Dark Elves Harem

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Dark Elves Harem

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Logan is poor and bored, and agree with his friend to summon elves to grant them what they wished for. Logan thought it would be a silly game but it was real and two Dark Elves were summoned. Now he had to learn about magic and start training because lord Voidmoth and indeed the Dark Queen is out for his head. Time for him to unlock abilities and summon more Dark Elves to build his harem before full battle began. Passion and magic, Logan would do anything to keep his women safe and.... Satisfied. 18+

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Chapter 1
“Dude! It finally came!” His roommate barely withheld his excitement as he barreled into the living room of their apartment with a package in his hand. “Check it out, Logan.” He smiled as he tore at the brown paper surrounding his purchase. As he ripped the covering off the package, bits and pieces scattered all across the floor of the living room like confetti. For a second Logan thought about lecturing Rafe about not making a mess of their apartment, but who was he kidding? This place was already a shithole. At least some half-assed confetti would make it feel a little livelier. His roommate was your stereotypical stoner archetype. Seriously, he looked like he belonged in a hippie van solving mysteries with a Great Dane. Rafe ’s long, blond hair was always greasy and unkempt, and the smell of the sweet leaf reeked off him so frequently that most people just assumed he was using a hemp-laced cologne. To top off his look, Rafe wore a bit of scruff on his chin in t
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Chapter 2
It might have simply been their leaky windows, but it was the middle of the summer. The chill sent a shiver up Logan's spine, and he started to wonder what they had just let in. The absolute last thing they needed in their place was an evil entity causing problems. His landlord already had that role covered. “Welp, I don’t know about you, but I’m beat.” Rafe yawned, looking as if nothing had happened and all was normal. “Summoning a demon really takes it out of you! Time to hit the bed!" Rafe wiped the blood off his finger onto his pants before he turned around and shuffled off toward his bedroom. As he walked, he whistled a happy tune and nearly skipped across the floor. Logan tried not to cringe as each of his footsteps creaked and threatened to break through the old wood of the floor. It was a bit strange because, even though it wasn’t that late, his body told him that it was time for him to head off to bed, too. Was this one of the side-effects of sum
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Chapter 3
The Elve sat up from the old leather couch and rubbed her eyes groggily. She looked nothing like Abina, but she was still one of the sexiest women Logan ever seen. Her short blonde hair was styled into a bob that swayed back and forth across her slender cheekbones as she walked. The eve's entire body was lithe and fit like that of an athlete, complete with small, perky breasts, well-defined abs, and thighs that looked strong enough to crush a man’s head. “We may not have done the deed, but I appreciate what you did for me, Keida!” the goblin exclaimed. “Now the chicks are all going to be lining up to get a piece of the me!" “You didn’t have sex with--” Logan started to say, but Rafe interrupted me. “Naw, man. As soon as she changed me into this badass body, I just wanted to sleep it off. Now I just want to eat, get high, and play some video games.” “Ugh…” the blonde elve sighed as she lay her head against the backrest of our old couch. “How disappointi
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Chapter 4
“Thank you, Rafe,” Logan said with a sigh. “So, what, you guys don’t really have any say in what you do? Like you’re all just subordinates to other Beings? Elves?” “Particularly our master, Lord Voidmoth” Keida said, vitriol filling her voice. “He’s the one who keeps us in line and makes sure that the humans who summon us pay up when the time comes.” “Sounds like a real asshole.”Logan said. Already know what the two women wanted. For him to take them under his protection. Funny as it might sound. Logan was bored and excited enough by this new adventure to give it a chance. “Which leads me to our next question. What are the odds of him coming after you? You guys are supposed to take my soul or something and return to your Realm after the deed is done, as payment for summoning you, right?” “I don’t know,” Keida murmured, and both of the supaused and looked at each other tensely. “We probably aren’t even on his radar right now." "And what happens if yo
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Chapter 5
As he reached for Rafe, green sparks leapt from his hands as a wash of heat erupted from his fingertips. Rafe saw the deadly projectile as it hurled furiously at him, but he could do little but flinch as it rocketed towards his position. The space in front of Rafe shimmered for an instant, and then a shield of protective green appeared between the fireball and Rafe. Keida attack collided with the bright green wall, curled around the edges of the shield, and singed the area around Rafe in a circle, and that caused the ceiling to collapse around him. The goblin flailed his stubby arms as he fell, but instead of hitting the ground, he collided against the green shield with a dull thud. Logan could barely believe my eyes. He had created the protective barrier like it had been second nature. All he had wanted to do was protect his friend from danger, but his powers responded to his feelings without any sort of conscious thought. “I knew you could do it!” Keida s
