Double Personality; THOMAS BRADLY.

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Double Personality; THOMAS BRADLY.

By: RedCEE Updated just nowMystery/Thriller

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When the mourning is over, life must continue and famous writer; THOMAS BRADLY was ready to move on from mourning his late mother, but the unbelievable happens. A weird looking old man, two fan girls, an old disgusting mirror, the roaring thunder and a heavy storm outside, which of those messed with time and universe??? Waking up inside his own novel wasn't crazy enough but the thought of 2000 volts of electricity about to pass through this body in which he's stuck inside was hell. In less than 24 hours, one Denzel Williams was to be electrocuted for first degree murder and of all characters in which he could be stuck as, it happened to be Denzel. Was he dead already in the real world or was he about to die truly on both sides? Find out if Thomas Bradly would ever find the light at the end of this frightening tunnel..

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  • Lixypearl


    started off well, I love Denzel already. let's see how it turns out

    2024-05-14 00:41:07
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Denzel wrapped up his fishing once he checked his time. He was going to prepare Tania something really nice as his apology. They've been married for 28 months and they've never had a major quarrel like earlier this morning. Tania left for work angry and so did he but he was going to make it up to her tonight, with his cooking and maybe a little planned speech.He had vowed to make her happy when he married her and she's been the sweetest soul ever. He never wanted them to go to bed with anger in their hearts.Denzel rushed home and arranged the whole place, it was 5:48pm already and Tania closed from work at seven. Say an hour and half, she'd be at the door.He began cooking and cleaning. He had bought flowers on his way home, so he decorated the place, when he was done, the time read 7:23pm.He sighed and rushed in to take his bathe, he wore only his pants and waited bare chested.Denzel waited and waited, the food grew cold but Tania wasn't home yet. He checked the time, it was 8
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The knock on the door disrupted Denzel's sleep. He loved to sleep in everytime, but he rose from.bed anyways, though a bit sleepy, he walked to the door and twisted the door knob open."Denzel", Sophie gushed at his naked body. Well just his chest."Oh Sophie, goodmorning", Denzel greeted, immediately looking over her shoulders, "where's Tania?" He asked.She paused and stared at him for a second."She refused to come with you? Don't tell me she sent you to pick up her clothes for today", sadness laced his voice."What are you saying? Didn't Tania come home last night?" "Sorry what?""Tania.. she didn't sleep at my place, she left at night and I called you but no answer so I guessed you might have been faraway from your phone or something. I actually came to apologize because she...""Sophie wait! Wait!" Denzel couldn't comprehend a thing."What do you mean she left at night?" He asked."Well, she found out you called and I told you that she was at my place, she got furious and left
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The cop led them out, "you might want to follow us to the station and make a statement?" He asked them.Denzel looked at Sophie and she nodded.The cop nodded too and they stepped out together, but once outside, Sophie had to make a call to her boss that she might come in late or wouldn't even come in at all.Almost immediately, Denzel's phone rang too. He took it out his phone pocket and stared at the screen that had lit up with the name MOM JOHNSON on the screen. That's the way he saved his mother-in-law's number on his phone.He sighed. He didn't know if to pick or not in this situation. Tania was her only child. And if he doesn't pick, she's ready to rush down to his home. He swiped green."Denzel?" Her voice fell through "Mom. Goodmorning", he tried to sound normal as possible but she wasn't helping."Did Tania come home?"He had never had a reason to lie and at this point, he couldn't even cook up one."Hello? Denzel?""Uh. Mom. Yeah. Can I uhh... Can I like call you back la
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Thomas Bradly sat still on his seat as people exited the cinema. The movie was obviously over but a bored and lonely Thomas remained seated.He stared at the big screen though he was obviously looking absent minded. It was remaining a few people when he finally stood and stretched. He pulled his face cap over his head well and headed out.Thomas Bradly was a 38-year-old talented and successful writer who had been on hiatus for two years now since he lost his mom. His dad died when he was just a baby and his superwoman raised him all by herself. She never remarried and he loved her so much, but she finally left him. She died of acute pneumonia and though he tried everything as well as the doctors too. He could see it in her eyes. She didn't want to leave. She wanted to go. She was vocal about it. She had caressed his face that night and begged him to let her go. She begged him to find a girl, get married and have kids.Thomas has been alone ever since. There was no motivation to write
