Mastering All Martial Paths

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Mastering All Martial Paths

By: Grandmaster OngoingSystem

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Killed by the Demon god and its vassals Demon lords, Ainz was reborn as a baby. With the second chance given to him by the Book of Law that caused his Rebirth, he will protect his family and friends from harm. Armed with a thousand years of knowledge, he will rise to the top and save the kingdom from its enemies. Wielding the Martial Primordial Technique, he would become the greatest! Also training his friends in the cultivation path, they became figures that were not being trifled with.

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    where do you make such book covers? or if you hire someone, please tell me their name

    2023-04-27 21:28:17
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55 chapters
Ainz Bloodsworn was a primordial entity that created many books and techniques, as well as cultivation manuals. He traveled the lands of Venafar and was a hermit. He became an immortal that doesn't age at all!He made many friends and also made skills in his spare time as a hobby. He visited the shrines of Gods that were his past comrades. They ascended thousands of years before and he talked with them sometimes when he visited them in their shrines. He decided not to ascend as a God and just wanted to walk the lands as a mortal. He trained many young ones for the past thousands of years and many of them became a foundation of the kingdom. Now, he was running away as always. Why? Because he was chased by Demon Gods nonstop for the past thousands of years. Escaping into portals he created as he was chased. Until he was assassinated by them in a grueling battle. He was tired of running and so he confronted them at last. Though he was just a mortal and was defeated in battle. His soul
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Child labor is legal
In his crib which was made of wooden floor and top, it was being held by a child that was none other than Ainz. Or so what his nickname here in this world was given by his mom.Helpless as it seems, he started to play with words with his mouth for better pronunciation. Getting a round trip from left to right and right to left in his crib. 'The wheels of the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round, the wheels of the bus go round and round, all through the town...' Singing in his mind while circling the crib. He was from earth in the past and was reincarnated so he knew some songs from his motherland. He can walk just fine without worries but it was all boring in that place for some time. Having memorized the nooks and crannies in the room with walls made of wood. Some wooden chairs in the front of the crib and a horn of a reindeer were placed on the wall.Seems like a normal room with a wooden table, placed with a lamp on top of it and it was lit to give radiance to
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Master of all, Jack of none
Ainz's mother was washing his clothes and putting him in the crib. Giving him toys to play with, in the meantime. Kissing him on the cheeks then leaving the room. Carrying his unwashed clothes with her.Living idly with his crib and the same table for him to eat. A nice life of being a helpless baby. Just enjoy the perks of being in a form of an infant. Just as life was easy, Ainz was in his crib again for some time now. Playing in his crib with wooden toys that were carved to be a human that has a shield and sword. Making it clash with the other toy that was an enemy – a wooden carved dragon. Making the dragonfly and diving into a human. 'Clash! The human died at its fangs and the dragon ate him. The end!' Ainz said in his mind. Thinking of all his time, he can't help but think that time was so slow. He threw his toys at the walls of his crib and then pouted.'Hey System! Can you give me something to do? Something good?'[Are you sure? I don't see a problem why not][Goal: Sit and
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Rain rain go away
It was night time and he was fed by his mother with milk in a cup of clay. He was on her lap and was sipping the content of it. Just in his view, he can see his mother's breast. Not that he wanted to drink there instead, but it was famished with milk there. The memories of the past was pitifully sucking it but it was all dried up. Dry as a desert without anything on it. Just pure nothing.So he was resting assured when the milk came, the milk of the animal called a cow. Agriculturally termed as cattle. A large ruminant that eats grass and the grass was converted to milk. So he was like sipping from said animal indirectly. Making him imagine that he was sucking it instead. It was not satisfying in any sense but it was his food for now. Making him want to puke but he was hungry. He didn't even have a choice but to drink it. He would rather suck the said animal than his mother's famished breast. He soon was being tapped in his lap and was being sung by the song of his mother. It was c
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Wonderfully and ingeniously made
Just as Ainz slept, he felt that his feet were wet. Making him have wet underwear. Not wet dreams of course. But of course something similar coming from the same source–Ainz.Maybe he peed himself in the midnight. Just as he was about to wake up, he smelled something concentrated odour coming from his own thing. Don't mention it, it was censored here. Just as he woke up, he removed his underpants and threw them outside his crib. Still, his blanket and cushion were wet. Making him throw it all outside.'Being a baby sure has disadvantages. I didn't even felt like peeing last night and here I am wet of it. Maybe I will not make so many actions in the morning so I will not wet myself at night.'Just as he woke up, the System made a notification bell.[Reward for completion: +1 to all stats][Current stats: 3 Strength, 3 Dexterity, 3 Vitality, 3 Focus]'Yey! System, you are the best! I am very well pleased with your rewards!'[My pleasure]Just as Ainz was about to ask for the daily goal,