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Chapter 6
“Can Elves even get drunk?” Logan asked the two women across from him as his vision started to blur. The two women both shrugged before Abina spoke up. “Well, don’t you want to find out? I’m sure you’ve been with a million drunken mortals. Can you imagine what it would be like to be with two drunken, horny elves?” They had fond their bar alright, and they had make use of the opportunity to get as close to drunk as they could. The humans anyway. “Oh, I can imagine it alright,” Logan smirked as a hundred different images raced through his mind. “My only concern would be that you’d accidentally let loose your powers while we were in the middle of it. ‘Death by Orgasm’ isn’t exactly what I want on my tombstone.” “That doesn’t happen,” Abina quipped. “Often.” “Fuck it, it’s a risk I’m willing to take.” Logan slurred. The bartender returned with another round of beers, and Logan don’t even remember finishing them. His senses started to feel lik
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Chapter 7
“Ah, you’re the asshole that Abina and Keida don’t like,” Logan growled, taking an aggressive step forward. “What kinda name is Voidmoth, anyway?” Rafe slurred. “Is he gonna make me a sandwich?” “It’s an old Dark Elves house name, word for a warrior, if you must know,” the man, Voidmoth said. Eyes gleaming. “It’s super gayyy,” Rafe droned. “Gaaaaayyyyyyyy.” “But my name is irrelevant now,” Voidmoth hissed as he ran his hands through his perfect blonde hair and turned to Logan. “The thing is, Mr. Ralston, you have two of my dark Elves. Two of my best ones, I might add. They were supposed to fulfill their duties to you and your friend and then return to us. Thousands of people out there ask for their services by the hour, you know. What kind of businessman would I be if I denied them their wishes?” “Abina and Keida want to stay here with me,” Logan said flatly, making his face expressionless. He was trying to act cool,
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Chapter 8
Logan's flames began to glow with purple light even though he was readying an attack. That was odd, but he didn’t have time to think about it because Voidmoth was already starting to recover. Logan flung his hands out and unleashed a blast of purple-tinged fire that completely engulfed the demonic pimp. “It’s going to take a lot more than that to kill the Servant of dark realm!” Voidmoth’s voice boomed as he stepped forth from the raging inferno Logan unleashed. His clothes were singed, and his flesh looked a bit charbroiled, but as he paused to straighten his tie, Logan realized the wounds were already starting to heal. Before he had a chance to react, Voidmoth flung another one of his fireballs at them. A shot of purple flame sprang from Keida and Abina as wings sprouted from their backs. “We have to run!” Keida cried as she grabbed Logan by the scruff of the neck and hauled him out of the way. The ceiling of the bar was fairly low, but she was able to fly
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Chapter 9
Straight from the bar, they boarded the subway and took it to the most run-down part of the city that they could think of. This place might have been a sprawling metropolis, but it still had its hardships. Logan lived in one of the more run-down parts of town, but their current location made his home look like a luxury resort. This part of the city used to be the home of dozens of factories that employed thousands of people, but once those companies began to outsource for cheaper labor, the people here were left jobless and hopeless. The sight made Logan appreciate what little he had even more. A few blocks down from the subway station stood an old house that looked like it had been abandoned for decades. Pieces of its original brick exterior had fallen off and were now laying in the overgrown grass of the lawn. Several of the windows were boarded shut, and the ones that weren’t probably should have been, considering they were now broken beyond repair. As they w
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Chapter 10
Logan hesitated to open his eyes. The sounds of harrowed screams pounded in his eardrums in the distance, and he was now even more wary to see what he had done. His eyes popped open. The scene was surreal, like something out of a Dali painting. He was still in the house with Kelda, Abina, and Rafe, but the entire world appeared to be distorted and staticky. The images of his three friends were frozen in place. Rafe looked like he was seeing him in a funhouse mirror as the normally three-foot tall goblin towered above him. Kelda’s athletic frame was widened to the extreme, and Abina’s face looked like it was melting. Was this purgatory? “Logan…” an unseen voice whispered through the sounds of the screaming. “Who’s there?” Logan called out though he figured it was probably in vain. “Come with us, Logan…” The voice was distinctly female, but he still couldn’t see anybody. Then he saw it. Out of the corner of his eye, the figure of a woman dashed past his pos
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