The Great Black King

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The Great Black King

By: Elliot OngoingFantasy

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She has fallen in love with a character from a book she has read a thousand times and after an incident, has awakened in her arms, but who knew that one's opinion could change so much upon seeing the actions of such a being up close. Even though she no longer sees him romantically, she wants to save him and his little son, she wants to give everyone a happy ending, but... what if they are right in the middle of THEIR happy ending? It should be okay, right? After all... This was never a story about King Callisto.

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  • Celeste Vernier


    I liked this book

    2023-05-08 23:17:12
  • Ciel Beline


    Good Book.

    2023-04-17 17:41:33
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150 chapters
Chapter • 01
— For all the readers who have ever wanted to meet their favorite character.♱ •⋅ 1750 B.C. ⋅• ♱There was a lot to talk about when it came to history, but nothing had ever left me as stunned as that. The strong, warm arms of the man I had always dreamed of were around me, and he was looking at me smiling with the violet eyes I so admired.He looked real."What is it?" he asked me in a husky, gentle voice."Nothing," I said, wondering if this was all a dream or not, but he just continued to stand there, his eyes now closed as he hugged me.This was certainly one of the best dreams I had ever had."Sir" a male voice called out to him and I saw Callisto raise his face in displeasure."What the hell do you want?" he grumbled."We have learned of something that may interest you, sir" the man said, and I felt my back freeze."I'm busy" he said, sinking his face into my back, I could feel his breath on my bare skin and it made my face hot."Sir" the man insisted and by now I knew what would
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Chapter • 02
♱ •⋅ 1750 B.C. ⋅• ♱I needed time, I needed certainty, and as much as it was just an extremely vivid dream, I needed to make sure that I didn't alter things too much or that everything would get out of hand.I blinked a few times in front of the mirror, it was still amazing how attractive Asra was; I had envied her when I first read the book, but now, seeing her delicate face, her naturally pink lips, and the way she looked like she had been carefully drawn... it all made me envy her even more.Asra could have had any man, demon, or angel, she just needed to want it and still, she preferred death to losing something she never had. Callisto's love.I sighed and the maids, who rushed into the room, dressed me without delay.It was obvious that I was scared, after all, Asra was never known for her kindness and charity, much less for her patience and gentleness."P- sorry ma'am" one of them stammered as she tried to tidy the hem of my dress after stepping in without me noticing.I sighed
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Chapter • 03
♱ •⋅ 1750 B.C. ⋅• ♱She was floating above the cathedral, her eyes golden, her body completely covered by the white blanket. It was like seeing Mary herself - the virgin chosen by heaven to bring forth the life of the one who would save all mankind.Elaine was equivalent to Mary, but her beauty was certainly superior.I was not surprised that Callistus fell in love with her, or that he accepted death because he loved this woman. Elaine was like a divinity in a fragile, delicate and mortal body; she was a strong and determined heroine who was willing to do anything to achieve what her God had commanded.I couldn't deny that I admired Elaine. Not only for winning over Callisto - my big literary crush - but also for giving herself to a cause like she did (even if I secretly considered it dumb when the cause was something like religion and ancient, archaic beliefs like hers)."By the 9 hells" Callisto grumbled, and I could see his pink eyes glisten with the anger he felt at that moment.H
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Chapter • 04
♱ •⋅ 1750 B.C. ⋅• ♱ She was strong, too strong, and I could feel my breathing becoming more and more labored as she lunged towards me again. I would have an opening, Elaine always left an opening when she took an offensive stance - that was the point that Callisto used several times to knock her to the ground, earning us readers a few sighs when they almost kissed. I would use this opening. Was Callisto watching? Was he still paying attention to me? My thoughts were silly, I confess, but I can't say I'm ashamed, because even if it was a dream, it would be nice to be the only source of his interest. The only one he would look at, even if only in a fight. Even if out of self-interest. But if that's what I wanted, I couldn't give in, I couldn't fall, much less let Elaine knock me down or hit me. "Come to me" I muttered almost inaudibly, and I could feel my body heavy and my skin burn as the magic runes appeared, cutting into my flesh. It was the mark of Asra's family, but this dr
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Chapter • 05
♱ •⋅ 1750 B.C. ⋅• ♱"You... were you worried?" I couldn't help asking, and Callisto looked at me as if that was the stupidest thing Asra had ever asked him in his entire life.Of course, I should know.Callisto couldn't care less about his concubine, but then... what the hell did it all mean?"You..." he paused, his lips ajar.I smiled."I'm sorry, darling," I said, sitting down on the bed.I should leave."What exactly are you apologizing for?" Her voice was serious again.I didn't know how to answer, this was certainly one of the few answers I didn't have to give him, so I looked to the window for anything I could use. He snorted."Are you apologizing for almost killing yourself? For being impulsive? For..." he stopped and even without looking I could hear his footsteps approaching the bed, "what the hell do you have on your head?""Brain matter and horns" I replied with a smile, turning my face to look at him, but Callisto didn't smile back."I could..." he stopped again."I'm fine
