Elta Project: Last Days Of Humanity

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Elta Project: Last Days Of Humanity

By: Zeleno Neih OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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The world after a huge nuclear disaster, what remains is a civilization that has fallen back for a hundred years, the world is slowly dying. The story follows Seimei Saguis, a young man passionate about the knowledge of an old civilization, on his way to change this struggling world.

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29 chapters
The Third
the jingle of a man in a protective suit, his breathing labored through the thick layer of clothing. In his hand was a huge box and just looking at it, he didn't want to touch it. It is emitting a sound of metal colliding with each other. On it was a radioactive symbol. He had stepped in front of a wing of thick, heavy metal. <System>: Please confirm personnel identity! The door guard let out a voice. He frantically put down the box in front of him and pulled out a card from the pocket in front of his chest. <System>: Identity Confirmation Successful- Hello Project owner, Dr. Albert. The sound of the gear system's wings slowly turning created a vibration that even people ten meters away could still feel. The door that had opened he slowly entered the small room covered with a barium silver alloy metal. In the middle of the room was a room made of bulletproof glass, in which there was a metal box that was connected to three high-voltage pow
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No Place To Go To
In the ruins of a certain city, there lived a human, a man with a robe made of worn cloth. Also true, it's too difficult to mass produce fabric. ?: Ah, here it is! A little bit of machinery can be used. Half a motorbike? Looks like it's been heavily rusted. If you want to use it, then there is only the engine. As for this metal shell, it must be forged as a tool. I need to keep digging, if I can't find anything I'll just starve. I wish I had an excavator, but it's just a dream. That's only enough for slave owners. For someone like me, it's equal to being able to look at the sun again. Oh, it reminds me of that day. If I lie down like this, I probably won't have anything to eat today. All because of that damn explosion, without it I would be a completely different person now. It reminds me of my parents' deaths, for a moment a beam of light passed through the shattered glass they had covered for me. But at least I'm still luckier than most people, not everyone
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Bronze And Silver
He walked along the rows of rows. Here, half like a support area and like a residential area, the stalls span the entire 10-hectare site. In the middle is a neighborhood for people to live in. The roof in some places has been replaced with glass. Since this place is quite safe compared to just wandering outside, it's crowded with almost overpopulated people. But that's not a big deal as the number of people born is getting smaller and smaller. And the death toll is increasing. Small gardens on the roof give the place an old look. Everyone wears an old mantle, expressionless masks. He just walked quietly through the crowded crowd. On the outer edge near the wall of the market, there was a fairly new camp. Seimei entered gently, rolling his eyes as if out of habit. "What do you want?"-A tall guy with blond hair said as he slowly walked out. Seimei: Hello! I'm Seimei Kosuto. I heard you wanted to buy some of that stuff. ?: Japanese? I'm William Elmes. What do yo
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The Night and the Cloak
After I eat, I start going to the tool shop. The sky turns black. Not really, dust in the air makes the sky always orange or red. I walk down the narrow road, everyone seems to have already returned to the motel. It looks peaceful during the day, but at night the world turns upside down. Thieves, murderers, catchers are on every corner. I chose a pretty good shovel, why is it good and not new? Here, used items are considered to be the same. There are only people with too much money like Landlords or factory owners. Landlords are those who possess enough armies to take complete control of one or more valuable locations, must be worth it, but there's no point in owning all of the toxic, arid lands out there. The factory owner is the owner of large factories, can be understood as the manufacturer of tools or utensils. This shovel is not a very good item, but it is considered to be temporary enough to use for another 2 or 3 years. Seimei: So how much is this shovel?
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Blood and Chaos.
Seimei: A bandit? ?: You guys seem pretty smart, do you? You know it, give it all. He slowly put his hand behind his back. ?: bastard! He lunged forward, knife still in his hand. Kevin and Seimei still don't understand what happened. He had a mad look in his eyes, disgusted with it. ?: GIVE ME! Kevin: Calm down! If you want, we'll give it to you. Seimei: Calm down! If you don't want to be "abandoned"! The "abandoned" are those who violate the "laws of the world". It is a set of laws made by those in power. Simply minimizing the death, all violators are not executed but are considered as living tools. Those people have to work to death, without rest, without treatment, without hope. The only thing that awaited them was simply certain death. ?: You think it can make me scary? F*ck no, no one can live in this messed-up shit Kevin sighed and then. Throw a punch straight in the face. That's right, without hes
