The Burnsfield Project

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The Burnsfield Project

By: Jason Boyce CompletedMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Gregg wanted to be a police officer all his life. He accomplished that goal but he was forced out. After being approached by a trusted source, Gregg enters a whole new realm of crime fighting. A secret government program leads Gregg down the path of the unthinkable and raises many questions about how things operate behind the governmental curtain.

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    Great cover!

    2021-10-16 02:08:54
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    Woah! I must say the new cover is spectacular!

    2021-03-23 08:04:02
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    Wow! You had me hooked with your first sentence! Great job!

    2021-02-26 23:26:53
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39 chapters
Chapter 1
The names Gregg, Gregg Burnsfield.  I guess you could call this a memoire of sorts, an acknowledgement of my life or don't call it anything at all and just sit there, shut your mouth and read.  Obviously by writing this, you know any story I tell here on in, even if death finally gets her cold hands around my scrawny little neck, I managed to survive long enough to get all this down on paper.  Everyone thinks that Hell is a fictional place but I know that to be untrue because I was already there; Hampton, Virginia.  This city is nothing more than a gathering place for old, rich, white people living out their pointless lives and passing judgment on the rest of us for trying to live our own.My mental state wasn't always this…hostile or abrasive I guess you could call it, but being born here, having grown up here as a little kid, raised here, and knowing my death was probably gonna happen here, happy thoughts and rainbows just weren't for me.  My
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Chapter 2
It's one in the morning, sitting on the side of the road.  The rain is gently coating the windshield just enough so you are stuck between the 1 speed and 2 speed settings on the wiper activation switch as you drive.  I hate that shit.  Seriously, the tediousness of the world drives my mind loony.  You would think that car companies would realize the inconvenience this causes to its drivers and fix that shit.  Just give me a 1.5 speed selection on the wiper switch.  The blades either rhythmically dry hump across my windshield because they are going too fast or it gets to the point that I can see because they are going too slow.The street is damp, the oil and grease from every damn beat up piece of shit car that drives down it covering the asphalt.  The rain pulls the grime to the surface and lets it fester in the open for the entire world to see.  Shit, I wish it was blood, my blood, filling the street so I could just drop off the face
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Chapter 3
Waking up was a disappointment; waking up with the worst headache in the history of human society, just the cherry on top of a big shit cake.  Why is the sun so bright, where the fuck am I?  The room is all white, bed, sheets, chair, curtains; shit the fucking television is white.  Secluded in a desolate room, beaten to shit, excellent."Beep, Bomp, Beep, Bomp, Beep, Bomp…"  Rotating my head as far as I could before the brace caught and then it became all too clear, the monitors and the IVs and all that jazz.  All I can hear is the "Beep, Bomp," of the monitor, nothing but "Beep, Bomp, Beep, Bomp, Beep, Bomp, Beep, Bomp."…with every chime from the machines, time seemed to skate by.  The reality was, time was barely ticking away.  Second by second. That smell, that taste, the remnants of that fleshy dick in my mouth.  What the fuck happened to me, when is someone going to acknowledge me?  With all this fuc
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Chapter 4
Contemplating what was to come, I crossed the street without even looking for cars.  Upon reaching the sidewalk, it was obvious that the main door to the apartment complex had been torn from its hinges and some profane racial slurs had ever so delicately spray painted across the concrete leading to the entrance. I don't understand peoples' fascination with destruction.  I don't understand why people are still hung up on racism.  I guess it's beyond my meager little mind.  I'm white, some people are black, and some are Hispanic…so on and so on.  What's the big fucking deal? Now that was the only positive aspect to my childhood.  I learned that people are people.  You don't have to be a minority to do stupid or horrible things; you just have to be a stupid and misguided person to accomplish them.  Every night it's the TV and I because it entertains me, seeing crazy white people secretly boycotting racial groups,
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Chapter 5
