The unexpected student billionaire

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The unexpected student billionaire

By: Elvis Brown Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Richard an orphan and a poor University student.He was looked down on by the society and laughed upon because he was poor.He manages to work part-time as a waiter to cater for the unending needs of his girlfriend whose relationship was kept a secret from public. He caught his girlfriend Jane with an student from the school who happens to come from a very wealthy family.She felt it was best she end her relationship with Richard who was for it difficult to provide for all he needs and bond to Dominic who was more wealthier. Heartbroken Richard soon found out of his new status as the heir of the prestigious Morgan Empire with several top businesses with billions of dollars under his name. With his new found status and power he seeks to humiliate all those who had looked down on him. He looks for every means to humiliate Dominic and Jane.He plot schemes to his advantage to humilaite Dominic and Jane untill they both became the laughing stock in school.He made sure everyone in willowbrook University detest Dominic and Jane. He made sure Dominic fathers company got bankrupt and was sold to him.He set up the company in such a way that Dominic and his father became his worker and were so wretched to the extent that they were living at his mercy.

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Chapter one
Richard Morgan boards a bus to the Star Royal Hotel where he works as a waiter there.Today was a special day because it was this day two years ago that Jane Andrew agreed to be his girlfriend.After work today he planned on going on a date with her.Filled with joy all over his face,Richard went into the Star Royal restaurant where he works.As he put on his black trousers and black shirt, the dress code for his work,he waited to be called upon by the customers in need of his service.Just then,a young man and a girl walked into the restaurant.The man was wearing a Gucci shirt,a Rolex watch,and a Benz key fold hanging on his waist.The woman was dressed in a short red gown that revealed her curvaceous shape.The two clung to each other and flirted with each other like they were a couple.“Jane?” Richard could not believe him and he hastily ran to them.Earlier that day,Jane had told him that she was going to see her aunt who just gave birth but she would return back later in the day.Sh
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Chapter two
As Richard walked aimlessly on the street of Vatican town,he couldn't help but keep thinking about what Jane said that he can't take care of her.He couldn't believe that someone he loved and out of his whole heart could betray him like this.He loved Maya with his whole heart and he thought she loved him as well.He had never hated being so poor his entire life.He looked around his surroundings and saw that he was now at an open field.The moon shone brightly on the field,creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere.He sat down on the bench and closed his eyes.The day's events started running through his mind and a myriad of emotions ran through his heart.He regretted being poor today.How good would it have been if he had an abundance of wealth?If it was so no one would look down on him.He wouldn't lose Jane to someone like Dominic.Afterall women love money and he wouldn't have been disturbed about any of them since he will have a good number of them fighting over him.He sighed.It was o
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Chapter three
Richard stepped inside the room and entered what seemed like a study.There was a huge and neat desk with glass top and a mahogany stand in the room and behind the desk sat an old man.There were some documents littered on the table and it seemed that the old man was going through them before James walked into the room.Richard had expected the master to be someone who was high and haughty with plenty of women surrounding him ready to obliged to any of his demands.After all,it was a known thread that happen with wealthy men like this.However his imagination was a little too wild and completely different from the actual scene.The master was no high and haughty person,but a simple old man.He was different from the actual person he has thought him to be.As Richard was staring at the master,the master was staring at him in return.He narrowed his eyes and adjusted his glasses to take a closer look at Richard.After a few seconds of studying Richard turned to James who had been staring at hi
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Chapter four
Richard struggled to make sense out of what his grandfather had said.He was still yet to overcome the shock of finding the identity of his parents,yet his grandfather had dropped another shocking news.for him.He wondered how many times he would be surprised before he would be able to take a break.“The Morgan Empire heir?” Richard asked.“Yes, you are the Morgan Empire heir” Richard grandfather answered.Richard was shocked once again.As a student in school he knows what a business empire was.He was aware that anyone who claims to have an empire was very wealthy.A business empire is a collection of businesses with the shared highlighted management especially one ultimately under the control of one individual.Richard looked at his grandfather differently.This revelation explained why everything here was so luxurious and why his grandfather butler was able to drive a car as expensive as a Rolls-Royce.Richard was confused as he wasn't familiar with the Morgan Empire.The fact he was po
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Chapter five
