Rise And Revenge: The Revenge Of The Billionaire Player

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Rise And Revenge: The Revenge Of The Billionaire Player

By: Deliaha Shine OngoingSystem

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This is a story of a young football player hoping to make a name in the world, his name is George Wenton. His dream seems quite difficult to achieve, or impossible due to his ineligibility to feature in his only gateway to play for his dream club, Alla Madrid, one of the best clubs in the world. As all hope seems lost, his best friend, Imikah Donn comes up with an alternative which is playing for the English National Team, the English Champions. On his debut, he performs so badly, people label him a failure. He has decided to die but just at that moment, a system appears claiming to be the only solution to his problem. Will he trust this strange system which promises to level-up his skills and him as a footballer? Even if he does, will Wenton be able to perform all the tasks assigned daily to him by the system, penalty of non-performance which is death? DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction, names similar to real life characters are pure coincidence.

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  • Leonardo


    I like the dtiry

    2023-06-11 10:05:49
  • Ruth Abigail Acosta


    the story's good, so far. but could we have an update please?

    2023-08-03 07:37:55
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25 chapters
Chapter 1
"I stand to announce today that George Wenton has been stripped of this team's captaincy due on the grounds of inconsistency in quality performances. We would now have Logan Michael as the new captain of the Sporting Stars Academy FC." The cheers and claps from the crowd of colleagues and spectators makes Wenton want to drop to the floor. He has sacrificed his best to the club for many years now just for him to be thrown out like this and it didn't only end there, it had to be a public ceremony, that's the main part he can't really endure. He had started his budding football career as an Academy player, after some years of training, he graduated and became one of the star players of the pioneer youth club of the Academy who featured in youth's football games in England. He was made the captain and he did quite well, always scoring goals and showcasing his talent to the world with the hope that one day he would be noticed by a big-time club. He also hoped to remain as the captain of t
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Chapter 2
Brienne, in addition to the insults, slams the door against Wenton's face. From inside of her apartment, she threatens to call the cops on him and his friends if they don't go away before she comes out. "I never want to see you again!" She shouts. Wenton's friends who had come with him shrug their shoulders in disbelief. They had always seen how Brienne treated their friend with love and respect, they always say that both of them would make good partners only for them to be disappointed in this way. It's a double disappointment for Wenton and them. "I can't believe she only loved you for who you were and who she hoped you would become!" Levi says. "Let's go guys, Wenton I would say don't be sad, rather be glad that she has shown you her true intention so early, that's not the type of woman you should share your future success with." Gabriel cuts in. "She's not worth dying for, let her go and find someone that has already made it and become a gold-digger. " Anthony came in. All of
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Chapter 3
He asks Imikah to talk more about what he just said, to make it clearer to him because it seems like a joke to him. "I haven't heard you talk more specifically about the English Champions before, how did you just promise me this?" Imikah smiles at this. "I do not talk about the National Team doesn't means I don't have someone there, it's just because I never dreamt of playing for them after passing out from here for the meantime, I always wanted to play for a club and besides I'm not from England totally, I was just born and raised up here. ""You are a citizen," Wenton interrupts. "Yes, I know but I would love to play for my blood country, England, my parents are both from there, so we can meet and play against each other one day." He chuckles."Ooh!" "So it goes that way, it's hard for you to talk about something that you aren't interested in. By the way, my uncle is a chief administrative officer there. He can help you with the necessary procedures if you don't mind." Wenton ga
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Chapter 4
"This might just be a challenge I don't have to succumb to, what will I tell Imikah? He would surely laugh at me, I promised that I will make Brienne return to me and now I'm going away like that? No, I wouldn't!" He resolves to go back to her and tell her courageously what he came to say. Walking back to the entrance door, he wants to step inside, by now both Brienne and Iniesta have already dressed up. She wouldn't let him, she rushes to the entrance pushing him off, he staggers. Then Iniesta walks forward as if he wants to beat him up but Brienne blocks him. Don't worry, I'll deal with him myself. He is too weak and foolish for you to fight. I can handle him. "What are you saying?" Wenton gets pissed, his eyes turn red with anger. Never had he been abused this way by anyone before. He walks forward to challenge her for such an insult she has given to him. "If you come a step closer to me, I'll give you a terrible slap." She shakes her head furiously at him and surely she means
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Chapter 5