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In the night, where the lamp was being laid by the table, brightly lit his room. From being steady to flickering, all were in random succession. Time seemed to pass by, not that he can stop it in the first place. So, he lets it pass. Not that he can touch it or hold it any longer. All were taken for granted but it was nothing that he can do about it.His mother and father fed him and put him in his crib. Hastily running towards their room while giggling and tickling each other.'Gosh, they seemed to be excited to do it. I am still not sleepy and has to digest my food. Mashed potatoes are only seasoned with salt. That is! Nothing more! System! Do you have something in your thoughts? I want something to do before I sleep,'[You want to backflip hundred times as a warm-up?]'I guess so? Is there an even harder task compared to that? Gosh, I can't even exert that much! I am a baby remember? Do you have plans for me to be a clown?'[Do not worry, I am not that stupid. How about something b
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Ainz woke up, eyes opened wide then squinted it some more to remove the unclean thing in it. But as he removed it, it has a sandy texture. Something he didn't want to taste but for sure, it will be salty. Moving on with his life, he felt that his tummy aches a bit. Minding that that kind of impulse was normal when you wanted to pee.Yes, he needs to pee or his urinal gland will blow. Not that it can but sometimes he thought that it will blow spectacularly. Once he opened his underpants, he let it all out outside the crib. Sprinkling like a hose tightened on the lid to fire it all out in greater heights and length.As he can see, the liquid was yellow. Not something a good view to watch. Still, he felt satisfied with his deeds. He was proud that at last, he can do this much and not pee on his bedsheet. Just as he went all out with his pain-relieving endeavours, he saw that it was becoming a puddle. What a sight to see with his naked eyes. Ripples were seen and it became a miniature oce
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Ainz was having fun inside his crib. Toys of different variants were placed together with him. A horse with a Knight on top perching the said wooden saddle. Of course, the horse too was made of wood and so was the Knight. As we speak, he made it clash with the wooden dragon. 'Kill the dragon, roar!' Ainz spouted droplets. Making the two toys clash with each other. Another wooden toy was the dog. Making them kiss with the horse with a Knight on its top.'You may kiss the bride. Muah muah,' Ainz said as he lets them kiss. If Ainz will think of it, it could be a thing that will make the horse and the dog become traumatized to his wedding play. They will outright decline his offer of being the actors of the said play. Still, Ainz let them play a bit. Another toy was a carriage that the dog will have to pull. To his surprise, the dog was as big as the carriage. And so, he let it become the one to pull the said carriage. Making it do the work instead of the horse and Knight. The said play
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Being carried in his mother's arms, he felt comfortable as what he was in. He was hugging his mother's chest and he was watching his father behind. Walking as he was carrying the empty basket of food. Ainz hasn't eaten anything as he was too tired for such a task given by the system. He wanted to blame the system as much as he wanted to strangle it to death. He was left hungry all the way home. Seeing a cow besides the road, being locked inside the ranch, he can't help but drool over it. Making a squishy-squishy hand gesture as he leaned over in the direction of the said animal. As he went mumbling gibberish words while doing so, his mother can't help but laugh at him."You want to drink milk? We will buy you soon," his mother said to him then cuddled him.'Such irresponsible parents! They have to bring milk when they went picnic!'Ainz narrowed his eyes and pouted. He was not in the mood to smile while his mother cuddled him. His father was making a peekaboo on him but he was snub
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Night came and crickets bathed the surroundings with their songs. Ainz was sleeping soundly as the time that night seemed not to be minded. All were asleep and that was including his parents.The owls soon hooted and then flew as they saw entities marching inside the forest. The troublesome thing was that some creatures were running and crumpling the leaves on the forest floor. Shrieks from small creatures soon rang in Ainz's ears and it was loud enough to wake him up. He was startled in his wake and then stood up in a jolt. His saliva was still drooling from his mouth as he squinted his eyes. He soon wiped his mouth with the back of his hands. He soon saw from the window, the creatures small and green. Primarily goblins!'They were already near the house!' Ainz sputtered inside his mind.He immediately climbed down his crib and then went tip-toeing towards his parents. Entering their room, he grabbed the candle and then saw his sleeping parents. He woke them up but it was to no a
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