Richard woke up after he had slept for a long time and was refreshed.He has never enjoyed his sleep like this because the bed on which he layed was so soft that he wasn't willing to wake up.He has taken a long time in the shower,admiring the luxurious decoration in the bathroom as well as the beautiful bathtub and full wall mirror.After taking his showers,he draped a white bathrobe and cleaned his body properly before changing into his dress, he had no other outfit as he never expected to spend the night away from his dorm.He pulled the expensive black curtains and looked outside the window from his room.He noticed it was daybreak and remembered he was still a student of Willowbrook University.Richard recalled everything that happened last night.His whole life literally turned upside down.From being a broke waiter whose girlfriend abandoned him to owning several top companies and businesses in the world.It was unbelievable.He pulled out his phone and remembered had switched it off
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Chapter six
He thanked James for his help so far as they both went their separate ways.He checked his phone and he noticed he still had two hours left before the class got started.His hands got hold of something inside his pocket.He remembers it was the golden customized debit card he was given.He was eager to test it.On his way,he noticed a nearby bank along the road.He entered the banking hall of the bank.He went straight to the teller counter.The teller lady,a woman in heavy makeup and a professional suit,saw Richard come in and said lazily, “How can I help you?”She sounded cold.From her look on Richard,she felt he was somebody that was not worth her attention.Richard was wearing a faded shirt and a black rough trouser,looking like a pauper.The woman acted uninterested,thinking it was just an insignificant customer.Nevertheless,Richard did not mind her bad service and attitude. “I would want to perform a withdrawal,” he said sternly.“Withdrawal?Don't you see the ATM over there?” The tell
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Chapter seven
On arriving at his hostel,he discovered that everywhere was quiet and no one was left at home.He was surprised that they left for the class on time but when he tried to check his wrist watch he discovered that he had 10 minutes to make it to the class.Mrs Harper class is a class no one dares to go late for because once she arrives before you you'll be left to wait outside the hall until she's done with the class.Richard was very well aware of it and he hurriedly left his hostel for the class to see if you can still meet up with the class.He left with his bag and the bag containing the huge sum of money.5 minutes later you're right at the classroom but he was still late when recharge got to the classroom entrance he felt the whole class staring at himMrs Harper was already in the classroom and as usual,Richard will not be allowed into the hall.“Excuse me!” Richard called out as you stood by the door.Mrs Harper have been focused on her teachings that she forget to noticeMrs Harpe
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Chapter eight
“Natasha,Isabella, what are the two of you talking about?” Charles yelled furiously.“Was I wrong,will this penniless waiter have the money to join the lunch party?”“We have so many parties together as a class but have you ever seen him join one”Natasha responded while rolling her eyes.“I'll pay for Richard if it doesn't have the money.Is it really necessary for all of you to humiliate him like this?” said Oliver who step forward. He could not stand them anymore.“Hey Oliver,since you are so wealthy why don't you pay for me as well?”Dominic shouted with a poker face after he and heard what Oliver said.Oliver turned to glance at Dominic. A hint of uncertainty flashed across its eyes.Even though Oliver's family was doing quite well,his family's wealth was nothing compared to Dominic who was from the Prestigious Prescott family therefore he could only shut up.“I'll pay for Richard. We are all classmate.Was all of these necessary?”Christabel yelled with a frown.She could not stand th
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Chapter nine
It wasn't long, they arrived at the most famous restaurant in Willowbrook,Seven Star restaurant.The moment Richard classmate entered seven star restaurant,their eyes were wide in astonishment.Even though many in WillowbrookUniversity were from wealthy family,it did not mean that all students were very wealthy.There were student from average income families who had never been to a place like that.Meanwhile,Charles and Oliver were trailing behind Richard with anxious expressions.“Richard do you really have enough money to treat everyone to a meal?” Oliver hesitated before whispering to Richard.“Don't worry.Since I dared to come, I must have the money to foot the bill,Richard responded calmly. Just as Oliver wanted to speak further, a beautiful lady in white dress walked over Richard and everyone else with a smile.When the beautiful Lady saw Richard,a hint of contempt flashed across her eyes.She then turn to Dominic and bowed while saying, “Mr Prescott are you here for a meal?”
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Chapter ten
Everyone started eating at once after all food was served.They did not care if Richard and Dominic could pay but they just enjoy themselves as long as you were not the ones who would pay for it.Jane was sitting next to Dominic.Her expression was awful as she knew that Dominic could not afford to pay for today's meal.Even if Richard could pay for it,he will probably have to spend all his savings.Was it worth spending all his savings just to save face?Thinking about it,Jane looked at Richard with even more disdain.She felt that Richard should not have competed with a rich kid like Dominic.Even if he won this time, it would not change the fact that he was a poor guy.One hours into the feast,everyone had their fill.They all looked at Richard and Dominic starting to worry that they would not have the money to settle the bill. The beautiful lady who attended to them earlier walked up to Richard and Dominic in her high heels and she said in soft voice “The total bill is one hundred and
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