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GAME9INE Mobile potable ear Gear company. Game 9INE brings the virtual world into reality. you can see cartoon characters walking on the street, faires etc April 2024. The company release the first game The story line of these was that the king of Eurupia has a daughter who was spirited away into the demon lord's world. The king's orders his knights, guilds and all Military to defeat the demon lord and bring back his daughter. His daughter was never found and the demon lord was killed however that demon lord was the son of Satan. No 2024 The version 2 of the game story is that Lucifer's and his army returns for revenge his son on Eurupia. The game promise to be streamed live around the world and a gold coin for any monster killed is a million. Tommy Ryan, son of billionaire Tech lost his wealth and everything in a car accident planned by his uncle. He saw the face of the killer and he must avenge his mother's death. Crippled and the only way out of their situation his surgery and the game. He enters the game with his father,Eric, his best friend Jerry Tobi along millions of players. They soon discovered that the army of Satan in the game where real demons from hell who has taken the form of Npc and Monster game Characters any body who dies with in the game. Their soul is lost forever and the demon takes over their body and mind and able to walk in the real world. The only way to escape from the death game is to save the Inventor of the game DAVID MARK trapped with in the game. Join these young heroes as they clear 9 death stages of different worlds and setting to win the game.

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  • Daemon


    very chaotic nonsense... lot of grammar mistakes -especially with lowercase letters. generic system story delivering no original content HOW IS THIS EXCLUSIVE?!?!

