Vengence's Odyssey

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Vengence's Odyssey

By: Penny gold CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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A man's worth is never measured in gold...or so Christian believed. Christian Mills faced his first disappointment when he got divorced by his wife and scorned by his in-laws. But that was merely a Genesis to the brewing storm in his life. After a nasty divorce, and an entanglement with a mafia's treasured daughter. Christian ends up having more enemies than allies, and more threats over his life. To his ex-wife and the rest of the world,he is not the master of the palace of God or the head of the fallen stars. He is merely a losser and a nobody. Through the politics of the elite world and an unquenchable thirst for vengeance, Christian seems to uncover the mystery behind his parents demise and he will stop at nothing to find the answers he seeks. What Will it take to fish his enemies out? And what if his foes are closer than he thinks? Slowly his secret is revealed in the City, but Christian is on a mission and he has sworn to avenge his parent's death. Blood,bodybag and all

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112 chapters
Chapter one
The heart monitor by the bedside table beeped, increasing the sense of foreboding within Christian, each beep sounded like his grandmother's life was fading away. "Christian," the old woman croaked weakly, her tone airy, her throat dry. Christian leaned closer to her, her frail hands in his tight grip and listened as she whispered, "You promised to let me see her, Christian, you promised I would see your beloved wife before I leave this earth." She said faintly, with a smile that brightened her pale and wrinkled face for a split second. "You will." He replied, his voice a deep baritone that hid his emotions, hid the sadness and dread within him to lose the only family he had, the only human who truly loved him. "You made a promise Christian, I raised you to be a man of your words." She reminded him, her feeble eyes staring pointedly at his handsome chiseled face. Christian nodded, "I'll bring her to you now, rest, I'll have the doctors check on you." He said and rose fro
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Chapter two
Maybe it was the cold air blasting from the air conditioner in the car or the coldness from his very soul. Christian wasn't sure but he certainly felt frozen inside. The car rumbled to a halt in front of his gate and he sat for a few more minutes, looking over the news site. Stephanie Matt's, she was unmarried according to the news. The press had never been informed of her marriage, she had never officially announced it. Christian clenched his fists and his jaw ticked in contained fury as he got out of the car and opened his front door. Stephanie was on the couch, a perfect picture of poise, grace and beauty. Her blonde hair was pulled into a perfect ponytail and her velvety red dress complemented her soft blue eyes perfectly. Her face was a cold and nasty mask as she sneered at him, "Where have you been?" Christian strolled closer to her, his face unreadable, serene, too calm and unperturbed as she stared at him, goading him into action. He felt a certain sense of resig
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Chapter three
Stephanie panicked as she saw the angry face of her parents. Her father was reddening with anger and her mother looked ready to kill. She regretted having to confront Christian after his loss and she wished she didn't have to do it but her parents were there and they had no intentions of going easy on him. "Where have you been, boy! For three days?" Mr. Rolando asked, his face mad. Then he realized Christian was neither intimidated nor affected by his query, instead he was wearing a piercing look that scared them both. "Who do you think you are, Christian? Neglecting our daughter and going off to nowhere for three whole days, you disgust me! " Stephanie's mother snapped and then moved into the room, going to stand beside her daughter, one hand on her shoulder and her glare directed at Christian. "What's this fiasco?" Christian asked, his voice as icy as when they'd first arrived, clearly unruffled by their outburst. This only scared the Rolando's who went ahead to bark at C
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Chapter four
The click of the door, despite being a small sound, seemed to resound in Stephanie's head. She had agreed to divorce Christian but she felt she'd hurt him too much, seeing as he was still mourning grandma's loss. She also felt guilty for not being there with her, for her when she was in her last minutes. She felt drained and guilty and she wanted to be alone. Stephanie fell on the couch with an exhausted sigh as her parents laughed and mocked at Christian, confirming his signature and being thankful that he'd left without any fight. "You know, I thought he'd want to be smart, good thing I was here to handle him." Her father said with a proud smile and then looked at Demon who was still hovering around Stephanie, hoping to talk to her. "And look, I invited Demon over, I thought he could cheer you up and you know...get to know you, I know Christian was never capable of being the right one for you, you deserve better. " Mr Rolando said and smiled at Demon who gave her a wink
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Chapter five
