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Andrew, Breakthrough, began when he decided to let go and face his miserable life. But,his life wasn't miserable after all. As he was the heir to the demigod of wealth. Dive into this soul captivating story to learn more. I hope you would enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. Daily update.

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  • Methuselah Michael


    hey! check out the book and thank me later ...

    2024-04-08 00:47:02
  • K s c jayathilake Jayathilake


    From the very first minute, this story hooked me up. I love to read more. Thank you for the hard work author. Please keep writing.

    2023-12-30 17:53:43
  • Dont Tease her


    Nice story, I'm loving it already.

    2023-12-05 02:56:06
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97 chapters
With the alarm buzzing so loud, a man in his mid-thirties jumped out of bed in great fright as he ran towards the door, pushing it open, he fled to the kitchen with great speed.“Andrew!” The voice of a woman echoed, standing in the passage that leads to the kitchen. The house they live in is a duplex with fourteen rooms. Six down the stairs, eight upstairs. Each is a master bedroom with balconies.“Why didn't you get up on time, Andrew? Has Alex taken his bath?” the woman voiced in malevolence as she stared daggers at the young man, apologizing with pleading eyes. Yesterday was Alex's school party he did a grand opening as the best student, and he did most of the work like he is a multitasking robot. He cleaned, served food and drinks and cleared the entire party equipment also, he did the inner chores alone and regarding that he didn't sleep on time yesterday. “Sorry Mother, I was exhausted, my bones were all broken.” He apologized, putting on the gas as he placed the kettle wit
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Andrew, after taking his son to school, hail a taxi to his wife's school. He remembered she said she was going for an intern so, knowing the location, he quickly, went to her lodge to drop her some clothes which he had washed and a banquet of flowers he bought. Once he opened the door, he was greeted with an orange scent. He admired his wife's sense of fashion and, of course, money enables one to get the right interior design. Not only that, but he carefully dropped the clothes in the wardrobe, went to the kitchen and washed the dishes before he began arranging the bed once he flipped the bedsheets, three packs of condom and already used four, fell out of the bedsheets. Likewise, he didn't know what to think, Maryann stays alone here in her apartment so, what could the condom be doing on her bed.Furthermore, he controlled his emotions and tied it up in a cellophane and proceeded arranging the bed. Once he was done, he took the clothes from the sofa and placed them in the wardrobe an
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“What is this?” Andrew, asked immediately he got to the door post.“There is your luggage, of filthy clothes. Sign the divorce and leave our life for good.” Mrs. Felicia said and Andrew, couldn't believe it after facing a humiliation outside, now another drama at home.“Maryann…” He tried to speak but Mrs. Felicia interrupted.“I gave birth to Maryann, so, sign this divorce and set my daughter free. You ain't good for her, you will never be able to give her a luxurious life and a happy marriage.”“But we love each other.” Andrew, responded with a shaky voice. He isn't even sure of what he said, he doubts if Maryann has any love for him after what she did a few hours ago.“What do you know about love and marriage, poverty stinking individual.” Mr. Marvin cursed.“We don't marry for love!” Mrs. Felicia seconded and Andrew's jaw dropped, probably these people have taken excess alcoholic wine.“I need to show you something.”He spoke and forced his way inside there, he played the tape
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“Andrew loves you, so I wanted to make him pay for the love. Darling, I needed to get you a heart donor.” She said and everyone looked at her in surprise, seems there is a lot Maryanne has been hiding after all.“How does that relate to Andrew? Were you going to ask him to find a donor or were you going to ask him to pay…” Stanley,questioned curiously and every other person nodded while Alex, kept looking at Maryann, it's obvious he doesn't know what's going on in his life.“I'm I going to die now that Papa has left?” He asked and Sylvester,clenched his fist for the boy kept calling Andrew his father.“No. I wanted to get Andrew, abduct him then, inject him while we carry out the operation.”“You were going to kill Andrew?”. Tom asked, standing to his feet and Maryann, regretted why he didn't send them out before saying all this. She let her anger have the better of her.“Who gave these urchins the liberty to press forth opinion in their master's discussion?”Sylvester queried an
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The news all over the city was all about the return of the Pablo heir. The news says the lost son of the Pablo's is back to take over from where his father stopped, and he is yet to review his real identity.“The Pablo has an heir?” Mr. Marvin asked as he watched the news keenly.“They have, all along, been my role models. I can't wait for whoever their son is,so I can extend a hand of friendship to them through business.” Stanley said, as he sipped from the wine, keenly listening to the reporters on the TV.“Who is that?” Alex, quickly said, immediately he saw someone who looked familiar on the TV screen.“Who?” Maryann asked, looking at his son. He has tried his best to calm the little boy down, and it seems like he is calm a bit now, but not completely.“I saw Papa, displayed beside the lady on the screen.” He pointed and Maryann frowned, while, every other family member in the sitting room laughed loudly.“The boy is hallucinating, we have to take out the Andrew syndrome from
