System Beast Lord

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System Beast Lord

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The world has gone to the dogs, thanks to an extraterrestrial overlord, and is almost destroyed. Eric and his friends survive, thanks to the system giving them 'traits'. Eric's trait is deemed useless until he completes an exclusive quest and gets an exclusive item that boosts his strength and power. How strong is an animal empath going to get in a broken world with crazy abilities?

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  • Anakin Detour


    wow, this is one of the best system book I came across. I believe Eric had a potential to be so op. just hope he won't let it get to his head. nice piece author

    2024-04-29 02:39:11
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Chapter 1: Inception
Eric threw his bag on the bed and locked the door behind him. He was looking very homeless despite the fact that he had a home.His brown hair was all sticky and slimy from an unknown substance that had stained it.He ran his fingers through his hair and made a disgusted expression.‘I swear Nelson is going to get what's coming to him for real. My hair's a huge mess now. Tch!’ He was very distraught about it as he mumbled on his way to the bathroom.Soon after, he was done and his hair was all fixed and fresh. He had a towel wrapped around his waist as he picked up his phone and saw that he had three new messages;Matt Baker: You're free now? Let's play. Just a few more XP and we'll have a chance at world championships.Chuck Fierro: Y'all will have to carry me tho. I still can't use this weapon well. Level too low.Matt Baker: Tag @Eric_Jason, he'll carry us. Hehe.…Eric smiled softly and began typing;“Let's rank up boys. This Titan medal will belong to us. Let's voice chat in Pis
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Chapter 2: World Awakening
It was dusk in the city of New York and the skies were clear. People were returning to their respective homes and several creatures returned to their nests and homes.Meanwhile, on top of a very tall skyscraper, a mildly chubby man in a hooded cloak was seen conversing with what seems to be a wisp of darkness. The wisp emanated a terrifyingly strong presence that made certain debris float midair as though gravity didn't exist in that area.“Are all the preparations done?” A guttural voice escaped the wisp, sounding like a beast's growl and metal sharpening against metal or stone.“Yes your majesty. The runes and the arrays are in their respective positions as you've commanded. All that is needed now is your power, my lord.” The cloaked man replied in a submissive position, a knee bent and his head bent low.“Very well. Let this plane of existence be a part of the ‘other realm' with this awakening.” The wisp replied, satisfaction evident in its deadly voice.“Activate the runes, I'll r
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Chapter 3: Lesser Demon Imp
[An Awakened grade 9, Lesser Demon Imp, has set its sights on you. Survive!]The usually blue holographic screen was now blaring red in front of Eric. He tried his possible best to keep his breathing calm as his eyes darted towards the red creature at the very end of the stairs. The creature wasn't moving but it kept looking at them with mad scrutiny, frenzy and chaos burning inside of its red pupils like flames inside of coal.Eric clutched the crowbar tightly and clenched his jaws causing it to be more pronounced. A blue holographic screen appeared before him as he did so.…[__Equipped Item__]Item Name: Crowbar.Type: Weapon.Item Description: A normal human crowbar.Class: Mundane.Grade: 9Attack Damage: 5Critical Damage: 15 (1% chance)Durability: 148/150Enchantments: None.…‘Huh. Interesting.’Eric was quickly shaken from his thoughts as the purring little red devil shrieked and lunged at him, bloodlust evident in its eyes.Eric didn't lag as well as he parried the blow of
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Chapter 4: Total Mess
In a particular bedroom, everything was in disarray with slash marks marring everything in sight. Everything in the room was destroyed, blood pools were on the ground, blood splatter could be seen on the wall.Lying on the ground was none other than Nelson Makker, breathing heavily and bleeding profusely. He had lost his left arm from the elbow down. There was an elaborate slash mark on his chest so severe his ribs were partly visible. He had severe lacerations on his thighs and a large chunk of meat missing from his right calf. He also had a hole through his right wrist and charred knuckles.Despite all these, he was still alive and he was looking at several holographic screens in front of his face;[HP: 2/100][You have received 100 coins for slaying a Grade 9, Lesser Demon Imp.][You have leveled up][You have been rewarded, check inventory for rewards.][You have received a bonus reward for slaying the Lesser Demon Imp with your bare hands, check inventory for reward.]His eyes we
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Chapter 5: Secret Quest
Eric sat on a the sofa in the living room, Erica beside him, resting with her eyes closed. It had gone silent for a few minutes now on the outside save for the distant booms and bangs. They still couldn't summon the courage to go outside yet. He was looking at the system interface before him with a serious expression, fingers locked and resting in his mouth.“This is quite the… What can I call this? This is kinda elaborate.” Eric said with a thoughtful expression.[[Profile Tab]][Name: Eric Jason][Race: Human][Level: 2][Title: None][i][Class: Awakened][i][Grade: 9][i][Trait: Zoopathy][i][Subsidiary Skills: 0/3][Acquired Skills: 0/2][HP: 100/100][MP: 170/170][XP: 1/100]‘Hmm… No skills whatsoever. It's a given since I'm only just starting. It's fair for real, I don't think anyone might have acquired any skills yet. My gaming experience should be of help, I guess.’He thought as he saw his profile on the screen before him. His eyes wandered down as he continued to read;[S
