Time to grow

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Time to grow

By: Daoist20 OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Learning how to transcend from being a teenager to being an adult. 19 year old Cole was what you'll call a typical rich spoilt brat who thinks he can use his father's wealth as a source of his power and bully those he thinks is beneath his league. Well, life had other plans for him when his parents died in a car accident and all his father's wealth was taken over by the government as Cole's father didn't prepare any will in the case of his demise . Now Cole has to learn about life the hard way and appreciate it on the long run.

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43 chapters
    The rain can't seem to stop, it's been falling for almost three hours now. I need to get to the factory on time or I'll get scolded again and my pay for the day will be reduced and this rain won't just bear with me even if it's just for a little while for me to get to the factory.   After what felt like an eternity, the rain finally stops and let's me walk the remaining distance to the factory. On seeing the gate of the factory I can't help but curse the rain for being so wicked, now I'll have to serve punishment for my lateness. Not that I mind the lateness, but come on.... my pay will be fucking reduced.      That's what I have to put up with if I have any dream of surviving in this cruel world. I walk into the work section and the first person I meet is my best buddy, Harry. He has always been by my side for as long as I can rememb
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Life was good
I woke up to the sound of my alarm, ah I hate that thing, but it's what I need since I'm a heavy sleeper. I manage to get out of bed. After turning off the damn thing, I drag my lazy body to the bathroom to get myself prepared for the day. I got down the stairs to see my parents at the dinning table eating breakfast."good morning mum and dad" I say kissing both their cheeks.     "good morning sweetheart" mum greets.   "good morning son, trust you had a good night's rest"? dad replies"yes dad, I did""so, what are plans for today""uhm, I'm gonna meet up with some friends""are you guys gonna be studying"?"no dad, we're just gonna go out....you  know, to the stadium""you know we've talked about this a about a hundred times. You need to mind the kind of friends you keep. Birds of the...... "  "
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A new leaf......sort of
   "grrrh! grrrh!! grrrh!!! "  My eyes shot open as the sound of that darn alarm. I wish there was a way to reduce the volume of the alarm, but then again it won't be called an alarm clock if it can't perform its function. I drag my lazy bones off the bed and quickly head to the bathroom to take my shower, I wouldn't want to be late to school since it's a Monday.    After putting on my clothes, I head downstairs for breakfast. My parents were already out to their various offices so I had breakfast alone. After eating breakfast, I set out to school.                I've taken a liking to walking therefore I walked the distance from my house to school.      "grrrh! "     There goes the bell signalling all students to head to their various classes. Ent
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Bad eggs
Getting to school the next day, I keep thinking about last night and the decision I made. I don't know if I made the right decision or not, all I know is I'm gonna keep enjoying my life to the fullest. 'grrrrrrrh!'There goes the signal for the commencement of classes. I have the feeling that this is going to be a long day, so I brace myself for the up coming boredom. During break, I meet up with my friends for lunch at our usual spot. "hey guys, what's up""Cole my man" Evan greets. "hey bro" Carl greets briefly before focusing on his lunch. Jason on the other hand just nods his head as a sign of his acknowledging my presence. Taking my seat beside Carl "so what are you guys up to""nothing much, just a little running around that's all" Jason speaks, a little too quickly. Which was weird.

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Turning point
   Last night's party was a bang, I had so much fun. I enjoyed myself so much that I didn't bother to come home until the early hours of this morning. I knew my parents were going to give me a handful during breakfast, so I stayed in bed and slept in.     After quite a while, I heard my parents car pull up from the driveway. Taking that as my cue, I get up from my bed and head to the kitchen to have my breakfast.     Today's probably about to be the best day of my life because I remember my parents telling about some business trip this weekend. I couldn't be any happier, I'll have the whole weekend to myself -not to talk of the whole house.    Taking out my phone, I called my friends to ask if they could come over to hang at my house today. They all agreed and settled for 1:30pm.    Finishing my breakfast, I head to the bathroom to take my bath and i
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The Boss
  I heard someone call my name from my sleep. Opening my eyes, I see Harry trying to drag me from my sorry excuse for a bed, muttering words that weren't clear to me."Get up you big baby_else we're gonna be late for work... and trust me when I say that is not how I plan to start a new week""Okay okay, I'm up " I get up from the bed yawning.  I drag myself to the bathroom to take my bath. An habit that never died even after four years.   After bathing and getting ready, we head out. We decided to branch by our favourite canteen to grab some sandwich for breakfast as we were going to be very busy to eat breakfast when we get to the factory.   We got to the factory with fifteen minutes to spare_and that's a bonus. We look for a quiet spot to eat our breakfast, after which we started our work for the day. &nbs
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Golden offer
   Last night was like a dream to me. Who would have thought Mr Finley was actually a nice guy. Though I believe it was all fake but I'm not going to go into that now.     He actually dropped us in front of our house instead of letting us get off at the nearest junction like we told him to. Not only that, he also got us takeouts for dinner. How kind of him,  right? I guess not, because sooner or later he's gonna ask for something in return. We're just gonna sit and wait for that to happen.    We got to work on time again today, thanks to Harry who offered to be my alarm clock, and started our work. Harry wanted to finish up his work as soon as possible so he could go clubbing with some of his gang members.    I'm surprised at how this guy manages his life. He basically goes clubbing four days a week and still gets to work on time.    Anyway, I'm
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A new family
   We've been driving for almost two hours now and I don't know where in the world we're going. I thought about asking Mr Finley but I don't want him to think I'm a scared of him so I keep my mouth tight.    Please try to get me, it's not that I'm scared he'll hurt me, it's just that I get this weird feeling from him and it's really creepy.     After approximately two hours ten minutes, we arrive at this beautiful neighborhood (I don't know what it's called). We pulled at a beautiful mansion. It almost looked like a mansion. Mr Finley got our and I followed suit.      When we got to the door, it opened automatically. Wow, do doors really do that these days, it's sooo cool. "It's cool right, I know " Mr Finley said with a satisfied grin plastered on his face.   My only answer was a rapid nod of my head. Mr Finley laughed and o
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New project (1)
  The ride back was really awkward, I felt as though I didn't know who Harry was, which in truth, I really didn't. I felt as though he was a complete stranger.   I was tempted to start asking him questions but I decided to wait until I had gotten some food in my stomach.   We got to McGee's, our favourite restaurant to get something to eat. I waited in the car while Harry went inside to order some takeout for us.   After a while, he came back with two plastic bags containing what he ordered, then we drove to my shed.   I call it a shed because it used to be a storage room. It was used to keep grains by the former owner.    When we got to my shed, he said, "You're just gonna grab a few of your things, then we move to our new crib" "Our new what?! ""Crib, it's w
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New project (2)
The night went by pretty fast that by the time I got out of bed, Jeff, Conny, Mike and Harry had gotten ready for the day's work. "hey, good morning " I greeted Harry. "good morning sleepy head ""you're all set? ""yeah, me and the others will be heading out in a bit ""okay ""come down for breakfast will ya ""alright, I'll be down in a bit"  He left me in the room to freshen up which didn't take me up to five minutes. When I was done, I went downstairs. "good morning everyone " I greeted them to which they all acknowledged. "good morning, hope you slept well? " Julian being his cheery self I guess. "yeah, I did""oh that's good " he served me my breakfast "bon appetit" "thanks ""don't men
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