The Versatile Billionaire

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The Versatile Billionaire

By: The Supreme writer CompletedUrban/Realistic

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Marcus Renold. Son of The Former Lord Chancellor of Great Britain was accused for the death of his father. thrown into prison for ten years since he was twelve years of age, With his Position as the heir taken away from him. Acquiring a System changes his life for good, Giving hope to his hopeless life. Marcus Renold is out for revenge, with the goal of locating his sisters, He is ready to fight against the Renold Family. The Most Powerful Family in the United Kingdom! He is the Man of Systems

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  • Goldie Boy


    Nice one author, I have always loved ur stories, keep it up

    2023-07-16 04:15:50
  • Awesome Chi


    Wow a system Billionaire romance, This is too damn interesting ......

    2023-06-28 14:17:42
  • Gospelø


    very interesting , waiting for the next chapter

    2023-06-22 17:03:19
  • Nene Flor


    this is all about revence... i hope Dylan will avange his mother when he grow up

    2024-02-21 22:47:16
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238 chapters
Chapter 1: Injustice
HMP BelmarshUnited Kingdom is a beautiful place, A Nation filled with Wondrous Gifts of Nature, With over 68million people roaming around in The Beautiful Nation of The United Kingdom, There are many tourists centers and better places to go.But the HMP Belmarsh is not a place to go, The Home of the most deadliest criminals in the United Kingdom, HMP Belmarsh is flooded with Prison Guards armed Glock 19 Pistols, Penknives and so on.Over the course of Thirty Years, More than a thousand Prison Guards has being murdered in this Prison Facility, That is why it is called the Most Dangerous Prison in the whole of the United Kingdom.A Prison were only the most notorious criminals are sent to spend the rest of their lives in, Criminals like Serial Killers, Heavy Armed Robbers, Children Molesters and so on were sent to this Prison by the Government.It is said that only those who spent their lifetimes in Prison were sent into The HMP Belmarsh, Those who has received the sentence of life wit
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Chapter 2: System Activation
Marcus was woken to the sound of the Prison's System Alarm, Looking around to the Gloomy Prison Cell he is placed in, The Stench was like that of a dead rat, This is really a living hell to him.Few minutes earlier, A Prison Guard came to his Cell to inform him that he has a Visitor, It suprises Marcus since he never had a guest Except for his Attorney who has been working on his case.Marcus slowly got up from his bed when he took a deep breath!He walked up to the door when the door automatically unlocked itself, He opened the door and left, He passed the hallway and he climbed down the stairs, While approaching the Visiting Room, He could feel the Deadly gazes of the Prison Guards.Everyone were hostile towards him, And besides it's not something new to Marcus Renold already, After all...He has being despises by the world, Hated by all...He has nothing left Except for his sisters.Marcus entered the Visiting Room to see an old man sitted while patiently waiting for him, The Old Man
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Chapter 3: How can I set myself free
For the first time in history, Marcus called for his Attorney, An Attorney who he never paid but chose to stand in for him, That Attorney's name is Mr Levi Garrison, A Young Lawyer who is in his thirties.Mr Levi Garrison was the only one amongst his Attorney Colleagues to see the lies set against Marcus, He had this warm feeling that Marcus might be innocent of the accusation led against him.Although he tried to bring this up with his colleagues but they rebuked him.He felt he needs to fight for Justice so he chose to stand in for Marcus as His Attorney, even though Marcus wouldn't pay him, Marcus sometimes rejected and insulted Levi in other to chase him away but it was futile.Levi stood strong and firmly believed that Justice must previal, Understanding how well corrupt the Judiciary system has being, He tried to fight his way but it was too strong against him, It was like he never stood a chance.Levi Garrison is quite brilliant and smart but not even he alone could stand again
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Chapter 4: Time for Judgment
The Court Case of Marcus Renold spread vastly throughout the Internet, Other Nation's Finest Officials will also be present in the Supreme Court, With the Chief Justice being in charge of this Case.The Judiciary system is corrupt, Everyone knows that too well now, It's being already decided that Marcus will suffer a Deadly fate, Few Members of The Renold Family will be present in the Supreme Court.Their presence will be their last respect for a Renold before his doom!Tens of Toyota Land Cruiser Prados alighted in the HMP Belmarsh, Tons of State Securities emerges from the Vehicles while Dressed in their black an white suits, Soldiers were brought as well.News reporters and Journalists all flooded with their cameramen as they stood right before the Entrance of The HMP Belmarsh, The Securities were Controlling the excessive amount of Reporters.All news channel were Vastly active this time, Ready to dish out every single Information they got in other to stand out from the rest, The
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Chapter 5: Coming to a conclusion
