Aiden's Takeover

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Aiden's Takeover

By: Silvia Brown Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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After a teenage boy got separated form his parents when a Billionaire chaos arised in Guildford, causing him to have an Amnesia and foundf himself with a new family and identity in another country. After ten years that he returned back to Guildford without knowing his true identity and started working as a Waiter and delivery boy. He was forced into a uncompromised married to the daughter of a multi millionaire. After finding out his true identity, that he was the heir of a billionaire group he took over his position to defeat their nemesis

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  • Silvia


    The story is nice, am loving Aiden already.

    2024-03-27 21:18:36
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"Hey bartender, give me some more alcohol !" a drunk lady shouted while talking to Alden. Aiden usually works as a Waiter in the Hotel but his covering up for his best friend Ethan who went to attend something very important. Aiden was supposed to be on leave today. Aiden looked at the drunk lady. She has been drinking for a while now and if he gives her more it might affect her health. Aiden tried to convince her to stop drinking and rest "Madam please you've drank too much already, if i give you more you might fall ill please rest for a while". The lady looked at Aiden with anger and pointed at him saying " How dare you ? Who do you think you are to advise me about my business? whether or not I drink to stupor is my business not you, you are just an ordinary bartender". Aiden looked at the woman with so much pity he could see the pain in her eyes while talking to him. With the way she dressed he could tell that she was from a wealthy family but that is not his concern , with the
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After Aiden and Ethan left the Hotel they entered a taxi heading home Ethan turned to look at Aiden and he noticed that he was lost in thought.Aiden was thinking about the drunk lady he met at the Hotel.It was the sudden tap on his shoulder that brought him back to his senses. He looked to meet Ethan staring at him with a bit of concern on his face. What are you thinking about Aiden, Ethan asked. He signed and responded" See Ethan I don't know why I feel that I know that drunk lady even when she called me Mave". Ethan was surprised hearing what he just said, I can't let him remember her, he thought to himself "Look man it's normal sometimes we see someone and we feel like we know the person but in reality we don't and I believe that she belongs to one of the council so how did you know her and we moved here two years ago, Ethan explained". Aiden sighed " Look man it's not only that I have a feeling that she's the same girl I had one night stand with five years ago" he tried to exp
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Aiden was really happy hearing that the lady was alright. He went back to his work .Later in the early evening, Emily went to the Hotel to pay Aiden and Ethan a visit.Aiden was so happy to see her he immediately went to give her a hug. Where is Ethan?, she asked . You know where he is Emily Aiden responded playfully hitting the back or her head and the both of them laughed.Aiden holds Emily's shoulders " look Emily I don't really like it when you come here you know it right". I know Aiden but I just came to check up on you she told him sincerely.Alright Emily I was only worried about you. This hotel is really big with a club. I don't want you to go to the club alone to meet Ethan. I will go with you alright, Aiden expressed his concern.Emily looked at her brother confused and asked" but why Aiden?.Aiden Drew her close. Look Emily we work here and we knew things that happen here the club it's not a place you should be alone now, He said with concern.Alright mom I won't go alone, s
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She don't love you
While Aiden and Emily were hugging Ethan came inside "are you alright Emily?" He asked with a concerned face. Emily pulled out from the hug and responded " yes Ethan am fine".Aiden looked at Garry with a terrifying look" Ethan take Emily outside and look for a taxi and wait for me I want to teach Garry a lesson" he instructed Ethan with his eyes still on Garry.Ethan took Emily outside following Aiden's instructions.Aiden walked closer to Garry and gave him a punch on his lips causing blood to come out and held his shirt" I warned you before when you tried it with Stacy and now my sister I won't spare you".Immediately he stopped speaking he used his kneel to hit Garry in his stomach causing him to fall to the floor and groan in pain.Aiden immediately climbed on Garry and started punching his face and stopped because if he continues Garry might just die his face was already covered in blood." Garry in the future stay away from Stacy and my sister Emily". After saying that he stoo
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Ethan was so surprised to see a ring, that only means that Aiden is planning on proposing to Stacy and he was not in support of the idea " Look Aiden don't tell me you are going to propose to Stacy yet and how much did you buy this ring? it looks expensive".Aiden smiled and took the box from Ethan before responding" it cost thirty thousand dollars Ethan and yes I want to propose to Stacy on her birthday which is coming up in three days time".Ethan snatched the box back from Aiden '' Aiden that is a lot of money for people like us and you are willing to spend it all on Stacy, Ethan was not happy with Aiden's decision".Aiden walked close to him and placed his hand around Ethan's neck and started smiling widely, making Ethan to Wonder what is making him smile."What's the matter Aiden, why are you smiling so brightly?" Ethan asked.Aiden withdrew his hand from Ethan's neck and sat down on the couch before speaking " well Ethan, Stacy is ehnn he was hesitant to complete the statement".
