Monsters of new Earth

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Monsters of new Earth

By: Petal of Roses OngoingSci-Fi

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In the near future, "Monsters of New Earth" introduces readers to a world where genetic modification has not only revolutionized humanity, but also given rise to a new breed of animals designed for specific purposes. Dr. Alexis Monroe a brilliant geneticist is at the fore front of creating these modified creatures, each with its own unique abilities. All seems to be going according to plan then a series of mysterious attacks on prominent geneticists including Dr. Alexis colleague ensures. She uncovers an organization seeking to exploit the modified animals for global domination. The organization known as the "Helix syndicate" plans to unleash a gene altering substance that will amplify the animals abilities, turning them into uncontrollably forces of utter destruction.


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21 chapters
"Death smiles at us all, all a man can do is smile back.” — Marcus Aurelius. 1. In the quiet of the night, shadows clung to the edges of the scientist's house. The assassin, a silhouette of deadly intent, slipped through the darkness with a predatory grace. The air was thick with tension as he approached the target's residence, moving with a cat-like stealth. He had come all the way from Milan to perform this act of penance. "This is God's work", he thought. "I am nothing but the handmaid of the lord" Inside, the renowned scientist, Dr. Emily Turner, suspected nothing. She sat in her study, surrounded by shelves filled with scientific journals and the soft hum of the computer analyzing data from her latest experiment. The only sound was the tapping of keys and occasional murmurs of approval as she reviewed her findings. The assassin, clad in black, observed from the shadows, patiently waiting for the opportune moment. He had meticulously planned this mission, studying Dr. Turner
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Twenty four hours earlier, Dr. Emily Turner had spoken at the International Conference On Science Technology And Management. Which was an annual scientific convention, organized by the International Academic of Science Technology Engineering and Management (IASTEM) in France.In the grand auditorium, bathed in the sterile glow of fluorescent lights, Dr. Emily Turner stepped up to the podium. The hum of anticipatory chatter among the attendees gradually hushed as all eyes turned toward the eminent researcher. The stage was set for a discourse that promised to transcend the boundaries of conventional scientific thought.Dr. Emily who was a distinguished figure in the field of evolutionary biology, began by acknowledging the intellectual curiosity that brought the diverse audience together. Her voice, measured and resonant, echoed through the hall, carrying a weight that demanded attention.Emily began, "As we stand on the precipice of an ever-changing future, we must confront the undeni
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3.The grand auditorium in Paris echoed with the lingering applause as Dr. Emily Turner concluded her presentation. Among the enthralled audience was Dr. Alexis Monroe her long time friend and colleague who was equally versed in the mysteries of genetics. Dr. Alexis had flown out from England to attend this presentation by her friend and partner and she was more than impressed with tonight's presentation.As the audience dispersed, Emily and Alexis found themselves in the bustling corridor, surrounded by the murmur of excited discussions. Alexis, with an eager smile, approached Emily."Emily, that was an extraordinary presentation! You managed to illuminate evolution in a way that's both profound and accessible," Alexis exclaimed."Thank you, Alexis! I'm thrilled that it resonated with everyone," Emily replied, her eyes reflecting a mix of satisfaction and anticipation.The corridor buzzed with the energy of the convention, but Emily motioned for Alexis to join her in a quieter corner
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Closing in
“Dr. Turner?”Emily turned around, peeling her eyes from the monocular microscope she had been peering into over the past half hour. That was the voice of her assistant Toby. She gave him a weak smile. Toby had been Emily’s assistant for seven months now, and he had proved himself invaluable to her.Toby who started as a brilliant science intern, had seamlessly blended curiosity with intellect in the lab. His adept problem-solving and innovative approaches caught the attention of the research team. Recognizing his potential, Emily had swiftly recommended him to the board and they had offered him a permanent position. He had the unwritten duty of looking after her lab affairs which most times included telling her when to take a break from lab work.“You have been working too hard these past few weeks”, Toby said. Emily smiled again, but this time the smile was big and cheerful.“I know Toby, but all these will benefit mankind. These findings will be talked about for years to come”, Emi
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The predator-prey-relationship
5.The assassin from his black sedan had watched Emily exit her car and head for the entrance of the laboratory complex. He was satisfied that she did not suspect that someone had been trailing her as she had driven down to the lab.“It did not do for the prey to become suspicious too soon before the kill”, he mused to himself. The time frame from when the deer realized that a predator was stalking it to when life was stuffed out of its body in nature was most times too short. But that was the beauty of the hunt. Not that he had expected her to notice. He had taken down bigger predators in the past. Preys who had a heightened sense for danger, sixth sense as was normally referred to, and yet none of them had smelt death till he the predator had closed in. He was an artist that took pride in the process.He frowned at himself. Just moments ago, he had almost used the switch blade in his pocket for the kill. The lion didn’t need a weapon to subdue the deer, the lion itself was the weap
