Son-in-law: The Billionaire's Reign

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Son-in-law: The Billionaire's Reign

By: Deliaha Shine CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Life sometimes is a twist even for the destined great and mighty, this happens to Derek Dawson who happens to find himself in the poor class, struggling for survival and the attention of his wife, Tahlia. His mother-in-law is ever present in his life to complicate issues. All seems to be under a little bit of control until a celebrity comes into Tahlia's life, Derek is totally abandoned and left forsaken. Then the miracle happens. This is the time he takes up his rightful place as the controller of the vast assets belonging to the Dawson's, one of the wealthiest families in the world. He is now the President of the Dawson's Assets. Tahlia soon discovers who she had treated as trash. She is more than eager to have her husband, Derek back. What then will be Derek's reaction to his marital relationship with Tahlia? Which hidden part of his life will be revealed as he has now taken up a powerful place in the world? Disclaimer: This is absolutely a work of fiction in entirety. All similarities to real life characters, places and events are coincidental.

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  • Deliaha Shine


    This is a very interesting work. Kudos to the author. Deliaha Shine is a great author.

    2023-12-23 16:45:38
  • Matthew


    I don’t understand the difference between all these billionaire revenge novels. They’re all the same story just different details. If anyone has recommendations for any great novels that don’t involve werewolf novels lol, I’d love to hear some. I read ex husband’s revenge and loved it. Novel similar

    2024-01-21 00:12:55
  • itsmarius


    Is that Tristan Tate? ...

    2023-09-07 20:44:15
  • justice maila


    i love this book already

    2023-06-22 00:22:45
  • Adrian-Paul Constantinescu


    Around chapter 120 the book is a mess. The story is repetitive, and after it is jumping in a totally different story. It is very difficult to keep on story!?

    2023-10-30 07:15:42
  • shoto


    WHAT A JOKE, DO NOT READ. It started off not to bad but the storyline wad very slow. till it was chapter 120 then it wad a total mixture of crazy chapters all mixed up together. WHAT A TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT. it dosnt have an end

