DeVil in the Details.

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DeVil in the Details.

By: Diallo Strange CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Don't fear the face of Death, for he is the face of all man. • Some say that hell is other people; that hell is but only in the mind, and that hell is a place...but in this case it's all of the above, though just far between the cracks of life's façade. And it all starts in a town, called (S)hellville, U. S. A. Rowland DeWilliers is a South African born artist who resides in this blue and yet dry American coastal haven with a lust and desire for life despite his inability to chase after it , as he scrubs dishes and tries to pay his bills. Upon meeting a dark stranger by the name of Nick, his dreams suddenly seem achievable and on his way to distinguished fame, he, along with the haphazard guidance from his new aquiantance, starts to see the world anew. But with such enlightenment, comes the price of the shadowy darkness that which surrounds him. Until he is faced with the choice of being DeWilliers/Machapela or becoming DEVILE.

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Chapter one: Liar Liar
Shellville, which was really more of a large town for that matter. A little piece of butt-fuck nowhere in the midst of glamorous Californiacations just out of San Diego's reach, but which luckily had a beach front. And like many cities or towns or even all, Shellville held a common atmosphere on the best of nights.It was cold, bitter and yet beautiful all the same.Minus the people...Night seemed to be the only time a man could quench his thirsts and never look back in regret until later the very next day. Men and women alike, throwing a couple of pennies or paper rolls as well as hours at each other for sex or for drugs all in good neighbourhoods.Being the world we live in now or rather, the world that has always been a current and fashionable norm as cycles turn in order to try and stop it.And one could be, although shouldn't be fooled by the Emerald city atmosphere in day time's delouse. For, it was the night time that which most people are skeptic of, that many come to show t
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Flower Boy
The night was getting dark as the hours crept towards Midnight, but the people's needs were darker, so dark they appeared unseen, and Oliver was a testament. The man who swiped the wallet called for his undivided attention; walking amongst the few other nocto-freaks who roamed the streets at night with a smug look on his cheap face just before he crossed the road, no one in his shoes would shame this slimy stranger for his current choice, seeing as he got away with a thick and fancy wallet, who wouldn't feel lucky?Oliver smiled having a knowing feeling that he was going to have fun tonight, starting with him.But the night was still young,he figured he might take his time.He tailed the thief with his eyes to a dinky and rusty yellow lemon of a car, which Oliver figured either belonged to said lowlife or rather a car that he saw fit to steal at some point. He spotted the car ten feet away from the shadows cast by the lamp post as the stranger made his way across from the dodgy alley
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Chapter two: Dionaea Mascupula
As you now know, Shellville was a small town, but not nearly as quiet. Street corners buzzed here and there accompanied by police sirens which zoomed through the city-like lifestyle on a Saturday afternoon, as Oliver sits and eats cereal while watching his favorite cartoons. Typically, he would want to be left alone, stay home and mind his own business, but the night that which slowly shoved the sun down beckoned him to partake, and who was he to say no?One after another his boredom had gotten the better of him as he huffed out smoke from his hand made joints that which he mixed with other things, his excitement made him fidgety, he wanted more than that.Something was going to happen tonight, and Oliver would hate to miss it.The night before to him was peaceful surprisingly so, but that wasn't what he was going for. Oliver thought as he blankly stared at the clock on the wall, which he thought was broken, and waited for the short hand to fall on the six; it was not for any reason
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Abyssal Benthos
So Oliver waited just outside the convenient store until the dark stranger came out and walked by him seemingly without any knowledge of his presence. He first waited a bit before he then dropped what was left of his cigarette and crushed it as he quietly tailed the stranger, keeping his distance while he eyed his surroundings and watched as the stranger turned a corner after a block away from the convenient store. Oliver picked up the pace a bit to catch up and see where to next... But the stranger was gone. He walked on a little further down the street and found a club shnob at around a minute past ten and decided to go inside, only after being roughly stopped by a large black woman by the door who asked for his ID. It was a good thing he had his wallet...Looking for the nearest public bathroom he could find to splash his face and change his apparently dull red hair to what the package said was midnight black, he went straight to the men's room. Hoping that this was the place that
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Chapter three: Groen Fingers
