Rise Of The Powerful Husband

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Rise Of The Powerful Husband

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William was your typical weak, poor son-in-law in a world where money and magic went hand in hand. His daily life was filled with humiliation, sadness and pain. Until, one day, after an unfortunate event, Help appeared in the form of.... [[ WEALTH SYSTEM ONLINE ]] [[ Unlimited Money has been added to your account ]] DING!! [[ You spent 100 million dollar ]] [[ +10 Wealth Point ]] [[ Strength has increased ]] [[ Magic has increased ]]

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72 chapters
1. William
Storm Family Mansion.Today, Lady Storm, head of the Storm Family, was celebrating her 70th birthday. All her children, grandchildren as well as invited guests from top families were present.The hall was lively as guest after guests rushed to present their gifts with proud and happy smiles on their faces."Grandma, this is a jade necklace that casts a calm energy around the body to keep you warm at all times.""Here is a $700,000 bag. It might look small, but it is durable and has good space.""Grandma, here is the magic robe you always wanted. It is rare and was forged by a trillionaire. I was able to obtain it for five million from an auction."The face of Lady Storm glowed with pride and happiness as she received each gifts.The hall was busy, with many millionaires present. The Storm family doesn't lack millionaires among their myriad connections. Each man dressed richly in nice branded clothes and suits.However, one young man stood out as he was dressed in casual black pants an
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2. Silence
"What! Young master Donald is remarkable, he's willing to help the Storm Clan establish a relationship with Starkcom, the biggest company in Astoria City!""Starkcom is incredibly difficult to establish a relationship with, one must have a groundbreaking condition to sign a contract with them.""But yet, young master Donald wants to help the Storm family with just a simple marriage proposal! Heck, I would even give up everything I have just to take that offer."Clarissa overheard others, and her expression turned even colder. "Donald, stop pestering me. I don't like you!" she yelled at him and helped William up, intending to lead him out of the room to treat his injuries."Wait!" Lady Storm finally spoke, and the hall became silent. Everyone turned to look at her."Clarissa, I will declare this in public since you have decided to publicly shame my family. In one week's time, there would be a lot of changes, and you might be at the bottom last. However, you can change this by divorcing
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3. System
[[ Character menu has appeared ]] [[ Opening character menu...... ]] [[ Host: William ]] [[ Wealth: $1,000,000,000,000,000 ]] [[ Magic power: 0 ]] [[ Strength: 0 ]] [[ Agility: 0 ]] [[ Wealth Points: 2] "What are all these? Am I dreaming? Why is there so much money there, my eyes are getting fuzzy because of the amount of Zeros!" William didn't even know what to do at a moment like this and could only stare at the System. He was only one who could see this system, if there was anyone in the room, they would think that William has gone crazy. [[ INTRODUCTION: Host will gain wealth points after spending 10 million dollar ]] [[ Wealth points can be used to increase Magic powers and combat ]] [[ Host is not allowed to negotiate price as they would result in harsh penalties from the system ]] [[ Host is not allowed to tell anyone about the system or else host dies ]] William was confused, so if he spends ten million, he would get a wealth point that can increase his stagnant m
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4. Borrow
"William, what do you need one hundred thousand dollars for?"A harsh voice asked William, belonging to Charles, Clarissa's older brother. He has a large body build, and although he might not look it, he actually is one of the strongest elites in Astoria."I need the money for something very important. I swear that I'll pay you back after two days.""Humph, you plan to take our money and run away! I know that is what you want to do. You think I am my foolish sister that you can easily deceive."Hearing Charles call his wife 'foolish', William couldn't help but glare at him. However, he didn't retort."Well, two days from now is me and Clarissa's marriage anniversary, and I would like to get her gifts.""You want to get her gifts? Now I know you are really sick in the head. Two days from now, she would fail to sign a contract with Starkcom and would be thrown out of the Storm family. Even your gift won't wash away the pain she would feel that day," Charles mocked."Gifts aren't to wash
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5. Hotel
Starkcom Hotel:The hotel is one of the many businesses owned by the biggest business group in Astoria."This is the first time I am seeing it, and the view is indeed heavenly as described," William remarked, gazing at the magnificent hotel.He then started walking inside. According to the information he got online, someone he knew was actually working here."Good day, sir, welcome to Starkcom hotel. May I know how I can be of help to you?" The receptionist asked without even looking at William as she was focused on the monitor in front of her."Julian," William smiled and let out.The receptionist looked up, how did this person know her name?"William??" A surprised look appeared on her face as she found this face extremely familiar."Yeah, it's me, Julian, long time no see.""Oh, William, it's actually you. What are you doing here?""I am here for something important," William answered with a smile as he felt the hateful tone in her voice."You are here to look for a job, right?""N
