Seven Targets

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Seven Targets

By: Joshua Oguche CompletedMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Detective Daniel has been assigned to investigate the murder case of three business proficients whose wives alongside kids were also kidnapped.This would be his last case before retirement.He is astounded when he finds out that the first piece of the puzzle to deciphering the case is in the hands of a juvenile under his roof. Robert his first son. Would Robert remain voiceless or Detective Daniel would dig out the information himself? Mysteries are further unraveled when detective Daniel found out that the drugs they recovered from the dead victims apartments as validation of their illegal businesses were arranged there by the perpetrators of the crime, to conceal the factual reason for their death,which was sponsored by the Turkish government. What would be his next action when he also finds out that the same commander who assigned the case to him has a hand in their death? The unraveling of enigmas you might diagnose it!.

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  • Simi Oludemi


    I absolutely love this book! I couldn’t put it down!

    2022-09-09 03:29:29
  • Setonji Ludovic


    Interesting! ...️

    2022-09-12 04:01:19
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66 chapters
Chapter one
In the early hours on a Friday morning, the moon had displayed its full shape and the stars had taken their positions on the cloudless sky of the lower part of south Philadelphia. The occupants of Walnut Street had been aroused from their sleep by the sounds of two rapid gunshots around 3 A.M. that morning. Mr. Andrew, a business guru, had been hacked to death in the living room; while Betty, his wife, and Megan, his daughter, were kidnapped. Nancy, the cook, however escaped as she stayed out of sight and hid inside the closet in her room, where she was before the armed men came in. After they had left, she came out and saw Mr. Andrew in the pool of his own blood. She then started to scream out of fright. She remained at that spot till the neighbors who heard the gunshot called the police department.Fifteen minutes later, they arrived at the scene with three patrol cars. Nancy was seen sitting beside the little staircase outside, sobbing. When she saw the officers, she stood up and fo
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Chapter Two
The drive home from the office which was supposed to last two hours was a long one as he stopped by the mall to get Stephanie some gifts which he would use to pacify her after telling her about the change of plans by the commander. On arriving home Stephanie and the kids were already at home. When he entered the sitting room and called out to Stephanie. “Honey I’m home”.He called with a loud but exhausted voice and threw himself lazily on the couch. Stephanie walked out of the kitchen towards him wiping her hands with a towel. She picked up his jacket alongside his bag and they both headed upstairs.Robert and Christine were both in their rooms. When they entered the bedroom facing Christine’s room Daniel peeled for a shower and helped himself with a cold drink. Stephanie returned downstairs to arrange the food on the dining table. By this time Robert and Christine had left their rooms and were already sitting at the dining table. Some minutes later when they had almost started eat
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Chapter three
By 11 a.m that Saturday morning Stephanie had gone to get her hair done while Robert was left alone in the house with Christine,whose friends had come to Visit her. So he quickly put on a black jean and a blue top.By now she would be playing with her friends so he doesn’t have to tell her. After dressing up he headed downstairs and then to Jason and Dave’s apartment.Jason and Dave Dobson were brothers and they lived alone with their mother. Their father, Nicolas Dobson had left them when they were much younger. Although their relationship with their mum had been putrid ever since then as they believed she caused their father’s absence. She however had assumed the role of both father and mother ever since then.Robert arrived and stood at the entrance of their apartment. They had driven him home from school in their car the Previous day. He however did not enter the apartment but promised he would come to see them today. He paused for a while and looked around for their car before r
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Chapter four
He was fortunate that neither of his parents had arrived when he got back home. But he had been amazed at the kind of independence Dave and Jason had. He had been shown different snapshots they had taken at different parties. He had never attended a university party before except for a get -together celebration he attended at the high school. During dinner that night he was quiet all through as thoughts raced through his mind. He was old enough to start making some decisions himself and he’s about to make one, but the major obstacle was his dad and not his mum. Being a detective he has always been very observant and detailed on what he did, and where he went to. But he had resolved that he would attend the university party that was coming up which Dave had invited him to.That night Detective Daniel rested his head on the pillow and hoped for sleep to come but it didn’t, his mind was still trying to fix the whole puzzle at the crime scene. No suspect had been apprehended yet ,but fro
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Chapter Five
