.If Jesse knows how to use this to her advantage, she will prevail if Wesley loses focus on her dress or how she looks.But if Wesley is smart, he won't be bothered by her clothes or anything else he might look at."You can toss your opponent off the edge where they will fall into the water below," Master Morgan states as the outcomes for winning.Defeating your sparring partner is the only other strategy for victory.Therefore, this fight is real;Submissions are not permitted!The master would like to know how much they have gained from their education.Additionally, they must fight barefoot.At their fighting positions, they stand.It starts to rain soon.Master Morgan advises them to ignore the rain because it will make the environment more challenging for
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Chapter 6
He sees that the stew has green and yellow squash, carrots, yucca, cabbage, potatoes, celery, and garlic when they are served to the table.Additionally, the soup's flavor is enhanced by the inclusion of a variety of beef chunks.Salt had already been added by her.This will enhance the flavor.On the side of their bowls, Ashley adds a few extra lemons that have been cut in half.Additionally, the stew will have a different flavor if the lemons are squeezed into it.This soup is so beloved by Jesse and Wesley that they savor every last drop.Who knew that women from Amazon could cook?That was not mentioned in any book.They had a conversation about life between themselves.Wesley is asked what he wants to be when he grows up by Ashley.He doesn't know, but he hopes to know one day.She asks her daughter the same thing.Jesse responds that she wants to be as beautiful as her mother and play tennis.She enjoys both the game and the outfits.She also wants to be a model one day.Ashley promises to ass
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Chapter 7
During the first war, The Evil Knights wanted revenge on the council for labeling them as weird, senile, crazy, mad scientists, who wanted nothing more than to hurt humanity and not help it. That one scientist took it upon himself officially to be recognized as “The Mad Scientist”.When the Good Knights went on their missions, sometimes they were captured. Upon being taken prisoners, they became guinea pigs to further the rogue scientists’ experiments. While some managed to escape, they would reveal information about the locations of these hidden facilities located throughout unmarked regions away from the Orallion Kingdom. The ones who were not able to escape were injected with various viruses and chemicals. Most had intense, severe side effects.This virus was able to mutate a normal human, making it look like a monster with intense strength. The Evil Knights also began recruiting Good Knights who were unaware of the situation. Those who revealed the information helped the Good Kni
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Chapter 8
Ashley shares this story with them as she heard it from her husband while he was alive. Also, from the information she overhears on the news and from the villagers. Her visions also reveal the truth about what happened. She does not fear anything as she ensures Wesley and Jesse everything will be fine. The war that Master Morgan told her about happened, but thanks to the Good Knights’ efforts, they won. It lasted for about a day and there was much hype about it after the glorious victory. This time they did not suffer too many casualties.Master Morgan did not return to the village and suddenly disappeared. A letter was sent to Wesley from him saying when he was ready, to come back to the school to become a Good Knight.A year later, Jesse and Wesley continue training as both enjoy each other’s company. Wesley helps around the house by cleaning, cooking, and doing whatever was needed to help Ashley . She is fascinated that he is always willing to help so much. Ashley also tau
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Chapter 9
They begin teaching students right away at a young age, so it is not so difficult later if you choose to further your career. Wesley loved all his classes and took time to study daily. As the years progressed, he would pass his exams and level up to the next classes. Here, the more you advance yourself by studying and testing, you do not have to wait an entire semester to pass a class. However, some classes are a full semester long because you would need to understand the concepts and apply the knowledge.His physical endurance classes were mostly military-style training. It was not hard because he was already used to fierce training from Master Morgan . By the time he turned fifteen, he was already well above his level of physical endurance and intelligence. He achieved several certifications and was promoted to field recorder as a member of the Good Knights. This means that he gathers and collects clues, creates maps of new areas, and takes lots of notes whenever he assists on mis
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Chapter 10
There are various colorful roses, daisies, orchids, and other plants that he has never seen before. It is a beautiful sight to see. The smell in the air is pure and enchanting. It smells like an exotic perfume and a mixture of other very nice scents. It is not a strong chemical scent but rather each flower gives its own unique natural scent. It does not cause him to sneeze or even to hold his breath. Wesley can breathe easily.He realizes that all his senses have become keener to their natural state. He can see better as everything more colorful and brighter. This wind causes you to feel relaxed. Part of him feels like a kid again. He can feel the love and happiness flowing throughout the entire area. Nothing interferes with this awesome feeling of love and happiness. “All negative feelings and emotions such as anxiety, depression, and pain for anyone or anything are neutralized and gone. Evil can never win here,” the beautiful fairy says. “You are actually getting healed as Fairyla
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