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The prophecy says that the last descendant of Thar will destroy the Kingdom. But is this prophecy true, or has someone distorted it for some reason? Not believing the ancient words and wanting to save his daughter and the only heir to the throne, King Lirdan sends her away, entrusting the care of his illegitimate sons. After all, there is another prophecy: if the Tara lineage is interrupted, the very existence of the Kingdom will be threatened...

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The ancient apple trees had already faded, and the air smelled of clover. Despite the early morning, it was deserted. The usually busy road was lonely white, gleaming along the roadsides with torches that had not yet been extinguished. The guards, wearily shifting at the gates, were waiting for their shift. A few old panthers walked slowly around a squat stone wall, beyond which the forest darkened. Circling over the silver spiers, a huge black raven croaked in a bass voice. Looking for something, he then descended, then rose, heavily flapping his shiny blue-black wings.Running his hand along the smooth marble railing, Paraman looked down once more. A thick shadow lay at the foot of the tower, but the first rays of dawn were already reflected in the windows of the heir's chambers. The Singing Wind Path passed just below the stone windowsill.“Too high,” thought Paraman, involuntarily recoiling, and frowned thoughtfully. It was difficult to believe that my uncle went to such madness.
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- What did it look like?- Nothing. Frowning, she turned her head and scanned the embankment carefully. People walked as if nothing had happened, the sea was still lazily sorting through the pebbles ...- Did I scare you? the young man asked again. He clearly had no intention of leaving her alone.“Yes…or rather, no,” she corrected herself quickly. - Thanks for the bag.You are alone today for the first time. I saw you from the pier and didn't even believe it at first.- How do you know me? – Peering into an unfamiliar face, Leah threw the belt over his shoulder. She felt uncomfortable.“I sang with your brother for many years.” His voice trembled slightly. Tall and rather swarthy, with black, slightly curly hair and dark brown eyes, the young man looked only a little older than her. “Christian knows me and my mother: she is the regent. After a pause, he smiled slightly. “I think it would be best if I walk you home.”Leah nodded in agreement. Christian really used to sing in the churc
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The hot sun floated across the sky in complete calm. Getting out of the car, Carl looked around. Except for a small paddock for young animals, everything around was exactly the same as he remembered. The smell of dung and hot earth, the bleating of sheep... Memories flashed by in a thin tie so quickly that it was not immediately possible to recognize the enemy hand that had called them. Only when Paul called out, inviting him to enter the house, did Karl flinch and frown - he understood. And he immediately cut off his discontent and annoyance: for the time being, this understanding was his rear, and he should have kept his knowledge a secret.“Thanks again for the invitation, Paul,” he said loudly, his lips stretched into a polite smile. - It's a pity I didn't find your father, he was a wonderful person.“He was thinking about you all the time,” a reproach slipped through the Guardian's voice. “By the way, I prepared a room upstairs for you, the one where you always stayed…” Noticing
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Christian met his brother with a lawyer - a short, stout man with a stubby mustache and a shiny bald patch over a sloping forehead. William Woollis kept a small law office in the city and was a fairly well-known man. Christian had known him since childhood, since he was in charge of all family affairs during his father's time. - Don't worry. - Apparently, noticing with what tension Christian peered at the scoreboard, the lawyer patted him reassuringly on the back: - We will cover this case quickly and without consequences. I already know how to solve everything. The police have no reason to press any further charges. Carl's actions under state law fit into the concept of "self-defense." If he had not tried to protect himself, then at the scene of the accident there would have been two corpses instead of one. As for Anders, after giving evidence, they will leave him behind. William chuckled softly and added: “Everything is all right with Karl, and what’s there and how, it doesn’t co
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“Show Mr. Woollis into the house,” Karl said calmly after a couple of seconds, looking at Christian, who was frozen in the distance. - And bring water and my first aid kit ... Everything is in order. Leah opened her eyes and tried to raise her hand. Her own body still seemed alien to her and was hard to obey.Sitting heavily on the plank floor, Carl helped her sit up and gently hugged her. “I beg your pardon, Mr. Hamali,” he said quietly without turning around. Thank you for taking care of my sister. Nice to meet you. "Will she be all right?" Mark asked dully, shifting from foot to foot. - Yes, yes, it's a common faint. Don't worry. “Then I should probably go. - All the best. Without looking at him, Carl took Leah by the hand and froze for a moment, measuring her pulse. The anxiety in his eyes slowly faded, giving way to fatigue. “I haven’t run like this in a long time, Veterok. Leaning down, he lightly touched her forehead with his lips. - Scared. Taking a deep brea
