The Search for Xanar

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The Search for Xanar

By: Cybermage9009 OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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Fugitive Twins, Cas and Cece grimes are given a second chance at life after being dealt one bad hand after the other. Their Saviour, Lady Eureka, the mysterious leader of the Fate Dealers, a clan of Meta traders that specializes in Soul Contracts. Their new purpose, To absorb as many clients into their clan as possible. Their incentive, the numerous bonuses granted to Dealers when visiting new realities. Between Cas's desire to finish the book series of his now deceased favourite author and Cece's desire to unlock the secrets of the Celestial Archives. Things couldn't look better for the Grimes Twins.... if only their Journey were that Merciful.

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Pedro cursed as he rose from his icy sheets.He stretched and pooped his Joints in place before changing into his standard uniform.A white tactical gear, with white boots, white fur coat, and white, white and white!He sighed deeply, the thought of braving this facility for 2 more months made by him shudder.For a moment the smiling image of his partner, Barney flashed in his mind.He cursed at his partner, Once for signing them up for Boris' Trench thanks to his slacking off, Secondly for abandoning him here after Barney got summoned for a contract in V-33, it astonished Barney how swiftly he finished up his time!"I should be with.... with Cassie at least," The Halfman whispered, he thought of his girlfriend, her wavy Auburn hair, her supple green eyes, Her freckled cheeks.Her scent of Blueberries and that french accent that drove him mad....He sighed deeply, He moved to inspect himself in the mirror, His pale red eyes swept through his body, He frowned as he combed his short blo
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One long night
"And Colonel Fauzer looked out to stars, he patted Bianca, his trusty gun holstered safely at his side, 'There's still one more left!' He proclaimed," Castor Grimes Junior said bitterly.Cecelia, his twin snorted in amusement.She stretched her hand out and ruffled his buzz cut hair."Cheer up little brother, it's not as bad as.... nah, that was shit!""Thanks...." He sighed, "They should have let it rest when he died, The search of Xanar really went down hill after Truman's legacy..." He signaled the waitress to top up his coffee, while his Sister scribbled down notes in her little black book.The two had been here for close to an hour now, The twin drifters were acting as mediators for their Friend Kelvin, a cop and a Liutenant of the Jawbreakers gang, Jay.Jay was an ex soldier like Cas, They both got dishonorably discharged around the same time, Cas from the air force for an altercation with his Commanding officer and Jay from the army for excessive force used on a political capt
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Days gone
"Liutenant Rogers was last seen in Bobby's Diner around 8:30pm. According to witnesses he'd been meeting with one of the notorious Liutenant of the the Jawbreakers gang, Janet Jasmine Jones and former Air force Sergeant Castor Grimes Junior with his sister Cecelia Lilith Grimes.Authorities are on a manhunt for the three individuals, any information on their whereabouts would be heavily rewarded, on other news Kim Kar-"Cece turned off the radio and sank into the old leather couch.It's been 2 weeks since her and Cas had fled the motor city, 2 weeks since the incident.The twins went off the grid, traveling south to an old cabin their aunt used to take them to for hunting.Not many people knew about this place outside of family so they'd be fine.... she hoped at least.She wrapped her blanket over her body again and again and again.She couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, couldn't anything.Cas had gone hunting early in the morning and here she was lazing about in the cabin."....Not like
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Sight for sore eyes
Cas gripped his hunting bow even tighter as he stared at the man with the Cowboy hat.If he tried anything he'd.... he'd hope it wouldn't have to come to that, Cas would rather not harm the man, given who's face he the Kelvin lookalike sat poignantly on the old leathery couch.He glanced around the room, nodded his head everytime his eyes fell upon an Object."Even the Violin looks exactly the same, Cece, do you still practice?"Cece shifted nervously, "Em... yeah, I still practice, who are you exactly?""Who Am I? Hmm..... Well my name's Kelvin Obviously," he rolled his eyes.Cas snorted, "Look men, I don't know what kind of sick joke you think this is, Liutenant Rogers-""Kross...""What?""My name is Captain Kelvin Kross, I come from E-449, it's an Earth Adjacent, quick question, what rank were you in the Airforce Cas?"'What was this man talking about?' Cas thought, Earth Adjacent? Kross? He'd think the man was making fun of him but he was dead serious.Cas gulped
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This was Perhaps the most festive vessel Cecelia had ever seen in her life, She stood in front of the massive ship in awe.The violet coloured carrier was shaped like an Oak tree, save the bark looked more crystal than wood, 'no it is crystal!' She thought as she stroked it's surface.In place of Leaves small will o' wisp like flames that burned sapphire like Miss Eureka's eyes.And at the Centre of the ship was a symbol.It was a gloved hand bathed in Fire with an three eyes placed in it's centre.The Fate Dealers, Captain Kross had called their clan, They ventured from Dimension to Dimension, making contacts with individuals capable of spinning them a profit long term.The whole thing sounded a bit cult-ish to Cece but her Brother didn't seem to mind, infact he seemed.... off, Nothing fazed him.Cece wondered what was going on in that mind of his."A beauty isn't she? Skipper my pride and joy!" Captain Kross boasted."She is... something? I don't know, I've never seen anything like
