Regressor With A Billionaire System

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Regressor With A Billionaire System

By: Magecrafter Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Malcolm Shade is the neglected son of his father, CEO of Shade Corporation. After living a miserable life, he is killed by mysterious circumstances and regresses to the past with his memories and a strange System. Read as Malcolm rises to the top of the business and academic world with the power of his System and the knowledge of the future.

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  • Mydas


    The synopsis is not telling much but the first chapter is captivating

    2024-02-01 02:20:58
  • Micheaux Sanders


    So far MC is arrogant for no reason and currently not as smart as he thinks he is

    2024-01-27 03:13:01
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193 chapters
Death And Regression
My big break had finally arrived; I guess fortune had finally smiled upon me. I’d been yearning for this promotion for a very long time, and finally, it began to materialize. The atmosphere created around me by my team and everyone who came to celebrate my promotion with me felt surreal. Laughter, toasts, and congratulations filled the air, and I couldn’t be happier. As a 40-year-old marketing consultant, I, Malcolm, had nothing to show for it but a shady apartment, a salary that could barely take care of my needs, no girlfriend – I mean, I didn’t even have a car. Pretty sad, huh? But I wouldn’t think too much about it. Right now, I just enjoyed the pleasant demeanor around me and drank the night away.“A toast to the brand new marketing manager of Moonwolf Corporation, cheers!” Everyone retorted as they began clicking their glasses together in a rather noble fashion. The rest of the night went on as a blur as the effects of the several wine glasses I’d had finally began to take
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Return To The Past
I screamed in terror as I awoke from what seemed to be a terrible nightmare. "Where am I?" I thought, gripping my chest tightly, desperately scanning for any sign of injury. To my relief, I realized I was perfectly fine.'Huh, that’s not right,' I blinked in confusion, finding myself seated in a university lecture hall. My experience in that alley felt too real to be a dream— the blood, the pain, that unforgettable face. ‘What the hell was that!’ I thought. The new surroundings were familiar, giving me a sense of nostalgia, and the faces around me seemed very familiar, like I’d seen them before.I furrowed my brow, putting two and two together I remembered where I had seen these faces. These were my classmates back when I attended cram school. But why would they be here and why now? I’d already graduated from university more than over a decade ago, so what was happening?And then the realization hit me – could it be possible that I've been transported back to my past? I quickly ru
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Making Plans
I squared my shoulders, staring at the two bullies who once made my life miserable. The alley felt tighter, and the dim light flickered overhead, casting eerie shadows as if nature itself anticipated the showdown. My heartbeat thudded in my ears, but this time, it wasn't the rapid pulse of fear. It was a rhythm echoing newfound resolve.The leader of the duo, a broad-shouldered guy with a menacing smirk, stepped forward. "So, what’s this, heh? Malcolm suddenly thinks he can fight back? Well, think again, pal. There’s two of us and only one of you." His accomplice chuckled, cracking his knuckles.I clenched my fists, my palms sweaty but unyielding. "I'm not the same person you used to bully," I snapped back, the words escaping my lips with a confidence I never knew I possessed.The bullies exchanged glances, uncertainty flickering in their eyes. "Enough talk. Give us your money if you know what's good for you," the leader snarled.I merely stared back coldly, my focus unwavering. "
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Using The System
I squinted my eyes as the rays of sunlight creeped through my curtains hitting my face, illuminating my room as I stirred awake. It was time to face reality –all this was not a dream. I reached for my phone on the shelf as I felt it vibrating, realizing that I’d gotten a text from none other than my father.His text stated thus: "Remember, Malcolm, use your allowance wisely."‘As cold as ever,’ I thought.I blinked my eyes to try to get the remnants of sleep away. Checking the calendar, It was a new month, the date being the 17th of August 2002 and there, staring back at me, were the stark numbers. 49 days until my final entrance exam into Columbia university– just a bit over a month and a half. The responsibility weighed down on my shoulders , and I was brutally reminded of the task ahead.I directed my attention back to my phone as my allowance had been sent, my fingers swiping across the screen."$10,000," it read.An amount that would seem like a lot to the average student bu
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Anonymous Benefactor
Logan sat in the bustling, ever busy office of Hudson Investments, going through social media on his phone as he sat in his booth sipping his coffee during his lunch break.He was living the life of a basic stock broker, sitting in his stall each day, waiting for a job from potential clients.“Sigh, I never have anything to do, look what getting that degree got me , a crappy life stacked with debt with no friends, family, and as usual horrible bosses,” he said in a tired voice.His life wasn’t the perfect spectacle that most people would imagine as though he was an office worker and worked for *Hudson investments*, a financial giant at the time, he was experiencing a financial crisis.He was in debt, a lot of debt and had no active income that he would make use of to clear his bills.The stock market's unpredictable dance had kept everyone on their toes and actively expecting its next fluctuations, and even in these moments of constant anxiety, the air was charged with anticipation.L