    2023-08-03 04:56:07
  • Ojebaraj Ledor


    it's a nice story can't wait to read latest chspter

    2022-06-10 15:11:26
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The America sky, looking like a blue emerald with the angle of the midsummer sun seems like a huge fireball hung on top of this emerald. using the sun positions, one could estimate the time. People in the city was busy not with a normal day to day activities as one would expect but In side Cars and vehicles travelling the road, passengers on an airplane ascending, flying to the vast part of freedom and homes where all glued to their phones or ear gears covering their faces from one end to another.Some who where watching cried with their faces full of tears and others heart broken but one thing the city shared in common is that there where no smiles in their faces. They were shocked and tainted in fear for what is coming next. Suddenly, every citizens of America and the whole world begins to Walk out from their houses, some looking their phone lift their eyes looking at the window tainted in fear. Millions of people looking at the sky. and suddenly the sky around the city begins to cr
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Months before the apocalypse My right index finger is coated with thin layers of sweat. The taste is salty as it makes contact with my tongue. It seems my mannerisms are strange attracting quite the many stares of students around me.A glance at my corner of the classroom window, students could see me focused playing with something under my desk. They could see my arms and hands moving up and down and I had made sure to cover my actions with the eye of others. Underneath my desk staring intently at my phone playing a game. Soon, a crowd of classmates clcyled around me with all their eyes glue to my phone tablet screen which remindered me that we are in the middle of class. "Tommy, we' re in class, come on at least go to the bathroom if you're that desperate. What if the teacher walks into the class?" said Jerry. Jerry Tobi is my inseparable brown afro Korean American child hood friend who watches over me. We are so close that our parents decided to name us tom and Jerry. " Bro,
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."I am the best swordsman in the whole world of game 9ine. You should have see me, you should have seen the great me and how I defeated the ghost king of Goguryeo and it's army. I swung my sword running in the highest speed I could muster stamping my foot with force. Thunder stroked with lightning, the seven seas splinted in fear of my arrival, the cloud pave way from my exquisite glorious perfect swings. Accompanied with the flame dragon of yong jong jun" "Wait wait, hold up!! Hoooold up!!! dude. Who is the hell is yong jong jun?. I never heard of him before. I don't trust your mighty adventures of lies you have been filling my ears with Tobi. You are boasting again aren't you". I stop my wheel chair and lift head looking at his excellency, pack of lies Tobi behind me bragging for things I presume never happened. [FOLLOW MAPPING DESINGATED AREA] An Ai voiced out After we pressed our ear gear and log in to the game. We were directed to a point in the city where the boss monster
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"DEFENSE" I see Marco Luca jumping forward with is bouncing stomach in front holding a large police armor shield. He receives the impart of the a descending red saber glaive with massive amounts of force. His system pops with a blue tab. [THE DURABILITY OF YOUR SHIELD HAS REDUCED 85%] The force from the impacts pushes him back and the cobble floor screams in agony cracking and tearing up like tree branches breaking into several crumbles of brick stones. "Hahahaha hahahaha" Tobi begins to laugh hard pointing at Luca's dressing. " Of all player character, he chooses to become a police officer in a medieval Era. His large stomach out sized in the black police uniform and button seem like it will pull out anytime soon. It is hilarious". "Tobi, it is nice to laugh but I think it's time we join the fight as others are already fighting" I see players fighting the flying eagled creature. The creature flying and players with gun shoots at it but it seems to manuover his way across easily.
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30seconds more, I skate through alley of a medieval town however a swing from the ghost giant gialve came crashing building walls up on me. I Manage to skate with all energy I could muster dodging flashy attacks from the ghost king. I observed the horse eagle flying and screaming firing several winged arrows down at me. For a while, I focus while analysing the winged eagle monster above shooting at me, I didn't realize that the ghost king was not behind me. I turn to look at my front view suddenly I see the glaive swinging below crashing building aimed at me. I didn't have time to manuover , the glaive slammed on to my knees shifting me of balance however I manage to stand up skating and suddenly a loud sound rang out. BANG! A sniper's bullet aim for my head hits my Exo skeletal suit throwing us of balance crashing us against the cobble floor. The Ghost king kicks a towering building while walking out simotanously swinging his glaive down at us however we are in luck as the paral
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I strike the giant ghost king and a banging exploding light flash the air and the game cleared. We could hear players clapping their hands and others whistling for our coordinated victory. It was a relish shown that has not been seen in the history of gaming and they relish the spot. Our system pops [ CONGRATULATIONS] [YOU WIN 30,000 LIFE POINTS] [NEW SKILL GAINED- GHOST KING ARMOR] [HOT CORE SIGNATURE GHOST KING SABER SWORD] People clapping for our Victory. I lift the long Saber which begins to glow in golden colors. It's attack power is level four, red is level ten attack power. I must use it for a fight before I could unlock the red hot signature of the red saber. I swing wrapping around my hand feeling the sword. "Hi my name is Dina Ross. I am American" Dina stretch her hands to shake me. "My name is Natasha Romanoff. I am Russian". She remove her cat mask and the most gorgeous blues we ever see. Thick pinkish lips and a beautiful straight blonde mixture of black hair. "D
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A tall pale skinned man with blue eyes and dark brown hair on golden color suit walked into a large vip hospital room. In front of him was a man lay asleep with oxygen mask on his nose. Lancaster a tall paled skinned man with brute shoulders, grand father of tommy "Father, your era is over. It's time for me to rise to the pinnacle of power". Tommy's uncle said as he removes the oxygen mask from his father's face and reached for a pillow. Lanscanter smirks with his lips and delirious intent walking closer to his father. He pressed the pillow against his face. Lancaster struggles for air several minutes before he finally gave up the ghost. "Good bye Father". He rearranged the pillow and puts the back mask on his face. He turns to leave and suddenly he was startled as young tommy watched in horror of his uncle killed his own father. This secret was known to him alone which made him believe that his uncle tried to get rid of him.. Tommy runs out of the hospital. ... On the car with his
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Tom's father runs out of game 9ine company. He has been calling his son but not going through. He tracks him and the gps direction points to a cafeteria in town. He sends a voice mail oh God! I lost my wife and I can't lose my son too. I told him not to login into the game. It's not an ordinary game. .. " Hello Tommy if you hear me. Get back to me as soon as possible. It's a death game. The game has been hijacked by demons of the underworld. The algorithm codes are portal gate ways that connects reality with virtual world but the spirit world had entered the games using the virtual creatures and NPC as their host. Any player who dies in the game dies in real life and the demons will take possession of their mind and body killing the identity of that person and over ride them. They become humans with the players physical body in real world" can you hear me. He enters his small bettle car and drives tracking the his son's phone. Driving he sees many people entering the game with the
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Nine powerful god demons and their minions and monsters where actually sent into the game taking the form of game avatar Npc with their actual demonic figured form in other words, Humanity as players in a game that connects the alternate realm making the virtual reality game a bridge between the spirit world and the Human for both the physical and spirit to meet. These demons cannot be defeated by swords or saber because their powers are beyond human imagination. When I saw the mass death plans blue print of Mammon and Armageddon. I quickly created a code within the game by the wisdom of a divine being from heaven that gives the player a way to fight out by forming a party and grow in strength and I unlocked the game special skills ability and ranking everyone from level two so as they can defeat the demons. People with a red tattoos in their hands are people selected by me to lead them in the game known as cardinals. They have been known as leaders of the game and have special feat
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[WELCOME PLAYER ESTHER, YOU HAVE BEEN REAWAKENED!] WORLD: EARTH NEW EARTH NAME: ESTHER MARK RACE: ELVE GODDESS GENDER: FEMALE JOB: WARRIOR (ARCHER CLASS) LEVEL:4 HP: 98/100 STR: 20 DEX: 5 AGI: 5 LUCK: 50 ABILITIES: LIGHTNING ARROWS/SWORD SKILLS: BOW OF ODYESSUS STORAGE AND OTHERS: LOCKED. Esther dressed with full combat armor like goddess athena holding a bow and arrow walking into the oasis of dawn. She sees different players with different gaming characters. She sees a beautiful orange fantasy scenery with large floating mountains with houses and flying creatures atop. Among the players in the game. Her eyes catches a familiar head of tommy. "I could have sworn a particularly familiar shade of white haired youth had entered my vision for a split seconds". Unable to locate it once again the video field cuts in and a giant man stood in front of her in an holographic image. Shocked, she stretched her hands to the sky and shouted. "Faaaather" she squeezed her hands in an
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