Forbidden Desire

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Forbidden Desire

By: Belladiana17 CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Margaret Chrysler, a witch head of Chrysler Family who needs a bluofighter shadow charming sexy hot demon, for her sister who lost and kidnapped. And yet, she finds herself bound to a demon with a dark past who's as hot as he is annoying always, all so he can find her captured sister Marissa Chrysler who was kidnapped by a demon and a witch too. He better track down the kidnapper fast as they can to capture the criminal's, before he drives her insane of this bluofighter hot sexy shadow demon. Or worse... Steals her heart forever. Atticus Thompson lost any care for the others in the magical prison of the Shadows when Margaret grandmother locked him for centuries. So when Margaret unleashes him to help her, his plan is simple: Seduce the Sexy Hot Beautiful Witch, Steal her powers so she can't bind him again, and be on his merry way. Much to his dismay, though, there's a fatal flaw in his plan, the Witch makes him want to keep her. And that would be a disaster for him or maybe his forever love of his life..

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His last hope of finding his brother is a disrespectful demon, If he can control it ...Witch Margaret Chrysler needs a provocative charming demon, which she must watch out for how much she needs a hole in the head.However, he finds himself tied to a demon with a dark past as hot as his annoying, all so he can find his trapped brother.He had better track down the kidnapper quickly, before he goes crazy. Or worse ...Stealing his heart.Atticus Vhampson loses care of the others in the magical prison of the Shadows. So when Margaret lets him go to help her, her plan is simple: Seduce the Sexy Witch, Steal her powers so she won't be bound again, and be happy.Much to his frustration, though, there is a fatal flaw in his plan, the Witch makes him want to keep him.And that would be a disaster.//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
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He licked the curve of her neck up to her ear. "Keep doing that, little witch," he murmured, his breath hot against her skin. "Feels amazing." He stopped moving, and with a disappointed tsk he resumed drinking. Oh, gods. He tried to touch his weak magic, just so that it could slip through his fingers mentally. His body turned rubbery, black bleeding in his sight. He is much stronger than he should be. He breathed a sigh of relief. "Failsafe measure." The reminder of how he would be kicked back into the Shadows if he killed her stopped him. He stopped drinking, moved away so he could be caught in his sharp gaze. "You're bluffing."  She was. Not that she would let him see that, though. “Try me,” she whispered, infusing the words with as much daring bluff as possible. His thumb gently rubbed her lower lip. "Maybe I will." He gripped her neck and bit again.&n
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He had to hold back a laugh. She really did have some spunk, and damn if she didn't like it. Giving him an insulting enough look, he said, "Believe it or not, I do have certain standards." Raising his head, he looked up as if he remembered, a slow smile flashed on his face. “I think I’ll pay a visit to that luscious blonde a few houses down. She looked very much agreeable. ” And with that he turned to leave.Behind him a fiery emotion from Marga erupted in him. The air was filled with his power — his control over it grew louder and louder — with the lamps in the room flashing. The feathers rose on his neck. His own magic, which was simpler and more natural in nature, leaped in response to the power resisting him.  Keeping it tightly controlled, he continued to walk out of the living room. She was about to open the door to the foyer when Marga sighed, full of conflicting emotions to drive a psychiatri
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Atticus watched Marga stalk away from him toward the kitchen, the scent of her anger mingling with the aroma of her arousal that still suffused the air. Such an intoxicating combination, wrapping around Atticus senses and challenging his self-control. It was all he could do not to tackle her again and keep his promise to make her moan his name.  He closed his eyes and took a deep, calming breath—which only intensified the effect of her alluring scent. Bad idea. Really bad idea.  Sure, he’d fulfilled his need for nourishment, but it had done nothing to slake the bone-deep hunger for pleasure within him. His own desire remained painfully unfulfilled, his hard cock straining against the fly of his jeans being evidence of that. It had taken an amount of self-restraint he’d never known he was capable of not to rip Marga’s clothes off on the staircase and drive more than just his fingers inside her.  His hands clenched to fist
