Marcus Hamilton Trillionaire In Disguise

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Marcus Hamilton Trillionaire In Disguise

By: Emerald Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Being given a choice, “Divorce Hazel or you will suffer with her, even your little daughter, Ivy, will live a miserable life”Marcus thought his life was over until he was revealed as the only heir of the Hamilton trillionaire dollars fortune.“After giving the Hudson family all my money, you dare spill nonsense about me”A silence laughter followed.“I only care about Hazel, and my daughter, the rest of the Hudson family can go to hell”

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Chapter 1
Marcus walked right into Director Wesley's office without knocking. The look on his face showed how angry he was, and he smashed the white envelope on the desk and yelled right away.“Explain that!”When Wesley looks at Marcus's face, he stays calm. This jerk had the nerve to bash into his office without knocking. Marcus is lucky that he is having a good day.“This is what it means: You're fired! Get your ass out of this company!”Marcus raised his eyebrows and asked.“How can I be fired when I'm a member of this family and my work has been the lifeblood of this company?”He got to work early this morning and found this on his desk.“I need a good reason for why I'm being fired.”“Because you're not the owner! I think that's a good reason.”Wesley sat back in his chair and didn't pay any attention to Marcus's face.“Bang!”Marcus hit the table hard with his hands and moved his head forward.“This company should have died a long time ago. I gave you guys all my money to help, and now yo
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Chapter 2
Marcus eyes open but his vision was blurring, he was still dizzy and his head was heavy, why would this people kidnapped him, what did he do, could this also be Wesley plans. Marcus battles to get on his feet, and he heard a thud sounds from his back, he turned and an old man was kneeling close to him. “Young master, please forgive me for asking those nincompoop to bring you here, they didn't know your identity”Marcus was a little surprised by the man words, what is this man saying, he looks around to see if anybody was standing beside him but nobody was. he face the middle age man and pointed at himself. “Are you talking to me, please you got the wrong guy, what young master are you talking about”The middle age was tounge tied by his words, he took a glance at Marcus necklace and he wasn't putting on the Hamilton family necklace, this will be difficult to explain now. He stands up from his knees. “Young master, everything will be cleared soon”The middle age man step to the ta
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Chapter 3
Everyone mouth open slightly in shock. They can't believe the madman's words. How can he say something this stupid and demand something ridiculously crazy? He is a drunkard! He is definitely under the influence of alcohol.“You are a bastard!” Hazel's face was asking plenty of questions; she knew what Marcus just said: it wasn't possible. Marcus wants to gamble if truly he's the lost heir; he would like to take the risk now knowing they are going to force him to divorce Hazel anyway, which he will do for Ivy to have a better life; she deserves the best. Lady Charlotte finally regained herself after thinking about something else. Since the bastard refused to divorce Hazel even when he was sacked this morning, she sees this as a perfect opportunity to get him out.“And if you can't, you will divorce Hazel immediately and leave this family.” Everybody's face brightens up hearing Lady Charlotte's words; she is undeniably the tigress of this family. The perfect way to kick this bastard
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Chapter 4
When Marcus was done, he stood up. He felt like this was a dream, but it was real. Robert walks into the room just in time. He has a black card and car keys in his hands.“Young Master, this is a card I got for you, and it has no limits.” Marcus asked in a surprised voice, “How much is in there?”“Just 10 billion dollars; I know it's not much. I've already made an order for 100 billion dollars card, so please manage this before it gets here.” Marcus wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. Before he collected the card, he stood still for a while.“So this card has 10 billion dollars on it.” Marcus asked Robert just to confirm. Robert sighed heavily and said.“Young Master, I know this is too small. Please just manage it before the 100 billion dollar card arrives.”Marcus was confused at this point.“May I have your phone number, young master?” Robert asked. Marcus quickly gave Robert his number, and then Robert pointed the car keys at Marcus.“I don't want any cars, and I want to keep a
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Chapter 5
“Bastard, you are the cause of everything. He dares you fall the bag on the floor. Do you know how much that bag cost?” The man yelled at Marcus again. Marcus at that moment couldn't say anything; his mouth was open, and words refused to come out. He couldn't believe he was seeing Hazel with another man; it felt like a dream, only if he could wake up from it as quickly as possible. Hazel wasn't supposed to be here; she told him she was going to her room to get things done. How come she is here all of a sudden and with another man? What is happening? Marcus and Hazel were staring at each other. Marcus managed to utter his heart was heavy.“Hazel, what is going on here? What are you doing here? Who is this man?” Hazel, at that point, was speechless; she couldn't say anything. She never thought she would meet Marcus here, of all places. He told her he was going to see his friend and all of a sudden, he is here. She wanted to explain what was happening when Penelope uttered“She doesn't
