Prophecy Of The Stars

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Prophecy Of The Stars

By: Amara naira OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A top assasin and an undercover physician, she was betrayed and killed by her lover and best friend. She was reborn into a world, where cultivation was valued, where the strong preys over the weak. She has to prop herself up and continue to live. All she wanted was a peaceful life but fate had other plans. Her parentage was doubtful, even the path she embarked on was already set for her by someone. Knowing forgiveness would only make herself miserable, she started responding by slapping her enemies back with words and actions. Hidden behind her whole history was a big conspirary fueled by a prophecy from the stars.

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A Dream
Before she knew, she stood before a majestic throne surrounded by four pillars simmering in light.  The hall was lit as bright as day by the luminous pearls floating through the air. Two jade sculptures stood by the throne, carved with precision and skill, polished with patience, yet she could not recognise the identity of the creature. Looming above the throne, was a crystal sphere suspended in air, adored by markings of a ticking clock.  A man, oblivious to her existence, donned in white, with a golden dragon embroidered on his robes, and its golden eyes gleamed with life. With long black hair and sharp amber eyes that could see through one's soul and beauty unmatched to none, he exuded unrivalled powerful aura greater than anything she has felt. The golden crown on his head signified his identity and responsibilities. Settled beside him, sat an enchantingly beautiful woman. Clothed in white, accompanied by a golden phoenix. Her black hair
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The Escape
Li Huang woke up dazed. Her eyes greeted daylight, foggy from sleep. She rubbed her eyes and sighed in confusion.The sounds of clashing blades and painful screams still echoed in her ears.Was it a dream?In an instant, her body shook in pain. The pain seared through her brains as if to blast them. Her hands reached out to grip her head for comfort.The pain intensified as visions, quickly yet painfully, flashing before her eyes.She, Li Huang, was a doctor, specialized in ancient oriental medicine and a top-tier  assassin with the code name 'D'.Before her death, she received a classified mission to steal an antique ring from a famous antiquarian.His sanctuary was well guarded by top-ranked fighters and treacherous booby traps set by poison masters. S
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The Wan Family
 After walking along a hidden track, Wan Huang was finally able to exit the forest, sprinting towards her isolated courtyard. Witnessing the ramshackle in front of her, for a second she thought she had entered the wrong building. However, when she saw a girl, bawling her eyes out, at the gates, it confirmed her doubts. She sighed at the appearance of the courtyard, wondering how the previous host used to live here. It was like an abandoned house. Weeds grew between the unkempt floorboards and cobwebs covered the windowless frames and dark corners. The door hung stubbornly onto the hinges, creaking as it drifts opened or closed. The girl sobbed before her, was her servant Yaoyao. She grew up with Wan Huang and was loyal to her. After her mother's death, her servants and property were all gradually stolen by the current head wife. Since Yao
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The Unexpected Discovery
Her sleeve lit up in flames, burning the fabric to ashes revealing strange markings on her forearm, blazing like fire, the mark of a phoenix, inconspicuously etched across her wrist.Filled with curiosity, she gently stroked it. Her vision blurred before changing, greeting her with a stunning vista.A garden filled with peach blossoms, flowing with the wind, filling the atmosphere with its fragrance, and in its midst stood a beautiful house. To the side, was a small pond, surrounding a spring fountain. The ground was paved with smooth white pebbles.Pink refreshing atmosphere surrounded her with small scattered waterfalls adding the beauty freezing one in place unable to tear away their eyes away from such an enchanting  view.Wan Huang stood dazed in the beautiful view. From the corner of her eyes she saw some movement. She turned around and someone came out of the house.A male youth, clad in red robes stood before her, and his brown bewitch
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Rendering Speechless
 Wan Huang slept like a log till afternoon. She was transmigrated yesterday and had a one-man show with five kidnappers. Her current body was innately weak, so dealing with them naturally wasted a lot of energy. Afterwards, she met Xiufeng and about an hour or so went, conversing with him. Only two more hours were left till daybreak when she went to sleep. She didn't want to wake up sleep-deprived, so she prohibited Yaoyao from waking her up. But, it seems like someone couldn't wait to harass her. Wan Huang opened her eyes, irritated. Yaoyao was knocked on her door in frenzy. "Young miss, please wake up!" As expected, the 'righteous' people are here to deliver justice. Wan Huang opened the door and Yaoyao entered the room with a basin of water. "Young miss, the madam's people a