    2024-05-04 19:07:20
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178 chapters
Chapter 1: Call for help
It's about 8:30 AM in the morning where Derek is riding off to work on his bicycle when he witnesses a mugging scene. A young woman is coming out of a plaza when she suddenly gets robbed of her purse which contained a huge amount of dollars as she just counted them and was returning them into her purse when a young man wearing a black hoodie snatched it away from her. Derek parks his bicycle at the side of the road and stops the thief, chasing after him until he has caught the man who stole from the woman. He doesn't get the chance to beat him up properly for stealing but he is able to retrieve her purse and makes sure that her money is complete before walking up to the elderly rich looking lady and hands it over to her. "Give me that, you mugger!" She replies rudely which leaves Derek in shock. "I'm sorry, what?" Derek asks her in shock and disbelief. "What? I have watched it on news! Young people like you team up to cheat the elderly together!" She screams into his face as she
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Chapter 2: Shocked to hear
Derek was desperate and called his colleague, who picked the call this time around. Derek moved straight to the point. He wouldn't miss his opportunity as he had helped this person at work all the time. "I'm in police custody. I just got a chance to speak with you now. I wanted you to help me with a hundred and fifty dollars for my bail. I'll pay you back after getting my salary." "Come on. How much do you earn that you are talking of paying back?" Derek detected that he was mocking him. Though knowing this, there was nothing he can do because he wants to get the money. "I helped you rotate so many shifts.." Derek said to the phone, "You know what kind of a person I am, and I will definitely pay you back." “Do I?” His colleague laughed out loud, "I have told the boss that you are absent from work today. I guess you won't have this job anymore, let alone this $150 to pay me back. Good luck to you at the police office, I guess." Derek was still clutching the phone as it was b
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Chapter 3: Inheriting Deonz Company
"No mom, I wouldn't divorce him." She shakes her head, held Derek's hand. Derek knew deep down she didn't trust him. So he believed that she would readily opt in for a divorce upon her mother's suggestion. But not until he saw the same serious expression on her face that her mother had. He remains rigid, without any motion. "I'm really surprised….." He mutters to himself, not quite audible. He decides to surprise his wife, he never thought she would be saying this. He hastens down to his motorcycle which is down. He is going to do this no matter what, it's not a planned decision but he doesn't care. He didn't inform anyone before leaving. He just wants everything to be a surprise. Before reaching the family estate, he calls his family's asset manager. He picks. "Mr Aurelius, I'll be coming back home to take over." He first starts. "I'm already on my way!" Aurelius Julius, an Italian, had been in the job of managing the vast billion dollars worth of the Dawson's as
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Chapter 4: At Deonz Company
Derek arrives at his estate, soon after he told his family's asset manager. It didn't take up to twenty minutes. Some of his family's staff had forgotten him because he was now grown, muscular and very charming although had been in a poor condition for years. His grandfather who is the most excited person to welcome him introduces him to everyone who had forgotten him. "I thought you were not going to come back?" He asks and Derek widens his eyes in amazement. "Why wouldn't I come back, sir?" He always addresses his granddad by the fond version of sir. "I'm glad you returned, some don't after meeting with the freedom of having to live by themselves." This is why he is the most excited person in the house. It's the truth that some heirs and heiresses who were supposed to inherit their family's fortunes like these abscond, never returning back to home again especially those from disciplined families. These families have rules guiding them and those who are to inherit the fa
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Chapter 5: Such a surprise
Immediately Derek leaves with Aurelius, the security guards take Andrea off, taking him alongside with them. A gap of five meters is maintained between them. Derek turns and stares at them. "Take him off me, give him two days detention. He did his obligatory job but not in the right way." "Okay sir," they respond, already being aware of who he is. "We want to meet with your Deonz company's officials, I think you wouldn't have to dress in this." Aurelius says in the most polite way, after looking down at Derek who is dressed in the most casual way. "Okay, did you make provisions for that?" "Yeah, we have a fashion boutique inside of this Deonz company's base but it's not for sale, strictly for the officials and everyone who holds an important position in this Deonz company. You are top on the list." He smiles warmly, making Derek feel good about himself. At least he has someone that acknowledges and respects him. "We are going there first." Derek follows Aurelius to the dressi
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Chapter 6: First meeting
Derek manages to maintain a good disposition during the meeting which is scheduled to last for an hour, twenty minutes. Here, he is getting introduced to the senior officials of the Deonz company as their new boss. It wouldn't stop here as each one of them will have to introduce themselves to him as well. Andrea being the only person left. "I wished I could see the the junior staff today!" He said during the meeting. "We are sorry," the Director General stands up to reply. "We weren't informed earlier of your arrival, sir. They are on break, not within the vicinity of this company. Perhaps we can organize for you to meet with them another day?" He leaves his statement as a question, waiting for Derek to reply. "No problem, I'll communicate to my personal manager who will get to you when next I'm coming." He tells him. "Okay sir." He replies and sits down. The meeting finishes after the series of events fixed with the time set is exhausted. Now Derek can return home to meet wit
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Chapter 7: Arrival and disappointment
After a journey of one and a half hours, he arrives at home, hoping to find Gianna and his wife. By now they should have reached home, he plans to inquire about what Sancho needed from her. Sancho is a director in the Deonz company.Surprise hits him hard when he arrives at the apartment where he stays with Tahlia and her mom, Gianna only to find the main entrance locked, just as they left it. He realizes at once that there was no one in. When the main entrance which the other doors are assessed from is locked, it's a clear indication that there is no one in. He picks up his phone to call his wife's line, hoping this time around, she is going to be the one to pick it and not someone else. He had been happy to finish the meeting with his grandfather on time so as to come back before it was too late and they got to suspect where he went. Standing outside of the apartment frustrated as the phone continues to ring without anyone picking, he thinks of what to do. "Should I call Aurel
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Chapter 8: Injured
When he arrives at Sancho's residence, the security officials at the gate come out to question him. "Young man, where are you heading to?" The leader of the security team steps forward to ask. About four of his colleagues are behind him, gazing at Derek with bad eyes. "Who are you and what do you want?" The second officer comes up to ask. "You shouldn't ask where he is heading to but who he is first of all." He corrects his colleague and sure, this is the very first question the security leader is supposed to ask. "I'm Derek Dawson by name, it has reached my ears that my wife is here with Erickson Sancho." "Who told you?" The third man asks. Here he realizes what he has done, he doesn't in any way intend to put his friend into trouble. "I need to have my wife come out here, I want Tahlia. How can a famous man like him commit such a scandal, taking a married woman to his house?" He breathes so heavily, with the intensity of his heart beat. What gives him the audacity to stand ou
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Chapter 9: Unexpected identity
Sancho feels threatened by what he said and orders his security guards to stop him from riding out of the exterior of his estate. "Get him now!" "He can't get away with this!" He is disturbed by the threats. Derek who fears what's going to happen to him thinks of telling them who he is as well as showing them his new ID card which was made for him when he signed the documents of transfer of ownership of his family's assets. On a second thought, he determines not to tell them. He wants them to know at the most critical point after they have finished abusing him. But is that not foolishness? A voice asks inside his, his own personal thoughts. He is wondering what would be the need of suffering all tortures, then at the end, his true identity is made known. "Well, along the line it would be revealed to them who I am but I would never tell them." He makes this determination inside him as the police officers Sancho called while he was approaching the gate to see who was making tro
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Chapter 10: Unexpected identity II
Sancho falls to the ground hearing this, at the verge of giving up consciousness if not for the police paramedic team who rush to give him the medical attention he needs. They on themselves are shocked out of their wit to realize that Derek is more than what they thought. "We didn't know who you were, we wouldn't have even come to arrest you." They cry out in unison, raising their hands up and waving in remorse. Anyone can tell it from their face that this is not what they were expecting. Derek is surprised to see them acting this way, they had rushed and taken the handcuff off his hand. Right now, they were aimed at making Derek forgive them because if he chose to take the whole case further, it would end badly for them as they could be sacked from work. Sancho even after getting proper medical attention still feels weak prior to the fact that he knows what's likely to happen to him as Derek was his new boss. He would want to apologize to him but he keeps his face away, a signa
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