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Chapter • 06
♱ •⋅ 1750 B.C. ⋅• ♱He was still there when I woke up, and he was still there the next night and the next.He was always there when my eyes opened, his fingers touching my skin with an almost theatrical care. It was different from history, it was almost the complete opposite, and I could remember Asra's words perfectly.He did not come to see me that night, and the next night he did not come either. After Azrael came to my room and took Callisto with him, I did not see the king for many, many days. At least until I walked through the garden and came across him and a beautiful girl one night with a crimson moon, talking in front of the blood fountain.He was smiling.That was the moment Asra knew that she had lost Callisto. That nothing could bring him back into her arms, because Elaine could give him something she could not: a love beyond physical touch. A love like that of his first wife.Pure, friendly, and that pushed him to be someone better.But Asra could never achieve something
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Chapter • 07
♱ •⋅ 1750 B.C. ⋅• ♱Callisto's arms wrapped around my hips."Are you sure you want this?" He asked me, and in his eyes there seemed to be a mixture of doubt and fear.It was obvious why. Asra was trouble, but, besides, I had hurt myself the last time I tried to help. He must have thought that there was nothing I could do without nearly screwing everything up along the way.I sank my face into his chest.I wouldn't give up."Yes, that way you can work, and you won't have to endure Azrael on your foot... and..." I smiled, kissing his chin gently, "you can stay by my side too."He squeezed me tighter in his arms and I knew he was thinking, was really considering, but if I let him leave without giving me an answer, he would ask Azrael and that damned angel would go out of his way to make sure I didn't get involved in anything he considered "serious," like, for example: anything involving Elaine."Please" I spoke getting on tiptoe and sealing the king's lips, "I promise... I won't cause an
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Chapter • 08
♱ •⋅ 1750 B.C. ⋅• ♱There were many stories within the world of the novel that I read. Among the various stories, there was one that told about the first love of the demon king. The king of all monsters and the one who brought about the destruction of peace and balance. The one who caused the chaos.Particularly, this was always my favorite story. The one that told in the sweetest way how Callisto - the king of the entire underworld and lower plane - fell madly in love with the purest being ever created.The story said many things about that love, but among them was a truth that would probably never be accepted by the faithful few left in the place where the mortal world had once been: it was not the Black King's fault that everything happened.It was God's."Ma'am?" The maid called me again, and I forced myself to smile."Just prepare it the way you think best, I trust your taste" I spoke finally, trying to get rid of all that and especially something as tedious as caring about the d
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Chapter • 09
♱ •⋅ 1750 B.C. ⋅• ♱"Who are you?" the childish voice questioned me, and bluntly, I stared at the little being who was sneaking around the gardens of the emerald palace.What was I supposed to say? It was obvious who this child was, for there, in the midst of hell - children, were rare. As rare as dreamy happy endings.That little boy was Loren, Callisto's son and his one true love until then.The being to whom the king dedicated his life and the reason he opened himself to Elaine. There were even some fans who said that Elaine was not so good and had blatantly used the boy to get closer to the king.At the time, I remember disagreeing and defending the heroine."I am Asra" I replied simply by extending one of my hands to him to help him stand up.The little boy wore black clothes that stood out on his excessively pale skin. There were reddish circles under his crimson eyes, and he smiled briefly as he took my hand."Asra? Like the phoenix that swallowed the deadly sun?"He looked exc
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Chapter • 10
♱ •⋅ 1750 B.C. ⋅• ♱ •⋅ Calisto ⋅• ♱"He's gone again" Azrael said and I felt my body heavy.What the hell was left to happen?Asra had practically thrown me out of her room after an argument where I couldn't even go against what she said."How can he run away again? What the hell are these maids up to?" I growled, sinking into my chair.Loren had been doing this quite often lately, and I knew in part that this was just a response to my actions, but it didn't get me rid of Azrael.He loved to remind me of this damned fact."Well, maybe...""Shut up" I spoke, interrupting him before giving him a chance to continue, to finish whatever the damn rant was.The truth was that Azrael hated Asra for all the things she had ever done, and I... well... I forgave her and I forgave her, because I know that it is exclusively my fault that Asra is the way she is.I condemned her."You really have no way" he grumbled, and I could only sink further into the chair."He can't have gotten far" I muttered
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