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Annuling The Engagement
Realising  their plan was not going as they expected it to be, Wan Jie, Yan Wangyin and Chu Tianyin panicked a bit. Wan Bei's expression froze, watching her sister being rendered mute by Wan Huang. "Sixth sister, don't be mad at seventh sister. She was just concerned about you. It was the guards, who saw you going out yesterday night and reported it to father". She panicked a littleseeing their plan going a bit off the track, but she managed to calm herself and tried to salvage the situation. Wan Huang had a mocking smile on her face.  "Fourth Sister, just now the seventh sister admitted she was the first one who noticed I went missing, and now you are saying, it is the gatekeepers who saw me going out at night. So who
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First Slap For Wan Family
Back at Wan manor, after dismissing everyone, Wan Jahao and the matriarch remained in the main hall. Both of them were still in shock over Wan Huang's disposition.The matriarch was badly shaken today, watching an eloquent Wan Huang crushing her precious granddaughters under her glib tongue and wits. The sharp look on the former's face at that time infused a pang of fear in her. She did not this feeling."Jao'er, you should visit the crown prince and smooth out things. After all Bei'ers future depends on him. Don't let things go wrong when your father is not here". She advised him and left the hall.Wan Jahao summoned the housekeeper and instructed him to lock Wan Huang in her courtyard for a year. The matter of her meals was given to Yan wangyin to handle.At the same time, at Yan wangyin's peony courtyard, low sounds of argument could be heard. Mother, son and the daughter gnashed their teeth in anger. Earlier today, as soon as they saw Wan
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The Mysterious Man
To say if the thief's luck was good or the other party's luck was rotten, no one discovered the theft until today morning, when the watch guards of the treasury went to report about the encounter with an expert last night, who knocked them out. Only when the lock was opened and they stepped inside, did they realise what happened last night.Seeing the four highly valued levels of the manor's underground treasury wiped clean, Wan Jahao clutched his chest in fear, pain and anger. It was fine if just the gold and silver were gone, they could gain it back. But that despicable thief stole all the valuable pills and medicinal plants the Wan family collected over the years. How will he answer his father when he comes out of seclusion?.Wan Jahao mobilised all the secret guards and servants to search for the stolen items and the thief. This created a huge Commotion inside the manor. He ordered a lockdown of all information so that news won't be spread outside.Every noo
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Training Begins
 Wan Huang remembered holding onto her master's robe. She felt a bit disoriented and in the blink of an eye, she stood in front of a bamboo forest instead of her dilapidated courtyard.   Serene- that was the word that first came to her mind, on seeing the landscape before her. A perfect place to enjoy a calm and quiet life. As for the way she reached here, WAIT!! ,teleportation!?. Before she could clarify anything,  master strode into the house. She followed him, entered the house, and saw him preparing tea. She was enchanted by the way he steeped tea, like an artist creating a masterpiece, his long fingers moving seductively to place a cup of steaming hot tea on the table, inviting her to drink. The aroma of the tea was very special, as it calmed her uneased nerves, making her feel peacefu
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Zhimeng Night Market
The Shen Xin tea house is very famous in Chengdu city. With their tea plantations that produced many varieties of tea, they have a good business turnover throughout the year. It could be described as a lovely place with customers frequenting it all day. The tea house had two different pavilions.. the spring pavilion ushers in all the rich and reputed customers ranging from the imperial family members to the standard fifth rank officials and the reputed aristocratic families. The waterfall pavilion is for the lower-ranked officials and other aristocratic families. Each pavilion had common tea halls and private rooms. In one of the private rooms in spring pavilion, the crown prince Chu tian yin was meeting his master, Master Chen over a cup of tea. Master Chen came to Chengdu to meet with the emperor to discuss the matters of upcoming celestial jade sect selections. As he was here he planned to meet his favourite disciple who has not returned to the sect for two months
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