The Night Rose

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The Night Rose

By: Raven the lurker CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Pirates. They are a group of lawless individuals that are considered as thorns of the seas. However, within them, a rose is hidden in plain sight, but as the circumstances and positions change like a tactical game of chess,will her disguise as a man work? Or will she need to bloom courageously to her full potential to survive?Join the crew as they journey towards the unknown with a hint of magic, gold, and unknown mysterious creatures. But beware, the night rose leaves a trail of blood and chaos behind wherever they go. So...are you in?My ko-fi page.

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  • Julia Nora


    keep going! it's such an amazing story! i am wondering, do you have any social media to keep up with your readers?

    2021-07-14 12:54:57
  • Norah Koch


    Good work!! Keep writing!

    2020-12-05 16:21:13
  • Stan33880515


    I suggest you change the cover because I thought it was a spooky thriller, but actually, it is an adventure story.

    2020-11-02 11:33:15
  • denthoughts


    Yay! I am following this cool novel and glad to see that the author is back. I am really looking forward to the adventures of a bad ass, flirty, female crossdressing pirate! Good luck author sama!

    2020-08-11 00:56:07
  • Melisa Chan


    great story so far. just wish the (translation?) grammar was improved

    2022-10-09 13:07:58
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249 chapters
Chapter 1
“Shoot them down! Shoot them! If you don’t, they are going to blow us up!” A terrified captain deafeningly commands echoed within his troupe like his life depends on it.  It was just his cursed luck that his airship is now being robbed by the most infamous ship that gives a dreading experience to any airship it encounters. Why of all the days and all the airships out there should it be now and them? The captain was furious with a sense of trembling in his knees. He knew he would lose everything by then. Its pitch-black exterior conceals the scars and bloodstains that marks its victorious history of killings. Some people call it ‘the bloody rose’ for it is said to leave a bloody trail of death and chaos behind, just like a poisonous rose petal that is enchanting, but lethal. This airship is too fast for anyone to catch, and it seemed to know its way around the skies hiding within the clouds to avoid the kingdom’s airship and wyvern patrols.  Read more
Chapter 2
“Captain Arwin, the hull is damaged, and the shield is almost down! It will take at least half a day to charge back to maximum!” One of the Night Rose crew reported. “Everyone repairs the ship immediately! We are leaving now before we receive more hits! Load the motors at maximum and hold on!” Arwin, the Night Rose Captain, ordered while trying to rescue what’s left off her airship. However, before she could do anything, they were already surrounded by small and medium-sized airship wyvern patrols that are backed-up with knights’ airship from the kingdom.  Some of the small airships suddenly crashed on their side, causing an explosion, which further damaged their hull and shield even more.  “Night Rose, this is your last warning! Surrender now, and we can promise quick and painless death for you! For those who can give the Captain and the information about the Bloodied Fang Bandit Group will be spared and will be given a chance to live as sl
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Chapter 3
“We cannot let this happen. We must save our captain.” The middle-aged man whispered to a few of his crewmates while on the deck, despite the attacks that their ship is continuously receiving. “But how can we do it, especially when he sees us as his family? He would rather go down with us than let us save him.” One of them replied to the middle-aged man, “What are you planning?” “I have a plan! I will knock him out, even when it sounds terrible, then I will pretend to be the captain and will surrender. I will plead that the men should not be executed or marked as a slave, but instead, be sent to the Shadowcoast.” The middle-aged man seriously said as he watched the other ship preparing for their next attack. “To the Shadowcoast?! That is even more horrible than a death sentence!” One of them suddenly gasped, baffled.  “What kind of place is a Shadowcoast?” One of the new crewmembers asked while loading up the cannon. “It’s a frontier that
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Chapter 4
“Argh!” Arwin groaned after someone, splashing cold water on her, suddenly woke her up. She felt intense throbbing pain in her head. Half asleep, she slowly tried to stand up but immediately stumbled down and realized that it was because she was shackled on the wall. Arwin was chained, both her arms and feet, with a normal and rusty metal. She protested,  “What the―” Before Arwin could see what else is wrong with her, someone suddenly hit her on the head, and the pain woke her up completely. She then finally realized that she wasn’t alone inside that reeking place. She started to look around and saw that there were at least twenty others, shackled, in the same manner as her in the dim room. The place looked like a cave with nothing but stones and metals binding them, but why couldn’t she get out? By now, her crewmate must’ve rescued- Her thoughts were cut off and soon turned to worries, where’s the rest of her crew? Their ship? She tried
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Chapter 5
