Damned! The World!

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Damned! The World!

By: Thewindismisty OngoingFantasy

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What would you do, if you accidentally had a mighty entity that forcefully went inside your body and offered you immense power? In the City of Polo de Oro. Damion Yuson, a college student, accidentally met an unknown individual who gave him a satchel that a syndicate who was chasing him was looking for. From the satchel, Damion uncovered a parasitic creature with a red stone glowing that unexpectedly dove inside his body. He later was found by the Syndicate and was brought to an old construction site where he was tortured and was persuaded to admit where he hid the satchel they were looking for. When Damion was heavily tortured he was dragged into a realm which an entity called Nayhemsia owns! Inside the realm, the entity requested Damion for a blood contract that permits him to use Damion's physical body as his vessel to combat the syndicate. When Damion agrees with the contract, his physical body transforms into an amorphous flaming being and now was being used by the Nayhemsia! The Nayhemsia was an immense and mighty being that easily butchered the syndicate. However, a strong individual who calls himself a member of Hellhound meddled in the fight and killed one of Damion's opponents. The Hellhound intends to capture Nayhemsia from Damion. Will the Nayhemsia be able to defeat this Hellhound or he would fall against it and be captured?

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Chapter I (Hunting Party)
2005, 17th of JanuaryDistrict of GanacilloPolo de Oro CityThe skies above trembled with thunder while bringing down heavy rain in the dense forest. The heavy rain coated the dense forest with murk. On the hills of the forest, a middle-aged man was staggering while clasping the wounds on his left shoulder."O! Eloah! Save me!" He muttered under his breath.The middle-aged man was being chased by several men called 'grim rippers'.Not that distant, almost one hundred meters from his position, the middle-aged man spotted a humongous acacia tree. He sought to lean himself into the rugged trunk and rest.[HEAVY RAIN NOISES]"Die, thy cowards!" A loud voice suddenly echoed, causing him to veer in caution on his back. His eyes abruptly narrowed out of irritation as he recognized that voice. "Tch!"It was one of the grim rippers that was chasing him![ZAPPED—BANG!]A whistling bullet jolted him in surprise. The bullet didn't harm him but penetrated the opposite side of the rugged trunk of t
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Chapter II (Nayhemsia versus Cambion)
When Honcho called him out, Pedro furiously went inside the public toilet, only to be told that the dark wooden box they were looking for was nowhere to be found. "What do you mean that the dark wooden box wasn't at him?"He immediately checked Finn's deceased body on the ground and later got frustrated after verifying, "F*cking Piece of—"Pedro was so upset that he suddenly cocked and aimed the hammer of the silver revolver he was holding toward Honcho and Pako. "We shouldn't be in this predicament right now if those two idiots weren't so foolish in guarding the vault!"[TREMBLING NOISES]"What was that?" Pako raised his assault rifle in caution as he heard a cacophony of thudding and blagging. He points it at the cubicle toilets, where he heard the noise. He and Honcho went through each cubicle toilet one by one.Honcho couldn't open the locked door of the fourth cubicle toilet. They then heard the trembling and choking noises of an individual inside the cubicle.Pako kicked the cubi
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Chapter III (Damion and the mysterious man)
An hour ago.GASP!The same young man awoke with veins popping in his head. His pale complexion slowly turned tan, along with his senses snapping in his mind. He abruptly rises from lying on a damp surface while breathing heavily."Where am I?" The young man's eyes roamed around a forest shrouded in murk, leaving him wondering where he was. All of a sudden, an intense whoosh of breeze coming from nowhere split the murk, enabling the bright full moon above to light up the whole area.The surroundings then rendered his eyes immobilized; he was horrified. "W—what in the—!".The area was filled with countless decomposing corpses, whose nasty odor spewed in the air, making his stomach gurgle and dryly puke in discomfort. "GWAHK!"The young man instantly covered his nose with his left hand to avoid sniffing the nasty odor. "Smells like a rotten f*cking fish!"[GROUND SHUDDERING]The ground all of a sudden shuddered, causing him to fall from his buttocks. Something raspy then directly grasps
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Chapter IV (The Sudden Events)
Damion stood in shock as two gunshots echoed inside the public toilet. He then heard a man complaining. "F*ck it! He almost got me!"That man was Pako.After a few moments, inside the public toilet, a burst of gunshots lasted for over thirty seconds. The rapid, booming noises of the bullets hitting the concrete walls left Damion's ears ringing in a straight line.Damion, who was sitting down at the toilet bowl, has his eyes bulging in dread. He yelled and panicked inside his head, quivering with fear for his own life, thinking he would be left dead inside the toilet. 'This is crazy! What the f*ck is happening? Am I going to die here? 'Damion notices that the cubicle door remains unlocked. He decided to peer slowly. He was shocked when he saw Finn's body on the floor, butchered with bullet wounds.After a few moments, he saw one individual who was wearing a gray suit groping Finn's deceased body. That individual was Pako. Damion then saw Pako irking and heard him saying, "Tsk! I couldn
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Chapter V (Blood Contract)