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“Servant?” Whispered the bodyguards in annoyance, as they made to teach the woman a lesson, but Andrew, kept stopping them. He actually, wanted to know the people on his bad side. He has received much humiliation from the past because, all those are now his past, but he shouldn't take it this time any more,he is now the demigod.“Who did you steal from this time?” “Mrs. Rambo, I wouldn't stand you, pointing your fingers at me or speaking another word to tarnish my image else, I will make you and your household beg in the streets.” Andrew, warned he wasn't joking because, his tone gave off authority and great power.Moreover, because Mrs. Rambo, hadn't learned of who he was, and still thinks he is the same Street man, she didn't take his words to heart.“You thing,dare raise your voice on me? I can make you live your entire miserable life in jail.” She insulted and Andrew, laughed while he went to take a seat in the coolest place inside the store and commanded that a drink should b
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In the cool of the evening, was a man in a black suit and black glasses, seated in a corner, in the extravagant party hall. On his table were seated men who mattered soon, he stood from his seat and walked towards a direction in the house and entered a beautiful room. There a boy was standing looking out through the window as though he were expecting someone on his special day.“Hello boy!” The man in a black suit called, and the boy turned to look at him.“Expecting someone?” He asked as the boy paused and looked at him, walking close in sadness.“Papa Andrew has refused to return. I do not know why.”He answered timidly.“Do you love him so?” He asked and the boy nodded.“Why are you here then?” He questioned again, as he squatted to his level and the boy lingers behind.“Mother has told me to sit here quietly, and I should come out when I want to receive my present or when she orders. But, Papa promised to buy me a present on my birthday today. I don't understand why he has to go
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Gazing at the skyscraper from the back of the car was Andrew, he whirled down the glass with his black glasses on his face. He wore a pens trousers and a sky-blue long sleeve, complimented with a diamond wristwatch. His hair was neatly styled to the left, and he smiled at himself before he whirled up the glass.“Sir, are you ready to alight?” Asked the young man who stood outside to open the car door for him.“At my convenient.” He answered and made calls before he gently came out of the car mightily. For every step he takes, is a mighty step full of great honor.Approaching from inside the building, was Sylvester mayonnaise, he couldn't hide his face away, and dare not refuse to reverence the personality before him.“Welcome boss.” He said quickly and Andrew, smiled. back then, he was the woebegone son-in-law everyone tramples upon. He was their puppet and slave, they controlled him in any direction regardless. And now, here is the almighty Sylvester mayonnaise, whom Maryann ditc
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Maryann, quickly followed Andrew into the room he went in and knelt beside him with one knee as she sat on the sofa. “What do you want?” He asked her. “I was so stupid when I did all that I did and when I said all those things I said. I didn't mean them…” “We are divorced, Maryann and nothing can bring us together.” He plainly said to her as she shook her head in disagreement. “No. Your son! Alex. Alex has a heart problem and needs a heart transplant, you can't just say we are over? He is your son.” She spoke the word that broke the camel's back. She isn't joking, else Andrew would have burst into laughter. “Which is a lie? Alex having a heart problem or he is my son?” He roared angrily and Maryann, trembled within. She isn't going to succumb to his display, she is the fearless princess who knows how to play her cards well. “All is true my darling, Alex is our flesh and blood. I only said that because... Because, I know we couldn't get the money for the transplant at the
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“Yes! I have made the payment, ensure you deliver the goods. One more thing, ask those scumbags to evacuate the estate. Exactly, I will be there in thirty minutes time.”The man elegantly sitting on the couch in his beautiful garden said as he looked at his wristwatch. He was having a drink when an important call came in. Once he was done, he hanged up the call to behold the man looking at his face giving a deep smile.“You are really doing a good job.”The man of 6 feet tall sitting opposite him said, giving a grin, and Andrew just gave a soft smirk looking at the man intently.“How may I help you? I have important things to attend to.” “Well…” The man adjusted in his seat because he was a bit chubby, he had a beard and a mustache.“I have come for the sake of Sylvester, what is the matter that you have left him in the police custody for this long?”He spoke in an unpleasant tone.“Sylvester, only have stayed for just a day, why worry? I will tell you something, until Sir LED is ab
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