Few days after meeting with Imikah's uncle, he is at home watching the TV alone, his family has gone out on a trip to which he refused to go with them. The only person with him is his eighteen year old sister, Mia, who had decided to stay back to rest. She doesn't like going out much. She is quite different from him, he loves going out to interesting places, it forms part of the knowledge he has but presently, he has something more important to focus on than mere pleasure. After the meeting with Garett Beckham, he has been eager to know what the result would be. He had asked him to return home and wait for the result of the interview. Beckham saw the visit and discussion he had with him as an interview because he got to learn so many things about him and his style of playing which he doesn't even know. Wenton isn't aware of this but he is glad that he tried his best. A football documentary was going on, talking about the signings of the big clubs in Europe, England first then other
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Chapter 6
On the stated day of the month, Wenton resumed training with the National Team. He got there to see Iniesta as the captain, he was initially afraid but after meeting and mingling with some of the senior players, most of which are Iniesta's senior in age, he is cleared of his fear. "You see the National Team is not like the Academy you trained at, that was like a college or high school which surely your seniors must bully you except you have a powerful person or people backing you up, perhaps as a school father or school mother. Here, we are all seen as equals, no matter the number of years you have played and the salary you are earning. Reason behind this is that some of these new players end up showcasing much more talent than the old ones and along the line, they gain more popularity than the ones who played before them. That's just life. " The vice-captain, Andrea says as Wenton went to meet him after the training to complain of the issue he has with Iniesta. He was scared if this
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Chapter 7
During the period Wenton joined the English Champions, the Senior National Team, the European Champions League was going on and England stood at the bottom of the table, the real reason why he was brought in, is to help England defeat other European countries that would be paired with them. It's a League for all European countries. The first day of his match with his new team approached, the day he has been waiting and wishing for. Today is the first day he is going to appear with the other selected players of the National Team to play against Germany. Germany are already second on the table and they are a very strong defensive team. Most of the fans, even some of the English, speculate that they are going to win the match which will determine the failure of the English team but Wenton believes he can turn the tide to their favor. Before the match, the coach, Anderson Peters gathers them for a final moment instruction on how they should play the ball so they wouldn't be defeated, if
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Chapter 8
The second half starts after a thorough scolding of Wenton from the coach and the senior players in the dressing room. He vows to change his luck even if fate was actually against him. The wings are now interchanged and they take the left wing. This is not the problem to him, whichever wing they took, he was going to try his best. He increases the speed at which he races at the opponent in possession of the ball who is advancing towards the goal box to score against them, it happens that he is the only player close to Gibbs who races at a terrific speed, a slight dribble is involved and in the next possible chance of him to kick the ball away from his foot, something distracts him, he looks elsewhere and Gibbs takes this chance to score against the English Champions leaving them on a 2-0 aggregate. Everyone in support of the English side turns red with fury. Most of the fans take to the official Twitter handle of the team tagging his name and making so many criticisms, the most promi
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Chapter 9
He takes some step closer and discovers that it's a Built-in solar microchip Apple watch, an imaginary watch which was designed by the famous inventor, Lusik Preston, two centuries ago to be invented under the light of futuristic tech knowledge. This watch was going to implant microchips into a human lasting for as long as the individual wanted it to, this would give him super knowledge to conquer in any facet of life, the invisible microchips which would go straight to the brains of an individual after the activation button. For the watch he pressed, it would also be able to increase the physical capabilities of the individual above that of any ordinary human. It could make one a superhuman within seconds but tasks need to be completed to achieve this level up. To many it was a joke, a mere imagination which could never come true in the real world and the funniest part of it was that Preston said that only one would be produced in the entire world and that person who would be lucky
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Chapter 10
Wenton goes back to the initial place he sat on when he entered the woods. He clicks on the task button and the list of tasks appears. He raised his gaze to the instruction above them, he had to choose only one task from among the three and anyone he chooses, he must complete within the next two hours. He thinks for a while thinking of the one to choose, he needed to go for something which would be quite easier. As if this system knew, going back to the team base or going to kneel before Iniesta to apologize would be the simplest ones but he is sure to find no one upon driving back. They had lost a vital game, no one, not even the managerial staff would be found. They have all gone home by now to mourn their defeat. Everywhere would just be empty except for the heavily armed security men guarding the base. He has no available option other than the third, which is the hardest. About eighty percent of the English fans have voiced their anger on him, calling him many names on social me
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