The Despised Son-in-law Is A Mafia Boss

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The Despised Son-in-law Is A Mafia Boss

By: Rose Sam OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Mason Huttons has to endure every insult thrown his way by his wife's family. Accused of infidelity, he's divorced and thrown to the streets with nothing. It turns out that the lady he saved was his sister and he's the infamous devil, the Capo of wolves Mafia organization. It's time for him to take back his rightful position as the heir of the Smith family and a Mafia Captain.

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54 chapters
Chapter 1
In the living room of the Hutton's family Villa, three Ladies sat as they chatted over some snacks." So Samantha, how did your date with William Carter go?" A brunette asked, a mischievous smile on her face."Yeah, tell us about it, did he finally propose?" A blonde haired lady who seemed to be in her mid twenties chipped in."Hump! If it's not for that good for nothing husband my grandfather insisted on marrying me to, do you think I'll still be here? That loser just had to appear and ruin everything. His presence is enough to ruin even a beggar's mood." The lady referred to as Samantha spat hatefully, disgust apparent on her face."Talking about that useless piece of trash, where did he go today? I haven't seen him since we arrived." The brunette, Sally chirped in."Since he annoyed me yesterday and ruined my romantic time with William, of course, I had to teach him a lesson.He left in the morning to buy toiletries from the market. He's not yet back and I don't care whether he co
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Chapter 2
Mason had to give his wife Samantha and her other two friends leg massage before he could be allowed to have something to fill his stomach. Nevertheless, he was grateful. He couldn't count the number of times he had to sleep on an empty stomach after getting punished by his mother-in-law who loathed his existence to the core.Night came and after making all the dinner preparation, Mason joined the family for dinner. Ever since he married Samantha, he was reduced to the family's exclusive chef.Although humiliating, he shoved back his bitterness and did everything without any complaints.He was very much aware that a complaint would not end well for him. If anything, it will only land him into serious trouble and trouble is what he has always avoided.The mood at the table was joyous, that's until he made his way and sat next to his wife Samantha.Susan, Samantha's mother and his mother-in-law as usual started picking on him."Hey you useless trash, go get me lukewarm water from the ki
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Chapter 3
Mason was jolted awake by the freezing cold water that was poured on him.Cursing softly, he jumped out of the bed.His precious bed was now soaked wet and the clothes he wore stuck on his body like a second skin."How dare you sleep so peacefully? Do you have no shame?" Samantha, his wife bellowed angrily.According to her, he didn't deserve to sleep in such a cosy bed when he does nothing other than leech off her family money.Mason felt wronged. After working hard the whole day, what was so wrong to have a goodnight rest? Wasn't he now allowed to sleep anymore? Was he expected to stay awake the whole night and day?But he dared not voice out his grievances. He knows better than to go brewing trouble for himself."What's the matter, Samantha?" Pushing his dissatisfaction, he asked meekly."Why didn't you wash the clothes I left in my laundry bucket?" Samantha asked, anger visible from the twisted look on her face."You sent me to the market and I couldn't complete the chores on tim
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Chapter 4
"Mom!" Samantha whined, her expression full of disbelief."How can you spout such nonsense? How can I sleep with this kind of a lousy excuse of a man? If anything, I could have already thrown him out of the house." Samantha added, sounding aggrieved as he eyed Mason with disgust.The suspicion in Susan's eyes vanished after hearing her daughter's words. Yes, her daughter was a high class woman. There's no way she would lower herself to get involved with such a poor man."Well, you can't blame me right? I saw you both come out of the room with this trash still straightening his clothes." Susan defended herself, looking at Mason with loath filled eyes.She couldn't stand his presence."I'm going to the company. I am discussing a business deal for the company with William later so I want to arrive early and arrange everything." Samantha reported."Make sure you get William to propose to you sooner. If you enter the Carter family, nobody will be able to look down on you. Besides, William
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Chapter 5
Mason was taken aback by the tone he used. It was like something came over him, something indescribable, something unidentified. Before he could stop himself, he had already walked towards the men, his eyes trained on the lady who was skillfully dodging the blows delivered to her. But despite how good she was, she couldn't move fast. Her movements were sluggish and that's when Mason realised that she had a gunshot wound at the lower side of her chest.Her face was gradually turning pale from the blood loss and she was staggering as she struggled to block the fatal attacks from the masked men."You better mind your business and get lost unless you want to die with her." One man said after recovering from their previous shock.Something about his words irked Mason to the core."You bully a woman and dare call yourself a man!" He mocked, eyeing the men with contempt.Marching to them, he flung his fists, successfully delivering a powerful blow to one goon who immediately spat blood as t
