The Age Of The Dead

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The Age Of The Dead

By: Enernax OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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It was a day like any other in the City of Buenos Aires, children at school and adults at work. However, everything changes when a rare rabies epidemic begins to hit the city, transforming people into undead creatures. The few remaining survivors must trust each other if they want to survive this new world. Can humanity survive the coming chaos?

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  • Norman Yenney


    if only a rabies epidemic or a zombie virus really hit the world instead of the pointless Coronavirus. I would love a mass population clean out, whilst leaving the infrastructure in place. It would pretty cool having empty highways & homes to have the pick of. Just need a high level of luck....

    2023-01-20 23:27:50
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Chapter 1: First Contact
A man sits in one of the seats of a train, the murmurs of the passengers and the movement of the train are closing his eyes. He slept with his head leaning against the window until a certain smell woke him up. Puckering his nose, he looks and smells around. A woman, sitting in front of him, carries a handkerchief to her mouth while she coughs. The train continues to advance, "Next station, Belgrano C "announces the recording on the loudspeakers. The smell intensifies, looking to his left he can see a tramp fighting with his wife. As he watches them, his cell phone vibrates. It was a message from Valentina, his girlfriend. " Iña I'm coming home a little later, gonna stop by the greengrocery." While Iñaki was putting his phone away, he hears another cough. He turns his neck and discovers a man who, occupying the two seats, carries the collar of his shirt to his mouth. Drops of sweat fall down his forehead. "Next station, Nuñez." The doors open and Iñaki lazily leaves the train. Iña
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Chapter 2: Valentina
Once on the surface, Iñaki's heart relaxes. The sounds of traffic surround him and, with the image of Black sweatshirt still in his mind, he gets into the first taxi he sees. "It's hot for September, huh?"Comments the taxi driver looking at him in the rearview mirror. "It's usually colder these days." "Yes." "Have you heard the news?" He asks while looking for a radio station to listen to. "No," Iñaki replies, contemplating his hands. "Unemployment went up another three percent." Iñaki finds the taxi driver's eyes in the rearview mirror and says, "Three percent?" "That's what they said on national radio." Says the man after scratching his mustache. "What struck me was the number of patients who are being admitted to hospitals across the country. The journalist commented that they had had an increase of 30%. Some hospitals are overflowing. I hope it's not contagious." Iñaki's body rocks with the movement of the car and, as the driver continues to tell the news, he closes his ey
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Chapter 3: Reality Check
Iñaki and Valentina find themselves eating on the couch. Reports of human rabies cases continue to appear, as do reports of overflowing hospitals and security forces parading through the streets. In New York, they are no longer accepting patients in their hospitals, and in the Netherlands, they have already declared a curfew.Germany, like France and Canada, closed its borders, and, ironically, Italy mobilized much of its army to its border with Switzerland...more security forces to the north (border with Europe) than to the south (an area continually plagued by terrorism and African immigration).>"I'm scared," Valentina says as if she could read Iñaki's thoughts.Looking at her, Iñaki checks that the food on her plate is almost intact. He brushes a strand of hair from her forehead and is about to give her a few words of encouragement when someone knocks on the door.TOC. Iñaki looks at
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Chapter 4: The Day the World Went to Hell
Kneeling next to Valentina's body, Iñaki's gaze has not moved from her face nor his hands from her body. The tears, however, have already dried up.Time seems to have frozen until Iñaki hears the sound of a patrol siren. He can hear the roar of its engine and the wheels biting into the asphalt. Iñaki sharpens his ear and hears the screeching of the wheels sliding breaking, metal twisting.A thunderous sound rumbles throughout the house and a cloud of smoke ascends to the sky behind the window.Iñaki walks over to the window and his eyes widen as he gazes at the hell below. A fire devours the entrance to the building across the street. Smoke covers the walls and windows. He can barely make out what used to be a police car.A burning body runs out of the interior of the vehicle. The smell of burning goes through the window and into Iñaki's nose. Another burning body comes out of the car. A desperate cry can be heard from the street corner. Iñaki looks with eyes an
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Chapter 5: The Age of Incommunication
The night has fallen. The hands of the clock rotate relentlessly as the silhouettes of the two corpses stalk Iñaki in the darkness of the living room. The alcohol that swam through his bloodstream has also left him.The entrance door continues open and so many hours pass in the same way. A sound or a thought- Iñaki is not sure- breaks his dream state. Never before had his limbs weighed so heavily on him, nor had he felt his mind so anesthetized. "Survival!" Iñaki does not know where the message comes from or if he should hear it.Why keep living in a world like this? To end up being another zombie? Are they even aware of being so? To continue to exist, to continue to breathe?The questions resonate in Iñaki's head when he feels something moving in his leg. His heart races as he reaches for his jeans; It's his cell phone. When he takes it out of his pocket he sees that the screen indicates Mama."Iñaki?" Asks his mother's voice."Yes.""You all right, son? What's going on in Buenos Air