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The Fallen God
On it was humans shoveling blocks of thermium, which was a condensed form of kerosene. Seimei: Isn't it unreasonable that those guys can control an "angel" like that? Seleva: That's right, but they don't actually "control" it, they use the "machine soul". Kevin: Hasn't it been used for a long time? Seleva: Isn't that the more we ban something, the more we want to do it? Seimei: Sorry but... Kevin: Looks like these guys are a bunch of crazy people. Seimei: Hey, you guys have... Seleva: Granted, launching an "angel" to save someone is a hard thing to believe. Seimei: HEY! Kevin: What is it, man? Seimei: Acting like you didn't do anything, what the hell is a "mechanical soul"? Seleva: Leave it alone, I'll explain it later, but let's deal with that "angel" now! Kevin: Now what can we do? Seimei: Ask his boss, do you know anything about how it works? Kevin: I don't think so, he
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The machine's body slowly moved, raising its legs. Seimei ignored the danger and charged straight at the angel. The soldiers were still trying to use rockets to shoot him, everyone around felt that this madman was weird, didn't like to live but liked to die. Seleva: Hey Kevin, are all your friends this weird? Kevin: Not only those guys, so what do we do now? Seleva: The New Government's air force is coming. Kevin: Touching those guys again? Seleva: Yeah, this involves angels, so of course, we can't do it alone. Nyam: So are you going to help him? Kevin: Do you want to help? Nyam: It's not free but it's not expensive either, do you want it? Kevin: Hey, how much money do you have in your pocket? Seleva: Are you going to do it? Kevin: But what else! Let's go fast. Okay, "white death", please help that crazy guy help me. Nyam: Okay. Meanwhile, Seimei had gotten close to the angel, but
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The Conquered God
The monster is getting angry when even though it is being broken into, it still frantically launches rockets into the "market", the heat from its operation causes the water tanks to explode due to the evaporation of the water. cause a pressure increase. A densely populated area is now just an area filled with corpses. They only know how to shoot at the angel in despair, the rockets are still sweeping but the person is trying to run away from the approaching death. Seimei at that moment managed to get inside a gap between its armor layers, the electrical circuits clattered. The hands slowly slipped into the small holes, the wrist-sized strings were slowly being pushed out of the head. He saw that there was a vent plate above that was connecting a room to the inside of a room in the pelvic joint. ?: Where are you going? ??: Are you going to eat? ?: I thought it was our job to keep watch, but the boss knows you're no different from the people down there.
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starry sky, a god had to kneel before a bunch of tiny humans. While Seimei tried to attack the cooling system, Nyam used the Magnetic Reverser to cause thermal and electrical overload. But because the cooling system was destroyed, it led to a chain reaction that caused other components to overheat. It had collapsed into the marketplace, turning it into a ruin. That is the power of an angel, even after a thousand years, just one angel has almost completely wiped out more than ten thousand people in less than a day. Amidst the rubble, there were still a few survivors in the homemade bunkers, but the Choas Order terrorists in the angel's titanium alloy compartments were much more likely to survive. But those soldiers and the other villagers kept shooting at each other, regardless of a thermonuclear bomb more than 20 meters large with an explosive capacity of up to 10 million megatons. From within a recess of the posterior part of the C6 spine, a small figure with a cloa
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The Heart Of The West
That Airship had been flying for 5 hours, it was already early morning. Seimei is standing in front of a glass and looking down at the desert that looked like a giant sandbox with several dilapidated toy buildings. "Hey, buddy! sap?" - Kevin again. Seimei: Well, it's just a feeling of boredom, like if I tried to go east, why am I already on my way to the center of the New Government of the west? Kevin: Just ask them to carry you after you're done, they're based in the east anyway. Somehow there's an airship going here. Seimei: Yeah, you're right, it's because they dragged me here anyway. But besides you and Seleva, who else climbed the angel? Kevin: Well, I don't know what she helps us to do? Seimei: She? Kevin: Do you remember white death? Seimei: Well then she has nothing to do with me, Do you understand that white death is one of the high-ranking members of the assassination group of the Ouroboros guild, if I fold he
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