The Kingdom of Guhya

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The Kingdom of Guhya

By: madamepearlay OngoingSci-Fi

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In the land of Almercia, a hidden dimension harbors a baffling enigma. Within this secret realm, four women known as the Valencias—Thania, Alhyssa, Venice, and Blair—reside, each assuming unique roles in managing a prominent school. Meanwhile, five close friends inadvertently stumble upon the elusive entrance to this concealed dimension in the real world, promptly becoming lost within its ethereal borders. As their paths intertwine, the Valencias mistakenly identify a man named Lorde as their old acquaintance, Jax, accusing him of betrayal. Caught amidst this web of uncertainty, the Valencias and the group of friends will navigate their newfound connection. Will they succumb to their suspicions and become bitter adversaries, or will they defy the odds and cultivate a remarkable and unyielding bond borne out of unwavering loyalty, love, friendship, and virtues? Through their collective journey, the Valencias and their newly found companions will encounter challenges that put their allegiances and values to the ultimate test, propelling them towards an enthralling climax of self-discovery and resilience in the KINGDOM OF GUHYA.

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Beauty’s StandpointI make a swift move to dodge her kick, and the moment she opens her defense, I finish the fight with a wide and proud smile.I am not a pro, definitely not. I am just a fighter with average speed and shamefully below-average strength. I recently graduated from a prestigious school with my fraternal twin brother. Our school is among the most feared and respected participants in different interschool competitions, including sports. For over a decade, our school's taekwondo team has had a series of wins that culminated in the team's attainment of the title "Champion of the Decade".Because of my parents' extensive connections, I once became part of this team – the sole fact that I have grown to hate so much. I saw the dedication of every member to win every match. I witnessed how they sacrificed their rest. I saw the glimmering tears of hope in their eyes amid their suffering from injuries. I recognized how they fought for the honor of the school, transparent in the s
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After a few minutes of battling with my insecure thoughts, I quickly changed into a sexy pair of black dresses for clubbing. I let my hair loose and let it flow in effortless grace. A familiar scent of shampoo flows with it and envelops my senses. With a soft touch, I delicately glide the comb through the strands, each stroke leaving my hair smooth and shiny.Just in time, a sudden racing knock on the door calls for my attention, and I hear Damon shouting impatiently from outside, "Beauty, I swear I'll kick this door down if you make us wait another minute.""Oh, shut up, Damon!" I roll my eyes, even though he cannot see me.As soon as I put everything back in my bag, I hurriedly opened the door and found Damon with crossed eyebrows. I lock my gaze on his beautiful hooded brown eyes and let my eyes roam over his short straight hair that emphasizes his symmetrical square-shaped face. He has a high nasal bridge and rounded nose tip, complemented by angular jaws with edges and a flatter
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"No, you're not sorry," she dismisses, with her eyes piercing at me."Yes, I'm not," I agree. I stretch my lips toward my cheeks, with a sign of strain, showing the absence of delight."I can't believe you'd grow this pathetic, honey," she remarks mockingly."I learned it from the best teacher," I banter, extending my hand before her, giving the impression that she is the person I am referring to. I glance sideways to see Ethan breaking into a light-hearted chuckle."What?" She asks in seething anger."Look. I will pay you for what I have taken. Will that be fine?" I grin.Kate stares at me like she's ripping my soul out. She takes a deep breath, trying to compose herself. She looks at me like I am somewhat pitiful. She leans closer to me."That's unnecessary, girl. I bet you know how filthy rich I am. I can buy the little bit of dignity you have," she says slowly and with conviction. I raise my eyebrow and smirk at her. I was not raised to step back in situations like this. I lean cl
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"What did you say to her, though? It was the first time she resorted to physical attack and threw some tantrums," Damon added.I was about to respond when Lorde made a shift in his position indicating discomfort. I just looked at Damon and mouthed, "None of your business."I watch Ethan take a deep breath and focus on the road. It is already 2 a.m. and the stars are shimmering beautifully in the night sky. I peer out the window and admire the tall skyscrapers standing tall and proud against the midnight sky. I enjoy watching the timeless beauty of the sleeping city against its dimly lit streets stretched out like a maze. When boredom creeps in, I silently observe my friends.We are a group of five, and I am known to be one of the boys. The four of them have been friends forever. For some reason, I did not grow up with Lorde. My entire childhood was spent abroad with my nurses and house helpers. I was also homeschooled. The only friend I had was our older brother, Matt. I do not have a
