The Rejected God Of War

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The Rejected God Of War

By: GCsage OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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A destitute man, scorned and humiliated by others, William never had a day of peace. Even a random passerby could disdainfully trample over him without a second thought. But they were unaware that the wheels of fate had turned, and William had become a high-ranking general. His words now had the power to influence the government and the president; no one could stop him. General William has returned. One by one, those who looked down on him will soon come to regret it!

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  • Sage


    This novel has some nice face slapping and awesome scene. although I didn't read more than 20 but I love it so far

    2024-02-20 05:26:14
  • GCsage


    It's my first writing an urban genre. Hope you're all enjoying it?

    2024-02-07 17:40:19
  • GCsage


    I urge you to read this interesting masterpiece of mine. You aren't going to regret reading it

    2024-02-07 17:22:12
  • EroVillain


    Excellent write up

    2024-02-02 02:59:44
  • Challene Willians


    Yes I rate this book

    2024-02-02 09:52:30
  • Sage_x


    Great ...

    2024-02-02 01:55:09
Latest Chapter
64 chapters
Chapter 1: Getting enough of the bull$hit and leaving the Kensington's family
"William, are you done cleaning the baby's poop?" A loud, troublesome female voice called out.A young man could be seen in a large sitting room scrubbing the ground with a brush. He moved his hands to wipe the sweat off his face when he heard that troublesome voice drift over.It belongs to Mrs. Marianne, his mother-in-law."I'm still scrubbing the floor, ma'am." William shouted in return with a loud voice so she would be able to hear him.Soon, he could hear the sound of footsteps hurrying down the staircase, and immediately he stood up in fright to have a clearer look at the person rushing down the stairs in such a manner.It was a woman in the late 50s, her face was smeared with a lot of pancakes, reducing her natural beauty and making her look more like a cheap prostitute."William, so you have started refusing orders? You son of a bitch, pathetic, poor bastard!" She cussed as she slowly walked closer and slower to him, anger dancing within her eyes."I-I... I don't..." He wasn't
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Chapter 2: No more William
Kensington family mansion. It was the early hours of that evening, Marianne, Bridget, and Sam were sitting in the living room. It has been almost two hours since William left the house, but Mrs. Marianne refused to drop the act and continued crying while Bridget and Sam continued their facade of calming her down, but it wasn't working as she had an evil plan up her head and she wouldn't stop until she fulfilled that plan. Just then, they heard the sound of a car driving into the compound.Soon, they heard footsteps from outside, and then the door was pushed open.A very beautiful young lady, 23 years old, walked in. She has beautiful, slick black hair that rests on her shoulder; her face is well-shaped and her blue eyes shine like a diamond. She has a perfect hourglass figure, one that would make any guy lust after her the moment they set their eyes on her.She is no other person than Catherine, William's wife. Catherine looked at the three of them in the sitting room and started
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Chapter 3: Return after 3 years
Time passed quickly.Three years later. ~Supreme Military Corps~A young, handsome man with a cold expression could be seen dressed in a gallant military uniform with so many stars on it. He has shoulder length black hair and cold blue eyes, and also his body looked really strong despite not being that muscular. "Supreme General William, we will miss you!" "The dragon division pays deep respect to the Supreme General William." "The golden falcon pays deep respect to the supreme General." "The hell racers corps pay deepest respect to you, great sir." "........""........" Different departments and forces of the supreme military corps sent out their respects to their almighty superior.More than one hundred high ranking soldiers of the Supreme Military Corps saluted. Most of them had tears in their eyes. The supreme general is leaving!William looked at the soldiers with a smile on his face."I might be leaving, but my heart and soul will always belong to the supreme military cou
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Chapter 4: Back again to the Kensington's house
Kensington Family Mansion."My family is willing to offer you guys a huge share in our company, two A-class mansions in our estate, and ten million dollars if Catherine agrees to get married to me." Joey, a very popular celebrity businessman, spoke with overconfidence.Mrs. Marianne, Catherine, and Bridget were sitting down and listening to Joey's proposal.Catherine wasn't even interested in whatever offer the guy brought, but her mom and her sister were obviously interested as their eyes widened in shock."Don't worry, my daughter is all yours!" Marianne immediately stood up with a joyful smile on her face and extended her hands for a handshake. "We can just wrap up the deal right now; where are the documents?" She asked instantly, not ready to let such an offer go to waste without bothering to consider her daughter first."Mom, I did not consent to anything he just said." Catherine stood up and held back her mom's hands."So you are bent on making my family go down every day? Your b
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Chapter 5: Almighty 'Supreme general' receiving insult
