Ultimately Rich Commoner: Path To Supremacy

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Ultimately Rich Commoner: Path To Supremacy

By: Snowpinch OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Donald Warren sniffs of trash popularly known as lord of the fallen city of Atlantis, desperate to drown when Mercedes Maybach Exelero pulled beside him, enigmatic as it's inviting Warren is deep in pocket and no longer a trash.

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Chapter 1 Money can buy anything
A deep garnet-purple wine washed down Warren's face before he could drop the platter in his hand on the table."This is Chateau Margaux. You should count yourself lucky that it's washing away the poverty in your blood. " Floyd Galen swirled the glass in his hand in the air.He relaxed his back against the lounge with a woman sitting on his lap, a wide smile spread across her face. Warren looked at them and did not answer them."What about it?" The woman, Maeve deliberately inquired."It costs $219,000, it's one of the most expensive wines in the world.'' The man in a well-groomed suit that cost an awesome amount chided.She gaped in extreme shock. Then lifted her gaze at Warren. "Oh my God, you must be extremely rich and hard-working.""Darling why are you stressing, Warren here doesn't appreciate what that means." She mocked while pouring Floyd Galen another glass.Warren's heart aches, the woman that is mocking him is Maeve, Maeve is his girlfriend's best friend and knows how he str
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Chapter 2 Sacked and Fallen
Wincing in pain, Warren forced himself up to the Baritone Resort, he got to the manager. "Warren, you look terrible, what happened to you?""Don't worry, I have come to you for half payment of my salary."The manager gave him pitiful eyes, Warren had worked for him for almost a year now and within that period he was punctual, getting home deliveries done as extra while serving the people that came and went into the resort.Giving him half of his salary for treatment was not a big deal; he expected the man to understand he had no money.The man sighed. "My hands are tied, I can't help you." Warren hit his hand on the table wincing from the pain in his rib. "I need it for treatment! Can't you fucking see?"The man went flat for moments."Loser! Do you think I need you? You can die if you want, this is not a charity organisation!" He screams.Warren hit his hand on the table again. "What! I worked for it, it's my sweat."The man tore out a paper and slammed it on the table. "Get out, yo
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Chapter 3 Unexpected trillionaire!
Warren has no friends in the whole of Cleveland that was because they are higher than him in the social pyramid, no one would dare mock him in such a manner to the extent of driving an exotic car to the middle of the road.The man crawled closer to him, "Young master Warren hit me as you like, I failed to protect you." The man repeated, four men rushed behind him and fell to their knees behind him.His orifices dilate at the grandiloquent car, despite his poor status, he has high taste, Mercedes is one of the brands that will keep you hooked to Warren he was determined to get rich but in a day! That is scary!This is just a dream! He thought.Although he finds everything too fantasy to believe he clears his throat. "Who are you? even at the brink of death, you are mocking me.""No! Young master Warren." The man raised his head. The headlight from the car reflected on the man's features. The first beam revealed the man's wrinkled line, Warren squints his eyes, "you! I know you."The m
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Chapter 4 The richest man in Cleveland
Harlan got to his feet, took four steps back and now Warren grabbed a gun from the security and pointed it to his head. Pulling the trigger."Stop!" Warren commands. Harlan held a confused stare, "there is no need," he dropped his hand.What Harlan didn't know was that Warren wanted to ask himself if Harlan would listen to him and obey him. He looked at the Gold card in his hand and the autopsy.Seeing the picture of his parents, he collapsed, and Harlan rushed towards him. Warren couldn't put himself together. Who on earth could be this cruel to have them annihilated, he digs his finger into the ground. all his life he had lived with that guilt. Guilt of the event from that night."Cover the young master, nobody must see him cry on his knees." He commanded and instantly a cover was made with the bodyguards intertwining their arms together. "They will pay for killing them unjustly. You're the Lord of Welsh, there is nothing you want that you won't get."Harlan had headed the Donald fa
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Chapter 5 Old rag out!
Warren stood up and dusted himself, he walked towards the door and yanked the door handle. A voice cut across the room. "Where do you think you're going?"Warren turned to look at the old woman standing by the lobby, the old woman screamed in great dismay. "You lay your filthy hand on my granddaughter, and you're leaving, take responsibility for your actions! Street beggars like you can't insult me and go for free."Warren learnt life the hard way; he always had a soft spot for elderly women and respected the old a lot. He looked at Sawyer wallowing before she moved out of the living room in annoyance."No Grandma, I am not running away, I want to get fresh air besides I just got married, isn't that right Sawyer." Warren points his gaze at her.Sawyer rolled her eyes hearing Warren say this. "You don't have what if takes to be my husband." Warren was sure the table turned against her, he wanted to use him and now that her grandfather found out about him there was nothing she could do
