Enchanted Odyssey

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Enchanted Odyssey

By: Semilore Oyaade OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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One moment, Kelvin was at the brink of death after accidentally touching a power outlet while showering. The next, he was in the body of a man named Jude, with memories of a past he was never a part of flowing into his head. As he slowly gets used to the body of Jude, he begins to explore a planet beyond his own logical comprehension. His journey will see him go from surviving in a planet locked in the 20th century, to wielding secret techniques so powerful that they level cities overnight. However, his journey doesn’t end with Jude. Instead this is but the first of many bodies that Kelvin will come to wield in his mystical journey between worlds

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Chapter 1: The Beginning (1)
Boom!!Kelvin's head was rumbling.Boom!!His head once again rumbled as his body violently jerked before falling down. Boom!His head smashed onto something hard, causing him to grimace in pain.As he slowly opened his eyes, he could only see a dim, blurry background. In front of him, a silhouette was moving back and forth, as if it was busy closing the window and cleaning up the room. Next to the silhouette was a window; lightning flashed outside, brightly illuminating the room as if it were day."Oww..."Kelvin moaned as he tried to raise his hand to rub the back of his head, but his body wouldn’t move: a mixture of pain, itching, and numbness had left it paralyzed. It was as if his limbs didn’t belong to him; they firmly laid on the ground beside him like four wooden sticks."Am I dead?" His mind was still chaotic. He had a flashback: while taking a shower, he had accidentally touched the power outlet with his wet hands, electrocuting himself in the process. With his own eyes, he
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The Beginning (2)
Jude found a seat in the back of the bus next to his sister. He glanced at the students sitting in the seats in front of them and saw that everyone else was also wearing Summerville’s uniforms. The girls were dressed like his sister, wearing a white t-shirt paired with a black miniskirt and black leggings.On the other hand, the boys were wearing stylish slim-fit white shirts, black trousers and black shoes. They looked neatly uniformed.The students were chattering in groups, with laughter all around them.Not long after they stepped on, the bus stopped again, and two more students from the academy came in.After many stops in the same manner, two handsome boys hopped on while chatting; one of them was tall and slim, while the other had a sturdy build. Both looked confident and classy, and they immediately drew the attention of the girls on the bus.Jude sat next to his sister and saw her unconsciously staring at the two guys that just boarded the bus. He was comparing himself to the
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The Beginning (3)
The class was about to end but Jude still hadn’t decided on which attribute to enhance. At this point, he finally believed this supernatural ability was actually real."Riiiiiiinnngg"After the crisp sound of school bells, the etiquette teacher collected his rosewood box and left the classroom. The class went from complete silence to chaos.Jude remained seated in his desk, startled by the mess. He straightened his back and let out a relieved sigh. Suddenly, he felt his belly deflating and quickly covered it with his hands. A sense of hunger -- never felt before -- came from his stomach.He bent down and looked around, checking to see that no one was looking at him. He reached into his pockets and took some blue papers out, each of which had either the numbers 1 or 5 printed on them. Counting the bills, Jude slightly knitted his brows."Only fifteen dollars to spend... this is far from enough for one week. Also, I remember eating breakfast just now, but when the potential reached 100%
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The Beginning (4)
The martial arts dojos in this world were similar to the taekwondo dojos back on Earth. Their primary purpose was to promote physical exercise and workout. There existed a dojo ranking system, but most dojos were basically superfluous and non-lethal, aside from those high-ranked traditional ones. The ones not fighting for the top rankings were only useful for exercising and for showing off.In this culture, martial art was similar to music or dancing, a part of the regular educational curriculum aimed at making the children more versatile and well-rounded.Jude followed other students and spread out into pairs. Facing him was the same girl from last time.She had ordinary looks: a slim waist, flat chest, and her silver hair glimmered crimson under the fading sunlight."Rank 15, Daris.""Rank 16, Jude."The two stood facing each other, then greeted by using their ranking and names."Begin!" Sharmilla yelled.Jude and Daris stopped worrying about the other combatants and focused entirel
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The Outing
Jaderipple Lake. Clear blue waters, lush green mountains, and glistening yellow stones. A few white birds slowly glided above the lake. A cool wind whistled through, making the surface of the azure lake ripple, blurring the reflection of the endless mountain range on the water.The boys walked along the stone-filled riverbed and soon found a great spot for a picnic. Then, they began taking out tools and food from their backpacks.Jude looked at the girls seated in the shade. Aside from the ones they already knew were coming, there was also a gorgeous surprise in the form of a girl named Felicia. This dazzling beauty’s white dress fluttered in the wind, and her blond hair was tied together and hung over her left shoulder. Her crystal clear skin was gleaming with a halo, and her eyes were filled with aloof loftiness, like the clearest sapphire in the world.Withdrawing his gaze from her, Jude looked at himself, Joseph, Fayne, and Reese. None of them knew how to dress up. Their attires w
