Warrior Oddity

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Warrior Oddity

By: Riordan's Cat OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Florian is tasked by her capricious master to find a set of gifted individuals. These individuals will become the cornerstone of change within the crumbling Vaurus Empire. Florian and her newfound allies soon come to realize there is far more beneath the surface. Conspiracy, war, rebellion, ancient secrets and arduous tasks lie ahead. The group pushed into their calamitous fates need to face their own demons and those within the empire.


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32 chapters
The Vaurus empire, once a small nation that claimed independence and broke away from its motherland. Led by Alamgir Vaurus, only known by his first name at the time and the son of a slave. He hailed from a small village and spearheaded the fight for their independence. Under his rule the country saw great development, newfound knowledge and prosperity. Under his reign- slavery was abolished, those enslaved were set free and aided in finding a new life. Soon after the budding empire found itself targeted by neighboring countries. These countries possessed jealousy and animosity over the new empire's developments and natural resources. The ever abundant mineral deposits, fertile lands and lush forests made Vaurus an ideal target. These countries wanted nothing more than to plunder and claim it for themselves. In the end, no matter the attempts...they ultimately met with failure. Vaurus only saw more growth. Conquest and unity under the first emperor whose surname had been given after
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Questionable Meeting
The temple bells toll through the annex, the tired grumbles and snores in protest arise from the sleeping disciples. A smaller bell chimes through the hall, getting louder in passing. It synchronizes with the footsteps of the women outside who ring them incessantly to gather the attention of the disciples. The tired eyes gaze to the windows greeting a dark sky and the sound of happily singing birds to indicate the early morning hours. It's the usual time to wake up all the disciples to jump start their days and responsibilities. A young woman grumbled, pulling the thin blanket over her head in an attempt to drown out the ceaseless sound of bells. The annex that accommodated the disciples appeared simplistic. A long rectangular room lined with small single beds and flat mattresses with a single, hard pillow and thin cotton blanket on each bed. The entire annex possessed a dull impression lacking in most colors and warmth. To the foot of the bed stood a small wooden chest; inside held
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Florian's Mission
"Is it temple work?" Florian inquiresBasil's face turns serious "You know I don't trust the temple. I need you to do something for me personally."She nods her head, understanding how the relationship with the temple means he's not always free to move in the way he wants. "I feel it's a mission very suited to your talents." Basil explains"Is it dangerous?""Very. It will almost certainly result in death if you fail."Florian shudders at the thought of taking on something so dangerous. "Well if you do nothing you'll probably still die anyway.""Thanks for the reassurance" She replies sarcastically to his prodding.She lowers her head to think and organize her thoughts. Basil's all knowing and always cryptic in his instruction. The things he says still baffle her on occasion, and for as long as she could remember he had always been this way. Even if he knew the full answer, for whatever reason he would never say it. Florian couldn't exactly refuse since this is the premise of her rela
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Basil's Notes
The first sketch Florian pulls from the papers holds the name 'Rennier'. She pages through the disorganized notes in the notebook to look for the information corresponding to the person named Rennier. Rennier, a shadow guard to the first prince with no known stories of his origin. Due to his questionable origin most deemed him to be a commoner or of lower class, he was unofficially promoted to the title of baron under the name 'Ian Kellis' thanks to his faithful service to the first prince. He began working for the first prince as a child and was chosen through strict selection amongst the shadow guards. 'Looks like the shadow guards aren't under the knights but rather working under direct descendants of the imperial family.' It is estimated that Rennier is a few years younger than the first prince but no one knows his true age. He served Nicodemus faithfully while he was still the crown prince and continued to work for him after the coronation of the second prince. He acts as eyes
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Hayle Village
'I should probably find Tayoshi first. An information guild would be the easiest way to find everyone else.' Florian thinks as the wagon pulls slowly into the village. Compared to the other villages this one looked well maintained. For the majority of the villages outside the immediate vicinity of the capital they were poorly cared for and deteriorated into empty shells and slums. Florian knew of some villages like Hayle that had been fortunate enough to be under a competent lord, who cared for lands within their territory. Even a lord who saw beyond his own benefit is a rare sight. It's a small, humble village. There are flourishing crops in fields, a main street with stalls, signs for an inn and tavern. The villagers themselves looked cheerful and untroubled. A neatly maintained dirt path indicated regular travel through the village, and acted as a sign to say it's safe. Florian felt thankful it betrayed her negative expectations. She spotted some villagers walking along the road