His stay at the office the following day was very short. Detective Daniel thoughtfully studied the case file,not only is he anticipating his retirement he also wants to ensure that the perpetrators of the crimes are apprehended and brought to book,and also that the kidnapped victims are liberated. Later in the evening before he returned home he visited the clubhouse of Kelvin Brian again to interview more people around the place.Meanwhile,Robert at school had informed Dave and Jason of the dinner his dad wants to have with them.“What did you tell him about us?”“Nothing, he just wants to know you both and besides,that might be the condition for allowing me come for the party”“Oh, don’t worry daddy’s boy we would come.”Dave said as he patted Robert on the right shoulder humorously.“And who is daddy's boy.''Robert said playfully, smiling, although he was upset inside. This angered him the more as he reckons that he should be making independent decisions by now, decisions that would
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Chapter Six
Robert greeted her when he came into the house. This was the first time he met Billy, their mum at home.. Then he went with Jason who was also downstairs to Jason’s room. Dave was in his room. He was in Jason’s room for some minute and decided to check up on Dave. When he got to Dave’s door he tapped the door, no response at first so he tapped again. This time he heard sounds of objects falling on the floor and the opening and closing of a drawer. Probably Dave was hiding something. When he finally opened the door Robert went in.“Hi.”“Hey, Robert, giving him a handshake. How long Have you been standing at the door?”“Not quite long.”“Have you seen Jason?”“Yeah, he’s in his room I just left him to check up on you”“Oh, great.”“Hope you enjoyed the dinner last night at my place?”“ Sure I did. Your dad, what does he do for a living?”“He’s a detective.”“Awesome, With the way he was asking those questions yesterday I thought he was a lawyer.”“ Yeah, that’s the same way he asks qu
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Chapter Seven
The sun shining from the dapple blue sky flooded Philadelphia on Wednesday morning as Detective Daniel and Mr James Came back to see Dave. He was sitting up on the bed and was looking more promising than the previous day. Detective Daniel wasted no time but continued from where they had stopped the previous day.“Hey boy, how are you feeling now?”“Much better”Dave replied as he gave a faint smile.“Good. Dave, we wanna ask you questions ok?”“Ok sir”“Kelvin Brian is a prime suspect in a murder case that occurred at walnut street some days ago. He was the last person who spoke to the victim.”“Mr Andrew?” Dave asked.“Yes Mr Andrew. You know him?”“I think I do. I have been sent to deliver a package to him before”“Oh, I see. What kind of package was that?”“ It was a sealed package. I don't know what was in it.”“You don't open the packages you are sent to deliver to know the content in it?” detective Daniel asked.“ No I don't.” Dave responded.“Then you must have been sent to Malc
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Chapter Eight
The university party that was to be held at Dave and Jason’s apartment had been canceled as they had all been informed that Dave was missing. When he got home they came in their numbers to visit him. After the raid at the clubhouse and kelvin Brians estate, the following day detective Daniel went to visit Dave at his apartment.when they exchanged greetings he wasted no time in informing Dave that they had raided the clubhouse and the apartment they traced Melvin Brian and his men to but it had been fruitless as there was nothing at the inner chamber and the apartment they traced him to. It appears he had escaped.“They must have hid them,” Dave said.“where?” The detective asked.“Honestly I do not know Where. Since I began working with them I have not been engaged much so I don’t have knowledge of some of these things”“How about where he lives?” Detective Daniel asked.“I have never been there before,”Dave said.“I see,detective Daniel said. He paused for a while before continuing.
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Chapter Nine
Like a cow, nurtured and kept, waiting for slaughter, Betty and Megan alongside others were kept in an underground basement and would be sold to merchants in two weeks. some would be used as slaves while others as home made. Those who were rebellious were killed, this was the lot of anyone who breached agreement with Kelvin Brian, which Mr Andrew fell a victim of .Mr Andrew had been in business with Kelvin Brian for the past six years and knew what he was capable of doing. They both had been exchanging goods for money,and at other times goods for goods. However, in the last deal they both had there was a breach of the agreement by Mr. Andrew who wanted to play smart on kelvin Brian. Mr.Andrew had moved all his goods from the store where he kept them to another place due to its location which made it susceptible to police ransack and rummage. When the goods were moved to a new store Mr Andrew had ordered for a new set of goods also. He paid up front and promised to pay the balance with
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Chapter Ten
The three of them were Satisfied with the plan. After discussing at great length they all went downstairs to the barto get drinks. Detective Daniel phoned Stephanie and they were both discussing while James and Ashely were also chatting. They laughed a lot that one would assume they had known each other for a long time. Later that evening they dressed up and headed for the club house. Detective Daniel wore a light blue polo shirt, a black jeans and blue Snickers. Whit stripes. Mr James was dressed in a pink polo shirt, chinos trousers and black shoes. Detective Ashely dressed unusually this time she was putting on a transparent grey gown that stopped half way towards Her knee. Her shoulders were exposed and one could see the colour of her skin. She was wearing high heels. They stopped a taxi and entered. After driving for about an hour and a half they stopped several streets away from the club house. While detective Ashely. Was left alone in the cab. She was taken to the club house. T
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