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Chapter 6: Goodbye
The beating of his own heart resounds in Iñaki's eardrums. "Are there two, three...?" he wonders, inspecting the vine. Some hands then cross the vine and enter the inner garden. The individual explores the air with his hands. The creature came alone. Iñaki relaxes his shoulders and resumes the search.After opening the door, Iñaki finds the shovel next to the hose. He grabs it and walks to the tree at the far end of the garden. That's where he's gonna bury Valentina.Iñaki sticks the shovel to the ground and turns around to observe the reaction of "Curious Hands." A few meters behind Iñaki, the arms freeze for a few seconds before continuing to investigate the air.Iñaki throws the earth over his shoulder, digs again, and again the infected stops. Iñaki doesn't notice a bit of violence in the creature, just curiosity. "Would it be the same if he saw me with his own eyes?" Iñaki thinks as he sinks the shovel into the ground. "I guess not."At the tenth time, Iñaki can't help but let o
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Chapter 7: Silence
The shadows witness the disappearance of the last sound in the house. With the batteries from the wall clock on the table, Iñaki considers the task finished. The house is now a cemetery.The clock on his wrist says 20:35, but it could be 3: 00 in the morning. People marked the passage of time with their routines...nowadays they do it and it's always dinner time. The day begins and they are ready to tear the skin of the living. The day ends and they are still there; with their empty eyes, their jaws open..."No, they do not mark the time," Iñaki concludes. "They are the time."There, in the dark Iñaki listens as someone is torn apart by a horde of infected. It's the sound of every night. Some fool thinks that the darkness will play in his favor and not theirs. He ventures to dead Buenos Aires in search of anything and discovers that the infected do not distinguish between day and night.Enclosed in those four walls, Iñaki learns from the mistakes of others. There is nothing he can do fo
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Chapter 8: Mother and Son
Iñaki lays out on the table all the objects that he thinks might be useful to him: the cell phone, all the knives in the house, leather gloves, insulating tape, the keys to his house, a broom, and a winter coat that covers him to the knees.He puts the keys in his pants pocket and checks that it only has room for three more items.Iñaki decides to put on the gloves satisfied that they offer him a little protection. Then, proceeds to contemplate the small collection of knives. Soon he finds the longest and sharpest...the "butcher's knife." Almost ready, Iñaki grabs his cell phone to use it as a flashlight.Satisfied with his choice, Iñaki prepares to leave.He turns the key as slowly as he can and opens the door...darkness. There's no one in the hallway.One more step. The darkness of the corridor covers Iñaki completely. The cell phone comes to his rescue and illuminates his way. Still, all the shadows are suspicious.Iñaki reaches the stairwell door and puts his hands on its surface
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Chapter 9: Sofia
"Where am I?" Iñaki wonders as he fights against the gravity exerted by his eyelids. When he manages to open his eyes he is in the living room of his house. The furniture is intact and a blue fog hides his surroundings.There, in front of him, is Valentina. A smile is drawn on his face as he extends his arms. Iñaki surrenders to the embrace surrounding Valentina's back with his arms and feeling like poisoned tears begin to sprout from her eyes."Inaki," her voice is hoarse and her body cold.Suddenly, Iñak feels an overwhelming pressure in his chest. Valentina abruptly separates from him with Iñaki´s heart in her hand. Iñaki tries to articulate words but only a sigh comes out of his mouth."Inaki," Valentina repeats once again, bringing the heart to her mouth and devouring it.The blue fog surrounds Iñaki and with it brings the sound of a few blows. They sound like hammering on wood.At that moment Iñaki's eyelids shoot upwards. He's in his living room. There's no blue fog, no Valent
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Chapter 10: Undead
Iñaki dragged the father's body up the stairs His corpse was terrifyingly light for a man his age. Iñaki knows he can't leave it there, but there are other issues he has to attend to first.Sofia now sleeps curled up next to Rambo on the couch. Iñaki tries to give her something to eat but nothing seems to be able to wake her up...which, considering the circumstances, seems best. The figure of the girl on the sofa grabs all his senses and does not dare to move for fear of waking her up. "Valentina...What would you think of Sofia?"The little girl sneezes interrupting Iñaki's thoughts. A smile begins to form on Iñaki's face. Sofia settles down on the sofa while Rambo scratches an ear while Iñaki grabs a sponge from the bathroom to wipe Claudia's face.Sponge in hand, Iñaki pulls a chair close to the sofa without making much noise and prepares to wipe her face. Once the task is completed, Iñaki proceeds to clean her arms and legs. Upon completion, Iñaki prepares to make a medical assessm
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