A huge smack in the face abruptly awoke Damion. He was surprised by a bald man whom he had seen earlier. It was Pedro. Pedro was staring at him with flaring eyes."W—who are you?" Damion inquired.Pedro grinned at him and responded, "You haven't heard of me in the news?""Haven't you seen this pretty face on the wanted posters of the police? Have you not realized who I am?"Damion quickly shakes his head, stuttering, "I—I don't have any idea who you are."Pedro suddenly gave a fake smile and grasped Damion's cheeks in anger. "O—really?"Later on, it hauled out something behind his back—a silver revolver. It slowly cocked the hammer of the revolver and gently aimed it toward Damion.Damion was frightened when, suddenly, it stuck the silver revolver in his forehead. He quickly pleaded, "P—please don't kill me!"Pedro slowly reaches Damion's left ear and whispers, "Oh, you want to live?"Damion desperately responded, "Y—yes!"Pedro suddenly chuckled and abruptly pulled the trigger of his
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Chapter VI (Only the Strongest)
After Pedro shoots and punches Damion, he witnesses him having seizures. Damion's eyes appear possessed, trembling as if electrified."Can't be! Did he just?"[FWOOOM!]Pedro and his men were washed away for a few spaces and bumped their heads on the ground as Damion's body unexpectedly released a hot discharge of steam.Pedro looked at Damion with his eyes dilating in total awe and said, "Impossible!"An unexpected figure emerged, its outlines engulfed in purple and dark flames. It has dark eyes with no pupils that leave a menacing look that scruples Pedro's chest. "A Nayhemsia! I've only heard them in the stories of Don Ramon, but now..."Suddenly, that figure whom Pedro called a Nayhemsia surprised everyone in the room when its sharp tails swiftly rattled from its back and stretched out towards one of his men—it was Honcho!The tail pierced Honcho's throat! Pedro notices Honcho choking. "GHHHK!"The Nayhemsia's tail abruptly slashes Honcho's head and instantly proceeds to attack the
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Chapter VII (Ligaya and Lumbay)
When the unknown individual, who called himself a Hellhound, jabbed Pedro's chest and pulled the heart, it took the Nayhemsia aback.The Nayhemsia then used his right fist to break the exorcism circle, which impressed the unknown individual. "O!—you have broken my spell!"From the Hellhound's left palm, a small exorcism circle appeared that quickly materialized into a steel box. With his right hand, he places the heart on a steel box and puts it down on the ground.He quickly shifted his fascinated gaze toward the Nayhemsia with a grin. "It looks like you are such a strong being that you've broken my exorcism spell.""Isn't this exciting? I hope Lumbay was here.""I will not let you escape Curse Angel! The headmaster will be very mad at me if I'd let that happen!"The Hellhound's clapped his hands, where an exorcism circle abruptly illuminated and appeared above and below the Nayhemsia.[SWOOOM!]But then again, using his fists, the Nayhemsia easily destroyed the exorcism circle. The s
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Chapter VIII (The Gumshoes)
[CLICK! FLASH! CLICK! FLASH!]The camera clicks and flashes, shimmering and fluttering, taking an image of a deceased individual lying on the floor with a missing head.The area is ravaged with flames and rubble that left the police in total jaw-dropper. They arrived almost an hour ago.It was almost midnight when an explosion erupted in the district of Santa Ana, which startled the people who lived near the area; they thought that an armed terrorist had attacked their district.On the ground, a unit of law enforcement police officers was closing off each perimeter of the area; they were waiting for the humanitarian disaster agency and the military to show up.[CIRE TIRE SCREECHING!]A gray sports utility vehicle suddenly arrived, whose blinkers were flashing inside the windshield. Two men then came out of the vehicle and immediately approached a police officer who was guarding his position in the corner.They later named themselves while showing their bronze police badges."Police Off
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Chapter IX (A Massacre)
Detective Obilla's sudden revelation of the NPM attacking the public hospital left the lieutenant's mind boggling."Are you sure about that, Detective Obilla?"The NPMs were an anarchist group that opposed the government's ruling. Their movement started almost fifty years ago as a peaceful movement in the province of Bukidnun.It was not until the year 2000 that the group started to arm themselves and attack military detachments and any government law enforcement agencies in the province.They see the government as a threat.It prompted the government to declare the group a terrorist organization. It made it clear to the government that the existence of the group was a menace to the nation.The government declared martial law in the whole province of Bukidnun and conducted a heavy military operation to suppress the group's existence. After six months, the military successfully eliminated the terrorist group in the province.However, the military themselves admitted that they never full
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Chapter X (Violent as a Lunatic)
[CAR TIRE SCREECHING]Lieutenant Ramos reached and stopped in front of the hospital together with detectives and several police officers in his back.They were in awe as they saw ruined armored personnel carriers blazing on fire."What in the world did happen here?"[BOOM!—WOOSH!]A sudden, immense eruption occurred inside the hospital that left a shockwave that lasted for a few seconds. It was so strong that the windshield of the police mobile of the lieutenant left a crack.Gusty dust covered the surroundings after the extreme explosion. The lieutenant quickly got out of his police mobile while coughing from the dust particles.[COUGHING NOISES!]He then heard an individual grunting in pain. He quickly followed the voice, and not that far away, he saw a SWAT officer who was crawling. He quickly ran to this SWAT officer, dragged him to the ruined APC corner, and laid him there.The SWAT officer stared at the lieutenant with no life in his eyes. His skin color was pale, and his loose l
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