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Cas wiped his brow and took a deep breath to steady his nerves.'One, just one more,' he thought, as he set the tablet down onto the table.He had ran the simulation over and over, he was certain this was the perfect strategy needed for the securing a a city during a siege.A tall shadowy figure loomed over him, Judging him with his cold Silver eyes.The figure did not seem impressed, 'Your sister finished her's in 20 mins!' The man would probably say to Cas, 'You're too slow and too indecisive! Your Army would have died by then!' His trainer Victor, A man Cas could only describe as Cold... not just in the feeling sense, He was ice cold, Unmoving, Unfeeling, Unnerving.Victor was what Cas would learn to be known as, A Mind Wraith.Tall Dark Shapeless beings, that harvested lost energy from people's misery!Well not actual misery.... but that's exactly how Cas felt.These creatures had been his, Cece's and any poor fool who managed to make it this far.When Cas and Cece been introduc
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Pancakes.....Strawberry, peaches and apples.Milkshake, Apple pie, Butterscotch ice cream and Pickles.1978 classic scotch, Octoberfest and That night In Harlem.Betty's first steps, Maria's favourite movie and The Great Gatsby!Memories... Fond memories, familiar tastes and alien sensations flooded into Cecelia's mind!'What a rush!' She had thought at the time, She could get to this feeling, this.... this...."I think I'm in love!" "....are you sure you're all right? we could go back to the nurse's-""I'm good.... besides it's like Miss Eureka said, it comes with becoming a dealer right? You'll understand once you pop your cherry too little brother!"".....why do you have to make it sound weird?"She shrugged."Cecelia... pay attention and you too Castor," Miss Eureka said, they were all standing in the centre of an open field that in passed as the Hanger for their ship.All around Them were various Crystals in the shape of trees, A Forrest of precious gems.Cece stroked the tree
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'These beasts are relentless!' Cas thought as he maneuvered the ship into the lush green Forrest below them.The Veil riders hot on their tail slammed into trees as well.The pinkish red one got tangled up in the branches of Great red wood tree over 500 feet tall!It thrashed around helplessly causing the tree to collapse, as well as other trees surrounding it, the commotion causing nearby Forrest life to flee in terror.The beast was no trapped under a pile of crushed wood and broken stones, they dissolved and stuck close to it's body causing it to panick even more!The other Veil rider with a bluish hue to it's body was luckier than it's brethren, it landed a few metres behind their ship!Cas slowly rose, his bearings still disoriented from the crash, he made his way to his bag and fished out a baton.With a click to it's side it transformed into a translucent blue trident that sparked electricity ever so often, he grinned and made his way to the hatch.Cece rose to follow but-"No!
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Cecelia shot her brother a playful smile as they rode their steed through the city, they were led by a Calgary of guards that treated the pair as VIP."My hero! I knew I was right when I accepted your proposal Castor!" She whispered in his ear.Her brother cringed, "If I let him move his hand any lower.... you would have broken it, wouldn't you?" "Oh.... well I was hoping he would! I wanted to see whether he'd still have that nasty ass smile on his disgusting pig face!"".... you're not alright Cece, I hope you know that?"She flicked his forehead.The twins had finished their inspection by the city guards, though they were curious about some of their items, They couldn't confiscate them, as the vale did not seem the a threat.The twins were surprised, they hadn't seen in the archives, the new security system the city employed, an invisible dome that pushed out entities that sought out mischief within the City.This info greatly pissed off Cecelia, as it meant the search was for noth
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War Games
"They're called Dorian's fallen," Lord Gastard pointed towards the projection Arthur had conjured.In it stood a man decked out in a White suit of Armour with streams of green light glowing in the gaps between it.He had wires and cables sticking from his elbow to back to his head, pumping a strange Green fluid in and out of them.He had massive shoulder and leg armour, as well as He wore a griffon helmet and held a sword made of pure light! 'But something is off' Cas thought."That Armour.... it's too advanced for anything this realm is capable off," he pointed out, The dwarf.... Dorkus nodded."Aye... it has Turrets on it's shoulders and that gauntlet, it shapes light around it to form hard light tech, right?" The Giant spat, "What does that matter?""It matters because you twat, someone is obvious supplying them with tech this world isn't ready for," Jamie the Albino lady spoke, her voice cold as ice."Someone in your field, correct?" Lord Gastard sighed."Perhaps.... when so the
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