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Immediately Aiden answered the call he heard his mother's energetic voice" Hello Aiden, how are you and how's your sister doing? It's been long, you don't even call to check up on your mother and I am definitely not happy with you".Aiden chuckled" please mom forgive your son this last time, I was really busy with work but I was planning on calling you today, he said sounding apologetic"Alright son I have forgiven you, go and sin no more, she said and both of them burst into laughter.After they were done laughing, Maria spoke from the other side of the phone" son it's been two years and I haven't seen neither you nor Emily am missing you both I want to come to Guildford, she said with a bit of sadness in her voice ".Aiden sighed and responded " I know Mom but I need little time to be stable enough. You know I applied for a job in Vuporental Company. It's a very big company here and if I get the Job which I believe I will get, I will definitely bring you here, just have a little pa
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Deris my dear we both made a deal, i will never look for them and my part of the deal was that if our son crosses twenty four years he must return to Guildford we're she belonged then Rafael, Roberts son will handle the rest, because our son is not aware of who he is anymore, " Ares said the last part with a little bit of sadness on his voice".Wait a minute Ares, Aria interrupted drawing everyone's attention. Aria is the third female member in Ares Executives outside Deris, and Sienna who is currently absent, Aria, Sienna and Armstrong are the youngest members in Ares executives.Aria continued " Ares since I just became twenty four and since his a few years older than me, that means that he has already passed twenty four and if he has already passed twenty four, according to what you've just said, that means that they are already in Guildford now".immediately Aria finished saying her observation, everyone else thought what she said made are right Aria," Deris said hoping
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It was finally Stacy's birthday and Aiden was really happy thinking about his proposal for Stacy. He has already dressed up Putting on a blue suit with a white shirt looking really handsome. He was lost in thought thinking about what Stacy's reaction will be , though she will be surprised to see him because he promised to come in the evening and not in the morning.Ethan's voice pulled him out of his thoughts" look man am not really happy with the fact that you forced me to take a day off to accompany you to propose to Stacy"."Me too Aiden, why should we accompany you when you are the only one proposing?"Emily asked feeling slightly annoyed.Aiden sighed and looked at her" Emily you guys need to be there for me. I have never proposed to a girl before. Please, I need all your support. Look at my suit. I spent a lot of money on it, even the preparation."Fine, Aiden am going with you if that is what you want" Emily agreed. Aiden smiled and faced Ethan waiting for his response. Ethan si
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"what are you talking about Stacy?, you were the one who told me that you were pregnant with our baby" Aiden questioned her.Stacy's mind was in choas. She looked at Jaden for help but it's seems even him was waiting for response. She knew that at this point she had to lie to save her chances of been with Jaden.She faked a cry" what I you saying Aiden when did i ever say that ?, Jaden is the only man in my life. Why are you trying to ruin my life?", she asked.I know you told me that you love me the day you brought a package for me but I clearly told you that I don't like you and I have a boyfriend.Aiden was dumbfounded. What did Stacy just say, why is she lying?. He has never pressured Stacy to do anything against her will, she accepted to date him willingly.Wait what if what Gary told him about Stacy is actually true. Has Stacy been playing him all this while?.Jaden yell! brought him out of his thoughts. Throw this people out of here I don't want to see any of them again!, Jaden
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Aiden was drinking his last bottle of alcohol. Since he arrived at this bar he has received numerous messages from Emily and Ethan showing how worried they are, he had to message them back to assure them that's his okay and that he will be fine. He just finished the last bottle and was about to stand up when something hit his head and he started feeling dizzy. He could feel that he was being carried by someone but he was too drunk to do anything. Slowly his sight became blurry; everything went blank.Piston smiled face seeing the drunk man in front of him.’’ Good job ‘Mark’ I will take it from here now, you can leave’’ he said, giving him a bundle of cash.Mark happily accepted the money’’ if you encounter any problem just call me , he said and left’’Piston carried Aiden and sat him down on a chair and quickly injected something into his body. After he was done injecting him he carried him and Stephanie's room and threw him on the floor , he opened the door with the spare key Ello ga
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