The Unemployed Game Master

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The Unemployed Game Master

By: Azure Luster Updated just nowFantasy

Language: English

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Living as an unemployed person is difficult, especially living in modern times like this. A 25 year old man has lost direction in his life, and his only habit is playing games, but this is precisely what makes his life change. His desire to prove that he can live continues to explode when he encounters a game that is very interesting for him to play.

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46 chapters
This is My Boring Life
"Hah... what should I do today?"My name is Highessn Harmberg, a 25-year-old living my own life. It's not a pleasant life. After graduating from school, I decided to move to the city, seeking opportunities to work and succeed.Yes, that's how it should be, but... it has been 8 years since I graduated. And getting a job is very difficult in this advanced world; I don't have many opportunities.Only the money from my parents helps me survive, but they also want me to succeed and support my own life.That morning, on the 20th of the year 2089, nothing special happened. Everything was the same; my life was just that of a bored unemployed person.My stiff legs wandered through the city, not too busy for today. But, it can be sure that in a few hours, people will fill the streets going to work.Some of them have already started getting busy, wearing ties and neat suits for a decent life."It would be nice if I had a life like theirs, but right now, I'm just..."I can only feel frustrated. I
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In This Possibly Difficult Thing There Is An Opportunity For Me
My mind is still not calm. Indeed, I have decided to try this popular game, but I am still unsure whether participating in the competition will bring me any benefit.So far, I have never won any competition, and now I have to do it for an unclear goal.With my hands trembling greatly, I check the balance in my bank account through my phone. Quickly, my eyebrows furrow as I see that my account balance is only $30, and that's also for my food and drink for the next few days."Next month, I'll surely die of starvation with this balance! And, I don't have many chances left!"I take a long time to decide whether to play this game or not. Besides, the price of this game is quite expensive for an unemployed person like me. It's only $20, but it will wipe out the little money I have left for food for some time."Ugh... why do I have to go through this," I shout in this silent room."If you don't have money and can't survive in the city, don't come back here! You're just a child who brings no
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This slow passage of time is something that must be resolved as quickly as possible
"What is this..."Highess shouted loudly, but he tried to understand the situation. He saw the roots moving from left to right, and the movements were clearly visible."I understand, maybe it's due to the insect species I chose that I can see the movements of these roots..."Quickly, he prepared to jump to avoid it; at this speed, it should be easy to evade. It just required the right timing.Rub!However, he realized that his character's speed was also limited. His legs were entangled in the roots, making it difficult to move freely."Damn, don't tell me my character's stats are terrible!"He was dragged by these roots, and trying to free himself was very difficult. His face could now see which plant dared to do this. It was a rafflesia flower with fang-like teeth, open as if ready to devour him."Don't tell me this will be a common occurrence in the wild, carnivorous plants devouring insects alive..."Highess struggled to break free, but it was still too difficult; his hands were bo
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The level of combat at stake
It won't be long before he reaches Turnera; the journey takes about 20 minutes.During this journey, he doesn't just stay silent; he encounters many monsters and collects items. Of course, he understands that each area has monsters that may be challenging to defeat. With a level still at 12, he is considered low. He needs to reach at least level 50 to be considered an expert player."Isn't this game played by more than 2 million people worldwide? Why can't I find a single player, or maybe the server where I play this game doesn't have many players?"It's an advantage, but also a disadvantage. A game with such a powerful mechanism feels deserted without many players. Fortunately, it's an MMORPG type, so it doesn't heavily rely on the presence of other players for gameplay."Hmm?"Without realizing it, he has entered a vast field covered with yellow flowers."Don't tell me these flower plants are predators deliberately luring other creatures closer!"Not wanting to fall into a trap agai
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At Least This Is What I Got From the Game
Utilizing the Quick Timing skill propelled Highess to jump at a height of 6 meters. Intentionally, he used the speed of this movement to take advantage of the perfect moment.The mantis became confused as its target disappeared, but it didn't take long. Its instinct told it the current location of the sought-after target was above its head.With a movement like this, it was impossible to evade, and that's what needed to happen."Strike Buster...."Twings...A slash cut through the air, reaching the monster's body. Slowly, the mantis's body split apart, and green fluid oozed from the severed parts.Even though it was just a game, the realistic effects were too nauseating. In the real world, Highess might have vomited repeatedly."Huh... I didn't expect to encounter one of the area bosses here!"Glancing around, he understood that tragedies like the appearance of other monsters frequently occurred in situations like this. He sincerely hoped that he wouldn't face a bad scenario.He could