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The air was so humid that hands and face quickly became wet. In addition, it was raining lightly.Having unbuttoned his camisole, Yakir hung it on a stick driven into the side of the round platform. Tori watched him indulgently, occasionally casting eloquent glances at the dark windows of the residence. Waiting for Yakir to take a position opposite, he drew his sword and, carefully placing the scabbard on the sand, spoke: “For a long time, I confess, I wanted to talk to you. You made too much noise with that stopper [3] a year ago. Within the walls of this Academy, no one has allowed himself such a thing yet. Timini and I even barely filmed together. It is clear as day that you were helped - you yourself would not have hung him like that. It had to be thought of! The general almost got hit! Yakir shrugged. - Lafast said to figure it out yourself - I figured it out. This scoundrel deserved a real noose, not a couple of smiles. But he left me behind. The officer smiled wick
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Rain drummed on the glass. Large drops flowed down and fell dully on a short steel ebb. Gusts of wind continually threw plucked leaves out the window and blew through the poorly locked window, from which a wet path ran down to the windowsill in a thin stream.Leah sighed. For a couple of days, while the temperature was kept, she slept so much that the sleeping pill that her brother gave her was enough for only a couple of hours. A strange weight pressed on my heart, forcing me to look again and again into the rainy twilight behind the translucent tulle and listen to the wind howling over the roof. Carl slept on an old mattress next to the bed. His regular breathing was sometimes interrupted by a dry, hacking cough. He also fell ill, but he was still afraid to leave her alone: ​​due to a congenital heart defect, Leah could not tolerate the temperature well. After lying awake for another half an hour, she could not stand it and, throwing back the covers, got up. After a warm bed, the
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The wind blew up in earnest. Outside the window now and then there was a crackling of bushes bending down to the ground and the distant sound of the sea. “I called Vullis,” Carl said, breaking the long silence. – I want to transfer the house to Hamali. - To Mark? Christian was genuinely surprised. - Why on him? Carl shrugged. - I decided that this is optimal - for none of us it will be safe here anyway, and it’s a bit cramped for him and his mother in their closet. He paused and smiled. “But the family will keep the bills. Do you ever want to come back? Frowning in disbelief, Christian waved his hand. “Just tell Mark. It would be embarrassing if he found out from Woollis. And you need to do something with the body ... “Don’t worry about it; my people will clean up here. Carl frowned thoughtfully and looked again at the dial of the clock hanging over the kitchen door. Time to wake up my sister. Purring loudly, Bama entered the kitchen importantly. With a sniff of air,
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Vullis arrived half an hour later. Concentrated and serious, he silently nodded and, closing his umbrella, stepped over the threshold. The gray jacket was damp in places as the rain lashed down, and the legs were soaked that water dripped onto the floor. Thanks for the haste, Will. Taking the umbrella from him, Carl pushed the cat that had come out towards him with his foot and pointed towards the living room. “Please, there is not much time. “I have prepared everything in advance,” the lawyer replied hastily, stopping in front of a wide sofa. “Several options, as you requested. There will be no difficulties with the house, but something needs to be decided about the assets. - Already decided. - Taking a folder from his hands, Carl skimmed through the papers and put a few sheets aside: - Let's stop there. After a pause, he waited for Vullis to nod approvingly, and added: “I have one more request, rather of a delicate nature. And she must stay between us. Is the request illeg
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It was cold in the bedroom. Through the window that opened from another gust, debris piled up on the windowsill. After drinking the potion, Leah took out a bag and, laying out the textbooks, carefully put away the icon and the icon lamp taken from the wall into it. The oil had to be poured out the window. There was nothing else to take, and knowing her brother, she was sure that Karl took care of everything.Neatly folded on the pillow were new things: a hat, thick leather trousers, a thin cotton shirt, and a black doublet with a red ribbon at the left shoulder. A little to the side, with the fur up, was a long black cloak rolled up. It all looked so fabulous and ridiculous that Leah chuckled nervously and stood indecisively for a minute, not knowing whether to change now or take clothes with her. Finally, as if waking up, she looked back at the unlocked door and quickly unbuttoned her blouse. The suit fit, but looking at herself in the mirror hanging opposite the table, Leah involun
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