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"No way," Ethan tightens his grip, determined not to release me."Back off, dude," Damon interjects in a serious tone, catching Ethan off guard.I gaze up, back and forth, to see them lock their eyes. "Get a life, you jealous man," Ethan rejects. Damon forcefully throws a pillow toward us, causing me to quickly bow down to avoid it. I feel Ethan loosen his grip as the pillow hits his face."Bull's eye," Quinn remarks, laughing at Ethan. Ethan finally let me go and stared darkly at Damon."It slipped off," Damon innocently reasons out.Ethan picks up the pillow and stands grinning."Do you want to die?" Ethan utters in a meaningful tone, ready for any pillow fight.Before they can mess up the whole living room, I interrupt."Do you see those CCTV cameras? If Lorde sees you making a mess, you will all be kicked out before you can even explain," I threaten, pointing to the cameras placed in the corners of the living room.Realizing my point, Ethan momentarily stops and eventually plops d
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Damon's StandpointChatters of travelers going back and forth, clutching their carry-on bags, fill the airport. Holding our luggage, we pave our way to the nearby seats where we are requested to wait. Since only four seats are available at the front, I opt to take a seat behind Ethan. Ethan, who happens to be sitting next to Beauty, glances at me."Do you want to trade seats, bro?" He offers with a meaningful smirk."I'm fine," I reply."Are you sure?" Ethan teases.I watch Beauty as she takes out her phone. With a gentle swipe of her delicate finger, she unlocks the device. While she immerses herself in it, I enjoy watching her. Countless times, her expression shifts from delight to curiosity. Humming a soft melody, she runs her fingers through her hair and the aroma of her shampoo reaches my nose, creating a delightful and refreshing scent that instantly perks up my spirit.After half an hour, I decided to go to the bathroom. I stand up and set my carry-on bag on the seat. Quinn tur
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"Hey, twinnie. Where were you last night? I've been calling you nonstop," she innocently asks.Lorde did not bother to look at her, but he managed to answer, "Lost my phone."It must have been so hard to live her life. Being away from home for seventeen years must have been so tough. Losing Matt must have felt like hell. Being constantly sabotaged by Kate must have been so draining. And now, she is starting to doubt Lorde.I examine her face. She is gorgeous. I wonder if I ever get to look at her and not feel guilty anymore. Does she know it is hard to breathe without her? Does she know it kills me to be around her, too? It is painful to see her act so tough and hear her sobs almost every night. Unexpectedly, her head falls onto my shoulder and memories rush to flashback like thunderbolts.#There was me and Quinn, walking down the aisle to our classroom chairs, young and innocent. Quinn unexpectedly tripped and flung onto me, causing both of us to fall face-first. Our classmates arou
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"Welcome to the team, bro," Matt said as he hugged me after he announced that I was accepted into the school's football team. I was fifteen at the time when I applied to the team."Of course, all for Beauty." I shrugged my shoulder with pride."What?""I read her message. She's looking forward to seeing you play football." I laughed as Matt's eyes went round in surprise."Hey, that's an invasion of privacy," Matt remarked."She'd be pleased to see her future husband play football, too," I replied, dismissing his words."Hey, I haven't approved of you yet," Matt bantered and playfully messed up my hair."Why? I grew up to be a good boy."Matt giggled and put his arm around my shoulder."Fine, but only when she turns eighteen."#Another year passed, and I always wish I could turn back time. I was so excited that she turned eighteen, but everything changed in a snap. I just want us to be sixteen forever, even if that means I will only love her from afar. Just so Matt stays with us.It w
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"Beauty and Lorde are both my life. I'd protect them even with my life," Matt said with determination. I let Matt speak and cry the whole time while I just listened by his side. I just wanted him to know that his voice was heard. After all, he is also a brother to me.It was around eight in the evening when I went back to the rest house alone. I asked Matt to come with me, but he wanted to stay so I let him be. I wish I did not walk away. I wish I stayed. I did not know nightmares would follow me as I stepped away."Where's Matt?" Quinn asked as I approached them in the kitchen. Quinn is sitting and immersed himself in his phone. On the side are Ethan and Lorde both wearing aprons tied loosely around their waists, skillfully peeling and dicing potatoes. No one would have thought how well-off the two of them were, judging from how expert they were in the kitchen at such a young age."Just enjoying the breeze outside," I replied. Quinn nodded his head in response. He went back to focus
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Madame approached the doctor with her head held high. The doctor bowed his head as a sign of respect. The doctor's gaze shifted back and forth between Madame Fe, Lorde, and Lorde's parents. It seemed like he was hesitant to speak. "Madame," the doctor spoke.After a while, the door opened again, and we all turned our attention to the wheeled stretcher being slowly pushed by a nurse. On it was a body covered in white cloth. I felt my tears slowly streaming down. It seemed like all my strength had drained out, making me lean against the wall behind me. The nurse stopped pushing the wheeled stretcher when it was in front of Madame Fe. Slowly, Madame Fe pulled the cloth aside to reveal Matt's face. He was there – pale and lifeless. We all burst into tears, except for Lorde, who stared blankly at his brother's corpse, and Madame Fe, who emotionlessly covered Matt's face again. She is truly merciless. In the way she acts, it is as if the corpse in front of her is not her grandchild."I hav
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