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Chapter 6 Game changer
"We're meeting Cosmos Dane, I wanted both of you to meet earlier but you said you were tired. He is not your regular kind of guy, Loyalty from Comos is always earned. Once earned you can't vouch for it."Warren walks side by side with Harlan. "Why must I meet him, he is paid for his hard work, that is enough compensation.""You're a Lord, young master no one can intimidate you," Harlan said before he clicked the door open and they got inside a large suite.The door shuts behind him frantically setting his heart into a hiccup of beats, Warren was offered a seat to the left in the suite.He raised his head at the bodyguard who poured wine into the glass for them. "Is this another exotic wine?"Warren asked, Harlan chuckled pouring it into the glass. "You must be acquitted from your previous line of work," Harlan said, impressed by Warren's statement."What is the cost of the wine? Our young master here is curious.""This is Chateau Margaux, it cost $219,000." Warren was not fazed at the
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Chapter 7 A street beggar for a husband
Warren got slammed at the door before he even entered the Lance family mansion."Is that the delivery man for the pizza?" Sawyer's sister-in-law mocked looking at Warren's old trousers and shirt that didn't harmonise with their lavish home.Sawyer bit down on her crab in the fork when she threw a gaze up to see Warren. He quietly darts to the pull-out seat beside his wife. "I'm sorry I couldn't get here on time, there was traffic on the road."Sawyer kept quiet as she bit on her food overlooking Warren's explanation. Warren keeps the box of wine beside him. he thought since he became the Lance son in law a small gift from him would create a sensation after all Sawyer approach that night made him angry and wander off the cliff to end his life, that was the terrible and memorable night of his life. he thought when he raised his hand to get the cutlery."See them, what do I call this, he shamelessly sits beside you, Sawyer you should take a picture together." Her siblings mocked. "what
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Chapter 8 He can't pay for a dim
Sawyer looked to the staircase of the Lance family mansion and found Jake Lance standing up there with his hands in his pocket like he owned the place.Sawyer blinked her eyes at Warren with a surface smile. "It's only a matter of time, don't worry I have got a few friends that will help and we will have our own flat." Sawyer moved ahead of Warren without batting another eye at Jake.Last year, she took a loan from the Lance private sector and got a Corolla Big for nothing car that she was driving to the company, instead of easing things for her by borrowing from her family company, she got derided and fifty per cent of the loan was deducted, she is barely left with thousands of dollar from her salary now that grandfather Oliver Lance has completely cut her off her monthly earning.The extent of having a house was almost impossible for her.Warren simply nodded, he didn't bulge, Sawyer's idea of moving out was good if not perfect.But what Warren didn't know was moving out from where?
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Chapter 9 Mouth-watering offer
Warren hits the wall with his elbow as he makes his call with his phone.The super bold living room was subtle with warm light when the door opened. Floyd Galen walked inside."So it's true, you've moved in with Sawyer." He hovers around Waren with a sly look.Floyd Galen's father was part of the Lance group, after he struck a great deal with the Welsh group two years ago, his status in the whole of Cleveland skyrocketed and he left the Lance group for his conglomerate.Floyd Galen had been proud and pompous ever since then, "Did Sawyer know you're here?" Warren raised his head from the ground his voice cold as dice."I'm not here for a friendly visit, Warren, but to pass a warning to a lowly someone like you to back off my family."Warren frowns his forehead. His family? "Are you a Lance? Your father left the group two years ago. What has changed? Or you're back to grovel at their feet like a loser that you are?"Warren's question hit a nerve sending a stream of annoyance into Floyd
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Chapter 10 Lesson learnt the hard way
Warren, stuck to his feet did not move forward before he turned back hesitating.The Lance family were so busy bustling with the new task allotted to them by Grandfather Oliver Sawyer, although he hadn't made it known yet he is a man with a big heart and makes sure effort doesn't come without a reward.When Sawyer struck the deal her status in the whole of the Lance group skyrocketed and no one would bother if she married a total loser.Her heart thumped loudly in her chest, if she failed to strike the deal and got tossed from the Welsh group, things would be even worse for her."Sawyer, you're incredible, it's just a matter of time till you strike the deal, don't you think?"What makes Warren so optimistic, a random beggar who has gone through hardship all his life should know better what people like the Welsh group are capable of."I'm still curious about it, Warren." He considered telling her that he was the richest man in Cleveland but that would never fly.They will mock and laug
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