Game Of Arcana

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Game Of Arcana

By: Starfall_V OngoingSystem

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[Welcome to the Game Of Arcana] [First Wave "I Am Arcana"] [Find one card scattered across this island!] Adam Lockwood found himself mysteriously participating in a life and death game. With no memory of the past, no knowledge of the game. "Game Of Arcana" A game involving twenty-two major arcana cards. Cards: 0- The Fool I- The Magician II- The High Priestess III- The Empress IV- The Emperor V- The Hierophant VI- The Lover VII- The Chariot VIII- Justice IX- The Hermit X- The Wheel Of Fortune XI- Strength XII- The Hanged Man XIII- Death XIV- Temperance XV- The Devil XVI- The Tower XVII- The Star XVIII- The Moon XIX- The Sun XX- Judgement XXI- The World To survive, Adam must complete seven waves of the game! Follow Adam's journey in conquering the game!

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Chapter 1: "Welcome To The Game Of Arcana"
He continued to hear the sound of gears, as if calling out to him piercing his ears. The dark blue sky was filled with thousands of twinkling stars. Black smoke billowed and rose towards the sky, reflecting the glowing orange hue in the corner of his eye, yet he couldn't hear anything. The gradually rising heat pierced his skin, but he felt too shocked to react.The only action he could take was to scream for help."He...lp!" His voice cracked, suppressed to the point of being barely audible.Amidst the piercing heat on his skin, somehow his ears began to function again.The first thing that entered his ears was the screams of others also crying out for help. Some even accompanied by sobs.He was too exhausted to think, coupled with the increasing heat on his skin. It felt like his skin and flesh would melt away at any moment. As hope began to fade in his mind, he closed his eyes in resignation....Gong! Gong! Gong!
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Chapter 2: I Am Arcana
[The main goal of the Arcana game is to survive until the seventh wave of the game][The first wave of the game is called "I Am Arcana"][Obtain one of the 22 available cards. The game will be considered finished once all cards have owners]Continuing from the second red point, Adam read in his mind.[Game rules][There are 22 cards scattered across the island. 98 Players will compete to find the cards. Each player can only have one card. As a challenge, various types of Beasts have been released all over the island, and players are required to survive until the end of the game. Players who obtain a card and then die will be disqualified, and the card will revoke ownership rights from that player. Players who do not have a card at the end of the game will be disqualified]"Game? Players? Cards?" Adam gritted his teeth. He felt confused but also remembered glimpses of what happened to the woman torn apart by the horned wolf.<
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Chapter 3: Eric Intentions
Adam realized that whatever creature was approaching, it would be far more dangerous than just a horned wolf.As Eric ran in the opposite direction of the swaying trees, Adam instinctively followed behind. At least it was the most sensible direction to move away from whatever was coming.Adam, wearing a white shirt now stained with brown spots, and a loosely tied tie, ran as fast as he could. Instinctively, he followed Eric from behind.He knew that the game had clearly started while he was still unconscious, leaving him less aware of the best terrain to navigate. Eric, on the other hand, might be a player who already had an idea of the safest terrain. Adam had a strong reason to follow him.From the direction of the swaying trees, echoing screams resounded, sending waves of fear that made Adam's hair stand on end. It was a desperate cry!Not just one, but the screams continued, as if performing a haunting chorus.As the sounds d
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Chapter 4: Kill or be killed
After reaching the entrance point of the waterfall, Eric glanced at Adam and exchanged looks. "What are you waiting for?" Eric asked in surprise.Adam shook his head, "Nothing."He continued to step carefully, and with a little effort, he managed to arrive at the same spot as Eric.Seeing a crevice behind the waterfall, a cave with torches reflecting orange light on the waterfall, Adam now felt more confident about his theory."What's inside there?" Adam asked.Eric showed a suspicious expression, "I don't know.""We'll find out once we enter," Eric continued.Eric pressed against the rock wall and carefully entered the cave behind the waterfall.Adam followed from behind.The cave had a considerable size, resembling a corridor guided by torches on both sides. The rocks inside were slightly damp, and the atmosphere felt piercing. Their footsteps were drowned out by the sound of the waterfall.F
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Chapter 5: Information
