Lightning Witch

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Lightning Witch

By: Renglassi CompletedWerewolf

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After a thousand years, the beast of the earth will you come to destroy the world and only a lightning witch will be able to stop him, lina just discovered that she is the one destined to send the beast back to sleep, but what happens when Lina gets mated to the same enemy she's meant to kill? And figures out that she is the only one capable of stopping a great war between vampires and werewolves.

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Chapter 01
The air of the forest washes over my face as I hear my name echoing through the trees around me and it almost seemed like I was being hunted.   I tried to listen to the monstrous voice getting louder in my head as I looked around wondering who I had become now but then I discovered that it was me scaring myself all along.   All this was a fiction of my mind and I have been played like a scattered puzzle without a certain direction but this was really all my fault at first.   "Hey James...uhm I'm sorry about everything because it is not you... It is Me." I paused in my voice, hating myself for just saying that. Then I continued.   "My parents are moving again and I really tried my best to make them change their mind to keep them here so I could be with You." I said, holding myself from sobbing over the phone.   "But I'm sorry James. It didn't work, so please... Try not to
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Chapter 02
"Now child you have to rest." My mum says as walks out of the room and I looked at myself through the mirror that was just right in front of the direction that I was facing now.   My eyes seemed to be seeing my face over the mirror but then I later understood the reason why I enjoyed the looks of it, just for me to figure out that the reason I was lost staring at the mirror was because of the beautiful scenery of the cloud outside.   The thunder striking with lightning spreading through the cloudy weathered sky was amazing to the sight. I felt attracted to it.   So, I took a step towards the window to admire the beauty of the lightning that was spackling so beautifully in the sky and it continued in that way until you it seemed as though it was getting more greater and harder as the thunder strikes even more bigger than before.   Illuminating the whole environment with li
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Chapter 03
My sister will eventually come to my rescue and the other time I'd be the one rescuing Her.   It wasn't always like this; we once had our happiness ever after. But all that ended when we were deported from South America because my dad tried some funny business, he never told about us with some wolves. I was ten and my sister was six.   We've spent seven years with hash parenting, especially from my father. And I don't think he is stopping anytime soon. the thought of him discarding Mom just like that even though she died, he didn't make an effort to ease our pain.   We are just suffering and it is continuing and that made my blood boil and resulted in me saying my next word while still on the ground with my sister close to me. "Do Your worst! You don't deserve to be called father." I said to him in return. "What did you say child?" He was provoked in his words.   "Do your worst! You d
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Chapter 04
I had now reached home, I rushed towards my mum telling her that I had encountered the moon goddess.   "Honestly honey, are you sure we shouldn't go to the hospital? Maybe do a quick check up, because I don't want to believe the moon Goddess revealed herself to you, we need to go to the hospital to confirm." She says.   "No mother, I'm fine, I just don't know what it meant by what she said... What the Moon goddess said." I replied.   "Wow! she appeared to you? Oh, my goodness! What exactly happened?" She asked so inquisitively.   "Well, I was jogging to grandma's house when it all happened. A gigantic dog like a wolf-like creature jumped at me, tackled me to the ground and after I got it off me... Thinking that it was an accident but then..." I said stopping.   "What happened!?" She asked in return.   "It attacked me again but I was lucky enough to swerve out
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Chapter 05
I couldn't believe what she just said. Is she for real or not?   So many thoughts were running through my already muddled mind that if I tried to think of a logical explanation I might explode. So, I thought I'd ask her.   "What exactly do you mean by hybrid? And please tell me if this is some kind of prank from one of your TV shows." I asked her in return as I stood up to pace the room trying to find any hidden camera around.   "Calm down honey, a hybrid is one who is a wolf and a vampire and a witch." She explains in detail.   "A werewolf to be persisted, that is you and your father had Both the ability from the two worlds but you have three worlds of these creatures in you and because of these powers the universe have made you a lightning witch." She explained further and my lips flipped open in shock.   This was what I had been dreading my whole life for.
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Chapter 06
- Lina -   "They dislike one another because they think that they are far superior, and because of that, a challenge is born and each side rises to the occasion, ready to prove to the other that they are the greatest but the people who suffer this most are the witches." She says.   "Vampires and werewolves are the same, each side thinks that they are the superior race, and they feel the need to go against each other to prove it and with this they couldn't be a balance."   She adds to his former sentence.   "Another thing is that they are very different from one another, and as history has shown us countless times, people often seek to destroy what is different and the witches have used this to grow stronger than them." She states as she looks at me.   "Vampires are often portrayed as aristocratic and noble beings with an insatiable lust for blood and they have utilized the use of
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Chapter 07
"Very funny Lina, you don't just wake you one morning and the next thing is to devour your mate or as the vampire call it your zing, just because he or she is Human." She replies to me.   I giggled nervously because this is all still new to me.   "You Don't?" I asked, smiling.   "Of course, you aren't silly. Do You think Mavis Dracula From Hotel Transylvania would be able to live with herself if she married Johnathan in one month and ate him alive the next?" She asked.   "Awwn those two are the cutest version of a monster human marriage." I replied to her holding her hands.   "I know right, they are so in sync... But this is real world Lina, trust me honey, vampire, werewolves, witches and other monsters out there they don't believe in hotel Transylvania kind of shit." She says it hurts my feelings.   "Heck they don't even know that kind of movie. Hahaha" She
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Chapter 08
"I'm going to Bed." I said to her. "What? Why? don't you want to see grandma again? Or learn more?" She asked me in return as I walked off.   "Sorry mum, all this is becoming too much for me." I said as I had already walked steps away from her as she sat in the parlor staring at me.   I couldn't absorb any more information and I felt like I was going to explode if she kept feeding me with so much.   I was on the stairs that lead to my room when I responded to her questions.   "Later." I replied.   "Oh, common Lina, don't be like that, at least learn about your abilities!" She chips into the conversation.   "Also, later." I said entering my room. I shut the door behind me as I finally found myself some time to free up. Then I walked towards my bed and crashed on It as tears rolled off my eyes.   Why was I chosen? How do I protect t
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Chapter 09
"It was said that the being can climb walls without the aid of any equipment and it can climb up or down the steepest walls, the way insects do much like Spiders enabling them to seek refuge in places where no mere mortal can reach." She explains.   Then I collected the scroll from my mum reading through it.   "The hybrid will have limited control over the weather and they could raise a fog or summon a storm to cover their tracks. Older creatures may have other magical powers such as necromancy or alchemy but this hybrid will have all and this will be for a reason" he writes.   "Whoa! that's a lot of power and potential that comes with being a hybrid?" I asked.   "Not every hybrid, this is for a special being and that is not all dear, you are forgetting you're part witch too." My mum replies to me.   "Oh, of Cause, let's see what that scroll has to say.... Wait there is something
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Chapter 10
"No matter what a person is or how the person became one, he or she is in possession of a lot of powers and abilities and the universe has a reason for picking you." It replies.   "However, what do all of these supernatural enhancements add up to? Is becoming a lightning witch something to desire and seek out or is it something to detest and shy away from?" I questioned again.   "These questions are hard to answer because of how different so many lightning witches like you are... Stories are. Many stories directly contradict one another but you must learn how to embrace your power." It replies.   "While one TV show may depict how amazing being a werewolf is and using the powers for good, another might show the horrors of being a werewolf and all the death and destruction it brings with it and that's how it applies to you as well." He replies.   "So, the question of whether lycanthropy is a curse or a
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