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Mrs. Johnson stared back at her son-in-law like he had grown horns."Denzel?" She called, thinking he might be half asleep."Who is Denzel?" He asked. His confusion was vivid on his face and the woman badly wanted to believe he was faking it."Mom?" Sophie's voiced rang out.She had taken permission from work, drove straight home then changed into something better and drove back to Denzel's place."Denzel?", Sophie called and walked in."Mom. Lunch's ready", she announced.Meanwhile, Thomas who was now Denzel stared at her weirdly. He had never seen her before and who's this Denzel they speak of?"Denzel? Are you awake now?", Mrs. Johnson asked him.He gently stood from the ground and walked like a zombie to the mirror he saw in the room.He looked into it and the reflection he saw freaked him out.He darted his eyes at the two ladies that exchanged glances at each other confusedly. He darted back his eyes to the mirror. Who was the motherfucker staring back at him?!!!"Hey? Denzel?
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He left Sophie as she sniffed and stared back at him."You scared us all", she chuckled and stood, "come and grab a bite", she said to him.He nodded at her and she left.He rushed again to the drawer and found what seemed like an empty journal. It looked new. Whoever bought amongst man and wife hasn't used it yet.He took it out. "Hopefully, If I sleep again and be awake from all of this", he said to himself.Darting his eyes at the clock, it was simply 1:53pm. God! That's a long time before nighttime. What is he supposed to be doing?!!!Well, he's going to act as Denzel to continue the story and hopefully time, so that time doesn't stop again and he can go home, back to his body.He was definitely trashing that mirror and breaking it to pieces once he got back!He sighed and stood and left the room. For the next couple of hours, he was going to be Denzel Williams.He stepped out into the living room, the woman from before turned to him, "Denzel?""Mom", he smiled, "forgive me", he
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Thomas roamed Denzel's room - the entire house to be precise.He couldn't believe he created all this. It looked so damn real. The people in it too. The whole thing, it was amazing.He walked back into his room and stared at his reflection. Damn! He made this guy even hotter than himself! It made him wonder what the insides of his other books were like. He took a good look around, from the bathroom to the room, the closet, the drawers, until he found one that was locked with a key.He searched everywhere for the key but couldn't find it. He stood with the intention of getting something to hit it with when he felt light headed."What was that?", He said to himself when he recovered and went ahead to get a hammer.He finally broke the lock and drew open the drawer. There were lots of things inside, but one pricked his interest. It was an old journal, more like a diary.This might be wrong on all angles but him being inside his novel was more weird than any shit. He sat on his bed and o
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After Carlton left with Sophie, Winston remained seated on his swivel chair as he stared at nothing in particular."How's it coming along?", His buddy and close friend, Peter Lawford asked."Nothing I think will amount to something", Winston sighed."Huh?""Nothing really. I'm just seeing another cold case", he sighed."Why?""I mean it's clear they know what happened to her. What man doesn't care about his wife's death. I was expecting him to be trooping in here every two seconds. He did say he was going to inform the girl's mother and I'm seeing nothing. It's just as though they don't care. Not to mention the best friend. She is weird", he voiced.Peter chuckled."I'm just saying. Might be one of them that killed her though", Winston shrugged, "the story's all messed up man".Peter really had nothing to say. He just laughed."I wish you luck man", he finally said."Whatever", Winston scoffed...Mrs Johnson couldn't sleep or do anything. She didn't go to the academy either.She jus
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Conrad remained at home and even made dinner, when Deborah finally woke up. She was lost. She couldn't recognize a thing.He walked in at that moment."You're up?" He smiled at her.Deborah stared at him confusedly. She didn't recognize him. She didn't recognize where she was or who she even was."You've slept for quite a long time, I was about to get worried", he smiled as he leaned in and placed a kiss on her forehead.She jerked back a bit and he knew it was time to act."What's wrong honey?" The fake lines of worry formed on his forehead."Who are you?" Deborah asked sincerely.Conrad chuckled, "what's... What's that?" "Where am I?""Baby, this is not funny?" He tried holding her hand but she yanked it off."Who are you?" She asked again.Conrad smirked within him but wore a bitter face on the outside as he went close to her. "Baby, it's me. Your husband. What's going on?" He threw his arm over her shoulders."I'm... I'm married?" She stuttered looking at his face as though she w
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Winston shared a glance with Peter."These are my daughters clothes. I don't know why it's stained with blood or why it's hidden in his kitchen but these are my daughter's clothes", Conrad faked a sniff.Thomas stared wide-eyed.Winston turned to him, "is this your wife's?" He asked Thomas shook his head whilst staring at the clothes in Conrad's hand."It's not? Who's is it then?" Winston asked. It was getting interesting."It's not mine. It's not.. I don't know. I just need to go home", Thomas shook his head.Winston shared a glance with Peter again .Peter spoke this time, "why don't you follow us to the station Mr. Williams", he moved closer to Thomas but Thomas moved backwards, shaking his head vehemently."I'm not Denzel. I'm not. My name is Thomas", he knew all he was about to say was not going to make any sense but he wasn't going to spend his night in a cell."Mr. Williams", peter moved closer."My poor child", Deborah cried in the corner while Winston took the clothes from
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