Arwin just watched carefully how the land was getting closer and closer. She had only heard rumors and some published facts about the dreaded Shadowcoast when she was a pirate, but she didn't know more than that. But now, a dark and terrifying island looms in front of her, waiting to eat her alive. The name came from the mountains that laid massive shadow to the never-ending coast. Otherwise, she didn't know what to expect from the place and what she would find out from there. "Oh right, as we have traditions here, every one of you will get one pistol and one close combat weapon when we get to the island. We will also provide you a limited amount of ammunition, but if you shoot at the airship, our guards with rifles will happily pick you up from the coast and use you as a ranged practice.” The guards smirked as he continued, “But of course, as we are in prison, we will make it more exciting to you, and everyone one of you has to draw two sets of paper
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Chapter 6
Some of the prisoners left. They thought that they could survive without hearing any advice and guidance while some were trying to find local contacts that could benefit them in their survival in the continent. "I see. The five of you are the only lucky ones who decided to stay and listen to the poor old me. Congratulations! You will be keeping your life for a little longer!" he said with fake happiness while clapping his hands. He then continued, "As I said, I'm Sam, and now when those who wanted to leave are gone, we can start our exploration from the bottom of this city.", Sam said and started to explain the city's history from the beginning to the current day. He explained how the first people came to the continent and how there was a history of numerous massive fights for the ownership of the continent. Then he started from the natives and local fauna around them and how the kingdoms were stuck in the dilemma of choosing between the people and royalties
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Chapter 7
The truth is, most of the things that she had seen so far since she stepped foot into the island were really unexpected. Just like, when Arwin stepped inside the huge Northguards building, she saw how buzzing the place was.  People were continually coming inside and leaving, and people were chatting and eating at the kitchen side. "Small fry, get out of the way." Someone suddenly said in disdain and roughly pushed Arwin to the ground. The same also happened to some other misfortunate people who weren't lucky enough to dodge. "Are you alright? You seem to be new here. I have never seen your face before.", someone said curiously and gave a hand to Arwin to help her up. Arwin took the hand and was pulled up and saw that a staff member was looking at her. "Yes, I just came to this lovely continent, and I decided to try my luck here as I need money." Arwin fought the urge to protest and honestly answered to the staff m
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Chapter 8
"I'm done now with answering the papers," Arwin announced, and Tom looked at the time. "You still have over twenty-five minutes left. Are you really sure that you are done? Are you sure you don't want to recheck the papers?" Tom asked while in his mind he was thinking. 'She's just an arrogant fool that doesn't know what the best for her is. How could she be done with the test this soon? I even gave her less time than the usual, and more questions to diligently answer. Still, she thinks she's done. "Yes, I'm done, mister supervisor. I even checked my papers and looked at the questions that I had thoroughly answered twice." Arwin honestly replied and gave the papers to Tom, who just silently snickered and took them. "If you say so. I will then check these papers through," Tom said, but he already had made his mind that he won't let Arwin pass and pretended to read the papers. After a while and after flipping through the last paper, he announced. "You fa
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Chapter 9
"Hey! hey! Don't collapse now! We will arrive soon at the infirmary, so don't collapse yet." The man said to Arwin, who was wobbling around as her headache was getting worse every second.  The world was spinning around her, everything was getting blurry, and her sight betrays her. It was worse than the time she had been drunk with three barrels of ale. "Oh, shit! Wait here, don't move." The man said while realizing that Arwin's condition was getting even worse. 'Those shitheads! Finally, when I found a perfect employee and would have gotten my bonus, they had to injure her to this extent! I don't know what she did to get thrown out like that, but I hope it will benefit us at least.' The man mumbled to himself as he placed Arwin down and made sure that she was sitting correctly and was leaning against a wall for support. Then he started to run straight forward, and after a few hundred meters, he stopped and started to bang at the door hurriedly.Read more
Chapter 10
"Hey, is the boss here now?" Timothy asked the secretary that was working on with a stack of papers. She looked at Timothy, annoyed, and sighed before saying, "No, that man did run off again, leaving all of the paperwork to me as usual. So, I hope you are not in trouble or did something horrible again, as I absolutely do not have the time to deal with it now." The secretary said, before releasing a deep breath of exhaustion as she looked at the stack of papers that are still waiting to be done, “If you see him, do tell him to go to hell for me, okay?” "Oh, don't worry, I may actually have a new employee for us. Here would be the recommendation papers that I wanted to give to the boss," Timothy answered while looking at the secretary. "Oh, just leave them at the boss’s table like usual. He will check them out later when he comes back.” The secretary replied and continued giving such a tired smile to Timothy, “Don't worry, I will remind
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