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Thankfully, when the assassin entered the complex Emily was conversing with a colleague. He had been worried that by the time he managed to enter the complex, if he had managed to, Emily would have been out of sight. She began moving as soon as he had entered and he followed her closely. She entered an elevator and he paused, pretending to study the huge poster on the wall which had letters sprawled across it in a very huge font size.SCIENCE IS THE NEW RELIGION“sacrilege”, he thought.“Forgive them lord for they know not what they do.”He looked up at the small led display which indicated the floor the elevator was headed.Third floor.When the light changed to green, he quickly moved in and pushed the open button. He stepped in. As the doors were preparing to shut a young boy who he guessed was an intern rushed in blushing slightly. He eyed the assassin briefly before entering the elevator. The boy pushed the button and the doors hissed to a close.“Third floor ehn?”, he asked, but
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Evading the receptionist was a matter of formality. The lounge was structured in a manner that the doors which led into Emily's lab was facing away from the reception stand. As the assassin exited the elevator, he walked up to the reception desk. A number of people were in the lounge presumably waiting for a scientist to come out of one of the huge doors. No one paid him any attention."Hello, waiting to see Dr. Thomas", he said flashing his best smile. The girl nodded absentmindedly as she punched something into a computer.He prayed that some stupid doctors name would be Thomas. He had made up the name at that instant. His prayer was answered when she replied."Wrong floor", she said and began giving him instructions on how to locate the imaginary Dr. Thomas. That was all he needed."Thank you", he replied and moved away. The girl barely looked up from her screen, apparently she was engrossed in some kind of movie playing on her phone. He was certain that she would not recognize his
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A while ago, just after Emily had arrived at the complex, the air had buzzed with anticipation as a group of wide-eyed children, backpacks slung over their shoulders, entered the high-tech science research complex. Their excitement was palpable, a vibrant energy that mirrored the sleek, futuristic environment that enveloped them. Led by their enthusiastic teacher, Mr. Anderson, and a knowledgeable guide named Dr. Reynolds, the kids embarked on an excursion into the world of cutting-edge scientific discovery.As the group crossed the threshold into the facility, the children marveled at the sleek glass walls and the hum of machinery that surrounded them. The facility was a labyrinth of innovation, a testament to the boundless possibilities of science. The children's faces lit up with curiosity, their eyes flitting from one marvel to the next."Wow, look at that giant microscope! What can you see with it?" exclaimed Jake, a spirited boy with untamed curls.Dr. Reynolds, a seasoned scien
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A year ago, within the Turner household. Dr. Emily Turner, the brilliant geneticist who was on the verge of a groundbreaking research opportunity, stood in the kitchen in her home, the aroma of fresh coffee mingling with the bittersweet fragrance of impending separation.She had made up her mind that if she was to finish up her research, then he needed to go to a place with a better research facility. This decision had come with the condition that she might have to leave her family behind for at least a year. It had taken a year and half for the facility to approve her proposal and financial grant needed to continue her work.Her husband, James had moved around the room that morning with a sense of quiet purpose, his eyes betraying the heaviness of the moment. Their four-year-old son, Ethan, oblivious to the weight of impending farewells, played with his toy cars on the living room floor, blissfully unaware that his world was about to shift.Emily, was wearing her crisp white lab coat
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The Assassin's creed
1.When Emily recovered from the shock waves that had rippled through her body, she tried to speak. She was sprawled on the floor of the lab from the bolt of electricity that had been run through her system.Making an effort to catch her breath, she said, "What..what do you want from me?" The assassin who was now watching her with a deadly intent was fixing some kind of mechanical device. Slowly coupling the instrument into place. She could only wonder what it would be used for.She looked at him again, she could tell that the device was taking longer than it should have from the slight frustration that showed in his face. In a moment, his eyes had drifted from her for an instant. Emily used the split second to glance at the emergency button that was positioned beneath the counter top on the second row of laboratory tables. She wondered if she could reach it if she ran. The assassin was murmuring something under his breath. It sounded like the lords prayer to her, but she was not cer
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