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An attitude that is ready to accept the fight
12 hours, a long time for me to wait. My days may not be very meaningful, but I don't want to keep waiting. I've been made to wait so many times for something that wasn't even expected.But, reality always ends up disappointing.My face is fixed, staring at the pooled coffee, a gloomy face reflecting a lack of hope.I contemplate whether my decision to play this game is right or not; perhaps it will be entertainment that does not give any benefits."How much longer do I have a chance to step forward? I think it's better if I just die now!"I try to divert this thought by inhaling the fresh air from the terrace; the city life below my gaze is still quite bustling.Always hoping that one of those busy people is me, but I'm not lucky enough to have that busyness.Gulp...Even the coffee accompanying me doesn't taste sweet, without sugar because I don't have enough money.My tongue is bathed in a bitter taste, similar to my current life. I could just stand on the balcony and jump. Surely,
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It seems that self-confidence leads to brutality
My body began to move towards the undead, the current opponent being a zombie knight."Slow movements like that won't be effective against my attacks."Seeing my arrival, the undead raised its sword and started swinging its attack. I easily dodged, and in the next motion, I delivered a slashing attack with my hand.Crash...Without blood, the undead's skin tore apart, and its head separated from the body. It fell and rolled in front of my feet. Without tolerance, I quickly stabbed its head."Just low-class monsters and the items they drop won't be too useful! From now on, it might be better for me to find stronger creatures!"As I suspected earlier, my body quickly adapted to the attack mechanisms provided by the game system. It's not surprising that players who did Live at that time could perform complex movements, undoubtedly based on adequate equipment."For now, I have to reach level 50 and prepare for the upcoming competition event!"I continued to explore the forest area, and th
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Trying to Exceed the Limits Provided
However, I must admit that my body is currently in bad shape. After making that move earlier, I may have survived, but at another time, my luck might run out.Instantly, Exos charged, appearing behind me. He swung his blade, accompanied by a radiant blue light.Tings..."Counter...""Not bad. You managed to block my attack earlier."It was just a test, and this praise didn't make my situation any better."The level difference is too great. Sooner or later, I will be defeated! But, how can I defeat this person? His abilities are at a much higher level than mine. If I act recklessly, there might not be any chance..."For a minute, we didn't move, just staring at each other seriously. I guessed Exos was cautious, considering me no longer an amateur easily defeated.Unfortunately, time kept ticking, and the awaited moment arrived. I just needed to make a super-fast move."Quick," I exclaimed with a surprised expression. This was clearly different from the previous move; now the movement w
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If you are too careless then everything will disappear
"Huagh...." With a slight stretch, Highess rose from his bed. His gaze felt heavy, and the pulsating throbs disrupted his concentration."This must be the result of me playing the game for too long! I never thought this game would allow players to engage in killing each other, but in every game console, such things often happen. It's just a matter of how the players adapt to it."The face of a player named Exos still echoed in Highess's mind, frustrating him to be defeated by someone like that.But, what can he do? Currently, his character's level and equipment are still relatively low. If he wants to face players like Exos, he has to try even harder.Slowly, his eyes glanced at the clock, and it showed 2 a.m."The time has passed so quickly!"He chose to lie back down, staring at the ceiling. He suspected that the joy of playing games only lasted for a moment. After that, a feeling of guilt would set in, making him realize that reality must continue."I don't mind if my life is excha
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Something I Hope Will Appear Soon
"What is this?""Oh... this is a magic stone. It occasionally appears when some materials from the defeated monster's body are obtained! However, not many monsters can possess this; only a few of them with unique characteristics! This stone can help unleash certain powers!"Still confused, Highess only has a common understanding of the object's function.Many games also use a similar theme. Rare items that can help unleash power."Alright, I'll take this!"As he touched it, his palm instantly felt a strange effect—a slightly warm sensation and a glow."Oh... confirming the skill! What does this mean, a special attack with a sharp, crescent-moon sword!"These letters spontaneously appeared as he touched it, with an option to cancel. For a few seconds, he hesitated with a face staring at the screen, a bit confused, trying to imagine whether this special ability would be useful or if he should wait for another magic stone."For now, I might need it! It would be a shame to delay something
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