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Chapter 6
Everyone gazed at Marcus as he handed over his card to the sales representatives, she collected the black card from Marcus and slotted it inside the payment machine. The scanner’s light didn’t turn green as Marcus expected, which means the payment failed.“The payment failed.”“Try it again.” Marcus utters. She slotted the card in again and again, but the payment failed.“The payment failed again.” The sales representatives utter with a half smile on her face; it seems his mother-in-law was right after all; he's indeed useless, she utters to herself. Marcus was confused as he heard what the sales representatives just said: Why would the payment fail? Could it be that Mr. Robert didn't fund the card? At that moment, he also remembered that Mr. Robert sent $10 billion to his cashless account. He quickly brought out his phone, and his face went down immediately when he saw his phone battery was dead. He couldn’t understand what was going on, so he faced the sales representatives.“Ple
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Chapter 7
Everyone was shocked at that very moment. Why would he allow the thief to go freely? He should have teach him some lessons. The manager recognized the card; it's a card specifically made for a certain top family. He looked from head to toe, and the man in front of him didn’t seem like someone who possessed such massive wealth; he looked so ordinary. The security utters“Sir, I think he must have stolen this card; that must have been the reason he can't use the card. The real owner must have blocked the card; they should call the police right away.” The manager was still gazing at Marcus. Rumor had it that the coming of the new heir was unknown, but all the information about him was unknown; nobody knew or had seen him; they didn't know what he looked like, and no one outside had heard about the news. The manager thought that if the man possessed this kind of card and dared to use it, then probably he was the heir. Though it was just a possibility, he would rather not take a risk. He m
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Chapter 8
Marcus eyes shut up upon seeing his belongings outside, and Penelope was seated close to them. First, he saw his wife with another man in the shopping mall. and now Penelope wanted to chase him out of the house, Marcus quickly walked straight to her.“Mother, what is the meaning of this? I demand an explanation. Why are my belongings outside?” Penelope gazes at Marcus. With dead eyes, she stood up from her seat, her face filled with anger. One can easily tell she's angry.“You're useless, which is why all your belongings are outside. I don't want to see you around this house or get close to my daughter anymore. Pack your belongings and leave quickly.” Penelope couldn't believe the bastard will still had the guts to step his feet inside the compound. It brought all his belongings out to throw them away. She thought the bastard would be in jail or with the police by now, but here he is, asking her dead questions. Marcus wasn't having any of this; he knew it was because of him that the
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Chapter 9
Penelope's eyes turned red at that moment. She couldn't believe Marcus, the useless boy, was now making a mockery of them; she couldn't just stand and listen to the crap words.“You demn bastard, you think we don't know you're lying. Who are you trying to deceive? Stop pretending and trying to come up with different lies. You know fully well that ordinary people can't even get close to the gate of Sam Yellow Company. Your behavior has gotten to the limit, and I can't take it any longer. You must divorce Hazel now and let her be with someone capable.”“You must; enough is enough; I can't take it anymore.” At that moment, Charles started laughing. He couldn't believe someone would be this foolish. He wondered what Hazel saw in the fool, and she was still staying with him and keeping up with all this nonsense.“Mother, he's just so demn foolish, he just opens his mouth to utter nonsense.” He gazed at Marcus with cold eyes; he was smiling inside him. He knew Hazel would go for a divorce
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Chapter 10
Penelope is furious. What is the point of having someone so useless if he can't help? It's better he leaves her daughter's life and lets someone capable of helping them take responsibility. She clearly understands what Charles meant by his words; if he can't fork out 10 million dollars now, he should divorce Hazel and let Charles help them.“I don't want to hear a word from you except that you have the money, which I know you don't, so you must agree to it now.” Charles was full of smiles. It seems Penelope is smart enough to understand what he means by what he says, and from the look of things, it seems to be working. They will have no other choice, and Hazel will have to make another choice: to divorce this bastard and get married to him. Finally, he's getting what rightfully belongs to him after all those years of rejection. He's getting Hazel with open hands now.“Mother, it seems your son-in-law can't help his wife.”“He's not my son-in-law; I never accepted him from day one. I'
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