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Chapter 6
Mason's mouth hung low in disbelief."A thousand dollars for deposit?" He repeated the nurse's words to make sure he got the right answer.The nurse nodded, an impatient look on her face."Sir, I suggest you make the Payment before it's too late to save your sister." She added with distaste. Upon closer look at the man's choice of clothes which were old and obviously overwashed coupled with his reaction upon mentioning the deposit, the nurses attitude towards him changed as she looked at him with disdain.Just when Mason wanted to open his mouth and clarify the relationship he had with the patient, a voice so cold that it made him shiver resonated in the hallway."Since when did a mere nurse of Hope's hospital have the right to dictate when the young miss of the Smith family gets to be treated or not?" Mason turned to look at the direction of the voice. An old Man accompanied by almost ten bodyguards dressed in black marched to the hospital. The look on their faces was enough to inti
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Chapter 7
Samantha was in her office when a notification sounded on her phone. She was preparing herself to meet William Carter to discuss the partnership of the two companies.Tapping the screen lock, it was a video from Sandra, one of her good friends."What could Sandra be sending me?" She murmured."Maybe some town gossip." She said, unlocking her phone and tapping on the video.A man appeared, covered in blood as he carried a woman in his arms intimately as he rushed to what seemed to be the entrance of a hospital.Samantha watched the video, wondering why Sandra would send her a video of a random man on the streets. That's until she read the message that came with the video clip."Didn't know your scum of a husband has a mistress while married to you."Samantha could feel her blood boil at the message, clicking the video again, she watched it.Indeed, the man in the video was none other than her good for nothing husband.She couldn't believe he could dare cheat on her with a random woman
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Chapter 8
As he walked down the pathway leading to the gate and out of the Huttons family gate, Mason was still in disbelief that Samantha could actually accuse him, ask the guards to heat him and throw him out of the house after forcing him to sign the divorce papers. As he limped away, he could not control the scoff that left his mouth."Mason oh Mason, look at your pathetic self. Even you cannot defend yourself in front of your wife." He belittled himself."No, she's actually my ex-wife! I am now a divorced man." He chuckled bitterly.It had been three years. Three years of him suffering in the hands of the Huttons.In those three years, he had lived a life worse than a dog's. At Least a dog gets to be fed by its owner and sleep in a good house. He on the other hand would only eat after he has worked for it. He could also count the number of times he would get a decent sleep without finding his bed drenched or forced to stay outside the house.Those three years have taught him that in thi
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Chapter 9
The memories of how he came here to Carlifonia to have a peaceful talk with their rival group only to have them ambush him on his way back.The snake tattoo identified their rival group. Seeing the tattoo stimulated him to have his memories back.He recognized himself as the rumored devil in the underworld, the leader of the wolves, a powerful and formidable Mafia group from Washington DC.He remembered his lovely younger sister, the same lady he had saved in the morning.The old man in the hospital turned out to be the old Butler of the Smith family and his grandfather's right hand man.Mason saw red, his anger building up to uncontrollable heights.He was the Most feared leader of the wolves, the devil so how could he allow others to sacrifice their lives to save him.With a new surge of energy, he moved. Like an arrow, he shot up high, landing next to the approaching assassins.In less than two minutes, there was not even a single assassin standing.His men watched in awe as their
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Chapter 10
Mason was known to be ruthless and cold-hearted except to his sister Sophie. Despite her clingy behaviour, he loved and adored her so much. Only she and his grandfather knew about this gentle side of him.His parents died when Sophia was young so she leaned more on him as she grew up.He was sixteen years old when their parents died. Although his grandfather lied to him about the cause of their death, Mason was not stupid enough not to realise that one of his uncles was actually responsible.The old man didn't want the hatred and revenge to cloud his senses so he hid the truth from him.He did his investigation when he took over his family's business and identified the culprit.He didn't want his grandfather worrying about him with his poor health so let them be. Not like he would forever do, he would wait until the old man was no more so that he could avenge the death of his parents. Family or not, he was never a forgiving person. He liked to see his enemy bow down and beg for mercy
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