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The Next Step
As I sat alone in my lonely apartment, I embraced the solitude of my room as my mind began to dance around my memories and thoughts of my past life.I could vividly recall who Logan was and the significance he held in my past life. He was a stock broker and my friend, in fact my only friend.He was genuinely a good person, but he’d made a lot of bad choices and financial misjudgments here and there which caused him to rack up a large amount of debt, a lot of debt which he had no active source of income to pay back with.You could say that the major prerequisite of our friendship was the fact that we both had financial issues and lived crappy lives, and Logan, my friend, became my intricate guide into the world of stocks and the possibilities it presented. And he was probably my main drive toward my passion for stocks in my past life. I threw myself into studying how it functioned, the fluctuations in the rates and I knew the most profitable investments at that time.I was practically
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Confronting The Teacher
I increased my pace as I hurried to class, I was late. ‘I spent too much time playing around, I shouldn’t let this happen often’ I thought to myself.The large lecture hall was filled to the brim with other students attending the cram school and buzzed with anticipation, one could easily notice the conversations between students and shuffling of papers all coming together to create the sense of harmony that was university life.Each step I took, my heart felt heavy as I realized that classes had already started, meaning I would basically have to avoid the stares of every single student and face the unnecessary attention given to me by the lecturer who felt like she had this obligation to look after me as I opened and walked through the large doors of the lecture hall.I honestly couldn’t care less at that point and as I walked into the lecture hall, the large doors creaking loudly as I pushed them open, an uneasy silence fell across the classroom as everyone stopped their conversing
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Incident At The Gym
Fast forward to a week later, and I'm in the gym, getting my grind on.This is how I'd been living my life for the past week. I'd wake up, go to the gym for a workout, take my self-defense classes, go home, do some research on stocks, and then prepare for cram school for the rest of the day.My schedule wasn't all too versatile, and I was content with it as I had enough time for myself and for my goals.After finishing my sets, I went to the restroom to take a small break. Looking in the mirror, I was impressed with the amount of progress I'd made. It had been about 4 weeks, so I wasn't expecting anything too much, but I was finally gaining some weight and coming out of my lanky frame.This was good; I'd keep this up and continue to monitor my progress."Okay, it's back to the grind, I guess," I thought as I finally left the restroom.I was on my way to resume my sets when I noticed another guy working out on my spot. "Bro probably doesn't understand gym culture; well, I might as well
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Using System Points
I got home that day more furious than ever. This was the first time I’d tasted defeat since my regression, and trust me, I didn’t like the feeling. I sent a message to my tutor and called in sick without going into too much detail.I was in no mood for class as all I had on my mind was revenge, and the rage I felt kept increasing by the minute.The rest of the day went on as a blur, and nighttime came calling pretty quickly. I lay on my bed, dejected. I tried closing my eyes to sleep, but it didn’t work.I’d practically wasted the day away. I didn’t go to class, I made no research on stocks and other money-making prospects, and I also missed my self-defense and martial arts session for that day.I was mad at myself for letting my bad experience at the gym put a wedge on my goal progression, but I just couldn’t help it.When I finally came to and realized I had wasted the whole day complaining like an angered baby, I chastised myself.Whenever a problem presents itself, instead of acce
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Payback Time
I woke up with terrible eye bags the next day. My discovery of the SP shop and the possibilities I could obtain from it kept me up almost all night, and I paid the consequences now.I had the gym in a couple of minutes, so I had to get prepared. Once again, I felt like I was dreaming; it was all too good to be true. The SP shop provided a wide range of abilities that even made the gym secondary.The abilities section of the SP shop was just a fraction of what it actually contained. Using SP, you could upgrade physical attributes, height, attractiveness, sex appeal, hair – it was all there.I could also upgrade my stamina, my speed to run faster, my intelligence, my luck, by just farming SP.I could purchase any material item I wanted; it was just all too much.I realized I shouldn’t have been relying on the system too much because I didn’t know its origin, and it was still a mystery I was far from uncovering.But for now, I would maximize it to its full potential and begin my SP grind
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