I sit straight up from a dead sleep, like they do in the movies when there victim is stuck in a horrible flashback dream. "Fucking shit!  God dammit!  This fucking cell phone!"  Apparently when you plug your cell phone in so that it can charge and act as an alarm for you, the other end of the wire needs to be plugged into the motherfucking wall.The sunlight was shining in through the window, the yellowish fungus growing on the window pane made the sunlight almost green as it struck my swollen face and the disgusting floor Holly and I shared last night.  Oh shit, Holly! I look to my right and then to my left, where the fuck was this chick?  I don't have anything to worth any money, she couldn't have taken off.  Could she? Flush.  The bathroom door opens and out walks Holly, still fully nude underneath that coat I had so chivalrously provided for her last night.  "Damn, you scared me, I…I tho
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Chapter 6
Beeeeeeep.  "I need to see Debra."  Mills speaks to the beep.  I assume he had a button to push or there was some sort of sensor that activated the beep.  I hear the starting of something electrical, a motor or something of the sort.Instant butterflies now.  The hood has enhanced my sense of nervousness but also my sense of feel.  We are going down…on an elevator.  "Ahh, an underground lair, huh?  Is this some sort of super hero league hideout?  Sweet!"  I was being as sarcastic as I could be; I just wanted to be personally addressed right now by anyone.This elevator was traveling down forever, or so it seemed.  I've been on elevators that have traveled fifty floors in about three minutes; we've been moving for at least five minutes.  The elevator begins to apply its brakes, slowly.  We come to a complete stop and nothing happens.  Where's the sound of the door opening?  Where's the bee
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Chapter 7
Speech has escaped me, "Uhhh…yeah…err…that's, that's John.  My old partner."  I shuffle over to John as Mills smacks him awake. "Oww man!  What the shit was that for?  Jesus, I'm a fucking cop motherfucker!" Obviously, John hasn't realized being a cop down here didn't mean shit.  The he turns and sees me, "Gregg, Gregg what is this man?  Get me out of here man!"Mills steps back, walks to the table and sets his knife and gun on it then exits the room.  I scan the room; there are no obvious cameras, no signs restricting any sort of action.  Am I supposed to kill him?  Seriously?  Is that what the gun and knife were left in here for?John is incessantly pleading to me, calling out to me to rescue him from this room.  I never wanted to hear this fat fucks voice again in my life.  I never wanted to see his fat ass face again.  He was the one responsible for this situation I'm
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Chapter 8
She hikes her skirt up, inside out over her stomach and she removes her shirt.  I must be the luckiest guy in the world.  She turns around, exposing her tight body to me as she proceeds to remove the skirt. Whenever she is looking my direction, I maintain strict eye contact.  I want to be professional but I am a man.  I couldn’t help but to get an erection right now.  I tried but no one can control blood flow mentally. She grabs the obvious bulge in my pants and drops to her knees.&n
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Chapter 10
I opened the bathroom door with a feeling of empowerment, authority.  In my mind, this is just another catalyst in my life, one that I will conquer.  Mills and the boys were not at their desks anymore.  The entire place was quiet, too quiet. Starting from the farthest part of the room the banks of lights begin to shut off.  The darkness is creeping towards me, like it has always done.  Darkness is scary but it's actually emotional darkness that I fear the most.Now, I'm standing in between the bathroom and The Boss's office, yet to move a muscle.  If something was going to happen then it was going to have to come to me, I stayed put.  The fact I was in the dark merely strengthened my remaining senses.I could smell something, something like corn chips or nasty ass feet.  My skin was ultra-sensitive, like a radar device scanning all surrounding areas around me for any sort of approach or movement.  My ears felt a
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Chapter 11
The Milwaukee Monster, Jeffery Dahmer himself.  A highly renowned homosexual, cannibalistic serial killer.  He was killed in prison along with another man, both beaten to death.  That was the story at least.  Something isn't adding up here.  Plastic surgery?  A twin brother?  What the fuck is going on?I turn to Mills with the most startled look on my face, "Is this really what I think it is?  Who I think it is?  How…Why?  We gotta talk, now!"The Boss steps up to me and informs me, "We need to go talk, let's step into my office…you know where that is don't you?"Laughter fills the air, from everyone except me.  I'm sick to my damn stomach as Jeffery Dahmer stands himself up from the floor.  It's him, it's gotta be him.  The thick, brown frame glasses, the classic right side part in his almost ginger hair.  Jesus, he was killed in prison, everyone knows that.The Boss, wit
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