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Anthony Marcellus was once a rich man but life happened to him and he became so poor that he had to start washing cars with young boys just to earn a living. He was constantly humiliated by the boys and even his boss at work, his friends left him because he was now wretched and poor. Even his wife Lilian Anderson, whom he had trained in school and helped her become an accountant, began falling out of love for him because he had suddenly lost all he had. One day, Lilian decided to end it all with a divorce, this made Tony so miserable and depressed to the point that he almost wanted to hang himself, it was that same moment, he met a man who knew him, Anthony Marcellus was a secret heir….

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Tony sighed and stretched, he had been washing cars all day. It wasn’t so easy for him, ever since he lost his small restaurant business due to a huge debt he couldn’t pay. He was a college dropout and that was because he had no money to finance his education now that he was totally broke, back then when his restaurant business was booming, he forgot about education and now he needed it the most. Being a dropout made it difficult for him to get jobs, and he ended up washing cars. The problem was, he had a wife at home, a woman he married when he was still comfortable, they loved each other so much. Her name was Lilian Anderson, Tony loved her so much that he’d do anything for her. But this sudden turn of events made him unable to take care of his wife like he used to. He had started building a house six months after they married, she was so happy when she saw that the man she loved was building her dream house. It was also his dream house, wasn’t something that elaborate, was jus
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Printed Paper
The look in Lilian eyes already told Tony there was something wrong, he entered into the house and shut the door behind him, his eyes not leaving Lilian, but she was already looking away, her hand caressing the glass cup filled with golden brown vodka. He sighed and walked briskly to the dining, wondering what in the world could have happened; maybe she had a bad day at work, but Lilian never told him about her job ever since she started, so it was just an hopeful thought.“Hey dear, what’s wrong, you look devastated,” Tony was already frolicking behind her, his lips almost touching her ears. She shoved him off, giving him a look that said she wasn’t in the mood for cuddles. “Sit down, Tony, we need to talk.” Those were the first words that escaped Lilian’s lips. The words felt hard on Tony, he could feel his chest tightening, for a second; he stared at her with curiosity before pulling out a chair and sitting down inches away from Lilian. There was an empty cup next to the bottle
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Stop the Act!
Tony looked at him with drunken eyes, but he wasn’t all that drunk, he could still discern reality from being drunk. “What if I am?” Tony responded, asking his own question instead of answering the man. The unknown man withdrew his hands and shovelled them into his pockets, he heaved a small sigh and glanced around the small apartment with a kind of proud smile on his face. “I know what’s going on in your life, Tony.” He said, his words travelling slowly to Tony’s ears. “Whoever you’re, you should leave. I’m not in the mood for this,” Tony said reluctantly, turning and starting for the doorway, just when he was about committing suicide, a strange man who knew him was at his doorstep claiming he knew all what was going on in his life. It sounded absurd and ridiculous. The man would just be one of those who knew him when he still had his business, he had bumped into a few and it was more embarrassing than what was happening now. Tony was almost at his door when he heard the man’s
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“Lied? What do you mean?” Tony couldn’t comprehend what was happening any longer, things were getting complicated the same night his wife had divorced and left him. “Yeah, what if I told you that you’re not an orphan,” Walker smiled, he was enjoying the look on Tony’s face, the extraordinary surprise, he picked up the champagne bottle and poured the liquid into the glass that sat on the fine stool in front of them. The stool was an interior of the Cadillac. “That’s impossible Mr. Walker, I saw their graves myself,” Tony retorted, pointing out why he didn’t believe what Walker was saying, he said the man’s name without even knowing. Walker didn’t seem to be surprised by what Tony just said, he sipped his champagne and gestured for Tony to pick up the second glass. “This isn’t funny, if there’s something you wish to disclose, please do.” Tony wasn’t having it, to him, this was a very serious matter, this man here was making him feel that there was a possibility his parents were aliv
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The Big Reveal I
That same night ~ Somewhere in the city “Is it done?” Adonis asked, glancing at Lilian with his grey eyes. He was a handsome man, well built and very masculine. Adonis had all the qualities that a lady would drool for over a man, but there was one thing he was lacking. “Yes it is,” Lilian placed the big brown envelope on the glass table and made herself comfortable. Adonis had decided they met in a lounge, he didn’t want anyone to know he was having an affair yet, especially his mother. “Was it that simple? Thought it would take days,” he smiled, opening the envelope with his gaze still on Lilian who was grinning all along. “I can be very convincing you know,” Lilian replied, batting her eyelashes seductively. This was the kind of man she wanted in her life, a man who was not only handsome but rich and wealthy, Adonis would give her the world and Anthony Marcellus could eat her ass for all she cared. Adonis' smile widened when he saw that the divorce papers had been signed, he n