Adam, witnessing the scene, felt doubtful. He felt sympathy, but also found no other option."Arghh, you piece of shit!" Eric's eyes reddened, blood now soaking his fingers. His expression was filled with anger and reluctance.The pain spread throughout his body, and his legs continued to writhe."I don't want to die! Fuck this shit game!"Adam listened to Eric's final words and decided to end it quickly. He grasped the arrow that had previously pierced his shoulder and approached Eric."I've seen decapitated bodies, humans turned into giant pig feasts, now I realize that morality no longer applies here; the only thing that matters is survival." With all his strength, Adam drove the arrow straight into Eric's heart.The once calm blue-eyed man finally stopped moving.Adam absorbed his own words. An eerie silence hung for a few seconds. Only the ticking of the clock on the right screen and the faint sound of the waterfall
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Chapter 6: Chaos and Order
Adam continued to ponder over the information, trying to make sense of it all. Then, another crucial question came to mind, "The game won't be ending anytime soon, which means I have to survive on this island. Where can I get food supplies, drinks, and other survival necessities?"[Some Beasts can be used as food supplies, the island contains various edible fruits, and the river water tends to be clean and safe. Additionally, other equipment has been distributed to players at the beginning of the game.]"I haven't received any equipment at all," Adam said with a puzzled expression.There was no response from the System.After feeling that most of his curiosity couldn't find answers, Adam sighed deeply. Next, he just needed to wait for the break time to end.Adam gathered some equipment from Eric, including a metal water bottle and a small bag to store some basic items.Thirty minutes passed by.[Break Time over][All
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Chapter 7: Find The Fool
After the countdown reached one, a total of 21 players had arrived at the destination point.And right in front of the gate, a man dressed like an office worker stumbled forward, with wounds all over his body."Wait! I'm in front of the gate!" He shouted desperately.Adam recognized the man. Back when he first woke up, this man was the first person Adam saw on this island.[Time has run out][Disqualifying players who did not arrive at the destination]Adam and the others watched as the man struggled to walk. But when the time reached zero, the man suddenly began to act strangely."No! No! Give me a few more seconds! Please!" His face contorted, and his hands grasped his neck as if trying to protect it from something.But there was no response, and eventually, a red line appeared around his neck."No!!!"Splash!!His head suddenly exploded, sending pieces of flesh and brain matter in all di
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Chapter 8: Level Up
[Game Starts][All players are expected to leave the castle][A mission has been assigned to each player]Seeing the giant screen in the air, Adam immediately opened his own system screen.On The Hanged Man card screen, a new text in glowing red had appeared.[Mission][Kill ten level C beasts and sacrifice 30 Chaos points to The Hanged Man][0/30]"Level C beasts? That's equivalent to a Unicorn Wolf," Adam murmured to himself.The players began preparing their equipment and hurriedly left the castle. Among them were Elly and Leon, who now appeared better.Adam took the time to change the bandages on his shoulder wounds before making other preparations.Armed with weapons like military knives, arrows and bows, and other equipment like a small backpack and a metal water bottle, Adam was ready to leave the castle and carry out his mission.The players dispersed.Adam realized one crucial t
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Chapter 9: Curse and Blessing
[Activating Blessing and Curse][Blessing: Every sacrifice of 10 Order souls will receive a random reward][Curse: Player's attraction to beasts will double]"Attraction to beasts? Does that mean The Hanged Man will become a magnet attracting beasts around me?" Adam had two reactions. First, with this Curse, the likelihood of encountering Level C beasts to complete the mission would increase. But on the other hand, the attraction wouldn't differentiate between Level C beasts or even Level S ones.Regarding the Blessing, Adam couldn't get a clear picture. "What does 'random reward' mean? Considering it's a Blessing, it should be a useful reward." Adam shook his head.Aside from Blessing and Curse, The Hanged Man also awakened other features.[Chaos and Order points will no longer be automatically converted into experience points][The Hanged Man][Level 1][Experience points: 12/50][Chaos Points: 0][Order Points:
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Chapter 10: Discussion Session
The gate at the main castle wall immediately closed, followed by the castle door tightly shutting. No light entered the castle, plunging the room into complete darkness.Moments later, a large torch, more like a bonfire, lit up in the middle of the podium. The players faced the torch, providing dim illumination.[Discussion Session Begins]The screen then displayed images of two different cards.[Displaying missing cards][The Sun][Temperance]...[Granting special rights to the holder of The Fool card to guess other players' cards][Note: Missing cards cannot be guessed until the next session][Time: 5 minutes]Tension arose. However, the players' gazes fell on Leon.There was no doubt, Leon would soon be disqualified. Even now, Leon seemed nervous. But not as much as his initial reaction when the game started.Adam began to glance at each player to see any differences in behavior or the li
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