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Rhetta and Khio
The execution grounds are bare, on the right stands a series of small dirt cells built with stone walls and heavy metal bars which aim to keep prisoners from escaping. To the left, a minuscule camp-site with a stone pit for the fire. Everything surrounds and highlights the center of attention, a grand wooden platform. Atop the wooden platform resides worn ropes, a crank to drop the flooring beneath the broken barrels and a daunting, rusted guillotine. Followed by a bloodied block of stone... an executioner's block and a large wooden stake residing in the ground. These were unusual grounds, most would have a specific method but Hayle is every executioner's dream, it contained gallows to hang, a guillotine to behead, a block to bludgeon and even a stake to burn... Any and all executions in such a remote place would prove painful and inefficient. The resulting suffering may have very well been deemed fitting for a traitor. Florian recalls a rather horrific tale she heard from one of the
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Rhetta draws another plan in the sand, struggling against the darkness of the cell with nothing but some of the natural light to help her see the scrawls and drawings. Rhetta mentally follows what she is writing, even if she struggled to visibly see it. Plans that did not have at least a ninety percent chance of succeeding were not worth considering. Considering her incredibly high standard for success it accredited to the fact that Rhetta always saw an overwhelming victory. Swift and devastating in nature and perfect in every way. Plans did not always start with high success rates, she just made it so with every resource at her disposal. This is why Rhetta is considered a genius regarding battles. During her time as an imperial strategist there were never major wars waged, however there were countless fights, civil skirmishes and uprisings. Rhetta gained indispensable experience from all these little conflicts, gaining new knowledge with every victory. The only downside is she also
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Taste of Freedom
"Isn't this a little excessive!?" Khio fumed, kicking another knight in the head and downing them. Three lay at her feet unconscious, another two lying by Rhetta. "There are too many knights around here...It's not for us seeing that they felt safe only leaving us with four." Rhetta looked around, thankfully with no other knights in sight. "Looking at the uniform they're not local knights. These belong to the second division. The security of the village should be under the supervision of the lord's knights, not imperial knights." Rhetta notes her observations finding the entire situation to be out of the ordinary. "Did they find out about the escape!?" Khio's panicked voice provides another possible reason. "Rhetta!! Khio!!" They stop dead in their tracks when they hear their names shouted in the distance and from the direction they had been running from. As opposed to the bitter and angered voices of the knights, the voice they heard almost sounded harmless in comparison. They ca
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Lost + Dog
"So you came on this 'mission' without so much as a reason?" Khio's annoyance peaked at the terribly thought out idea on Florian's part. Florian shrugged, "The temple was trying to get rid of me anyway." Rhetta and Khio look at one another, hearing news of the temple trying to get rid of her seemed to indicate the relationship was not all that good. "In the first place it's not as if I was at the temple because I wanted to be. Just some stuff happened and they were willing to take me in." Florian awkwardly rubbed the back of her neck. "I'm grateful, but that doesn't mean I agree or approve of half the things they do." Rhetta looks at her and has some newfound insight into the situation. Regardless, right now she felt a little grateful for what few allies the two of them had. Florian stops walking, looking around and ruffling around her bag for a terribly drawn map. Surveying the current area, unable to discern where exactly they were. "I wasn't paying attention...but where are we
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The Onion Ore
The prince shows a troubled expression glancing over at the window from which the two shadow guards had just escaped from. A crude, rough hand grabs his shoulder and pulls the prince from any other thought. "Your highness, you must divulge what you were discussing with the traitor." The knight's words were void of respect, insistent and malicious. They were a command, not a question. Even the most basic respect had faded when Nicodemus lost his support and power. It still amazes him nevertheless when he experiences the discourteous behaviours of those once loyal to him. "I have nothing to say." Nicodemus spoke coldly, the knights arranged themselves to chase after Rennier and left two knights to stand guard at the door. "Shouldn't we arrest him?" One of the knights whisper to his companion "It's not like he's going to get up and walk away." the other replied, loudly without whispering, earning an emotionless look from Nicodemus. Rennier runs into depths of the imperial hunting gro
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