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Chapter 6: Useless Trait?
They were all ready and fully armed, and they've understood each other's traits. Matt's trait dealt with Armament Creation, and it allowed him to create modern weapons from nothing with a cool down time. He had supplied all of them with basic pistols before his mana points ran out. All his weapons come with infinite ammo enchantment.Chuck's trait dealt with Necromancy, being able to raise the dead as an undead and he could only raise and control two undead at once. His skills are limited to creatures and entities on his level or below. He already had two undead demon imps on standby at the door.Nelson's trait granted him the power of Pyrokinesis, the ability to manipulate flames and fire. Eric said he had the most potential presently since everywhere was blazing outside. He is also currently the strongest of the group.Erica's trait centered around Cryokinesis, and it allowed her to create and manipulate ice as well as cold in her area. She currently has several basic icy daggers c
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Chapter 7: World Merge
Chapter 7: World Merge.[Stage two, World Merge, of the World Awakening has commenced. Do well to survive]…was the message every Awakened got before the whole of Earth was plunged into a tremendous earthquake.Whatever was left standing of the city buildings started to come down to dust, leaving the really strong ones.“What is going on?!” Chuck panicked, his voice vibrating as he clutched whatever he could for balance.Eric, hell, everyone was trying to make sense of the situation; the quaking, the eerie ambient noise coming from everywhere.‘Is this it? Is this how we'll die?’ Eric asked himself as subtle destruction happened all around him.[The infusion of Elastris Hel has begun.]Everyone saw this screen in front of them and the quaking got worse.“Ah yes. This is how we'll definitely die.” Nelson chuckled, hope nearly lost from his face.After about 10 minutes the quaking stopped, or rather reduced to slightly inconceivable tremors.Relief flooded the cohort, as they smiled aga
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Chapter 8: Asphalt Golem
“I thought you said only fodder remained, you fool!” Nelson exclaimed as he ran alongside the others.They were currently being chased by an Awakened Grade 7 Asphalt Golem, a humanoid Golem made of an asphalt like substance.They had left their broken building shelter and were heading towards Amy's dojo when they suddenly came across it.“Yeah! That thing is fodder compared to the rest of those monsters that descended from the sky crack.” Eric replied as he ran and huffed.[Fatigue: 46%]‘Dammit. Why didn't analysis pick it up tho.’He was looking at his screen to figure out what happened.‘Ah! The message was minimised?! It never left like the others.’All other analysis alerts had disappeared but that of the golem still remained, minimised.“Yeah, I can't keep running.” Erica said and stopped to look at the golem that was coming after them.Looking at the thing, it was sufficiently big. At least as big as truck and as tall as a bungalow. Each step it took sent waves and tremors thro
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Chapter 9: Total Chaos
Somewhere at another part of that street, inside a dojo, the stench of blood was heavy in the air, very heavy.All around the main room of the dojo, corpses of different types lay with dire and devious wounds on their vital points.Thud!Another corpse dropped, without so much as a scream or a sound, as blood quickly pooled underneath it.The killer walked to the corner of the room, not minding all the bodies around, and took a napkin and wiped the blood from the katana used.In the dim room, the outline of the killer's face showed. Fair in complexion, golden long hair tied to a ponytail, neon amber eyes, a sharp nose, plump lips, a sharp chin and a very cold expression.She exhaled and brandished her katana and looked towards the last living thing in the room, walking slowly towards it with a cold and calculating gaze.“Blradl jshehisn krjdb!” The goblin at the corner of the room, who was on its arse and its back touching the wall, uttered.It sounded like gibberish but this goblin w
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Chapter 10: World Saturation
[Stage 3, World Saturation, of the World Awakening had commenced. A moment of silence for the humans who rejected the system.]This message was seen by every human who had accepted the system.For the cohort, there was no time to acknowledge the message because the ogre was free from the persistent undead imps.Its face was mangled and only one of its eyes was destroyed by the attacks but it was still very much okay… and vengeful.It looked towards the crater it had made when it smashed Eric and found out that Eric was still pretty much alive.‘Dammit!’ Eric cursed inwardly as he equipped his dagger, readying himself.Meanwhile, Nelson was already on his feet. Although bleeding and covered in dust and blood, he appeared fine as he stretched himself.Merely breathing was a chore but his awakened body could bear with it.He looked at his profile tab meticulously to see what he could do.[[Profile Tab]][Name: Nelson Makker][Race: Human][Level: 5][Title: None][i][Class: Awakened][i]
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