"Catherine," William gently called out in a low voice with a joyous smile plastered on his face. The sweet sensation of joy at seeing his woman once again after three good years ran down his spine.Hearing the gentle voice of her lover, Catherine couldn't help but halt in step without turning back to look at him as she closed her eyes, holding back the tears that were gathering in her eyes. Over the years that William left her, she had always yearned for him.Since that day, she has changed and become a sadist who craves for the love of William. At night, she always cried her eyes out whenever she remembered him.Seeing that Catherine froze there at her spot, William took a deep breath before walking towards her. "Catherine, I am back for you. Are you not happy to see me?" He said these words in a slow tone."I know I shouldn't have left that way, but I got no...."Marianne coldly glared at the advancing William, her face flushed with anger. "What do you know you're doing, you bastard?
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Chapter 6: Old bones
Walking out of the huge compound dejectedly, William stopped and looked towards one of the windows upstairs, then his eyes met those of Catherine, who was also looking down at him through the window of her room."Sire, where to next?" Bruce asked.Bruce's voice brought him out of his occupied thoughts.William sighed before taking his eyes off the window; Catherine wasn't longer there.He stood briefly there before he was able to think of what next. "Let's move out of this area first before anything else."William and Bruce crossed over to the other side of the road before finding their way out of that area."Now, let's find a hostel to lodge in for today before making proper arrangements for everything," William said to Bruce, who stood behind him vigilantly.Bruce nodded in agreement without saying a word before stepping forward to the roadside, waving his hand out to the taxis that were driving past, trying to stop one, but none stopped.Any taxi that stops will immediately continue
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Chapter 7: Insult after insult
William and Bruce silently observed the passing shadows of the city as the car speedily zoomed through the bustling city streets towards their destination.The cabman occasionally stole glances at the two through his rearview mirror, different thoughts running through his head mixed with curiosity. 'I'll silently watch how things unfold and if they dare play any smart game with me......' .......The driver pulled in front of an elegant hotel with "Luxe Fernandez Hotel" boldly written in red on top of the tall buildings. The hotel was sparkling white, which speaks purely to how expensive and stunning the hotel was. Luxe Fernandez Hotel was one of the best in town and was popularly known by almost everyone. It can't be afforded by commoners but by the wealthy ones. "Here we are," the cab driver said immediately he stopped his car as he looked at the two through the rearview mirror, waiting to see their next move with a complicated expression on his face.William noticed the look on hi
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Chapter 8: Force behind one punch
"Use the gate and get back to where you came from," The security guard harshly said as he close the gap between them as he pointed towards the gate that was wide open. "Huh, I see. Maybe it's because am too polite here with you." William and Bruce were unfazed as they locked eyes with the guard. It was annoying, seeing that the two weren't afraid and still remain standing in front of him gallantly without any iota of fear in them. 'I will deal with these two in the presence of everyone that next time, they will learn not to pass their poor class limit next time in life,' he thought and looked around, seeing people attention, an evil grin formed on his face. Some people were still presented and gathered around, as they watched and enjoy the interesting scene unfolding in front of them. "Look at those two pretending to be bold, just watch as they are going to suffer at the hand of that burly guard." "I pity those two, they don't know what is good for them. "I don't know if the poor
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Chapter 9: Valentina Fernandez
A young lady could be seen comfortably sitting down in a big beautiful office inside the Luxe Fernandez Hotel, as she went through some documents with a tired look on her face. "I'm exhausted for today as this almost 12p.m for the scheduled appointment," she said tiredly stretching her back as she check the time. "Tomorrow, I'll come early and complete the remaining stuffs." She properly arranged the documents to a corner. She turned her attention toward her laptop. "Let's see if the entrance is clear for me to use today." She clicks on few buttons, a video pop up on her screen. It was the entrance and outside view of the hotel displaying through the CCTV positioned in the entrance of the hotel, it wasn't a problem for her since she has access to all the CCTV around the hotel. Her eyes glue to the displaying video, she saw two men on ordinary clothes walking into the hotel's vicinity and which she found surprising because, normally the poor can't afford to stay in such an expensiv
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Chapter 10: Shock!!
William and Bruce sat down inside Valentina's office as they faced her. Valentina decided to personally attend to them despite the fact that she was exhausted; she didn't want to unknowingly offend two powerful men. "Good day, gentlemen," Valentina gently greeted as she sat with her attention on the two. "It's an honour having you two come here." William and Bruce nod their heads. "The pleasure it's all yours for inviting us in as your guests," William smiled warmly as if what happened outside was nothing. "No, no, no, no," Valentina quickly objected. "I should be the one thanking you two instead because of what took place outside that shouldn't have happened. I am Valentina, in charge of this hotel," She said, stretching forth her hand for a handshake. "Oh, William, and this is Bruce." He accepted the hand as they introduced themselves. After exchanging pleasantries among themselves. "Now, let's get down to business," William said, clearing his throat as he went straight to th
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