Humdrum neighborhoods down on the coast in the somewhat very last sweet drops of summer. Bring out a certain type of sunlight for the occasion and which stand out to some individuals who seek a specific asceticism in their lives, such as of beach palms and vast panoramic views of seemingly endless oceans.Especially to one individual in particular, whose backdrop consists of all these perfect little things.This individual is named Rowland. And to further identify this amateur photographer, slash graffiti artist; who would spend most of his time defacing walls and billboards where ever he could get a chance as he walked the sandy streets on his own, being one of many of his favorite pass times. Being a young messy-haired, fair and yet dopey looking coconut *coloured kid from South Africa, he lived in a quaint apartment with novels and comic books and strange nit-picks that which he fancied, staked about him and plastered on walls.Working for minimum wage at a café and carrying the b
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Once he found his allusive lighter, he resumed his recreational activities on his shabby balcony overlooking the horizon, now black-blue with pale moonlight unfortunately cloaked by street lamp lights below. It was going for two in the morning, but he simply could not sleep. Sound of the music and the sound of his thoughts mingled peacefully, enjoying the ambience. Sinking to the floor and following gravity as he sat down on an old lawn chair he found...comfortable. Thinking of a story he heard on the news of a another missing persons case the day before and wondered if wandering the streets was worth the risk considering how far he was from anyone he knew, he was certainly a long way from home, home being on an entirely different continent.He had decided to go anyway, out on the town. Rowland at the time believed that he needed the excitement, staring at the waning moon through the bars of his balcony like a prisoner would through his only window - a morose pale blue with the wi
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Chapter four: The Hardest Button...
With only three hours of sleep under his belt, the morning was filled with the sounds of clinking plates and screaming chefs in far corners of this dainty kitchen that somehow echoed internally in his very own coffee dunked mind. Now, only ten in the morning and the sun was fierce with it's heat as Rowland scrubbed and piled plates blankly in a small scullery tucked behind everything except a mostly empty staff parking lot behind the building which entailed nothing other than a few cars and a large rusty old garbage bin. With breakfast rush hour almost over to Rowland's relief a small break was sorely needed as he finished wiping and scrubbing the extra pot or pan that lay dirty.Once done, he picked up the garbage bags he had left earlier in one hand and put a cigarette into his mouth with the other. And as he put the bags beside the steps that lead out the back door someone called after him:"Hey, don't let me catch you smoking in my kitchen, young man.", a round man of average hei
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Brain Florer
Turning the same corner at the end of the corridor, he skipped steps as he climbed the stairs to the roof top three floors up, hoping that Nick would be there waiting, which to his relief was true. Still panting heavily from the unexpected cardio workout it took to reach him, Rowland muttered a breathless 'hey' before bending over to catch his breath.'Fuck! I'm unfit!', he thought, shaming himself for his sloth."OH!", Nick exclaimed with nonchalant attitude, "You came." while lighting two cigarettes, one of which he gave to Rowland once he recovered from his sprint. Which to a confused Rowland seemed odd; "You were expecting me?", Rowland asked, now standing beside Nick who leaned on the brick wall facing the horizon. He noticed that Nick carried a scent of rosewater or a rather sweet yet earthy musk from where he stood, as if dried roses were thrown into a fire. Rowland turned, now both facing and overlooking a decent horizon, seeing as though it was partially blocked by office b
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Chapter five: Some Dead Oak
The last hours of the day before were...abrupt, and on this particular morning, it decided to heavily rain, a rather perfect day to Rowland, who enjoyed the smell of rain and felt most calm under the dark clouds that lay over head. The lively colours of summer were waving their goodbyes as a light yet chilled breeze blew them away along with a few damp leaves from trees not evergreen and with of course some litter. It was five in the morning, Rowland lay awake on his bed even after his alarm had sounded, and while listening to the rain as it hit the balcony, he concentrates on a few drops that trickle and then melt into nothingness, subconsciously drifting back to the events of yesterday and on how normal the first half of it felt to him and yet how that very night seemed to be it's polar opposite. The conveyance of Nick's arrival and the opportunity that came with him, seemed all too strange to Rowland but the idea of what type of proposal Nick would bring to the table made him fee
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Testicles, Spectacles, Wallet and Watch
His demeanor was sullen, his expression was still. Nullified by the sobering thought and the agent of pain that came with it. Exhaustion always played a darker role in his mind, his whole world slowing slightly to a stop, wanting nothing more than to sleep. As he reached his final destination for the next two hours or so. Now walking up the stairs and through the now quiet hall way filled with doors that which opened to the individual lives of the working class citizens that own them. Rowland reached his, opening it only to be welcomed by it's familiarity and the essential oil infused candles that which his girlfriend bought for him and their aroma still lingering in the air. He was taught that heterosexuality as a male was no crime and that a woman would always be grateful for a man who can handle himself in the household. His mother had taught him the necessities and corner stones of hygiene in every way possible around his home, some would say compulsively. But he had been accustom
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