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The Establishment of a Subject
"It’s a Panaja Snake, a highly toxic amphibious snake! We need to get the poison out right away!" Jude instantly reacted and quickly recognized this type of snake. He had not been just blindly living his new life all this time; he had already memorized most of this world’s common knowledge. On top of that, the young Jude who grew up in the countryside had previously dealt with this type of snake before.As soon as he finished talking, he kicked a cobblestone.Bang!The stone landed beside the black snake. The snake immediately slithered into the stream out of fear, leaving behind only a trail of ripples as it quickly disappeared."How do I detoxify the venom!?" sobbed Fayne‘s cousin Angela, the only girl who had not been bitten."Rinse it with water, find some poplar leaves, then chew them to bits and apply them to the bites!" Jude yelled.During this critical time, all the students were overwhelmed. This clearly contrasted the calmness Jude had as a mental adult. He directed the boys
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The Bronze Cross
Jude stopped overthinking and began sorting things out. He took off his clothes and blew out the oil lamp. He then went onto the bed and covered himself with a blanket. In the darkness, he calmed down and fell asleep.Dong... Dong... The morning bell kept ringing.Bright sunlight was shining over the white bed. Jude was sleeping face up and he opened his eyes slowly. Still a bit dizzy, he took a deep breath and looked outside the window. He then slowly removed the blanket and got off the bed.The peeling light red paint on the walls and floors revealed the pale-yellow colored lumber underneath. A silver framed painting of a wheat field was crookedly hanging on the wall. The window on the right was half-open, and the chilling wind whistled nonstop through it.Ka-ta Ka-ta...Amplified by the wooden floors, Jude could acutely hear Maria’s footsteps from the living room. He tried to clear his head by rubbing his temples several times. Jude grabbed the loose part of his oversized grey-whit
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Special Ability Enhancement
The old man brushed his fingers through his sparse hair. "Look around by yourself. Items on the left side of my shop are personally acquired from the countryside. On the right are heirlooms that have been passed down for generations." He bowed his head and started to examine the tiny object in his hand again.The old man wore white gloves and held a soft gold pocket-watch. The back of the watch was open and he seemed to be studying the gears and mechanics of the watch itself.Jude first glanced around the entire shop and then began to browse in detail from left to right.A long rectangular oil painting hung on the far left wall and depicted a white castle under siege. There were a handful of armored warriors who were pushing towards the castle bearing a red banner. The catapults were constantly flinging giant rocks as oil spilled down the castle walls. Bloody corpses were everywhere.Below the oil painting was a circular dark gold metal sheet. It was half a meter wide and a smiling hu
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Jude calmed down and stood there listening to the conversation between the two. It was almost noon and was getting brighter outside.Uncle Sam finally stood up and saw the customer to the door."Uncle, I have to go now," Jude said while taking his scarf off the clothing stand."It’s still very early. You can leave after lunch if you want," Sam said, turning back to Jude."You rarely come to visit and Jimmy will be back shortly. You could have a chat with him," he continued."Maybe next time. Maria is waiting for me at home." Jude smiled."I promised her that I will be back for lunch," he added."Fine... Stay safe." Sam chuckled. He patted Jude’s head several times."I will," Jude said.Jude put on his shoes and was about to leave. Suddenly, some warm paper was shoved into his right palm. It was a stack of hundred dollar bills. Jude turned back and saw his smiling uncle."Take it. I haven’t seen you in a long time. It’s just some pocket money. Make sure you work hard in school," Sam sa
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The Plan
Jude gradually noticed the change in his sister. His adult consciousness allowed him to sense that Maria treated him slightly different; she seemed to take his every word very seriously. She was very careful with her actions when they were playing tag earlier, using only a very slight amount of force, as if she was worried that she might hurt him. That was how he managed to sneak an attack on her and take her down in the end."Have some lunch first. Making breakfast and lunch, going out to buy fruits, it’s been a tough day for you, Maria." He reached out a hand to pinch his sister’s cheek. There seemed to be much less acne and freckles on her red face recently; it felt soft and smooth to the touch."Ugh, you!" Maria slapped away Jude’s hand. "Did you take the wrong medicine? Since when did you know how to show concern towards someone else?" She quizzically looked at Jude. Although she usually tried very hard to pretend as if she wasn’t close with her brother, in fact, she was constant
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