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They drove back in heavy silence in the quiet of dawn. Atticus stared out the window, while Marga was lost in thoughts so dark they threatened to break her. She’d been foolish enough to assume they would track down the demon without delay—through the anguished haze in her mind, strung out by the desperate need to rescue Marissa, she’d completely forgotten Atticus couldn’t use his powers during the day. By the laws of nature, he was a creature of the dark, his magic inextricably linked to the reign of the night.  She mentally reached out to sense his aura, but all she encountered was the average vibrancy of a healthy male mind and body, and though it appealed to the woman inside her, it differed little from a human energy pattern. Like his demon powers, Atticus distinctive preternatural aura lay dormant for the day.  The same would hold true for Marissa’s captor, but Merle didn’t fool herself. Her sister would still suffer
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“What the fuck is going on here?”  Marga woke with a jolt, bolting upright. Eyes popping open, she stared at the source of the voice—and cringed.  Cara Newman, fellow witch, best friend since kindergarten, partner in crime, and royal pain in the ass when pissed, stood in the open door, brandishing a baseball bat as a weapon. As a friend of the family, she’d been allowed in by the wards and now tilted her head, ebony locks falling around her shoulders, her dark blue gaze darting between Marga and Atticus.  Flinching, Marga realized what the scene must look like—she was sitting in bed, her hair ruffled, the sheets rumpled, and a very naked Atticus lay next to her, his arm slung around her waist in a casual display of possession.  He yawned, stretched, and gave her an impossibly gorgeous sleepy smile. “Morning, little witch.”  “Marga?” Cara finally asked in the same vo
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When Atticus came downstairs into the kitchen, Marga was sitting at the cooking island, glaring at him over her bowl of cereal. Ever since that other witch and Blondie—whom he’d successfully stared down in Marga’s room—had left, Atticus was in an exceptionally good mood, and after taking his first shower in twenty years, he was humming under his breath and walking with a bounce in his step. Much to Marga’s annoyance, as he could tell by the look she gave him. He met her glower with his biggest grin and enjoyed the following nervous tic of her eye. Ah, he’d never tire of teasing the hell out of her. It was just too much fun.  She’d showered as well, and had put on fresh clothes, the scent of her laundry detergent mingling with her natural aroma in a special blend that made him want to inhale deeper. Made him want to close the distance between them and taste her, in every possible way.  Hunger, raw and brutal, roared
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Atticus stopped and looked at her, heart skipping a beat. “What’s wrong?”  “You—you’re not going to do…that, are you?” Her eyes were wide, her face as red as he’d never seen it before, her aura trembling with embarrassment.  His gaze flicked to the triangle of ginger curls between her legs, to the tempting pink flesh underneath, glistening with her arousal. He looked back at her face. “Do what? Eat you up like a delicious dessert?”  She squealed and squirmed, delightfully bashful again.  He bit back a grin. “I want to taste you. And not just your blood.” Brushing her mind with a wave of pure sexual intent, he ran his hands down the sensitive inside of her thighs, to her entrance, grazed it with his fingers.  She panted even faster.  He traced the curve of her swollen nether lips, slick with her desire. “I am going to lick
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Janine Luscher’s spell hit Atticus square in the chest just as the magic Marga was weaving fused around them. The air shimmered, charged with power that seeped into his bones and changed the fabric of his being. For the span of a heartbeat lasting an eternity, every fiber in his body, down to the faintest pulse of his energy, merged with the age-old magic this world breathed. If not for the death grip Marga had on his hand, he would have dissolved into the power holding together the layers of time, space, and beyond.  But she never let him go.  When everything around him shifted and the world itself split into a thousand shards of untapped possibilities, Marga’s hand pulled him through, rooted him. The air fused back together, and all around him, the dizzying kaleidoscope of colors, sounds and scents dimmed as one reality took over and solidified.  He only had a brief moment to blink at their new surroundings—a quiet street sw
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He watched her walk toward the car, and for the first time in decades, he felt like he’d done something right in his life.“Gateway Transit Center?” Marga slanted a skeptical look at Atticus as he pulled the car to a stop in the deserted parking lot across from the MAX rail station.  His shrug made the leather jacket creak. “It’s a good hunting ground.”  At that, she silently raised an eyebrow to emphasize her glare.  “You want me to take pain from someone who deserves it—this is the venue for it. Lots of lowlifes milling about.” Shutting off the engine, he leaned back in the seat and regarded her for a moment, shadows playing about his eyes. “You’ll wait here in the car.”  “Like hell I will. I’m not letting you loose to hunt on your own.”  His aura whispered of darkness barely contained. “You don’t want to see
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