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6. Deal
"If I find out this is a joke or some prank you plan to display online for some senseless fans, I swear I will chop off your fingers one after the other and feed it to dogs."William felt a chilly aura spread around the room as Clarion released a very strong energy."Answer my questions," William demanded confidently. In the past, he would shiver and run away from such powerful and wealthy people, but now...He is the wealthiest man on earth! He couldn't be afraid as long as money is involved.Clarion settled down when William spoke, since he didn't run away after her threat, she began to trust him a little."The highest share in this hotel is 40 million dollars, which is 20% of the company. We only accept shares from 5 million and above. If you plan to invest anything less, I'm sorry, we will have to throw you away."A smile crept on William's face, the price wasn't so big after all."Great, I will invest one hundred million dollars.""One hundred thousand dollars?" Clarion thought s
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7. Florence
"I told you he was nothing more than a thief and a leech." Florence yelled at the top of her voice."If you would have listened, you wouldn't be this hurt now. Mr Donald is interested in you and even volunteered to help you get a contract with Starkcom, if I were you, I would have accepted.William is really handsome but in a world where Money and Magic rules, William is nothing."Florence didn't stop badmouthing William ever since they left that room. Right from day 1, she had always disliked William for being a pretty boy with no money and power.She always suspected that he there to steal her money and he has already done it. She felt pity for her friend.Clarissa didn't reply Florence, no matter what others say, she believes William wouldn't do such a thing, if he needed to amount of money, he would tell her about it."Well, since you don't want to talk about that failure of a husband, how about we talk about the contract."Clarissa still didn't reply so Florence snatched the docu
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8. Strange
William thanked Clarion sincerely for her help as he left the hotel with Monalisa, the lady who would be taking him to the most expensive gift shop in Astoria."Mr William, you left your car at home?" The secretary asked with a smile."Actually, I don't have one yet." William smiled wryly and scratched the back of his head, he had so much money now however the thoughts of buying a car hasn't arrived in his head.Monalisa looked at William, her black eyes filed with surprise. Such a big shot didn't have a car?She didn't ask further and ordered a quick ride online, the can arrived and droved them smoothly to Lovebirth House, the home of fascinating gifts.The guards outside the magnificent place wanted to stop William but stopped after noticing the classy lady with him."This man is lucky, he has such a beautiful and wealthy woman even though he is poor. Handsomeness is really important for a man." They thought."Welcome to Lovebirth House, what kind of gifts would you like to buy and
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9. Contract
"Florence, I told you your husband is a cheater and a thief. Guess who I saw when I went to buy gifts for my boyfriend today? William! I saw William with another beautiful lady buying gifts. Can you imagine that? He hasn't even left for up to a day and he is already out there with a different woman," Florence exaggerated. Clarissa was looking at her, not even knowing what to say. Florence was her friend as well as her secretary, and she is aware that she dislikes William for stealing her glow. However, why would she go this far to lie? "Florence, I won't believe anything you say." she replied"Clarissa, this time you really have to believe me, I saw him there, she was going to buy gifts for William." "Please, I am very tired now, I need a nice sleep so I wouldn't mess up my meeting with Mrs. Clarion tomorrow." Florence decided to shut her mouth since Clarissa looked tired. However, she would not stop until she exposes William. "By the way, are you sure Clarion is going to see yo
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10. Liar
Clarissa returned home and passed the goodnews to her family, who took her news as a joke till they saw the signature!!"Is this a joke? Do you think you can scam us with fake signature?" Charles could not agree to this term, is this was real, he would be losing something he cherishes, his position.Lady Storm held the documents and scanned the signature with her eyes.If this was legit.And this equally mean her plan to break the bond between her daughter and that miserable husband of hers has shattered."Clarissa!" Lady storm called."Yes, grandma." Clarissa replied calmly even though she was pissed at Charles' remark."How much did you pay the scammer to give you these fake signatures? I can't lie, it looks legit, that means you have paid them a huge amount of money.""What do you mean?""These signatures, who did you pay? Signatures can be forged, especially those of famous people like Clarion. Tell me, who forged these for you?""Grandma, Lady Clarion signed it herself, why don't
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