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Sir Winconstin II
The drive to Sir Winconstin’s estate didn’t take long, it was a spectacular sight. The estate felt like another small town right inside the heart of Ohio. Most of the houses inside the estate had the same structure and colour except Sir Winconstin’s mansion itself which was built like a castle with huge walls and large gates. Most of the people who lived in Sir Winconstin’s estate were wealthy and comfortable people who could afford the houses in such a special location, serene atmosphere and environment. This wasn’t the only property Sir Winconstin had, it was just one of the many he had scattered around Ohio and other parts of the country. As they drove past, Tony couldn’t hide his awe, he was a little rich one time in his life but had never seen such beauty in a structure. It was obvious that everything used in construction of the estate was expensive and not for the middle class. “This is just one of many,” Walker broke the silence that had lingered for quite some time during
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Pricilla’s Story
Sir Winconstin filled another glass cup with whiskey and passed it to Tony, sitting back and relaxing on his sofa. He knew what he was about to do would turn the Marcellus family upside down but he didn’t care much, he was the head of he family and anything he said was final. “What do you mean by your days being numbered?” Tony quickly asked out of curiosity, he just reunited with his father and now it seems like he wouldn’t be seeing the man for long, it was kind of heartbreaking even though he hadn’t known the man for thirty five years. A grin curled up around sir Winconstin’s lips and he sipped at his whiskey first and then sighed heavily. He stared into space as he spoke. “I’ve a disease that my money cannot cure, it was too late before it was discovered; maybe it’s because of the many marijuana I used to take and whiskey too,” he chuckled, gazing at the brownish liquid in his cup. “I’ve cancer of the lungs, Tony, and my days on earth are numbered, at least that’s what the doc
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An Unexpected Surprise
Sir Winconstin rolled his eyes in frustration on hearing Gina’s voice, he wasn’t expecting her home this early. Gina was a businesswoman, she was the owner of one of the largest malls in Ohio and was always very busy. Sir Winconstin had wanted to use that opportunity to bring Tony in without her finding out until later, and it’d be a surprise. But unfortunately, she was here and there would be plenty of trouble now. He was sure of it. Gina was a beautiful woman even though she was in her late fifties, she was still very much beautiful just like Jennifer Lopez, she had blonde hair and hazel eyes, thinly pointed nose and thin lips. She was 5 '8 and that made her look younger and pretty, her dress and the jewellery she wore would tell anyone how wealthy she was instantly. “Someone please answer the fucking question?” Gina yelled, strolling to face Sir Winconstin, she stood in between Tony and his father. “Calm the fuck down, Gina. I’ve warned you several times to stop yelling,” Sir W
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The Latest Wealthy man
“Competitor? What does she mean?” Adonis whispered to himself, he rolled over from the bed and walked to the bathroom, glancing at the woman on the bed. He’d have to leave her, his mother’s voice sounded urgent and he couldn’t wait for her to wake up. He would have to leave a note.When he got out of the shower with a towel tied around his waist, he saw that the lady was already awake. “Leaving already?” She asked, rubbing her eyes with the back of her hand, and holding on to the duvet with the other. “Yeah, I’ve got something urgent to attend to,” Adonis responded, moving straight to the wardrobe. He had promised his father that he’d stop womanising, but it was already part of him, no matter how hard he tried to stop. Even though he just found someone he’d like to spend the rest of his life with, he was still flirting. “What of the stuff we talked about last night?” The lady asked, still on the bed. She was a very beautiful lady. “I told you already, Alicia. I have a fiancée, a
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And So it Begins
“You did what?” Laurel snapped, her mouth still agape. Her eyes popped out as if they’d fall off their sockets. The shock on her face was real and she couldn’t imagine Lilian would do such a thing. The last time they met, Lilian was cool and was even trying to be the breadwinner. What could have changed so suddenly? “You heard me, Laurel,” Lilian replied, rolling her eyes. She didn’t really want to bring this issue up, but she knew eventually Laurel would ask about Tony and she wasn’t going to lie to her best friend. Now she’d have to tell her about Adonis too. She hoped it wouldn't come to that though. “How could you do that, Laurel? And you didn’t even bother telling me anything, but why exactly did you divorce him?” Laurel was still surprised, she just couldn’t believe Lilian would be this heartless, because that’s what it was seeming like. Divorcing a man who wasn’t doing well, is a sign of wickedness, Laurel thought. “I was going to tell you, Laurel. You know I don’t keep th
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