Christian hoped it was a bad joke, but she didn't seem eager to laugh it out anytime soon, she even looked a little nervous, biting her bottom lip and her gaze a little uncertain. Bafflement was clearly on Christian's face as Alice struggled to explain what she meant. "It's...not a real boyfriend Christian, I mean, I need your help." She said quickly, hoping to calm Christian who looked too shocked to function. "Look, I don't mean a real boyfriend, it's gonna be a faux, I just couldn't think of someone else that would be better for this than you, and I thought I could finally take that debt you said you owed me," she stated with a shrug and Christian nodded. "My father thinks I just attend his fundraiser night, I don't know why he lets them drag him to these fancy fake things but...he insisted I must come too. There's a man I'm trying to avoid and...I want you to come with me, just to make me have a plus one, maybe he'll back off once he sees I'm not alone." She explained calml
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Chapter six
Harry Banter was not just another number at the party, he was popular, he was feared and he was a fierce fighter. Alice could feel her bones chill as she heard his voice from behind her. She braced herself for his assault, he was not the kind to back down without a fight. Harry Banter, the son of a mafia boss, he was the infamous Hunter, the martial art fighter and a notorious show off. It was not in his nature to take no for an answer, one of the reasons Alice was trying damn hard to avoid him, even going as far as taking Christian along with her, hoping to use him as a shield so Hunger would back down, but she should have known better. The Banter and wills were one of the richest and ruthless mafia in the city and. Harry's father had always wanted him to marry Alice and finally unite the two families, making them an even greater name. But Alice was not into Harry, she had no intentions of being with him and talking more of marrying him. "Don't be rude, Alice, introduce us
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Chapter seven
Christian stood still, his eyes unblinking as Harry jeered at him, his wry smile mocking, goading Christian into action but Christian wasn't that easily baited, he remained unmoved, his back straight, his stance firm. "You have no idea how many men have fallen by my hands, boy." He smirked mockingly, circling Christian like a culture would the carcass of its prey. Many in the crowd cheered and taunted Christian because they believed and had a first hand experience of Harry's skills in the ring, he'd won many cage fights underground and he was famous for his ruthlessness and lack of mercy for his opponent. He always fought to the last drop of blood - of his rival. "Don't you think for a second that you will walk free, no, you've met your end, Mr stranger." Harry said with a mocking laugh as he strolled to the open field where the crowd was pulling together, same taking out their cell phones for pictures. "I've killed seven men, all with my bare hands." He said, his voice a low a
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Chapter eight
The crowd stood in absolute awe, many astonished faces gazing at Christian and down at Harry who was sprawled on the field, clearly unconscious. The disbelief was murmured around as many could not tell how he did it but evidently he'd taken Harry out with one strike and he was not only down but he remained there until his goons went to check if he was okay. Christian looked across the field and caught Alice's eyes. She was staring at him with an odd expression, a mixture of surprise and fright. But as he smiled, she burst out laughing, her eyes wide with pleasant surprise. She'd found the perfect man who could stand his own even in the presence of men like Harry, she knew she had found herself a treasure. In all her years of acquaintance with the Hunter family, she'd never seen a single man who could take out Harry, not with his MMA record or his brutality in the ring. She was blissfully surprised that Christian was able to take Harry out with no stain on his immaculate white
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Chapter Nine
Fury coursed through his veins, Christian could feel the blood pumping at the sheer disregard and insulting manner which the receptionist treated him, shoving his card on the floor and calling him names. "If I were you, I'd pick up that card, instantly." He growled, his voice low and menacing, his jaw twitching and his fist clenched. "And why would I do that? That's a fake card and you are here looking for a top-floor room, who do you think you are? Huh? You can't fool me!" She sneered and turned her attention back to the fancy woman who was there to book a suite for the next weekend. "Why don't you leave, young man, I don't think this place permits..." "Shut up." Christian snapped, his tone was icy, his stance even more scary. He was about to make the receptionist pick up his card, his card was much more than a piece of black chip, it was his identity, it represented him and he considered her foolish for daring him. Just as things were about to get out of hand, a m
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Chapter Ten
Christian walked towards the penthouse with a calm look on his face, all the events that had happened today replay in his head and somehow he felt dizzy to the extent he almost collapsed on the floor but he held the wall and supported himself with it.He open the door and walked inside the dimly-lit from then he made the source of the floor-to-ceiling French window and open the curtains staring at the bustling City of the United States of America."Today has been hectic, divorce, parties and fights. I know that Alice's friend won't take this night easily but then what does that have to do with me? All I have in mind right now is how to manage the company and at the same time watch my ex-wife's company," He muttered, then opened the door and walked out feeling the fresh breeze brush against his cheeks.Just as he was admiring the city before him he felt a buzz in his pocket and he took out his phone only to see that it was his assistant that was calling. Without hesitation he picked t
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