" My Lord, We are here today to stand Against the Accused, Mr Marcus Renold who has being charged for the Death of his father, Sir Fedrick Renold, The Former Lord Chancellor of Great Britain "" I Counsel Antonio perez declares that the Defendant over here is guilty of killing his own father " Mr Antonio perez was the first to speak, Standing before the Chief Justice, He spoke in an humble manner.But you could feel his sheer will of malice against Marcus Renold!" Objection my Lord, Counsel Antonio perez has no evidence to prove himself of this this accusations laid against the Defendant, My Client " Levi Garrison voiced out from where he was standing." Objection overruled!! Counsel Levi Garrison, You may have your seat now " The Chief Justice stated, Staring deep down at Levi Garrison when Levi without hesitation quietly sat down on his seat." Counsel Antonio, I understand the situation on ground but what exactly are your evidence against the Defendant over here, There hasn't bein
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Chapter 6: Domination
A Thirty minutes break was issued after the Court Case got close, Waiting for the Chief of Justice to give his final verdict, This Case is currently broadcasted life on television, The Entire World were watching.Watching to see the manner of punishment which Marcus will likely face!Marcus remains on the Jury Box while being guarded by several Soldiers, You could feel his heart racing since there wasn't really anything done to help him, He knew the Chief Justice was working against him." I guess I will be sentenced to death then " Marcus said to himself, He took a deep breath when Levi walked up to him, Marcus wasn't the only one tensed, Levi Garrison was also tensed, If he lost this case.No one will ever hire him, He already lost his job that gave him a good pay because he wants to fight for Justice, Marcus only the other hand has being expecting this, He knew the justice system won't be on his favor.The World has being against him, He has no right to believe that there will be a
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Chapter 7: A Simple Billionaire
Waking up to the alarm, Marcus growled as he slowly rolled over on the bed, Crashing on the ground, Marcus groaned softly when he slowly opened his eyes, He has never tasted freedom in ten years.He hasn't slept in a comfortable bed such as this before, Marcus smiled when he looks around to see a beautiful room giving to him by Levi, Apparently...Levi with that money bought himself a new house.It seems like Levi has been suffering until Marcus transferred that money to him.Now Levi is living his dream life, Enjoying the Cuisines he prepared for himself, All this tasty foods he always dreamt about, He is now enjoying them all, All thanks to him believing in his Client.Now not until Justice has being delivered, The Company of Attorneys that sacked him once were now calling him back, He hasn't given them an answer yet, If he had failed, He will be a mockery to them.Levi knew that and that's why he too grateful for what is happening to his life, Marcus stood when he left the room, Dre
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Chapter 8: A Shocking Revelation
A Month has passed since the Court Case of Marcus Renold, But that didn't put Marcus Renold out of the Spotlight, Creating The Dynamic International Group, A Massive Company that deals with Transportation systems.Having vast amounts of airlines and Railways under them, In just three weeks, Marcus Renold instantly became the talk of the world, News Stations were currently broadcasting him world-wide.The Dynamic Intentional Group....Often called D.I.G is the Company that registers Private Jets, Their Clients are often high class Millionaires and Billionaires from all around the world, They were all attracted to Marcus's new company.A Company that boasted billions In just a single week!!The World having the belief that after being Acquitted of his charges, Marcus Renold will be a pauper, A Disgrace to the Renold Family since almost the entire country despised him but they were all disappointed.Marcus flaunted billions to the world after Creating the Dynamic Intentional Group, Making
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Chapter 9: A Meeting with the Elders
Azeria PalaceIn the Azeria Palace is the Current Royal Castle of the Renold Family, The Home of the One who becomes the Lord of the Renold Family, A twenty bedroom castle built with intense luxury for their Lord.The Azeria Palace was built with six billion dollars, Only the best civil engineers were hired for this job, It has Sixteen swimming pools, Four Theaters, A Football field and a golf pitch, Even a basketball court is included.With a Garage Capable of housing a hundred classy cars!!Present inside the Courtroom of the Azeria Palace, Five Figures could be seen sitted on their throne like chairs while Facing the entrance, They were dressed in their classy and expensive clothings.Popularly known and addressed as the Five Elders of the Renold Family, They possess Lord's Making Authority, They are the Main Heads of the Five Households of the Renold Family, Their powers are Absolute.Elder Salvador of the House Fetyr could be seen stroking his heavy beards, All Members of the Reno
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Chapter 10: My First Screwing
A Nightclub is situated at the Outskirt of Birmingham, Brimming with heavy drinkers and strippers, This is one of the famously known Night Club filled with millionaires who chose to gamble around.Heavy drinks like Tequilas were the order of the day, It's twelve O'clock Mid night already, The Dj presently jamming beats made this Night Club far more interesting, Ladies were busy twerking heavily.Dancing like their lives depends on it!Meanwhile while Levi is seen holding a bottle of champagne, Vibing to the hip hop being played in the Club, Marcus on the other hand could be seen drowning in his own sorrows, He has already drank five bottles of Vodka.Marcus is sitted on a stool while Facing the Bartender, They were all sitted before the Desk of the Bartender while he is serving them as many wine they demanded, They were both enjoying themselves.Levi held his tequila bottle when he turns to face Marcus, He slightly giggled while staring at Marcus's sorrowful state, Marcus told him ever
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